A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1321

Lin Ziming nodded, smiled and said, “Thank you, brothers.”
“Instructor Lin is polite, this is our duty.” Xie Boming said, along the way, they chatted with Lin Ziming, and they became more and more fond of Lin Ziming, and found that Lin Ziming was a very calm young man and could not see a trace at all. Impetuous and swelling.
The yard in front of me was huge, with a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčtens of thousands of square meters, and it was very time-honored. Lin Ziming probably took a look at it. This yard is at least 50 years old.
On the plane, Lin Ziming could still feel the strong breath of Yan Yan, but he couldn’t feel it anymore when he got here. In his perception, this courtyard didn’t have the aura of a strong person who didn’t damage the King Kong, but it had the aura of more than 30 innate realm masters.
But Lin Ziming knew that the army god was definitely inside.
This shows that the realm of the military god surpasses him too much, so he can’t perceive it.
The legendary King Kong is not bad, Lin Ziming’s mood can’t stop getting excited!
Don’t look at this yard for a long time, but both the layout and feng shui are very good. At first glance, it was designed by an expert. If ordinary people live in it for a long time, the fortune will gradually improve.
Lin Ziming walked in all the way, feeling more and more that the aura in it was unusual.
He was even a little nervous at the beginning, he knew that this was the pressure from the military god.
But he quickly adjusted his mentality, recovered his calm, and strode inside.
Xie Boming walked in first and respectfully said to the inside: “Military God, instructor Lin has already arrived.”
Soon, a calm voice came from inside, “Come in.”
“Instructor Lin, the god of war will let you in.”
Lin Ziming nodded, then strode in.
As soon as he entered, the first thing that caught his eye was more than 30 masters of the Innate Realm, and several of them were still in the fourth stage. Lin Ziming felt a huge pressure as soon as he came in, as if a mountain was pressing on him. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Even if he is the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, he will still feel tremendous pressure in the face of more than 30 masters of the Inborn Realm.
If these thirty-odd Innate Realm opponents attacked him, then he would definitely not be low, even if he could kill more than half of them, he would have to hate himself.
Not to mention, there is also the invincible existence of the military god.
The second thing I saw was that there were two men playing Go in the yard. One of them looked older and more than sixty years old, and the other looked much younger, only forty years old.
Lin Ziming knew that this middle-aged man was a military god, and the age of the military god was definitely not so young on the surface, at least sixty or seventy!
At the moment of seeing the god of war, as if seeing a black hole, Lin Ziming’s eyes were drawn in!
In an instant, even the light was lost, and everything in the world disappeared, leaving only the gentle-looking man in front of him.
In Lin Ziming’s perception, the army god was like a black hole, able to absorb everything around him, even Lin Ziming couldn’t see through him at all.
The old man opposite the military god is not angry and prestigious. He looks very energetic. Although he is over sixty years old, he is in a particularly good state of mind. He has a lot of extravagance and he knows that he is a high-powered person. Big shot.
Lin Ziming is a wise man. He quickly guessed that the scene in front of him was a perfect one. This old man should be on the top.
“Subordinate Lin Ziming, see Army God, see Shangfeng.” Lin Ziming clasped his fist.

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