I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 111-120

Chapter: 111
“Ah? Haisheng Yipin? Oh my god, does Gao Jun’s family have a mine? You can buy a house there? I heard that even the outermost villas there are priced at 25,000 yuan. , A villa will cost six or seven million, let alone the decoration and other expenses…” “So expensive? Oh my God, Siya, you are fine now, I guess in the future By the time you graduate from university, you will be a grandmother. How do you look like us? After graduation, you have to worry about finding a job. It’s… hey…”
“Hey, of course it’s expensive, what is Haisheng First Grade? Let’s Chujiang The most central part of the development zone has convenient transportation and is adjacent to the river. I heard that the villa is divided into three circles. Gao Jun bought it, which is probably the outermost circle. In this villa area, the closer The price of the innermost one has risen, and the expensive one is simply outrageous. I heard that it is the best and the largest villa in it, with a asking price of more than 70 million!”
Upon hearing this, the little girls couldn’t help but suck. A bite.
More than 70 million, so much money for them is simply astronomical, they can’t even think about it.
Originally, Liu Siya felt that when the family waited to buy a villa in Haisheng Yipin, it was already awesome!
But now I want to see that their house is still far behind, after all, compared with the 70 million villas, their multi-million villas are like toys.
Seeing the discussion among the girls, Jiang Hao couldn’t help sighing.
Seeing that these girls ignored him, Jiang Hao hurried off, he was really disdainful of pestering these people.
Women, but they can’t quarrel and can’t do it yet, so it’s hard to entangle them. Jiang Hao wanted to avoid them quickly.
He just wanted to take a good look at the flyers. After all, he was buying a house, so he had to pick and see what he liked.
But the result was all torn by Liu Siya, and she watched a fart.
Jiang Hao sighed. It is estimated that the only thing he remembers now is what Liu Siya said just now, the Haisheng Yipin villa area.
However, when Liu Siya and the others talked about this villa area, Jiang Hao also remembered that he seemed to have heard of advertisements about this villa area before, and it seemed that the property was really amazing.
That’s right, anyway, I am planning to buy a house, so I can take the time to take a look!
Jiang Hao was thinking that he was going to go back to the dormitory, but as soon as Jiang Hao looked up, he saw a lot of students running towards the school rehearsal hall.
And some people are still talking while running.
“Haha, it’s a good show this time. It’s probably the No. 1 news of Chujiang University this year, right?”
“That’s right, the teacher and the students have gotten together, and now the wives of other people have come to the door. , I guess things will get worse and worse, haha, everyone is waiting for a good show!”
“Oh, don’t talk nonsense, let’s go, but I heard that there has been a fight over there, and we will have a while. It’s all over!” A few people just happened to pass by Jiang Hao at this time, and one of them pulled up Jiang Hao with a smile: “Dude, hurry up, go and watch the excitement, a good show that Chujiang University hasn’t seen for more than ten years Yeah!”
Seeing these people so enthusiastic, Jiang Hao couldn’t help shaking his head again and again, and said with a wry smile: “No, you go, I…I’m back to the bedroom.”
Jiang Hao was about to leave when he heard the boy smile. “Hey, I don’t want to watch this good show. I want to watch it later and it’s gone! I heard that this time a girl in the music department got together with the instructor. It’s said that the girl is very pretty. What a pity not to go and see?”
Jiang Hao was stunned when the boy said this.
Although he knew that there were hundreds of female classmates in the Music Department of Chujiang University, Jiang Hao always felt that the other party was like Xue Yuning again!
Although Jiang Hao himself found it impossible, let alone other things, Xue Yuning couldn’t get involved in the marriage anyway.
Besides, now Xue Yuning, isn’t she getting along with one of her seniors?
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but smiled bitterly. He wanted to go back to the dormitory, only to find that he was a little bit unable to move his legs.
And in his heart, there seemed to be a flame burning.
“Or… go and see, if it’s okay, go back to the dormitory again!” Jiang Hao suddenly had such a thought, and then he took a step, followed the boys, and walked towards the school’s rehearsal hall.
The Music Rehearsal Hall of Chujiang University is actually a room set aside from the music classroom. It is not big, only 70 or 80 square meters. People from the school music club usually come here to rehearse some programs.
But today, it is surrounded by people with three floors inside and three floors outside.
