A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1668

Many Chinese martial artists who watched the battle are now also screaming, and this punch directly hit Shen Ming in the face, knocking him off!
However, Shen Ming hadn’t fainted yet. He opened his eyes with a pained expression on his face, and said to the white player: “I, I haven’t been knocked down yet…”
He just finished speaking. The white player rushed over and kicked Shen Ming’s head hard, and he broke with a click, and Shen Ming died on the spot.
Shen Ming was beaten to death alive!
There was a moment of silence in the audience, and then a powerful roar erupted.
“Ah!!! Do you dare to kill my brother, Lao Tzu will kill you, Lao Tzu will kill you!” Shen Ming’s elder brother was about to rush to the arena, attacking the white players and avenging his younger brother Shen Ming.
But his strength is worse than Shen Ming. Where is the opponent of the white player? He was kicked out by the white player before he was close to the white player. When he fell, his body struggled twice. , With hideous and pain on his face, he was already at a loss, and then, his neck crooked, and he died!
This time, it directly angered all the Chinese martial artists around, causing an uproar!
“You dare to kill someone! I’m going to kill you!”
“What do you do with him so much nonsense, go with him, and kill this white pig!”
“Damn, deceive people too much, kill him!
Kill him!” At this moment, more than a dozen Chinese warriors wanted to rush to kill the white players.
However, on the side of the white players, a dozen foreign warriors soon came up and stopped in front of them, and the melee was about to start.
At this time, a cold voice rang, “What are you doing, let me down!”
It is Zhao Xia. He is in charge of public security here. He has also seen what happened just now. He wants to kill the white player, but he can’t do it because the white player did not violate the rules.
The dozens of Chinese warriors said in grief and angrily: “Instructor Zhao! This white man deceived too much, even if he killed Shen Ming, he actually killed Shen Yang! We want him to pay for it!”
Zhao Xia said coldly. The human player said: “Why did you kill the Chinese warrior just now!” The white player laughed happily, and said triumphantly: “He rushed to me just now and threatened to kill me. Of course I can’t just sit and wait. I’m just out of normal defense. Who knows that your Chinese warriors are so weak that I can’t bear it.”
“What did you say!? Who do you say is weak!”
“If you have a kind, just say one more thing!”
“Damn, deceive people too much, deceive people too much! Shen Yang hasn’t even reached the peak of the day after tomorrow, how could it be a threat to you, you are killing people deliberately, you are killing people deliberately!”
“What are you doing so much with him? Let’s go together to avenge the two brothers Shen Yang and Shen Ming!”
They were filled with righteous indignation and clamored to avenge the two brothers.
However, the dozen foreign warriors on the ring are also standing in front of the white players. If the Chinese warriors really dare to ask, then they will not be merciful.
The war is about to start.

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