Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2243

Hearing this, Sombra was silent for a moment. He knew the old naughty boy and knew to reason with him, and there was nothing to say.
Although this guy has a naughty heart, once he starts to kill, he won’t have the slightest hesitation!
Even if it was him, or Mr. Lang, the old naughty boy broke out, it was enough for them to feel uncomfortable.
He stepped back a few steps, and disappeared into the darkness.
“He’s gone?”
Chen Lantang asked.
“No.” The old naughty boy snorted and squinted. “But he doesn’t dare to come over again.”
In order to help Mr. Lang do something and take his own life, no one is so stupid.
They are all selfish people, who would really do it for others and desperate everything?
At the same time.
Outside the villa.
Jiang Ning and Mr. Lang have been killed inextricably!
Jiang Ning, who broke out with all his strength, surprised Mr. Lang even more!
……The Ji Dao boxing technique broke out completely, every punch seemed to have a mighty force, hitting it hard, and Mr. Lang kept retreating, his arms were already numb.
What a terrible force!
Ran Er Ran Lu Lu Xi Yi Yi? “Bang!” It was another punch, like a mountain, and smashed down so hard, Mr. Zhende Lang backed a dozen steps and slid two traces on the ground. Stand firm.
“I didn’t expect that Ji Dao Fist Technique could evolve to this point.”
Mr. Lang looked at Jiang Ning in amazement, “We all missed it, and we all underestimated this basic boxing method.” It was obviously only the most basic boxing method, but the nine-stroke boxing method, they didn’t look at them at all, just a little understanding. After studying for a while, I gave up without finding anything.
But Jiang Ning seemed to be innately compatible with this Jidao boxing book, and it was really amazing that it could evolve to this point.
Jiang Ning ignored him, his eyes were murderous!
He was about to continue his hands, beheading Mr. Lang here, when suddenly a black shadow rushed out of the villa and soon disappeared.
Mr. Lang glanced at it and squinted slightly.
“You got it?”
He felt a little, and there was a glimmer of ruthless light and anger in his eyes, “Huh, useless things.”
After speaking, he didn’t waste time.
The old naughty boy is here, waiting for them both to take action, then he will be in trouble.
Mr. Lang turned around and left, but Jiang Ning did not chase him.
There are many opportunities to kill him, but today, nothing is more important than the safety of Lin Yu’s mother and son.
“They’re gone.”
Jiang Ning sensed carefully and made sure that they had all left, and immediately turned and rushed into the villa.
In front of the delivery room, the old naughty boy was still standing there, one man was in charge, and no one was allowed to approach without his permission.
Huang Yuming and others must be more than ten meters away, and they can’t come close.
“Stand there and don’t move, how do I know if it’s that damn guy who got in with human skin?” The old naughty boy said lightly.
He knew Mr. Lang’s ability, if he really wanted to hide his breath, he could do it at some price, and he couldn’t be careless at the moment.
Jiang Ning rushed in, his face full of eagerness.
“It’s okay.”
Huang Yuming hurriedly said.
Jiang Ning was relieved.
He saw the old naughty boy guarding the door of the delivery room, Chen Lantang sitting on the ground, his injuries were serious, he knew it was the old naughty boy who made the move, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.
“Thank you.”
Jiang Ning didn’t have much to say.
A simple thank you, I immediately showed through the window of the delivery room, wanting to see the situation inside.
The old naughty boy didn’t say anything, but let Jiang Ning watch.
Jiang Ning was about to pass, and suddenly, a cry came–

Wow– ” The loud cries made Jiang Ning stay there for an instant, his eyes turned red.
Huang Yuming and others were equally excited.
Even the old urchin’s eyes widened when he heard the cry, an inexplicable feeling of joy, it seemed that the baby’s crying awakened a trace of vitality in his heart.

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