A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1952

“This, what’s the situation?”
“What happened? Who are these people!”
Under the astonishment and horror of all the Chinese people, soon dozens of burly men came down from these cars!
They were all strong and beautiful people, and they also had weapons in their hands.
A very vicious look.
In particular, several people still had guns in their hands. The black muzzles pointed at these Chinese people, and they were immediately terrified!
“Oh my God! It’s Tony’s!!”
“It’s over, why are they here, they are demons…”
“It must be trouble for us…”
For a while, all the Chinese in the warehouse began to panic, all of them panicked, and there was a little blood on their faces.
For them, there is absolutely no way to resist this kind of thing.
Over the years, the fear of being oppressed by these gangsters has been deeply etched in their bones!
Then, Tony walked out of the front armored car. He was holding a very large shotgun in his hand. He was nearly two meters tall. This battle immediately took these Chinese who were already terrified. , And trembling with fright, even many people began to cry.
“It’s over, it’s Tony! Tony is here!!”
“This battle, he wants to kill us oh my god!!”
“It’s over, it’s over.”
“Who will save us, we don’t want to die…”
They all started to cry.
But soon, Tony’s words scared them immediately, “Shut up!!!”
Tony’s voice was very loud, like a thunder in the sky, and full of deterrence, and immediately frightened these Chinese people, and their faces became pale and trembling, as if from the depths of their souls. Fear, dare not make a sound anymore.
Tony was satisfied with their reaction, and tears did not hide his contempt for them.
This is the Chinese people in their eyes, cowardly and incompetent, and simply rubbish. Chinese people are born to be bullied.
Soon, Tony’s men strictly surrounded these Chinese people.
“I heard that you recently came out of a very powerful Chinese, who has taken away a lot of my territory, it is very prestigious! You even threatened to clean up my Tony?”
Tony tilted his head, with a cruel and disdainful expression on his face, staring at the group of Chinese in front of him, and said, “Now I am coming, come out, let me see how you Chinese people are.”
But after his voice fell, and no one answered his words, these Chinese people were already so scared that they were so confused, fear took all of them.
Now Tony became a little impatient, and took the shotgun directly and fired a shot at it. With a bang, he directly punched a huge hole in the ceiling.
This power even scared more than half of them into tears. Many of them cried together with children and women. Even many men were shaking their feet now, and they were so scared that they couldn’t stand still.
“I don’t have much patience. I count to three. If you don’t tell me, I didn’t hit the sky with this shot…”

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