Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 508

“If you don’t mind, please agree to be my girlfriend.” Yan Jie said this very sincerely, and he didn’t want to miss it anymore.
“That company…”
“I will apply to the company to disclose that I have a girlfriend. I believe that fans who sincerely support me will bless us! My third sister has also announced the marriage! As long as I write the song well and work hard, I believe this It’s not a problem.” Yan Jie thought clearly.
If the dream he has been pursuing has to be packaged by the so-called single idol, he would rather give up this empty dream.
After he finished speaking, he looked at Yingmo cautiously, waiting for her reply.
A voice suddenly came from behind, “Dahua never restricts the freedom of love for artists.”
Yan Jie turned around and saw Yan Xi and Jiang Mochen walking out, “San Jie, brother-in-law…have you all heard it?”
Yan Xi rarely saw his nervous side and said with a smile, “We don’t hear anything. We are just talking about the company. You continue.”
Jiang Mochen was cooperating with his wife. He was going to accompany Yan Xi to the bathroom, but he overheard Yan Jie’s confession.
“Have you ever worried about our marriage when we publicized it?” Jiang Mochen asked in a deep voice.
“Worried?” Yan Xi shook her head, “I am more worried about your situation than I am worried about myself. The president of the dignified Dahua Group married an outdated female celebrity. You endure far more than I endure.”
“Marrying you is the happiest thing in my life.”
Jiang Mochen squeezed her hand, “Put you and Dahua in front of me to choose, you are the only answer.”
The company is dead and can be rebuilt, but there is only one Yan Xi in this world.
Yan Xi was so sweet by these words, tilted her head and smiled and said, “Is Dahua ready to open a candy factory? Why is President Jiang’s love story so sweet?”
“No matter how sweet it is, I will only give you one person.”
He just wants to spoil her like that, no matter what happens, he will be as always.
On the other side, Yan Jie looked at Yingmo cautiously, “You… still haven’t answered me!”
“Stupid.” Ying Mo lowered her head, with a sweet smile on her lips, “I am very fierce. If you are with me, you must be prepared.”
“Good! Good! No problem! No matter how fierce you are, I will…”
“It seems that you really think I’m fierce? I decided to apply with the company and give you some more itineraries to save you so much free time.” Ying Mo made a mouthful, pretending to be angry, and walked quickly into the theater. go.
Yan Jie’s right hand clenched into a fist, and he was about to jump up excitedly, “That’s not the case. If there is too much travel, how can I date you?”
He chased up, sat down next to Yingmo, and took her hand.

“The box office of “Rye Field” has been soaring all the way, overwhelming the same film with a strong momentum.”
“One week after “Rye Field” was released, it was still full.”
“Netizens agreed that “Rye Field” is their most anticipated film this year, and after watching the film, the film did not disappoint them at all.”
Following a series of media reports, the popularity of “Rye Field” has soared, and many people have once again been convinced by Yan Xi’s acting skills.
“Yan Xi is really beautiful, her acting skills are bursting!”
“I hope Yan Xi can return to the film world! In my heart, she is the best actress!”
“Yan Xi won’t really switch to becoming a female president? I hope she can perform more works and become a fan of her.”
“Recently, Dahua doesn’t seem to have any reports about Yan Xi? Is she really going to be a female president? However, as her diehard fan, no matter which path she chooses, I will always support her.”
Yan Xi has a baby at home, and she has a lot of time to look through the messages left by fans.
Some fans will also post photos and cute expressions in the comments. Yan Xi’s mouth is involuntarily raised while watching.
“What are you looking at? So happy…” Jiang Mochen came out of the kitchen and put down the spatula, “Get ready, we’re going to eat.”
“Look at the comments of the fans, Mo Chen, I really want to tell them now, the real reason why I stopped shadowing.” Yan Xi’s hand was wrapped around her abdomen, “but I want to store a bit of mystery.”
“eat first.”
Jiang Mochen hugged her directly and took away the phone from her hand, “Look again later, don’t make your eyes too tired.”
“Yes!” Yan Xi smiled deeper and deeper. The more you live with him, the more you can feel the taste of marriage.
“The Golden Phoenix Award is coming next week. Your dress and style have already been selected. When you want to announce the pregnancy information, just announce it.” Jiang Mochen will always help her consider everything.
“Um… Mo Chen, it’s nice to have you by my side!”
“On the side of the Yan family, you still don’t want to go there recently. After the police intervened in the investigation, they found a lot of evidence about Feng Hengyuan. Now Yan Rou is still missing. I am worried that you will meet them when you go to the company.”
Yan Xi nodded after hearing this.
In fact, she thought so in her heart that Yan Rou had committed so many crimes after colluding with Feng Hengyuan with such a deep company foundation.
Now one of them is being investigated by the police and is likely to go to jail, and the other will definitely have a grudge against them…
“Okay, I’m at home, waiting to participate in the Golden Phoenix Award ceremony. I will definitely not go away.” Yan Xi smiled sweetly and ate a big bowl of soup. “Mo Chen, am I getting fat recently? A lot?”
Although she announced that she was dead, she is always an actress, and she still needs to pay attention to body management.
“Well, it’s just right to be fat. I used to order the dress for you to be customized, because you are too skinny. Now you are good. You can buy the finished product.” Jiang Mochen rubbed her head fondly, with a smile in his eyes. Meaning, there seems to be a kind of joy and pride in fattening his wife.
Yan Xi pouted, “Baby, did you hear that? Your father has been thinking that I am thin!”
The lights of the Lanting Villa reflected the silhouettes of their family of three on the windows, which was very warm and happy.

“Recently, the police conducted a week-long investigation of Feng Hengyuan, director of the Yan Group. The results showed that he had violated a number of economic laws. The Yan Group lawyers also stated that they would take legal channels to prosecute him and apply to freeze all his accounts. …”
“As for whether there were other people ginseng in the case, further investigation is needed…”
Yan Rouwo was in a corner of the convenience store, holding a bowl of instant noodles in her hand. She was wearing clothes that she didn’t know where she picked up. She looked exhausted, and the news made her seem to be unable to hold instant noodles.
People passing by her will look at her in surprise, but there is no one who connects her with the aloof Miss Yan family.

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