Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2242

As long as he is still alive, this shadow is not allowed to pass!
Sombra didn’t feel like talking nonsense, and he didn’t need to talk too much with Chen Lantang. He turned around and came to Chen Lantang again. This time, his fists were even more fierce!
Chen Lantang backed up, hit the wall hard, opened his mouth and spewed blood, his face instantly pale.
He wanted to stand up, but his body was weak, his meridians seemed to be numb, what a terrible punch!
This is another terrifying master, a terrifying monster of the same level as that of Mr. Lang!
Being able to block two punches, Chen Lantang’s strength is already quite powerful, but in the face of such an old monster, no one except Jiang Ning can stop it with one person.
Chen Lantang gritted his teeth and insisted on getting up, but a little exhausted.
The black shadow didn’t even glance at him, and walked straight to the delivery room.
He just put his hand on the doorknob and stopped suddenly.
“Don’t move.” The voice was cold, with anger, as if there was a ball of flame, burning instantly!
“If I were you, take your hand off,” the old naughty boy stared at the dark shadow with his hands behind him, “unless, you don’t want this hand anymore.” The dark shadow turned his head and looked at the old naughty boy, his eyes flashed A little surprised.
“Are you awake?”
“I’ll let you, take your hand away!” The old naughty boy suddenly shouted, and the sound rolled, and instantly blew in the shadow of the shadow, making the shadow of the shadow trance, just for a moment, wait Sombra reacted, and the old naughty boy had already arrived in front of him!
The violent wind squeezed the past, and rushed on the face of the shadow!
The violent explosion sounded, and the hallway reverberated. Chen Lantang hurriedly guarded his heart, lest his ears were deaf.
Fighting for this level of masters is terrible!
The old naughty boy grabbed Sombra by the arm, like a barbarian, and directly pulled him out, far from the delivery room.
He didn’t chase it, but stood in front of the delivery room, turned his head and looked at Chen Lantang, “Yes, you are very good.”
After speaking, he looked at the dark shadow not far away.
“Now, I’m standing here, you try again?”
The provocation and disdain in the words did not hide!
The dark shadow that seemed to be as powerful as a dragon was nothing in his eyes.
“The people inside, what does it have to do with you,”
Sombra said grimly, “If I kill them, the kid will cooperate honestly, right?”
“Don’t you want to? Land? Find the longevity pool?”
“I think.” The old naughty boy said, “Who doesn’t want it.”
“Then why are you?”
“But you can’t hurt the innocent.” The old naughty boy snorted, “I like children, you and him Mother dare to kill a child in front of me, or a newborn child?” In his eyes, two thick flames instantly burned!
Let the air in the entire corridor become cold.
“Let me put it here, today you hurt this newborn baby. If you don’t say that the kid wants your life, I will kill you if I chase you to the end of the world!”
Sombra’s pupils shrank, he understood the old naughty boy, this child-like monster is really an old naughty boy, from the point of view of the same thing, if he kills himself, he will definitely spare no effort to hunt down himself.
“Why should you come to their senses!”
“Can not find longevity pool, you still long to live ah.”
Shadow quipped, “earth where people have one foot buried, what you still want?”
The old elf did not Bother.
He was standing outside the delivery room, even though Mr. Lang outside the villa was the one he had to kill, but today, if he didn’t move, he stood at the delivery room door, stubborn and stubborn, like a child.
“That kid is coming in, he is coming, I can kill you, are you sure you don’t leave?” The old naughty boy glanced at the black shadow, and his squinted eyes gradually became more murderous!

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