A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 98

“Ha, hello, uncle, I will come with Mucheng to visit you and aunt.”
It was always an elder, and Ye Fan obediently said hello when he saw it.
Han Hai didn’t even care about Ye Fan, snorted coldly, and looked at Qiu Mucheng.
“Mucheng, what are you doing standing still, but you are just coming to chat with Yuhao.”
“Oh.” Qiu Mucheng didn’t dare to disobey Han Hai’s order.
For this uncle, Qiu Mucheng was a little afraid since she was a child, and she rarely refused to follow his words.
This is why Han Li asked Qiu Mucheng to come to Jianghai to pass her birthday to the old lady in Jianghai instead of her.
The main reason is to let Han Hai persuade his daughter to divorce Ye Fan.
After Qiu Mucheng sat down, Han Hai looked at Ye Fan on the side again, and said solemnly, “Come with me.”
Ye Fan glanced at Qiu Mucheng, then followed Han Hai into another room. First URL m.
Han Hai did not sit down, but stood in front of the balcony with his hands held down and looked out the window: “What do you think of Mucheng?”
“She’s fine. She is worthy of all the beauty in this world.” Ye Fan said calmly, standing behind Han Hai, speaking lightly.
When Han Hai heard this, he suddenly smiled: “A good one is worthy of all the good things in the world. Then I will ask you again, what are you looking at from here?”
When Ye Fan heard the words, he saw the gorgeous night view of the river and sea outside the window. He was silent for a long time, and slowly replied: “It’s the skyscrapers towering into the clouds, the prosperous richness of Jianghai City, and the feasting fans.”
Han Hai listened and continued to smile: “Yes, Jianghai, the richest city in Jiangdong. Whenever I look from here at night, I can’t help feeling my insignificance, my humbleness and guilt. At least, I couldn’t let it. My wife, let my daughter stand on the highest point of the river.”
Ye Fan did not speak, but listened quietly.
Han Hai continued to ask, “Do you think Mucheng matches the beauty of these Jianghai?”
“of course.”
“Then can you give it to her?” Han Hai turned his head and looked at Ye Fan.
Ye Fan frowned: “I don’t know what uncle mean?”
Han Hai chuckled, “It doesn’t mean anything, but I just feel that you are not worthy of Mucheng. Back then, when Mucheng married you, it was a farce. I think this farce is over.”
“What kind of person does Uncle think is worthy of Mucheng, is that like Sun Yuhao?” Ye Fan asked back.
“Is not it?”
“Yuhao’s father is in charge of the tens of billions group and has a wealth of wealth. Even the highest point in Jianghai is built by his family. What’s more, Yuhao himself is also a young and promising, not only graduated from a prestigious school, but now he is also sitting The boss of the company is on his own.”
“Mucheng marrying him will not only have a place in a rich city like Jianghai, but she will also be among the top celebrities in society. Together with Yuhao, she will stand on the top of Jianghai and become a woman that countless people envy.”
“And these Yuhao can easily give her the good things, you are afraid that you will not be able to give her for a lifetime.”
Han Hai stood with his hand in his hand, and his low voice was full of contempt and ridicule towards Ye Fan.
“Really? But you know that what you said is not worth mentioning in my eyes. As long as I want to, don’t say that Jianghai has a place, the whole Jianghai, I can give him.”
“Arrogant!” Han Hai suddenly became angry and shouted all over, “You are a door-to-door son-in-law, what do you give me?
“It’s so stupid!”
Han Hai let out a cold snort, and left immediately.
Here, only Ye Fan himself was left, standing outside the window, looking at the light yellow wine green outside the window.
“In your eyes, perhaps the rivers and seas are the land of prosperity. To be among the celebrities is to pursue.”
“But how do you know, in my eyes, what is Jiang Hai and what is Jiang Dong? What I belong to Chu Tianfan’s woman is the whole world.”
“I, Chu Tianfan, should be this-the honorable of the first generation!”

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