Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2241

Mr. Lang constantly provokes Jiang Ning and stimulates Jiang Ning, just to make him angry!
Jiang Ning was indeed very angry at this moment, and she wished to kill Mr. Lang directly!
But he knew that Mr. Lang appeared suddenly now, and his purpose was directed at Lin Yuzhen and his children, and there must be a successor.
He dare not care!
“Damn it!”
Suddenly, Jiang Ning realized that Mr. Lang was going to hold him back, but it was already very difficult for him to get away now.
If he leaves, then all these people outside will have to die, and Mr. Lang is right, he will not die.
“Go to the delivery room!”
he yelled, and Huang Yuming reacted, beckoning and shouting, “Retreat to the delivery room and protect mother and child!”
Mr. Lang actually used himself as a bait to attract Jiang Ning out.
“Ha ha? Yi Ai Ai Yi Yi Wu Ling Servant? It’s too late.”
Mr. Lang said.
While pestering Jiang Ning, he said coldly, “Originally, this matter had nothing to do with you, but you have to disrupt my plan, there is nothing you can do.”
“Jiang Ning, experience that your beloved has left yourself, that kind of Pain, you will understand me.”
“I understand your mother!”
Jiang Ning yelled, rarely exploded, his fists roared, and his extreme fist fisting opened and closed, and his momentum rose to the extreme in an instant.
With a punch, the air caused a series of bursts of air!

Mr . Lang also waved his fists, fighting fiercely with Jiang Ning!
He couldn’t help being horrified, how young Jiang Ning was, he had such strength, and his understanding of Ji Dao Boxing was completely better than anyone else.
He hadn’t even thought about the terrible changes in the ordinary boxing techniques in the Jidao boxing record.
Jiang Ning is indeed a genius, but even if he is a genius, once he is infected with the love of his children, he has to pay a price!
Mr. Lang also broke out of his own strength, always restraining Jiang Ning and preventing him from having a chance to withdraw.
Just hold on for a while and the matter is over.
at the same time.
In the delivery room.
Lin Yu really yelled. The pain made her sober, but she couldn’t hear anything in her ears, only a buzzing sound.
She knew that her biggest task now was to give birth to the child safely!
“Come on! Come on! Alright! The child’s head has come out!” The midwife said excitedly, “Just work harder, and you’ll be out soon!”
Lin Yu took a deep breath and exhausted all of his forehead. Her hair is messy and has long been soaked in sweat. How can she have the energy to manage these.
child! child! child!
She is full of children now.
And the corridor outside the delivery room was empty!
Suddenly, a black shadow flashed by, and then another figure appeared, blocking the front.
“Get out of the way.”
The shadow said coldly, “You are not my opponent.”
Chen Lantang stood in front of the delivery room and looked at the shadow. Naturally, he knew that his strength was not his opponent. , I must be dead.
But his footsteps remained unwavering.
He said lightly, “Then you have to take your life to keep your promises.”
“Then you die.” The shadow said coldly.
He instantly turned into a streamer, rushed over, and Chen Lantang hurriedly raised his hand.
With a loud noise, the two separated, Chen Lantang fell to the ground, blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and stood up slowly, his eyes still firm.
Soi Ying was a little surprised, “I didn’t even die.”
“You also know Ji Dao Fist.”
Chen Lantang’s blood tumbling inside his body, this punch almost broke his internal organs!
If it hadn’t been for Jiang Ning to teach him Ji Dao Fist, let him use Ji Dao Quan Jin to protect his internal organs, the punch just now would have cost him his life.
But even so, he was injured.
“It’s a fluke.”
Chen Lantang stood up, wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, still blocking the door.

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