Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2240

He looked at Mr. Lang in the distance and kicked Brother Gou gently, “Go to your woman, don’t make her cry, I’m afraid.”
Brother Dog laughed.
Two people, six and eight, went over immediately and helped the dog to retreat to the end.
Su Yun hurriedly rushed over.
“You, are you okay?”
“It’s okay.” The dog showed his white teeth and was touched in his heart. “My eldest brother will not let me die.”
“You are not willing, are you?”
“Of course I am not willing!”
Su Yun hugged Brother Dog and cried so Pear Flower rained, she was really frightened, “Of course I am not willing to!”
“You will go to my house to propose a marriage tomorrow!”
“Are you still studying, haven’t graduated from university?
” I’ll go tomorrow, I hear you!”
Su Yun said viciously.
“Yes, yes, I’ll go tomorrow.”
Dog brother grinned.
At this moment, the two people are talking about love, but they didn’t let the atmosphere ease down.
Those human bombs are still rushing towards Lin’s villa!
Jiang Ning stood there, like a mountain, able to resist everything!
“I heard that you are going to be a father. I’ll give you some gifts.”
Mr. Lang looked at Jiang Ning and smiled. “Aren’t you welcome?”
Jiang Ning stared at him with murderous expression on his face.
“Do you want to die!”
he cried coldly.
“Of course I want to die, but no one can kill me,”
Mr. Lang shook his head and sighed, “I can’t help it.”
He gave a weird smile: “Do you like these gifts I gave you?”
“Your child who is about to be born, you should like it more! ”
Jiang Ning said nothing.
“You can’t stop it.”
Mr. Lang said, “This world is very dangerous, you are right, but I like this world more and more, because I can control them, but you can’t.”
Looking at those human bombs, Slowly approaching the Lin Family Villa, Mr. Lang burst out laughing.
Suddenly, his ear moved.
“It’s really fast.”
Suddenly, he snorted coldly: “Come on !” As soon as the voice fell, the human bombs, one by one, rushed towards the Lin family villa, Jiang Ning alone, where Too late?
Suddenly, there was a crisp sound with strong penetrating power.
A human bomb was instantly headshot, and the bomb exploded!
The ground shakes!
“A Fei!”
Jiang Ning roared, with another clear sound.

A crisp sound, deafening!
Those human bombs were all headshot with a single shot, and then exploded, and there was no chance to get close.
Mr. Lang’s face changed, he looked up from a distance, and a black muzzle was facing him!
When he moved, a hole was punched in the position where he was just standing, and sand splashed!
From a distance, A Fei stared at the scope with a chill in his eyes!
He fired three shots in succession, but he couldn’t always beat Mr. Zhonglang. Such a terrifying reaction ability was amazing.
“I didn’t expect that there are such masters around you. If I hadn’t recovered the strength of my heyday, I would be ashamed today.”
Jiang Ning did not listen to his nonsense.
A Fei arrived, otherwise these human bombs would not be easy to solve today.
He stared at Mr. Lang and saw that he was still not far away, obviously there were other means!
“I said, if you want to give you a big gift, you must deliver it to the door today.”
Mr. Lang walked slowly, getting faster and faster, almost instantly, it turned into a stream of light!
At the same time, Jiang Ning also moved!
“Bang!” The two smashed into each other at once, and a terrible sound erupted, like two bulls, slamming together.
“Don’t annoy me!”
Jiang Ning said, “Otherwise, for your life today, you have to stay here? Ershi Fulingshan Pa Lufu?”
“Hahahaha, I hope you can kill me, like this , Huangquan Road, your wife and children will not be alone!”

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