Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2248

Things are impermanent, and some people lose it if they lose it, and will never return.
Jiang Ning took a deep breath: “What about you? Don’t you want to find the longevity pool?”
“Hmph, I didn’t want to find it. I live now, I just want to kill the bastard and report the revenge that framed me, otherwise I I committed suicide.”
“This world is so boring, so boring.” The old naughty boy shook his head, completely not paying attention to life and death. What is the big difference between living or dying, “But now, I want to live. Now.”
Jiang Ning glanced at him.
“I have an apprentice!” The old naughty boy split his mouth and smiled, “Your daughter has a fate with me. I accept this apprentice because of fate. If you don’t train her, then I can’t die.”
He shook his head and said. Serious expression: “I have the ability to have a successor. That bastard smashed my coffin is also a good thing, otherwise I have brought this ability into the coffin, wouldn’t it be a waste?”
Jiang Ning was a little funny.
An old naughty boy is really an old naughty boy, always thinking differently from ordinary people.
I am bearish of life and death, but I must do it if I refuse to accept it. Even if I crawl out of the coffin, I have to take revenge. It is really true.
“My current idea is to train this apprentice well and teach her all my skills!” The old naughty boy looked forward to it.
Jiang Ning couldn’t help but want to laugh. His daughter was just born and the moon was not yet full. How could he learn martial arts?
What’s more, he was a little bit reluctant. Girls learning martial arts would suffer too much, so how could he be willing.
“As for the Longevity Pond,” the old naughty boy said nonchalantly, “just go and find it. The water in it has magical effects. Using it to wash the muscles and marrow of the child will definitely give my apprentice a better future!”
He wanted to be full of his own? The apprentice of Zeran Zeran Wu Kwai Shan? Even if this apprentice is still sleeping in the room at the moment, he doesn’t even know that there is a master.
“That bastard has worked so hard to get you into the water to help him find the longevity pool. You can go and find it,” the old naughty boy continued. “Anyway, this thing is good for you, and it is good for me. My apprentice is good.”
He doesn’t like being forced to do things, but now think about it, it’s not a bad thing to find the longevity pool, so that he can live for a long, long time, and protect his apprentice. happy.
The old naughty boy’s mind is very simple, he looks like a child.
But Jiang Ning didn’t have much idea about the longevity pool. He never looked forward to longevity. He lived a full life and experienced all kinds of things. It was perfect enough. There was no need to live for that long. Get old and leave, wouldn’t it be too lonely?
“Why do people live so long?”
Jiang Ning smiled and shook his head, “I still think that following the laws of nature, birth, old age, sickness and death is the normal state, and that is what people should accept.”
To violate the laws of nature, there is nothing at all. Meaning, grow up together, grow old together, this is life.
The old naughty boy looked at Jiang Ning like a monster.
It seems that Jiang Ning is an old man who has lived for more than a hundred years, not to mention the old and pedantic thinking, and some of his brain is not clear.
He got up, too lazy to talk nonsense with Jiang Ning, it didn’t matter whether he could find the Changshengchi.
Anyway, he has found his own pleasure now. When the apprentice is older, he can talk and walk, he will teach her well when the time comes. The old naughty boy always feels that Jiang Ning’s daughter has fate with him.
Perhaps, for him, it is also an opportunity.
“By the way, what is my apprentice’s name?” The old naughty boy took a few steps, then turned around, “Pick a nice name.”
Jiang Ning smiled. He hasn’t taken it yet. Just about to speak, the old naughty boy pondered slightly: “Just call Jiang Yao!”

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