Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2247

In this world, there are too many things that ordinary people can’t understand.
In the past, people would regard the existence of gods and the like, and explain things that cannot be explained without blaming the unknown existence, but only explain the existence of gods.
Even a few months ago, Jiang Ning would not believe it.
He firmly believes that the world is complicated, but anything can be explained from a scientific perspective, but now, there are too many things that science can’t explain at all.
Not to mention other things, the appearance of this Jidao boxing table is very unscientific.
The texture of the boxing table is special. He asked Professor Lu Jing to study it and found that it was not a common texture. Even searching around the world did not find a similar one.
And the different dimensional spaces pointed to by this boxing sheet are even more incredible, as if it is something that only exists in science fiction.
“Eternal Pond really exists?”
Jiang Ning couldn’t help asking.
The expression on the old naughty boy’s face was serious, not like telling lies at all. “As long as you drink the water in the longevity pond, you can really live forever, and that water is a magical medicine. The magic drug!” It sounds mysterious ? But Jiang Ning didn’t dare to directly say that it was fake.
The things he experienced during this time seemed to many people to be the same as dreams, but they were real.
Science can’t explain it.
“Can the dead be saved?”
Jiang Ning looked at the old naughty boy, wondering if what he said was true or exaggerated.
“What I said is true. The dead can be saved!”
“Anyone who has been dead for a long time can be saved?”
Jiang Ning’s heart suddenly moved, and the expression on his face became a little different. He stared at the old naughty boy with a trace of desire in his eyes.
“As long as the internal organs are not decayed, you can live!” The old naughty boy said, “According to the rumor, you only need to put the body in the longevity pond for warmth, and in time, you can come back to life!”
“Otherwise, you think that bastard What is looking for Changshengchi? He just wants to save his own woman!”
The bastard in his mouth is Mr. Lang.
The woman who saved her?
Jiang Ning frowned slightly, and it seemed that Mr. Lang’s woman was the one in the copper coffin in the Northern Territory. Unexpectedly, this guy was still an infatuation.
“Do you think he is a good man?” The old naughty boy sneered. Seeing Jiang Ning’s expression, he knew what Jiang Ning was thinking.
For your own woman, you can fight against all the people in the world. For others, this is certainly not a good person, but for that woman, this is definitely a good man.
“Boy, the human heart is the most complicated. I dare not say anything to others, but that bastard is definitely not a good person,” the old naughty boy snorted. “In my opinion, even if he wants to save that woman, he must have ulterior motives! ”
Why do you say that?”
At least from a woman’s point of view, Mr. Lang is still very affectionate.
“No need to explain, he is such a person.” The old naughty boy waved his hand, lazier to say, no more explanation.
Especially when it comes to Mr. Lang, he has no interest at all. If it weren’t for killing him, he wouldn’t bother to wake up and continue to lie in the coffin without being at ease.
At least, I can live longer.
Jiang Ning knew the temper of the old naughty boy and didn’t ask more, but there were so many things that sounded like a fantasy.
That longevity pool can really bring people back to life?
Just thinking about it, he found it incredible. This was completely against the laws of nature, but during this period of time, he had seen things like this.
“Who do you want to save?” the old naughty boy asked suddenly.
Jiang Ning was startled.
“My master.” After he finished speaking, he shook his head again. The old naughty boy said that he needs the body to not rot to have a chance. He Taoist now only has ashes, and there is no chance at all.
“No chance.”
He was a little sad.

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