Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2237

Huang Yuming knew that he must ensure that the order of the East China Sea would not be affected and would not distract Jiang Ning.
“How is the situation in the delivery room?”
he asked.
“Isn’t born yet? Yi Ling Er Er Er Ling Yi Fu Shan? Come.” Huang Yuming frowned slightly, ” Looking at the situation, the safety of the Lin Family Villa is the first priority, no matter what the price is!”
Everyone shouted in unison.
at the same time.
Lin’s factory on the outskirts of the East China Sea.
“Bang!” With a loud noise, the iron door was knocked open by the car, and a dozen people rushed in, regardless of the security.
“Set fire! Burn this!”
someone shouted, and then a dozen people went crazy, holding gasoline bottles in their hands, and rushed into the factory.
“Someone rushed in to make trouble!”
“Who the hell would dare to come to Lin’s factory to make trouble? Stop them!”
Several security guards were knocked down to the ground and immediately shouted loudly. Soon, the workers in the factory were all I rushed out, seeing someone trying to ruin the factory, my eyes were instantly red.

Damn , these bastards! Brothers, someone is making trouble!” “Take guys!”
This is Lin’s factory and their pillar. Lin’s kindness to them, they all remember, how can they make people Ruined here?
In a flash, dozens of workers, hundreds of workers, gushing like a tide, crazy!
They all had red eyes, like beasts, and all of them were a little flustered seeing those who were making trouble.
It’s like a wall, blocking everyone, not letting them get close at all!
“Bang!” I don’t know who it was, and the gasoline bottle fell, and everyone’s nerves were tense.
“Stop them!”
Someone rushed up, “Get the sand and cover the gasoline! Don’t let them set fire!”
“Fire extinguisher, get ready!”
” Get these bastards out!”
A group of people quickly organized , The reaction was extremely fast, and he didn’t give the dozen or so people a chance at all. Before they started, they all laid down and tied them up with rope.
“Tui~!” The head of the security captain yelled angrily, “The son of a bitch, this is the Lin’s factory, our home, do you guys dare to make trouble?”
“When we Donghai people are so bully? Don’t polish your dog’s eyes to see clearly!”
“Tie me tight, don’t let them run away!”
“In addition, strengthen patrol, don’t let anyone take advantage of it, this is our site, give me everything Keep it!”

On the other side, Ye’s Building.
There was also a group of people guarding the periphery. A heavy off-road vehicle just hit a car about to rush into the building.
“I’m waiting for you!” The sixth man got off the off-road vehicle and glanced at the people who were making trouble. “Take them all to me, check their details, come to the East China Sea to make trouble, who is brave!” “The sixth one glanced at the dozen people and knew that this was an organized attack.
Fortunately, they made preparations early, otherwise the doors of the Ye’s Building would have been smashed by someone today, which would be hitting them in the face.
“Sixth, we will stay here, I am worried that someone will come.”
The second child looked at the distance and frowned slightly, “I’m afraid it’s not peaceful today.” The two took some brothers, and they guarded under the Lin Group building. This is where they are responsible, and there must not be a trace of error.
at the same time.
Jidao martial arts hall.
The door was knocked open, and immediately, the few people who had just rushed in flew out again, rolled twice on the ground, their bodies were twisted, and they were killed immediately!
The old naughty boy came out.
With raised eyebrows, he glanced at the dozen people who were still at the door.
“Here today, I’m watching.”
“Who dares to make trouble?”
Tan Xing and others have gone to other places. Today, he is the only one in Jidao martial arts gym, because Tan Xing and the others know that he alone is enough.

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