A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1467

Lin Ziming didn’t know his mother’s complaints, otherwise he would be able to guess some Ni Duan with his cleverness.
As for the Saint King Luo Tian, ​​Lin Ziming had long wanted to meet, especially on Junlin Mountain, when the military god Huangpu Road and Luo Tian were both lost to Luo Tian in the battle on Junlin Mountain. He vaguely felt that Luo Tian might be the world today. On, the most powerful person.
Especially, in the end, Luo Tian gave him a voice transmission, saying that he would always look at him, and asked him to cheer. In that tone, a touch of kindness was revealed, which made him even more curious about the Saint King Luo Tian.
This time, he dared to come to Luotian headquarters. A large part of the reason was that the words the Holy King said to him last time gave him an intuition that the Holy King would not kill him easily.
Logically speaking, he was the illegitimate son of the previous saint Qin Yuehua, who was originally a shameful existence for the saint king. Not to mention, he killed the Southern Heavenly King Lei Zhen, as well as the previous Ye Xingchen. Normally, according to the logic of a normal person, the Holy King couldn’t have accommodated him, but in fact, the Holy King did accommodate him, and so far, he has been shown. Come out to cultivate his meaning.
Lin Ziming thought about it, but he didn’t even want to understand that the purpose of the Saint King’s doing this was only to see his value, or to have a relationship with him that he didn’t know.
With this thought in mind, Lin Ziming followed the venerable in front and walked towards a mountain that soared into the clouds.
This is the cave house of the Holy King Luo Tian.
Coming up from the foot of the mountain, Lin Ziming actually felt an inexplicable coercion, and it seemed that even his breath became thinner. Lin Ziming knew that this must be because of the invisible coercion of the Holy King!
“Nan Tian Wang, His Royal Highness Saint King is waiting for you inside.”
The Venerable stopped and bowed respectfully to Lin Ziming. Lin Ziming waved his hand to indicate that he could withdraw.
Now towering in front of Lin Ziming is a very large, very solemn and luxurious hall. It looks like a palace, but the first floor is more than ten meters high, which is very majestic and magnificent. fill.
And because the top of this mountain is very high, the top of the mountain is almost on the cloud, and there are clouds and mist around it, which looks particularly immortal and misty. At this moment, Lin Ziming has an illusion that this is the palace of the gods. His mood became tense involuntarily.
Fortunately, his reaction was quick, and he was someone who had seen the big scene after all. After taking a deep breath, he calmed himself down and started to walk inside in strides.
It has to be said that this kind of palace of Saint King Luo Tian is really magnificent, comparable to the fairy palace he saw in some mythological movies, and even some details are even more than that. If Lin Ziming himself was not the Dzogchen of Innate Realm, but an ordinary person who came to such a place, he would really think that he had broken into the fairy palace!
He became more interested in the mysterious holy king.
As soon as he stepped in, Lin Ziming clearly felt that he was stared at by a pair of eyes, like a scanner, which saw through his whole person. Even the spirit and soul did not escape. At this moment, he Naked, especially uncomfortable. It seems that all his secrets, all his thoughts, are exposed at this moment.
He knew that this was the gaze of the holy king, and he tried hard to suppress his fast heartbeat.
“Lin Ziming, the heavenly king of the Southern Territory, see His Royal Highness!” Lin Ziming walked into the lobby and bowed his hand to the front, respectfully.
When the voice fell, a loud and steady voice came from the palace, “Lin Ziming.”
“The minister is here!” Lin Ziming immediately bent his waist slightly.
At this moment, Lin Ziming really felt like seeing the gods. The indestructible body of King Kong, also known as the realm of the gods, is the god of gods. Could it be that he has become a god? Lin Ziming couldn’t be sure.
However, Lin Ziming is not the first time he has seen a master of the gods. He didn’t have this feeling when he saw Huangpu Dao before. Could it be that Huangpu Dao’s cultivation base is far inferior to the holy king Luo Tian? However, if Huangpu Road is not as good as Luo Tian, ​​why dare to challenge Luo Tian?

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