In the small room, at this time, let alone crowded with thirty or forty people, and in the corridor outside, there are people next to others, wanting to get in and see the excitement.
Jiang Hao also used up the strength of the boss before he squeezed into the crowd, and then he heard a burst of hoarse curses coming from the rehearsal hall.
“You little bitch, you know to seduce men at a young age? Are you unable to hold you back? Are you still a human? It’s disgusting. It looks pretty pure, I guess it’s not good…”
In the middle of the rehearsal hall, the crowd flashed out a clearing at this time. A woman in her forties was spitting at the girl in front of her.
Jiang Hao saw this middle-aged woman, only to remember that when he left school before, she happened to see this woman, and she was tracing her husband at the time.
At this time, the teacher Yang Ran was standing there with a look of embarrassment, while trying to comfort his wife at a loss, while defending awkwardly.
“Oh, don’t talk nonsense, this is the school, don’t make trouble, go home, OK? You are like this, how will I see people in school in the future?”
Teacher Yang Ran was flushed at this moment. , Looked at his wife with shame, shame and helplessness.
This is his wife after all. He knows her temperament better than anyone else, and he even knows better that today’s matter will never be easily resolved!
Unless you make a dead fish and break the net.
“Huh, now you think of it as shameful. You were humiliated with this little fox at the beginning?” The woman pointed at the girl in front of her with a grievance and said, “I will tell you that you must give it to me today. A statement, otherwise, huh, let’s just wait and see!” “Oh, what do you want?” Teacher Yang Ran asked with a sad look.
The woman’s face was green and she said, “What do I want? It’s very simple. You let this little vixen take off his clothes in public, kneel down to me, knock a hundred heads and say that he is wrong, and never seduce men again. I let her go today, and I did what I said!” As soon as the woman said this, there was an uproar in the whole rehearsal hall, and some people even screamed.
After all, what your woman said was too cruel, she took off her clothes in public, and had to knock her a hundred heads, and said she was wrong.
This kind of thing, it is estimated that no individual can do it!
Even if someone really has a leg with your husband, you have to be reasonable about this matter. No one will do such insulting things!
At this time, everyone’s eyes fell on the weak little girl, and the little girl was already crying.
She stubbornly raised her head, looked at the woman, and said angrily: “Why should I do that? Why should I kneel down and apologize? You are slandering me, why should I go and apologize to you?”
When the girl uttered, Jiang Hao in the crowd was stunned, as if he had been hit hard by something, and stood still!
Jiang Hao’s location can only barely see where the woman is, but Xue Yuning’s location is completely invisible.
So before Xue Yuning spoke, Jiang Hao never expected that the person who was so humiliated in public would be Xue Yuning!
How can it be? How could Xue Yuning do such a thing?
Even if he lends Jiang Hao a few more brains, he can’t think of why Xue Yuning would do this. He is even more convinced that Xue Yuning definitely can’t do such a thing.
This must be a misunderstanding, and Xue Yuning must have been wronged!
At the moment when he heard Xue Yuning’s cry, Jiang Hao seemed to be a beast who had lost his rationality, and rushed forward in desperation.
At this time, in the middle of the crowd, the three people didn’t even notice it.
After hearing Xue Yuning’s words, the woman became even more angry. She raised her hand angrily and slapped it directly on Xue Yuning’s face.
The woman shouted angrily: “Don’t admit it yet? You little vixen is really okay. I found it all, and you are still arguing. What else do you want to say? Did you mean I blamed you? You have to let me kneel and apologize to you?” While the woman pointed at Xue Yuning’s forehead, she grabbed Xue Yuning’s ponytail with her other hand, and almost exhausted all her strength, she dragged Xue Yuning to the ground. Ground.
Xue Yuning screamed, almost fainting in pain, but unable to struggle, she could only hold her head in both hands and pull her hair, letting the woman drag herself on the ground.
Teacher Yang Ran on the side sighed and wanted to plead for Xue Yuning, but he didn’t dare. He hesitated for a long time before saying: “Oh, Yu Ning, you should apologize to her quickly. This is a big deal. Everyone is embarrassed, so you just want to make this fictional thing so violent that everyone knows it? Let everyone misunderstand that this is true?”
Xue Yuning heard this, tears streaming down.
She didn’t do those things at all, why did she apologize to her?
