Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2238

“Burn this place!” the leader coldly shouted.
The old naughty boy snorted, he is not so good to talk, let alone so kind.
In his cognition, there is nothing to stop!
… In just a few breaths, more than a dozen people were killed immediately, too much to die!
The old naughty boy didn’t even look at them.
He suddenly raised his head and looked in the direction of Lin’s villa.

Here ?” In his eyes, murderous aura suddenly appeared, as if he had changed instantly!
“Huh!” The old naughty boy flashed before turning around and disappeared.
At the same time.
Lin Family Villa!
The atmosphere became extremely tense.
Jiang Ning was still outside the delivery room, and nothing outside was told to him.
“Ah -”
Lin Yu really screamed from the delivery room, painful, and the pain had reached its extreme.
“How is it?”
Jiang Ning asked anxiously, “Isn’t it out yet?”
“I have been in for several hours, what’s going on now.”
He was really anxious, but there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t help with this kind of thing. Even if he has enough strength.
But what can he do with this kind of thing?
Jiang Ning was walking back and forth in a hurry, like an ant on a hot pot, he had never felt this way before.

Jiang Ning yelled, “Don’t be afraid!”
He couldn’t help it, and directly opened the door and went in.
“Mr. Jiang, don’t come in!” The doctor hurriedly said , “You just stand there. A sterile environment is needed here.” Jiang Ning forcedly endured, only through the glass, looking at Lin Yuzhen inside, he clenched his fist. “Don’t be afraid! I’m here! I’m here!”
“Don’t be afraid! I’m all here!”
Seeing Jiang Ning coming in, Lin Yu really tried to squeeze a smile. It seemed that he had strength and courage all at once.
She took a deep breath and tried her best with the encouragement and help of the midwife!
And at the moment.
Outside Lin’s villa.
Mr. Lang walked down, followed by a dozen people.
His face was calm, but there was a ruthless light in his eyes.
“Jiang Ning, I’m here to give you a gift.” With an order, a dozen people behind him tore off their clothes, and their waists were all tied up with bombs!
Mr. Lang said.
More than a dozen people looked like tool people, without their own consciousness, and rushed towards the Lin family villa frantically.
Huang Yuming and others have found out, and they yelled, “Stop them!”
These people actually tied bombs on themselves!
Brother Gou and the others rushed over, ignoring the bombs in their eyes.
Dare to come to Lin’s villa, these people are really crazy!
Brother Gou knocked a person down with a punch and flew out to prevent them from approaching the Lin family villa.
“Stop them!” The dog yelled, “Don’t let them come near! Cut off their lead!”
… the fourth and the eighth, all rushed out, they There is no fear, just want to stop these people.
Old Ba smashed a person and pulled off the fuse of the bomb on that person . ” Throw these bombs away!”
he shouted, “Throw farther, it’s not enough to pull the fuse!”
He clicked. Then I found out that these bombs are useless if the fuse is broken.
Mr. Lang looked at them desperately, with a strange smile on his mouth.
He snorted softly, and immediately, someone slammed his own bomb!
With a loud noise, the Lin Family Villa shook slightly.
In the delivery room, Jiang Ning’s face changed slightly.
problem occurs?
“Don’t be afraid!”
Seeing Lin Yuzhen in there, he said hurriedly, “Nothing will happen!”
Jiang Ning’s face suddenly became murderous, so on such an important day, there are still people making trouble?
court death!

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