A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 89

The old house of the autumn family.
“Master, don’t worry. Don’t you understand Yingying’s wrist?”
“Long Fei, even among people like Wenfei, has fallen under Yingying’s pomegranate skirt, let alone a small business today?”
“Just put a hundred hearts on it.”
“This cooperation was proposed by Hongqi Group on the initiative, and it will definitely not run away.”
Qiu Muying and the two have been away for a long time. At this time, everyone in the hall was talking and laughing, very confident.
In particular, Wang Qiaoyu slapped his chest and packed his tickets: “You can do business with Yingying, don’t worry!”
“Hahaha, what I’m talking about. Yingying, the kid, always satisfies me. Unlike that Qiu Mucheng, who always shame us Qiu Family.” Qiu Guang and the others also agreed and appreciated.
The old man Qiu always had a smile on his face, and he was obviously full of confidence in Qiu Muying.
However, one hour, two hours ~ the first URL m.
All afternoon passed, but there was no news.
At this time, everyone in the Qiu family was a little annoyed to wait. Elder Qiu also frowned, and the joy and smile just now disappeared.
“What’s the matter? It’s been a few hours, haven’t the negotiation been over yet, why is there no news?”
“Qiu Guang, call and ask.” Old man Qiu urged.
Wang Qiaoyu smiled: “Master, don’t worry. Maybe Mr. Xu and my family Yingying hit it off right away, and they went out to play after discussing business, forgetting the time? d957145d Just rest assured, there must be nothing wrong, Wen Fei Are you still there?”
Wang Qiaoyu is still proudly showing off her daughter-in-law.
But at this time, with a bang, the door of the old house was pushed open, and two figures appeared in the sight of everyone. ,
“Yingying, you are back!”
“Quickly, the contract, take it out to make your grandpa happy.”
“I just said, my family is surplus, and it must be successful.”
“Wen Fei, what’s wrong with your face? Why is it red?” Wang Qiaoyu and others from the Qiu family immediately responded when they saw Qiu Muying and the others.
Father Qiu also showed a smile, and asked Qiu Muying to take a look at the contract.
However, Qiu Muying hesitated: “Grandpa, I…I…”
“Huh?” Seeing Qiu Muying like this, everyone in the Qiu family felt a little bit of a sigh, and they were half cold at the time.
The smile on Father Qiu’s face also disappeared immediately: “What am I? Don’t tell me, what happened?”
“Grandpa, the cooperation could not be negotiated. The Hongqi Group order has been cancelled.” Qiu Muying said with a drooping face, like an eggplant beaten by frost.
When Father Qiu heard this, his whole body trembled immediately, almost lying on the ground.
“Father, father, pay attention to your body~” Qiu Guang hurriedly helped.
“Leave me alone!” The old man Qiu pushed away Qiu Guang, his whole body was already furious, and he stared at Qiu Muying, “You idiot, you said, tell me the content of your negotiations. Hongqi Why did the group cancel the cooperation again?”
Elder Qiu was almost mad, shaking and shouting at Qiu Muying.
The cooperation of 50 million yuan, if negotiated, their Qiu family will rise to the next level in terms of wealth and status. But now, the duck that reached the mouth, let Qiu Muying talk about it?
How is Mr. Qiu not angry.
Qiu Muying paled with fright, did not dare to conceal anything, and replied in fear, “Grandpa, you can’t blame me, the people of Hongqi Group didn’t give me a chance.”
“He… they said that their Hongqi Group only talks about cooperation with Qiu Mucheng. Others, don’t talk about everything.”
Everyone in the Qiu family trembled upon hearing this.
Old man Qiu trembled even more, and slumped directly on the chair. The old face was pale as paper.

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