Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2246

Outside the house.
Jiang Ning and the old naughty boy sat on the edge of the stone table.
“They should all be awake,” the old naughty boy said. “The bastard came back, just to make these people wake up. He had already done everything.”
Jiang Ning said, “There are people like you. How much?”
“Not much.” The old naughty boy counted, “Five or six.”
“Isn’t five or six? Ershan Lingyi Lu Shi Lingpa? A lot?”
These peerless powerhouses, once they all wake up. , I am afraid that the world will become chaotic, because they can ignore any rules!
And in this city, no one can restrict them.
“Once they mess up, the world will be in trouble.”
Jiang Ning was a little worried.
Today, he is the only one who can match them, but even so, there is only one Jiang Ning, and there are five or six more terrifying masters like the old naughty boy.
“Think too much, they don’t dare to mess around.” The old naughty boy glanced at Jiang Ning, somewhat amused. “Every world has rules for every world, and no one can easily destroy them. They are not so strong yet. Humph.”
Ignore the rules?
If it is a rule set by man, or a rule set by heaven!
In their time, they were already top masters in the martial arts circle, but who would dare to mess around?
Even the rules of the martial arts circle, they dare not easily break!
“Boy, I can tell you, no matter how strong you are, as long as you are still at this level, then don’t ignore the rules,”
The old naughty boy kindly reminded, “No one can escape the shackles of the rules, even if it is us, even you, how strong is it? After all
, he will die.” He said the word death casually, as if indifferently. Even if he would die next moment, he didn’t care at all.
But Jiang Ning even noticed one of the words in what the old naughty boy said.
He stared at the old naughty boy, ” Does the map on the Jidao boxing score point to different levels? The guy has been looking for one of them.”
“Unexpectedly, you knew it.” The old naughty boy didn’t ask for it. The meaning of concealment is, “Yes, the map on the boxing score points to several different levels. According to your current language, they are called different dimensions.”
He can still keep up with the times, standing in a circle like them. People at the top are almost all geniuses, and it is difficult for mediocre people to get to this point with the hard work of the day after tomorrow.
“Different dimensions hide different things. We don’t know how many dimensions there are, but we know that there is a longevity pond in one dimension. As long as you drink the water there, you can live forever!”
said the old naughty boy. At this point, a trace of yearning flashed in his eyes.
Even if it is him, he always puts death on his lips, as if he has long been bearish on life and death, but when it comes to the longevity pool, he is still excited.
Who doesn’t want to live, especially this world is so interesting, not to mention that he still has a cute little apprentice, and it will be at least many years before the apprentice grows up to inherit his mantle.
If it just died like this, it would be too unwilling.
But from Jiangning, this is a bit of a fantasy, immortality?
This should only exist in novels or TV dramas, so there may be such things. Birth, old age, sickness and death are the normal nature of nature. No one can resist this natural law.
As the old naughty boy said, this is also a rule, and it is a rule that manpower cannot resist.
“You don’t believe it?”
Seeing Jiang Ning’s expression, the old naughty boy knew Jiang Ning would definitely not believe it.
If he was in the same grade as Jiang Ning and heard an old man say something like this, he wouldn’t believe it, and he would throw his shoes on the opponent’s face and curse a crazy sentence.
But those who have really understood will know that the longevity pool really exists!

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