On the contrary, she was the one who swears at herself as soon as she comes here. She is not the only one who fights or scolds. Isn’t it her apology? Shouldn’t it be her?
At that moment, Xue Yuning was a little bit dissatisfied, and even more desperate, because she saw that none of the people present came out to help herself.
But at this moment, she suddenly saw a familiar figure, bursting out of the crowd…

Chapter: 112
“Stop it!” Jiang Hao suddenly yelled, then stepped forward, and threw away the woman’s hand that was holding Xue Yuning’s hair!
Jiang Hao was full of anger at this time, pointing to the woman and asking loudly: “What are you doing? Why are you doing this to him?”
At this time, Xue Yuning had been crying with pear and rain, so pitiful.
And every sob of her, every tear, almost like a knife, pierced Jiang Hao’s heart.
I don’t know why, even if Jiang Hao has to bear the grievance, misunderstood or even humiliated by others, he can bear it.
Only Xue Yuning, this seems to be his reverse scale!
He didn’t see Xue Yuning being bullied, he would even lose his mind because of it.
Although there was always a voice in his heart telling himself that Xue Yuning had nothing to do with him.
“Who are you? Do you know if you hurt me? It’s your shit!” The woman pointed at Jiang Hao, angrily, “Ask me what else? Why don’t you ask, this little vixen, What did you do?”
Jiang Hao ignored the other party and quickly leaned down to help Xue Yuning with his eyes full of pity.
“Are you all right?” Jiang Hao asked almost tremblingly, and he did so because of anger.
Seeing Jiang Hao at this time, Xue Yuning felt like a stormy sea was stirred up in his heart, as if he was about to collapse. Although he had been suppressing his crying, his tears were still flooding like a tide and could not stop.
Xue Yuning had an impulse in her heart, she even wanted to go up and hug Jiang Hao now.
But she still has a trace of reason, and this reason tells her that this will not work. As a result, all her previous work will be lost.
Xue Yuning could only endure so much suffering and so wronged.
While looking at the person he loves the most, and the person who loves him the most, with affection and pity, Xue Yuning can only bear the feeling in his heart.
“Hehe, it seems that the relationship between you is not easy?” The woman interrupted Jiang Hao’s thoughts again, and cursed, “Hehe, shouldn’t this be your girlfriend? Hehe, you have been greened. Do you know?” The woman suddenly laughed, her tone full of irony.
Jiang Hao turned his head, looked at the other party with a very gloomy expression, and said coldly: “I am her boyfriend. I ask you to speak carefully. Xue Yuning will not do such a thing. If you talk nonsense again, be careful that I don’t treat you. You’re welcome!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao was about to take Xue Yuning away!
But at this moment, the woman stepped forward and blocked their way.
The woman looked up and down Jiang Hao, and finally smiled sarcastically: “Oh, I guessed it right, this is really your girlfriend, haha, what’s the matter, you still protect her like this? Humph, you I’m afraid I don’t know what she did? Do I need to shake it off for her?”
Jiang Hao didn’t believe this woman’s words at all, let alone cared, so he just grabbed Xue Yuning’s hand and left.
But the woman still reluctantly said, “Huh, don’t go? You see your virtue, you are a licking dog, your woman gave you green, you are still protecting you She? Do you have some self-esteem? This vixen seduce our old Yang, maybe who else will he seduce, haha, don’t you ask?” The woman looked at Xue Yuning contemptuously and said viciously: “Huh, vixen, dare to come. Disturb our family and see that I won’t let you ruin!” After the woman finished speaking, Teacher Yang Ran really couldn’t stand it. He tore his wife away and shouted angrily: “Well, Wu Juan, what are you going to do? Does it make the city all over the place beautiful?
Upon hearing this, Wu Juan slapped Yang Ran fiercely: “I, bah, are you embarrassed to say me? Yang Ran, do you have a conscience? If it weren’t for my brother, you thought you could have a few years Time has changed from a lecturer to an associate professor? You don’t even know if you don’t know the Entubao, but now you are even soaking up your own students? And you dare to talk to me like this? What about your conscience, huh?”
Wu Juan was angry. It was about to explode. Then he took out his mobile phone, looked at the people present with contempt, and said, “Vixie, I will give you one last chance now. Kneel down and apologize. Knock a hundred heads, otherwise you won’t think about it. , Believe it or not, as long as I make a call, you will be expelled from the school in minutes?”
