Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2244

The door of the delivery room opened!
The midwife came out with a baby in her arms.
“Congratulations, it’s a little princess!”
Jiang Ning tremblingly said, “Is it my daughter?”
After finishing speaking, he just glanced quickly, and rushed into the delivery room, looking at Lin Yuzhen, who was already exhausted. , Jiang Ning was distressed, and immediately went up, gently hugging Lin Yuzhen.
“My wife has worked hard.”
He kissed Lin Yuzhen ‘s forehead with deep red eyes, “Is it very painful?”
Lin Yuzhen said softly.
“Our daughter, is she cute?” “As cute as you.”
Jiang Ning said.
“Mr. Jiang, let’s take care of it first. You go out and wait a while, and you will send Miss Lin back soon. Please rest assured.” The doctors were sweaty, and finally the mother and the child were safe.
“Okay, a few hard work.”
“No hard work.”
Jiang Ning walked out of the delivery room and looked back one step at a time. Looking at his gentle and worried eyes, Lin Yu really knew that he had not followed the wrong person in his life.
Outside the delivery room, a group of people surrounded the baby, their eyes full of curiosity.
“This eyebrow, ah, looks like a big brother, it really looks like it!”
“And this nose, exactly the same, so cute!”
“She laughed, she smiled at me?”
“Pull it down, you stand up a bit Don’t scare the little princess.”

This is a real princess!
From birth, he gathers thousands of loves in his whole life.
“Cough!” The old naughty boy coughed twice, and Huang Yuming and others immediately stepped aside and let him in.
“Isn’t it just a child? What’s the excitement? Haven’t you seen it!”
He glared at Huang Yuming and the others, walked to the little baby, with his hands behind his back, looked down, and suddenly raised his eyebrows with all his eyes Light, full of pampering.
“Hey, is this a girl?” The old naughty boy looked at the baby and felt that his heart was about to melt. It happened that the baby opened his eyes slightly, as if he was sleeping, making the old naughty boy happy. broken.
He stretched out his hand to hug, the midwife didn’t dare.
“It’s okay.”
Jiang Ning came out, and Shi Dishan said, “Let the senior hold it.” The midwife put the baby carefully on the old naughty boy’s hand.
Like holding a peerless treasure, the old naughty boy was not as casual as usual, holding his hands carefully while teasing the little baby.
“Laugh, laugh?”
“She is asleep,” the midwife said cautiously.
The old naughty boy glared at her, and the midwife was scared to speak.
“Of course I know she is sleeping, can’t I make fun of it?” The old naughty boy grunted.
He suddenly raised his head and glanced at Jiang Ning: “I will accept this apprentice.” The audience was stunned. Accept the apprentice?
Newborn children, old urchins will accept disciples?
Even Jiang Ning didn’t expect the old naughty boy to sing like this.
“She’s still a baby.”
Jiang Ning said.
“I have a fate with her.” The old naughty boy said, “That’s it.”
He likes this little baby so much. The feeling of a new life makes his mood seem to have changed dramatically. This is a chance.
This kid is his chance.
“Accept a disciple?”
Jiang Ning frowned slightly. He didn’t want his child to be involved in this secular struggle. He only hoped that his daughter could grow up safely and healthy.
“Huh, my apprentice, would I treat her badly?” The old naughty boy knew what Jiang Ning was thinking. “With me, who would dare to move her?” There was a fierce breath from him, and the little baby suddenly twisted his body. , The old naughty boy quickly lost his breath, afraid that he would scare the little baby.
“Don’t be afraid.” The old naughty boy looked at the little baby eagerly.
“It’s okay to accept disciples,”
Jiang Ning knew. There are peerless masters like the old naughty boy. For his daughter, it is probably the safest layer of protection in the world.
He glanced at the old naughty boy, “But after accepting a disciple, can’t you not give me a gift at all?”

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Finally the baby girl is born safely and the old boy has taken her under his protection and care….. Looks like things are getting more interesting!!!

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