A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1465

“Sky-turning seal!” Lin Ziming yelled these three words, so powerful that he could penetrate into the sky, as if it had directly shocked the immortals in the sky, causing the sky to reverberate with rumbling voices.
Lin Ziming unexpectedly played a sword-like assassin. At this moment, the blue veins raged on his right hand. The arm that was originally red because of the boiling blood turned into blue and black in an instant. The hideous blue veins were like centipedes. Attached to Lin Ziming’s arm!
Full of explosive power, the same trick that turned the sky, actually looked even more terrifying than the sword Rushuang used just now.
“It’s impossible!!!” Jian Rushuang saw this scene. He opened his eyes wide, and his whole body was horrified. He had never been so frustrated before. At the same time, his face was pale, his scalp was numb, and his heart was twisted tightly. When he got up, he felt a sense of crisis that he had never had before.
No, it can no longer be called a sense of crisis, but a breath of death!
Once he was hit by this trick, his head would definitely be blown to death.
But he couldn’t figure out why Lin Ziming could play this trick, this is his killer.
At the moment of his death, Jian Rushuang couldn’t take care of that much anymore. At this moment, his potential was forced out by the fishing grounds. He shouted wildly: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
Immediately afterwards, his arms were also raised to protect his Tianling Gai, because he knew that in the face of the turn of the sky, he could not hide, so he could only raise his arms and carry it hard.
He didn’t believe that Lin Ziming, a little yellow-haired boy who had just broken through to the congenital realm of Dzogchen, could be so powerful. The most important thing is that the seal of the sky is not as simple as it seems, but it includes the way of luck. If the luck is not right, it will be easy to get mad in minutes and die directly!
No matter how genius Lin Ziming was, it was impossible to watch him act out once, and in such a short period of time, he could find a way of luck.
However, reality slapped him hard.
In an instant, Lin Ziming’s Skyshaking Seal had reached Jian Rushuang’s forehead, and then pressed it down. In Jian Rushuang’s perception, what was pressed down was not Lin Ziming’s right hand, but the collapse of a heaven. , The end of the world. As a creature in the world, in any case, he can’t stop the collapse of the heavens and the end of the world.
As soon as Jian Rushuang’s arms touched Lin Ziming’s Heaven-shaking Seal, he couldn’t bear it at all, and he broke directly. With all his strength, he couldn’t stop Lin Ziming’s move!
At the same time, his feet couldn’t bear the importance, his feet went directly into the soil, and he spewed a big mouthful of blood!
His face was as pale as paper.
His expression is extremely wonderful, horrified, unbelievable, fearful, painful, regretful…
He was defeated, lost to Lin Ziming, this little man who had never been in his eyes, and still used his own assassin.
At this moment, he heard something shattered in his body. That was his dignity, and he had always been proud of it.
Lin Ziming was also gasping for breath, this trick is too exhausting. He finished this trick and consumed half of it directly.
He quickly adjusted his breath, looked down at the sword with half of his body in the soil, and his eyes flashed a little, and his murderous intent was full. For a peerless powerhouse like Jian Rushuang, once he becomes an enemy, he is a big worry, and he has to be resolved in the first place!
Jian Rushuang also felt his murderous intent, raised his head and stared at Lin Ziming, full of unwillingness and despair, but at this time, he had already lost the ability to fight and could not stop Lin Ziming at all.
However, at this moment, from the sky, a voice promptly appeared: “In this battle, Lin Ziming wins.”
It was the voice of the Holy King Luo Tian, ​​Lin Ziming immediately felt a powerful gaze, staring at him, as long as he dared to do it, he would be punishable.
I sighed in my heart, which is a pity. But he didn’t dare to violate the Holy King at this time, so he could only give up.

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