Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2253

How come there are people?
Those few people who came to take the risk were all frightened. They sneaked in, and their nerves were tense. At this moment, they suddenly saw a person appear, almost scaring them to death!
Especially, they can’t see this person’s face at all, even if the distance is not too far, it just feels fuzzy.
“Who, who are you?”
the man who took the lead bit the bullet and asked.
But the dark shadow ignored him at all, standing in front of the mummy, like twisted black smoke.
“It’s time to wake up. After waiting for so long, the time is ripe.”
Hei Feng’s voice was hoarse, “Now, I will wake you up.”
He stretched out his hand on the mummy’s forehead and tapped it lightly. Hot, but no reaction at all.
The black front sneered.
“Your taste has not changed for so many years, I understand.” As he said, he raised his head and looked at the adventurous people.
Obviously close at hand, but I can’t see Hei Feng’s face, I can only faintly feel that there are a pair of eyes staring at him, those adventurous people are already scared to death!
“Go! Go! Get out of here!”
shouted several people, turning around to flee, how could this be a risk?
What was in front of me was that people didn’t know whether they were ghosts, especially the weird feeling that made their courage instantly fall apart.
call out!
However, before they took two steps, a cold wind blew, and the black front had already arrived in front of them.
“You guys, it’s time to come, I need a little blood.”
As soon as the voice fell, Hei Feng reached out and grabbed a person. Without waiting for other people’s reaction, he had already caught the person in front of the mummy. Immediately, with a light stroke of his finger, he instantly opened the person’s throat!
Blood splashed out!
“Guru Guru——”
The man didn’t even have a chance to scream, twitching all over, his eyes widened, and his pupils were full of fear!
Blood shot out from his throat and spilled on the mummy. The picture was terrifying!
The remaining few people were completely frightened, their legs were as soft as mud, and they were unable to stand even when standing. They almost fell to the ground. How did they think that such a terrible thing would happen.
The man who took the lead screamed in shock. The camera in his hand fell to the ground with a snap, and the screen went dark, but the scary picture just now had been broadcast live by him. Go out… The whole mummy was stained red with blood, and the man’s body fell heavily, splashing dust.
The remaining few wanted to leave, but they didn’t dare to move at all, and they couldn’t move either.
Seeing their friends, their throats were cut, blood sprayed all over the floor, they will never forget this scene in their entire lives.
Suddenly, a breathing sound came, making the scalp numb!
They turned their heads and looked at the mummy, who was still motionless just now, breathing!
The bandage tied to the nostril slowly rises and falls, alive!
Really alive!
The mummy is breathing!
How is this possible? Erxi Yiran in Lingfushidi?
“Wake up!”
Hei Feng shouted.
Sitting on that mummy, slowly sitting up, the bandage split a gap, revealing a terrifying eye, green like a wolf!
Only one eye was revealed, but it was scary enough!
“Why wake me up.”
A voice came.
The few people sitting on the ground were completely numb. They regretted that they had taken the risk. They regretted that they did not listen to that timid friend. Isn’t it good to hide in the hotel and play cards? They have to come and die!
“The guide of the map has appeared.”
Hei Feng said, “Don’t you want to find the Eternal Life Pond?”
Hearing this, the mummy sneered and slowly walked off the stone platform, moving slowly, but shocking people’s eyes.
A mummy has come alive!

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