A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1893

Not to mention killing.
He was going to kill Lin Ziming directly. To be honest, after Lin Ziming heard these words, he was not too angry, because to him, Prince William’s status is nothing more than ordinary. Human, just an ant.
He just feels worthless for the Queen of the Eagle Dog Country. As a powerful person in the realm of dignity and the master of a country, her descendants are actually such people.
Immediately, many guards appeared from all directions…
No, it’s not so much an escort, it’s an army.
And it’s still an elite army, even among the special forces, it’s an absolute elite, about the same level as Xuanyuan’s third group of agents.
Even the two leaders in the lead were masters of the Innate Realm. They both held weapons in their hands, and all of them pointed their guns at Lin Ziming for a while.
If the main Lin Ziming made any rash actions, they would shoot immediately.
With so many distinguished guests present, wherever they have seen this kind of battle, their complexions immediately changed, one after another, for fear of harming the pond fish.
These are all armed forces with live ammunition and guns. If they are hit, then their lives will be accounted for here.
Alice saw this scene, and she also began to panic and trembling, and she tightly grasped Lin Ziming’s hand, very frightened.
But she also had no regrets, her eyes flashed with determination and bravery, and she even stood up, stood in front of Lin Ziming, and said loudly: “If you want to catch me, catch me! This matter has something with Lin Chen. Relationship, he is innocent!”
Faced with her, Lin Ziming was a little surprised again. He didn’t think that Alice, as a female classmate, could stand up and face death under such circumstances. This is really something that few people can do.
This also strengthened his idea of ​​saving Alice, even if he would fight against Her Royal Highness, he would not hesitate to do so.
In fact, the more you reach a high level, the more you have to obey your heart.
Especially after you have reached the God-Through the God Realm, you can’t do things that go against your heart, because once you do things that go against your heart, then there will be a line of scars in your tough heart, and over time, this scar will be It’s getting bigger and bigger, and it’s not impossible that even death will disappear in the end! !
Prince William was even more annoyed when he saw that Alice was so reckless. Alice, this bitch, waited for him to kill Lin Ziming, he must torture him!
As for the others, they were also shocked by Alice’s deeds. Some of them also secretly admired them. They all could see that Alice was the truly brave person.
In fact, they have probably guessed the fact that the truth of the matter is just as Alice said. Therefore, Lin Ziming is the lifesaver of Prince William and Alice, but Prince William has replaced himself with the Chinese in order to brag about himself. When I went there, I was not only grateful to the Chinese people, but also maliciously slandered. This kind of practice is really too bad and too shameful. It is simply kindness and revenge, even if Prince William is the prince, they will also despise it in their hearts!
Of course, they dare not show this kind of contempt.
“What are you waiting for, give it to this prince, and take these two people down!!” Prince William is already crazy, screaming loudly, his face is even more hideous.
After the guards heard the further orders of Prince William, they only had to bite the bullet and perform their tasks.
One of the generals of the Innate Realm waved his hand and said: “Attack, take it!!”
They attacked together.
Lin Ziming shook his head. At this time, he naturally wouldn’t be able to grab it with his hands. He hugged Alice with one hand, and whispered in Alice’s ear, “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”
Alice heard Lin Ziming’s words, and it still rang in her ears. The tickling sensation made her especially sensitive, and the whole person fell into happiness and sweetness!

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