She smiled and said with some pride: “Don’t think I’m scaring you, this is an ultimatum. I’m afraid you don’t know, my brother, Wu Zuoren, the vice president of Chujiang University, is my own brother! Hmph, think about it, don’t you kneel?” As soon as Wu Juan said this, many onlookers at the scene suddenly sucked up. Take a breath!
Wu Zuoren, among the several vice presidents of Chujiang University, the one who most hopes to enter the presidential position!
Moreover, this person’s scheming is well-known at Chujiang University. If anyone offends such a person, although he will not directly engage you, it will not take long for this person to end up miserably!
From teachers to students, many people in Chujiang University have confirmed this!
And this time Xue Yuning offended, but Wu Zuoren’s sister, if you don’t make troubles, it might not end!
Yang Ran was dumbfounded when he heard that his wife was about to move out of his uncle.
Naturally, he knows better than anyone else, who is his eldest brother, if this incident really shocked him, then it is estimated that he will be followed in the last episode!
Thinking of this, Yang Ran had a headache. He knew that this matter must not be solved so easily.
And the most important thing is that you must never stab your elder brother!
Yang Ran looked at Xue Yuning, frowning.
In fact, when Xue Yuning heard the name Wu Zuoren, he was shocked.
Although Xue Yuning had never contacted the school leader, there were always hearsays, and what she heard was basically the “brilliant record” of the vice principal.
It is said that in the past, a rich second generation, because of contradicting Wu Zuoren, the pre-sale was ordered to be expelled by Wu Zuoren.
As for a small person like herself, how do Xue Yuning think she will not end well!
At this time she was panicked!
Of course Xue Yuning didn’t want to be expelled from the school. You must know that she can be admitted to Chujiang University, which is almost a lifetime hope of her parents.
In Xue Yuning’s home, no one believed that she could one day step into the gate of Chujiang University, and even mocked Xue Yuning’s parents for providing such a girl to study.
But in the end Xue Yuning was admitted, relying on his own strength to slap those mocking and despising people in the face, and it also brightened the faces of his parents a hundredfold.
But if she is expelled from school, the sky will fall!
By that time, not only will my efforts for so many years have been in vain, but my parents will be ridiculed and ridiculed by the family again.
So even if it wasn’t for himself, but for his parents, Xue Yuning absolutely couldn’t tolerate being expelled.
But how willing is she to be insulted like this?
Xue Yuning’s character is more important than fate. If this kind of thing is spread out, she will really have the heart to die.
Especially when I thought, in case this kind of thing finally spread to the ears of his parents and even those relatives…
Xue Yuning was a little dare not to think about it, and felt sad and angry.
She pears with rain, looking at Wu Juan, feeling helpless.
But at this time it was Jiang Hao, who seemed extremely indifferent.
Because just when he heard that Wu Juan said that her backstage was actually Wu Zuoren, Jiang Hao already knew that Wu Juan could not overcome any storm.
Wu Zuoren has already been overturned by herself, I am afraid this Wu Juan does not know now, otherwise she would not be so arrogant.
Aren’t you looking for Wu Zuoren? Then quickly find it!
Before, Wu Zuoren begged himself to let him go. If he did come, Jiang Hao would be really curious, how would Wu Zuoren express his attitude on this matter.
“Why, are you afraid?” Wu Juan looked at Xue Yuning and sneered. “If you are afraid, immediately kneel down and apologize to me. I have already told you. You should think about the consequences!”
Xue Yuning heard the words, hands He clenched his fists tightly and looked unwilling.
And Yang Ran, who was on the side, also approached with a look of entanglement at this time, and whispered to Xue Yu Ning: “Yuning, or… or just apologize? This matter, I think it’s still a big deal. It’s small, it’s good!”
Yang Ran knew very well that saying this by himself was almost equivalent to acquiescing to his wife’s words.
But now, he has no other choice. If this matter was just a trouble with his wife, it would have passed. After all, she had suspected that she had an affair in the past, but later made a trouble and found it was a misunderstanding. The matter also passed.
But if this incident really alarmed Wu Zuoren, it would be a bad dish!
As for his elder brother, if he doesn’t lose his half-life, he will be dead!
The two evils are the lesser one, and there is no alternative.
