A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1506

Lin Ziming didn’t continue to be awkward, so he would accept it as soon as he saw it. When he saw that Shangguan Shuyao was about to cry, he let go of Shangguan Shuyao, “Is this crying? It’s too exciting.”
Shangguan Shuyao was let go, and he was relieved immediately. He wanted to scold Lin Ziming a few words, but at this time Lin Ziming stared at her and said, “This time, I think for your grandfather’s sake. Let you go once, and next time. , It’s not as simple as touching your waist.”
After speaking, he just disappeared.
“Asshole!” Shangguan Shuyao stomped fiercely, particularly annoyed, short of breath, and his face was flushed.
She looked down at herself. The feeling that Lin Ziming had molested her just now didn’t disappear. The feeling that Lin Ziming had when she touched her still remained on her waist, and her heartbeat couldn’t calm down.
She was very shy and annoyed, but she was strange, but she didn’t have that kind of anger, which even she herself felt very strange. According to her usual character, she should be furious, so she made a direct call to let Lin Ziming disappear from the world. However, she didn’t feel this at all right now. Instead, her heartbeat had been very fast. There was a feeling that she had never had before. Deep down in her heart, it took root and sprouted. When she thought of it, her body couldn’t stop getting hot.
“Damn Lin Ziming, this lady will never let you off easily!”
Finally, she stomped her feet vigorously, took out her phone, and started calling.
Of course, the call was not to send someone to teach Lin Ziming. First, she didn’t have this idea, and second, she didn’t have the ability. She was calling her subordinates to arrange a place to live. She planned to stay in Hwaseong.
It’s been a long time since she had met such an interesting person, just like when she was a child, she found a toy she liked very much, and she had to play with it.
On the way Lin Ziming went home, his mood would not calm down for a while. What he did just now was really helpless. It was to teach Shangguan Shuyao and let her retreat.
However, the feeling in the middle was quite embarrassing to him. After all, Shangguan Shuyao was Shangfeng’s granddaughter, if Shangfeng knew about it, he might decide how to treat him.
Fortunately, he took care of this matter, and I believe Shangfeng would not embarrass him too much.
When he returned home, Lin Ziming didn’t dare to go directly into the room. He took a shower and washed off the smell of Shangguan Shuyao. Although he and Shangguan Shuyao were innocent, they were still not quite scented by Chu Fei. Good explanation.
Chu Fei was already asleep, Lin Ziming went in gently, without waking her up, and meditated on the ground by herself.
In the following days, Lin Ziming’s life became busy again, and as the time for the Kung Fu Cup approached, he became even busier.
This time the Kung Fu Cup was held very grandly, and it happened to be able to boost the surrounding economy.
For ordinary people, they don’t know the existence of the Kung Fu Cup. Many ordinary citizens are just wondering how many foreigners have suddenly been added in the past two months.
Everything has two sides. The influx of many foreigners can indeed boost the economy, but there is also the risk of disrupting public order.
As for these foreigners with special skills, ordinary police force can’t control them, and Xuanyuan has to suppress them in three places.
No, it didn’t take long before that several foreigners had caused chaos. Fortunately, the harassment was so serious that ordinary agents in the three places of Xuanyuan could handle it.
But on this day, a big one came.

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