Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2190

Even Mr. Lang’s eyes changed slightly, looking at Jiang Ning in surprise.
“I underestimated you.”
His face gradually changed, obviously more serious than before.
call out–
As soon as the voice fell, Jiang Ning moved!
too fast!
The dust rolled, a pothole was slammed out of the ground, and the violent fist force was shaking the earth.
The terrible breath surged, and Yanagawa Dao and others abruptly shook them and quit, and they couldn’t bear it.
A series of air bursts were deafening.
But in the blink of an eye, Jiang Ning came to Mr. Lang and said, “One elephant!”
This punch, like the sky shaking, smashed so hard, Mr. Lang immediately raised his hand to block, still being shaken back two steps, his arms were slightly numb.
“Two elephants!”
Before he could react, Jiang Ning arrived again, faster!
It was another punch and smashed hard, and Mr. Lang had to take out his second hand to block Jiang Ning’s fist, and no longer despised as before.
The ground collapsed instantly!
With such a terrifying boxing strength, the heart of Elder Feng and others almost jumped out.
Jiang Ning’s strength… is too terrifying!
With such strength, if they really rushed into the Green Mountain Sect that day, I am afraid that everyone would have to die under Jiang Ning’s.
What level is he still strong?
Only Yanagawa had a solemn expression.
Because Jiang Ning still showed such terrifying strength, Mr. Lang could still bear it, which proved that Mr. Lang’s strength was equally terrifying.
“Three Elephants!”
Jiang Ning’s voice echoed, and the entire mountain forest suddenly stirred up a violent wind.
They couldn’t see Jiang Ning, they could only hear the voice, they felt the horrible fist tumbling, stirring up a frenzy, frantically rushing to Mr. Lang, tightly surrounding him!
Punch after punch!
A punch is more violent than a punch, constantly stacking up, surging!

Rocky was frightened. Even a mountain would be smashed by Jiangning, right?
What kind of strength is this?
The sky was full of sand and dust, covering the sky and the sun. The entire mountain forest was covered by the dust. Everyone had a solemn expression, but they could not see anything.
Jiang Ning no longer had a voice, and Mr. Lang did not respond either.
But they all know that this battle is not over yet, the breath of two people is still there!
The wind was blowing, and the dust slowly dispersed.
Liuchuandao saw Jiang Ning standing there, his body straight, like a javelin, and his clothes were blown by the wind and hunted.
Everyone looked at Jiang Ning, worried.
And across from Jiangning, it is Mr. Lang!
He… unscathed!
Luo Long and the others, their hearts were all caught.
Jiang Ning is so tough that he still can’t help Mr. Lang?
Elder Tingfeng’s expression on the side, seeing a trace of blood spilling over the corner of Jiang Ning’s mouth, couldn’t help feeling nervous.
“he is injured!”
Yanagawa will step forward as soon as he hears it.
Jiang Ning was injured, it was really troublesome.
How could this be.
How could this Mr. Lang be so terrible?
“I really underestimated you.”
Mr. Lang looked at Jiang Ning and sneered, the light in his eyes was a bit scary.
His face was cracked, like dry and cracked wallpaper, piece by piece, falling apart, but he didn’t care.
When the wind blew, another piece fell, revealing the real skin and the real face inside!
Everyone looked at Mr. Lang with fear and tension on their faces.
Jiang Ning was injured. Who else can stop Mr. Lang now?
If he is going to kill him today, who can live?
Jiang Ning was still standing there, reaching out to wipe off the blood from the corner of his mouth, staring at Mr. Lang with eager eyes, breathing and panting slightly.
“What do you want to do!”
Liu Chuandao and others stepped forward and stood in front of Jiang Ning. If they didn’t stand up at this time, Jiang Ning would probably die today.

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