Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2254

Appearing in front of them, it was too frightening. Several people were already scared and dared not to move at all. Seeing the mummy looked over, their breathing became even more rapid.
“I’m hungry.” A word came from the mummy.
Hei Feng nodded and turned to look at a few people:? Yi Lu Ranran Yi Shan Jiexi? “Fortunately, someone came to the door when I woke up. I wish you a happy meal.”
After speaking, Hei Feng’s figure flashed. , Disappeared, behind him, there was a heart-piercing scream soon!
The two security guards who were rushing in, hearing this screaming scream, quickly took out the electric batons from their waists and accelerated their pace.
“Quick! Something happened! Go in!” The two rushed in, but saw a white shadow flashing past. The mummies that were originally placed on the stone platform had disappeared, and on the ground, several corpses were drained of blood. , His face is full of horror!
They were directly frightened, seeing the traces of blood everywhere, and the terrible corpses, the two souls were going to frighten away.
“Ahhh! What’s going on?”
“The mummy ran away? He ran away!”
“Hurry up and call someone
, hurry up !” The two shivered, where they could protect the scene and hurriedly fled.

And then.
That video of a few seconds has spread wildly on the Internet.
The red eye-catching question written that the mummy was resurrected and escaped from the pyramid… It stimulated many people’s eyeballs.
Soon, there was an official rumor that it was a scene from a TV series, not a real thing, and the turmoil was calmed down a bit.
But in the East China Sea.
After many times of discrimination, Lao Zhao confirmed that the videos on the Internet were all original videos, without any processing, and were completely real.
He stood in front of the big screen with a serious expression.
“Play it upside down again.”
Old Zhao ordered.
He watched it again and again, without missing any details, until he finished reading it again, Old Zhao’s expression remained solemn, he turned his head and looked at Professor Lu Jing who had also watched it many times.
“Professor Lu, do you think this video is true?”
Lu Jing didn’t talk much and his heartbeat was extremely fast. Even if he was mentally prepared, seeing this kind of scene still made him a little unacceptable.
He is a materialist and will not easily shake his beliefs, but now as his research deepens, as more weird things happen, he gradually understands that sentence.
The end of science is metaphysics.
There are too many things that cannot be explained by science, or are temporarily inexplicable, such as the video in front of us, the mummy has come alive, and it has swallowed human blood…
I am afraid that only novel authors dare to write this. , TV series dare to shoot like this, whoever tells you this in real life, you may directly call him crazy.
“Have you notified Jiangning?”
Professor Lu Jing looked at Lao Zhao, “This matter must be told to him as soon as possible.”
Lao Zhao nodded, “I will go now.”
After speaking, he turned and left, such a weird thing. If it happens, Jiang Ning must be notified as soon as possible, and Professor Lu Jing is still standing there, watching the continuously scrolling video, muttering to himself.
“Different dimensions of space, different lives, do they really exist…”
Lao Zhao rushed to the Lin family villa.
Jiang Ning just walked out of the room after seeing the child and seeing that the child was asleep again.
Seeing Lao Zhao’s face solemn, Jiang Ning knew that something must have happened.
“What’s the situation?”
Jiang Ning said when the two walked to the yard, “Let’s talk.”
“Let’s take a look at this paragraph first.”
Old Zhao handed the phone to Jiang Ning, and it was just a few seconds later . Bell video.
Jiang Ning just took a look, the expression on his face was different, his eyes were full of solemnity.
“When did it happen?”
“Two hours ago.”
Old Zhao said, “I am afraid it is true.”
“What do they want to do?”
Jiang Ning’s eyes exuded a strong murderous look!

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