Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2245

The old naughty boy was shocked, his eyes widened, as if he had never seen someone as shameless as Jiang Ning.
I was still hesitating just now and didn’t want to accept his daughter as a disciple. I turned around and started asking for gifts?
Jiang Ning tilted his head, took his daughter over, and shook his head, “Forget it, the master who can’t even take out a gift, I’m afraid that my daughter will be wronged.”
Hearing this, the old naughty boy turned blush.
Whatever is said to be okay, saying that you can’t take out a gift from a disciple?
If those old things know about it, I’m afraid I will laugh out loud!
He searched on his body, but he really didn’t find anything, and his face turned redder, especially when he saw Jiang Ning staring at him, he blew his beard.
“It’s not just a gift. If you are a master, can you not give it to your apprentice?”
He gritted his teeth, unbuttoned his robe, and took off a white necklace from his neck, which looked like an animal tooth.
“This thing is given to my apprentice!” The old naughty boy seemed indifferent and threw the tooth necklace to Jiang Ning at will, but he couldn’t bear it, Jiang Ning could see it.
Jiang Ning took the necklace, and as soon as his finger touched the tooth, he felt a kind of warmth, and the quaint atmosphere exuded from it, let Jiang Ning know that this thing is definitely not simple!
“I’m kidding.”
Jiang Ning returned the necklace to the old naughty boy. “This gift is too expensive.”
“Senior can accept my daughter as a disciple. I am happy for her. Many people love her and protect her. That’s it.”
“You look down on me?”
Unexpectedly, the old naughty boy frowned. “The gift I gave out can still be recovered!”
“This thing is useless to me. Put it on her and protect her!”
Jiang Ning snorted when he wanted to say something.
“I’m going to die sooner or later, there is no need to waste this thing and give it to my apprentice. She has a relationship with me and it is the most suitable for her.”
Then, seeing Jiang Ning still motionless, he simply took it by himself and helped the little girl wear it. , Looked at the baby seriously and smiled.
“It’s really fun, this girl grows up, she must be a strange girl, hahahaha!”
“Thank you senior, then.”
Jiang Ning looked at the old naughty boy’s eyes, and was sure that the old naughty boy really liked the little girl.
After a while, the doctor pushed Lin Yu out from the delivery room.
“Okay, Mr. Jiang, everything is going well.”
“Thanks for your hard work.”
Jiang Ning said, “Lao Huang, are you waiting for Wu Ranshan to take a doctor to rest.”
Huang Yuming nodded. I walked over and said, “You guys, it’s really hard work for you guys, please come with me.”
“Okay, I have arranged it, please call us anytime if you need to.”
She delivered the baby today, but Jiang Ning’s daughter was in Donghai City. Little princess!
This can definitely be regarded as an honor of her career, and I don’t know how many colleagues will envy it.
Jiang Ning walked to Lin Yuzhen’s side and looked at her frail appearance, feeling distressed.
He held Lin Yuzhen’s hand tightly.
“Okay, take a good rest, and you will soon recover.”
Lin Yu really smiled, and slowly closed his eyes to rest.
The entire Lin family became cheerful because of the coming of this little life.
Ye Qingwu and others rushed to the East China Sea one after another just to take a look at this cute little girl.
The empty rooms of the Lin family were filled with gifts from them.
“Why does she keep sleeping?”
Ye Qingwu asked in a low voice.
“The baby in the confinement is like this. She sleeps for about 20 hours a day. When she wakes up, she wants to drink milk when she is hungry.”
“Drinking milk? Do you suck it yourself?”
Why are the 100,000 unmarried girls ? I couldn’t help being a little funny: “When you give birth, you will understand everything.” In the room, their voices are very small, which does not affect Lin Yuzhen’s rest with the baby, just watching from a distance.

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