It’s just that Yang Ran’s words made Xue Yuning startled. She looked at Yang Ran incredulously, and asked: “Teacher Yang, what do you mean by this? What do you want me to apologize for? Let me admit that I did something wrong with you. A legitimate relationship? What do you think?”
Xue Yuning couldn’t believe that these words came from his teacher.
In the face of threats, a female student like himself still has to work hard to defend himself. How could he, a big man, admit his wife?
And this was originally a vain thing, letting oneself apologize, it is almost equivalent to acquiescing that she really has a relationship with Yang Ran.
And as long as this kind of thing is tacitly approved, it will detonate the entire Chujiang University almost instantly!
At that time, even if Xue Yuning wanted to argue, he couldn’t explain it clearly!
She would never allow this kind of thing to happen!

Chapter: 113
“Oh, I didn’t tell you to admit it, I…I just want you to apologize to my wife.” Yang Ran’s face was reddened and his tone was a little anxious.
Xue Yuning felt even more sad when he heard this, and looked at Yang Ran and said, “But I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I apologize? If I apologize, doesn’t it mean admitting that I have anything to do with you? Don’t you understand? Or you. Just want others to think so?”
Xue Yuning asked Yang Ran directly, and he stared at Xue Yuning angrily, feeling a little bit of hatred in his heart.
Just apologize if you ask you to apologize. Why is there so much nonsense? If my wife really finds Wu Zuoren for a while, they will both be dead!
“Okay, don’t talk nonsense with me!” Yang Ran suddenly yelled and scolded, “What’s the matter? Just ask if you apologize?”
Xue Yuning wiped away tears and shook his head again and again: “No, I No, I didn’t do that kind of thing, why should I apologize? You can’t just take my reputation because you are afraid of your wife, right?”
Yang Ran heard the words, utterly angry, and fearing his wife is true, but you Xue Yuning can’t say this in front of so many people, right? How can I see people at school in the future?
“You…you…” Yang Ran hesitated, trembling with anger, he was very angry, thinking that Xue Yuning, at such a critical time, why is it decayed like a stone?
However, at this moment, in the crowd on one side of the rehearsal hall, someone suddenly yelled a word, instantly pushing the farce to a climax!
“Oh, Aunt Wu, what do you have to say to this kind of person? Doesn’t she admit her mistake? Then you can call President Wu as soon as possible. This kind of person staying in our Chujiang University is simply a ruin! ”
It was a loud voice, and it was almost when the scene was quietest.
As soon as this statement came out, everyone followed the reputation and saw Wang Jiani, who was staring at Xue Yuning with a smile on her face.
Wang Jiani smiled triumphantly and then continued: “And don’t forget, Xue Yuning broke your guitar. I remember Teacher Yang said that the piano seems to be a relic left to you by your father. Now that I have been broken by this little bitch, I can’t just let it go, right?”
Wang Jiani is adding fuel to the fire, for fear that this matter is not big enough!
Indeed, as soon as she said this, Xue Yuning’s face suddenly paled, and Yang Ran was also shocked.
Because Wu Juan was so upset just now, they really forgot that it was the piano that caused this incident.
Now Wang Jiani has brought this up again, obviously she has no intention of letting them end well!
But Wang Jiani didn’t care about that much. She originally wanted to teach Xue Yuning a lesson, but when she saw Jiang Hao jump out, she instantly changed her mind. Today, she must make the most of this matter! It’s best to be able to involve Jiang Hao by the way. In that case, Jiang Hao would probably eat melons along with it. That was the result Wang Jiani wanted to see most.
Last time I had a holiday with Jiang Hao, Wang Jiani wanted to find a chance to retaliate against Jiang Hao, but she didn’t want to. This time Jiang Hao came to the door by herself!
And the thing that Wang Jiani hadn’t expected the most was that Jiang Hao was still Xue Yuning’s boyfriend, which suddenly increased her desire for revenge!
Wu Juan seemed to realize it suddenly, her face became more gloomy, and she pointed to Xue Yuning and said: “Yes, if it weren’t for this little girl to remind me, I would have forgotten you, you little bitch, this matter should be over if it is so simple. Hmph, I don’t want you to apologize today, I’ll call my brother, just wait, I will ruin you and make you famous in Chujiang, and you have to lose my money!” said After speaking, Wu Juan took out her mobile phone decisively and dialed Wu Zuoren’s number!
