Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 351

They probably guessed that I talked and acted like this, and they didn’t forget to refute when they were surprised.
“But we are all white-collar workers, how can we go to the factory?”
“I have the final say in your position. Generally speaking, if you are like you, you should be fired, but if the factory is short of people, you can also take it for the time being.”
When I finished talking, Xi Qingchuan looked at me.
It didn’t matter if I didn’t practice the fake style, and it didn’t work for me to say nothing, so I started to take out my mobile phone and call the head of the personnel department.
I told him: “There are three female employees in the reception department of our front desk. Their job number is XX. Now the three of them will be transferred to the factory from tomorrow.”
After I finished speaking, I turned the phone over to show them. The person I was talking to was indeed the manager of the personnel department, so there was no joke with them.
Their complexions changed one by one, becoming panic, and especially anxious.
I guess they didn’t think I would really call the HR manager to be honest with them.
I don’t know if Xi Qingchuan is satisfied or dissatisfied with my approach. After I finished speaking, he took my hand and left.
When stepping out of the Chuanchuan shop, Xi Qingchuan suddenly leaned over and counted in my ear: “One, two, three.”
“What one, two, three?” I just asked, only to hear the chuckle of high-heeled shoes behind me, and a front desk caught up.
“We didn’t mean it, just talk about it.”
“I also do it casually.” I laughed at them.
“You can’t punish us like this. Who in the whole company doesn’t talk about you behind your back?”
I looked at her, and she immediately covered her mouth.
I know that the biggest entertainment in the company right now is talking about me behind my back, saying that I am incompetent and timid, and it is my father who has entrusted the company to inhumane.
I thought for a while and told them: “If I can’t hear it, then nothing happens. If I know it, do you think I’m not hearing it?”
Xi Qingchuan took my hand and walked past them, and then put his hand on the top of the car door to prevent me from hitting it.
I got in, the car drove away in front of them, until I couldn’t see them, I let out a long sigh of relief.
“How? I’m not used to being a wicked person?” He always drives ducks on the shelves like this.
“Don’t let me do this kind of thing next time, I’m really not used to it.”
“If you are not used to it, then you have to get used to being beaten under the feet all the time.”
“Not everyone is you. Be a superior person.”
“As for how to behave negatively, you have a set of sets. There is no way you can go to a training class for head-shrinking tortoises to ensure that countless cowards can be cultivated for the society.”
Xi Qingchuan’s words are really poisonous, and I will just let him do it. He can just say what he likes.
The car still didn’t reach Xi’s house, and the manager of the personnel department called to confirm with me if I wanted to do that. Xi Qingchuan was sitting next to me. Although he didn’t look directly at me, I knew he was looking at me from the rearview mirror. Li is looking at me, so if I change my tongue, I will definitely be scolded to death by him.
I had to say to the manager of the personnel department: “Yes, just do as I told you.”
Xi Qingchuan drove a sports car today. He drove with one hand and put the other hand on the door. The wind blew in from the hood, messing up his hair and blowing my eyes.
Sometimes I feel that Xi Qingchuan seems to be deliberately teaching me how to manage Xiao and how to do business.
I don’t know if this is my illusion. He is teaching in his way, but I don’t seem to be comfortable with it.
When I got back to Xi’s house, I called Qiao Yi. This time Qiao Yi finally answered him. I don’t know what he is doing, his voice is very tired.
“Joe,” I said anxiously, “you didn’t even answer the phone I called you for a day today.”
“I’m busy.” After Qiao Yi said this, my heart shook.
Because her voice is very cold and cold, and the coldness makes me very strange, because she almost never talked to me like this.
Is she really angry?
“Qiao Yi, listen to me and explain to you that the relationship between Qin Guan and I is really not what you imagined. I have had several meetings today and I am very tired.”
“Xiao Sheng, if there is nothing wrong with you, I will hang up.” Qiao Yi didn’t listen to my explanation at all, she just hung up the phone.
This should be one of the few times that Qiao Yi has hung up on my phone in my lifetime.
Listening to the beeping on the phone, I was terrified to the extreme. I can have nothing but friendship.
I hurriedly dialed it again, but Qiao Yi hung up for me after dialing there.
I couldn’t get through to Qiao Yi’s phone, and couldn’t sit still anymore. I held my mobile phone around the room one after another, thinking about it, I decided to go there in person, and go to Qiao Yi’s house to explain to her face to face.
I met Xi Qingchuan in the corridor, and he was not surprised at my panic: “Go to Qiao Yi to explain?”
He is the roundworm in my stomach, and he can guess what I am thinking about and doing.
“Don’t stop me.” I said, “I must go to Qiao Yi to explain clearly.”
He wouldn’t stop me: “I will drive you.”
“Why is it so good?”
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m just looking forward to seeing you being coldly treated by Qiao Yi.”
He is really the ultimate pervert, but I’m sure he can’t see this scene.
Xi Qingchuan sent me to Qiaoyi’s house again. I called Qiaoyi all the way. She thought I was annoying, so she turned off the phone.
I held the phone and kept telling myself: “The friendship between me and Qiao Yi will not be so fragile.”
I spoke in a very small voice, and the wind rushed into the car again, but Xi Qingchuan still heard it.
He told me: “Yes.”
I go to his meeting? . If I can’t beat him, I want to take off my high heels and knock him to death, okay?
However, Xi Qingchuan’s car drove fast, and soon arrived at Qiao’s house. The porter let us in. His car had just stopped at the door of Qiao’s house, so I pushed the car door and got off to shoot the door.
The fourth aunt came to open the door and saw that I was surprised: “Miss Xiao, it’s so late, are you still looking for Miss Xiao?”
“Where’s Qiao Yi? Are you back?”
“I’ve come back, I saw the lady come downstairs to get something to eat just now.”
That also means that she won’t sleep for the time being.
I didn’t have time to talk to my fourth aunt, so I rushed upstairs.
“Qiao Yi…” I just ran to the door of Qiao Yi’s room. Suddenly the door that was open closed in front of me, almost hitting my nose.
“Qiaoyi Qiaoyi!” I slapped the door vigorously: “It’s me Xiao Sheng, can you listen to me explain!”

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