Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 504

Now that he decided to go to the banquet, Jiang Mochen adjusted the meeting time in advance to accompany Yan Xi’s mother and daughter.
“Mom, you are resting in the hotel room. I will check the situation first.” Yan Xi shook Zeng Eryu’s hand. “I don’t want you to be in danger. Now Yan Rou must think you have been murdered by those kidnappers.”
“Okay, Xiao Xi, you must also pay attention to your body and your children.” Zeng Eryu looked at his daughter and then at his son-in-law, “Mo Chen, take care of her.”
Jiang Mochen nodded solemnly and helped Yan Xi get out of the car.
When the couple walked into the room, the elders of the Yan family had already arrived. Old man Yan saw Yan Xi and Jiang Mochen coming together, nodded with a smile, and introduced them to the other elders of the Yan family.
Yan Rou then walked in and saw Yan Xi’s decent smile, as well as the elders’ eyes satisfied with Yan Xi.
“I heard about those things that happened in the company. You did a good job.”
“In the future, the development of the company will also depend on you. Oh, yes, I have seen your movie, which is very good!”
Hearing their recognition of themselves, Yan Xi thanked him one by one, Jiang Mochen had been by her side, protecting her, the two of them were so well-matched and loving.
“When can I hear your next good news?” An elder asked with a smile, “We are very much looking forward to the Yan family adding another member!”
Outside the door, Yan Rou had scarlet eyes, her fists tightly clenched!
She has been pregnant for so long, why no one tells her such a thing, but stares at Yan Xi’s belly!
Sure enough, they didn’t think of themselves as a family.
“Grandpa, I’m here.” Yan Rou squeezed a smile and walked in quickly, blocking Yan Xi directly, and grabbing Grandpa Yan.
“I had morning sickness on the road, so I was late.”
When she said this, she made it clear to let everyone know that she was about to add a child to the Yan family.
“Sit down when you come.”
Elder Yan didn’t care about Yan Rou as before, but avoided her hand without a trace. The elders of the Yan family also knew what Yan Rou had done recently and didn’t want to pay attention to her, so they chatted with each other.
Yan Rou glanced at Yan Xi, Jiang Mochen directly protected Yan Xi and sat down, blocking Yan Rou’s vision.
After that, the Yan family all arrived, and Mr. Yan announced the formal opening of the banquet.
The atmosphere during the banquet has always been good, except that Yan Rou has been thinking about the true intentions of Mr. Yan’s family banquet, everyone likes this dinner.
“Today, I especially called you all to block everyone’s face. Thank you my granddaughter, Yan Xi!”
“If it weren’t for her, the company would really face a big crisis!”
Yan Rou bit her lip, got up and left the table, “I’m not feeling well, go to the bathroom.”
But she had been dazzled by the hatred, she went out to find a waiter, asked for a pot of tea, and then found an unpopular corner, and poured in the medicine Feng Hengyuan gave her.
It happened that Zeng Eryu was in the hotel room and witnessed this scene.
Yan Rou returned to the room without incident, holding the pot of hot tea in her hand.
Mr. Yan has said a few words, and the last and most important part is, “I have asked a lawyer to help me draw up a will. After a hundred years, the Yan family’s estate will be divided equally between these grandchildren.”
Yan Rou shouted in shock, attracting the skeptical look of the Yan family.
Old man Yan’s face also became ugly, “What? Do you have any different opinions?”
Yan Rou gripped the hot tea in her hand. She didn’t want to go to this point, but she really couldn’t let Old Man Yan go on!
“Grandpa, I think you are still in good health, so you don’t have to think about it so early.” She walked forward with a smile and poured a cup of tea for Grandpa Yan.
At this time, a waiter walked over and said something to Yan Xi. Yan Xi’s eyes watched the tea that Yan Rou poured for Elder Yan, and he took a deep breath.
“Grandpa, take a sip of tea first.” Yan Rou smiled slightly, “I’ll talk about the will slowly.”
“Wait a moment!”
When Mr. Yan picked up the cup of tea, Yan Xi said in a cold voice, “Grandpa, let’s talk about the will first.”
Yan Rou immediately turned her head and glared at Yan Xi, “You are already a big star, you are the young grandmother of the Jiang family, why are you still staring at the Yan family’s property? Are you looking forward to your grandfather’s accident?”
Yan Xi looked at Mr. Yan and shook her head, “I haven’t thought about it that way.”
“Then why are you so anxious to ask Grandpa to talk about the will? Shouldn’t, because your mother is in an accident, you are anxious to ask Grandpa to make a will and give you the shares of the Yan family!”
Yan Rou didn’t realize that she had become a jumping clown, and she was still talking frantically.
“President Jiang had better take your wife away now, and don’t let her covet our Yan family’s property anymore!”
“She is my wife, but her surname is Yan…” Jiang Mochen said coldly, her voice very sharp.
Yan Rou could only get angry at these words.
Just when Yan’s parents did not know what happened, Yan Xi asked the waiters to leave, and then solemnly pointed to the cup of tea and said, “Some people are afraid that they will not be able to divide the money. After taking the medicine, Yan Rou, you have just left for a few minutes, where have you been?”
“I…I’m not feeling well, I went to the bathroom!” Yan Rou coughed awkwardly, “Are you acting too much, and you are all paranoid! The waiters at the InterContinental Hotel will not be bought by others. This kind of thing.”
“I’m not talking about waiters, I’m talking about you.” Yan Xi smiled sarcastically, “You want to monopolize the Yan family’s property, so you don’t want Grandpa to tell the specific content of the will.”
“You nonsense! It’s obviously you…” Yan Rou concealed anxiously, “Grandpa, don’t listen to her nonsense! She is instigating our relationship.”
“Enough!” Old man Yan thought that Yan Rou was really so unbelievable. He gritted his teeth and looked down at the hot tea that had just been poured. “You said this cup of tea is clean, then you can drink it.”
“No… I can’t drink, Grandpa, I’m pregnant, how can I drink tea?”
“Can’t you drink tea during pregnancy? Or do you already know what’s in it!” Yan Xi took a step forward, “All the elders of the Yan family are sitting here. I hope you will witness it and take a look at my good sister. How vicious it is.”
Yan Rou coughed nervously, but…
No one believed her anymore.
Old man Yan was completely chilled, he stood up, slapped Yan Rou hard, and then threw the cup of tea to the ground.
“From now on, you are no longer my granddaughter.”
“Our Yan family can’t keep you.”
“I will let the butler take care of all your things, don’t you want to divide the family? But you can’t get a dollar for the Yan family’s property!”
“No! Grandpa, please, don’t…” Yan Rou lay on the ground crying, desperate for life, “I really didn’t mean it, I was too scared…”

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