Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2239

“You make every effort to ensure the safety of mother and child, and don’t worry about things outside!”
Jiang Ning said immediately.
After speaking, he turned and walked out. There was no one outside the corridor, all of them went out to meet the enemy.
“Protect Yuzhen!”
Jiang Ning’s voice was cold and murderous.
“Leave it to me.” It was Chen ridiculous voice.
He has always been hiding in the darkness, protecting Lin Yuzhen’s mother and son. At this moment, the enemy is definitely coming, even if it is him, he may not be sure.
But for what he promised, no matter what price he paid, he would spare no effort, even if he had to sacrifice his life.
Jiang Ning rushed out immediately.
At the same time.
In front of Lin’s villa.
Those crazy people with bombs strapped to their bodies are attacking the villa with all their strength, wanting to die with everyone.
“Stop them!”
Gou’s eyes reddened, and he rushed out loudly, no matter how safe he was.
These lunatics are basically human bombs, trying to razing the Lin family villa to the ground.
He rushed out, raised his fist, and the human bomb in front of him suddenly laughed strangely, ignoring that Ge Ge’s hand hit his head, stretched out his hands, and firmly grasped Ge Ge’s arm!
And the bomb on him is counting down quickly!
Dididi——The dog’s pupils suddenly shrank.
Huang Yuming and the others were even more shocked.
Brother dog is dangerous!
The elders, the elders, the elders and the elders rushed to help, the dog brother yelled: “Don’t come here!” In this short period of time, even if the two of them came, they would not have time to save themselves. Instead, they would be burdened by themselves and killed alive!
But the old six and the eighth two didn’t care at all. They tried their best and rushed past as fast as they could. They couldn’t just watch their brother die!
Only the last two seconds left!
Brother Gou had a grim face, and abruptly twisted the opponent’s arms, but he still had no chance to escape.
“You die!”
He roared, “I will never let you pass even if I die!”
Huang Yuming and the others turned red.
Su Yun burst into tears, his heart breaking, and ignoring the danger, he tried to rush over, but was pulled by someone.
“Bang!” There was a loud noise and thick smoke billowed!
The ground shakes again!
Hearing this sound, Su Yun was heartbroken, and fell to the ground, watching the billowing smoke, crying hoarsely.
“You… you bastard! How dare you abandon me!”
She crawled on the ground and had to rush over. She didn’t care that her clothes were dirty or her hair was messed up. At this moment, she just wanted to see Brother Dog , Even if… his corpse.
Those eyes were red and tears rained down.
The old six and eight and the others have red eyes and trembling all over!
The smoke billowed and gradually dissipated. Suddenly, there were two figures!
There are pits on the ground, and on the edge of that pit, Jiang Ning stood there blocking it!
Brother Gou was right behind him, except for his husky face, his clothes were in tatters, and blood was flowing from his shoulder, but he showed a smile on his face and smiled painfully.
“Hehe… I knew, eldest brother you still need me, you are not willing to let me die…”
He panted, the scene in his mind echoing.
At the moment the bomb exploded, Jiang Ning appeared!
His speed was too fast, he approached him almost instantly, shook the human bomb with one hand, and pulled himself behind him.
At the same time as the bomb exploded, the air in front of Jiang Ning seemed to suddenly become a solid glass, which forcibly blocked the impact of the bomb.
Otherwise, at this moment, he is already crushed!
“You know it.”
Jiang Ning did not look back.

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