When Yang Ran saw this, he was almost frightened, and anxiously stopped him: “Wife, don’t call my wife, if you make this call, I…I guess my brother will take care of me together? Do you want to see it? I lost my job too?”
However, no matter how much Yang Ran spoke to her, Wu Juan still turned a deaf ear to what he said, and even ignored him and directly dialed Wu Zuoren’s number.
Yang Ran was dumbfounded, and then looked at Xue Yuning angrily, and yelled: “You, you, what did I just say about you? I ask you to apologize, you don’t apologize, now I see what you do, Xue Yuning, If I lost my job because of you, let’s just wait and see!”
Yang Ran was a little bit irrational at this time, and the logic of his speech was ridiculous!
Obviously he was afraid of his wife, and couldn’t control his wife’s ecstasy. Now he pushed all the sins on Xue Yuning’s body, showing himself as a victim!
Seeing him like this, Xue Yuning had no hope at all, and sighed, already waiting for the final outcome of this matter.
But at this moment Jiang Hao stood up and looked at Yang Ran with a sneer: “Hehe, Teacher Yang, you can come here, and your wife, you people are really OK. Don’t you think that if Xue Yuning doesn’t retaliate and ignores you, you can squeeze and humiliate her at will?”
Jiang Hao looked at Wu Juan and continued: “Hehe, don’t you want to call Wu Zuoren? Well, my name is Jiang Hao, you can tell him that I am here, I want to see, what can he do to me in the end?”
“You people, you really think you have power and you can do whatever you want? It’s ridiculous. If you think Wu Zuoren is useful, you can let him come, I would like to see, what can Wu Zuoren do to me!”
Jiang Hao’s words made everyone present with a stunned expression.
Yang Ran and Wu Juan were one of them. Wu Juan couldn’t believe it. These words were spoken by a student of Chujiang University.
And what made her even more surprised was that Jiang Hao didn’t have a trace of fear when he heard that he was going to poke this matter to Wu Zuoren. On the contrary, he was kind of happy to see it happen!
Wu Juan was angry, she seemed to feel that her authority was being challenged!
She stared at Jiang Hao coldly, and said: “Huh, shamelessly, dare to say such things, don’t regret it!”
After speaking, Wu Juan dialed decisively.
She gave her white eyes Jiang Hao, heart muttered: “! Well, loading force, a look you’ll also installed far, what would all say, for a while I make you cry all cry,”
At a time when Wang Jiani and others laughed wildly when they heard Jiang Hao’s words just now!
In their opinion, what Jiang Hao said was a bit silly.
“Heh, I really thought I was so amazing?” Wang Jiani sneered, “You deserve it, hehe, I guess you should know this time, what is self-eating!” The girls beside Wang Jiani, Hearing this, he hurriedly followed up.
“Hey, yes, what attitude do you listen to what he said just now? Hehe, at first glance, I don’t understand anything. When President Wu comes and teach him a lesson, he will know that he has It’s too much!”
“Haha, this idiot is really making me laugh. I dare to say anything. As expected, Xue Yuning’s idiot is worthy of finding a boyfriend like this, Hahajiani, you said these two Individuals, will they be expelled from the school together? If that is the case, then it would be interesting!”
In fact, not only these people, but almost everyone present, after listening to Jiang Hao’s words just now, they couldn’t help but show up. The mockery of the face.
In short, Jiang Hao’s words can be explained in one sentence: naive, I don’t know the sky is high!
In Chujiang University, I guess all fools could think of what would happen if Jiang Hao’s words were heard by Wu Zuoren.
Wu Zuoren was free from even small movements to prevent the inconsistency. He directly used his power to kick Jiang Hao out of Chujiang University.
And Wu Juan is even more disgusted. After all, my brother is the vice principal of the school, and Wu Juan is usually proud of this brother.
Today, a person suddenly popped out, saying that his brother is a fart, try to move yourself, she is inevitable to be angry!
For people like Jiang Hao, they must be repaired fiercely, otherwise, how could their Wu brothers and sisters gain a foothold in Chujiang University in the future?
Thinking of this, Wu Juan dialed Wu Zuoren’s number without hesitation.
The phone rang a few times, and Wu Zuoren answered the phone, his tone on the other end looked very depressed.
At this time, Wu Zuoren was still worrying about his own affairs, how could he feel better.
And he also knows that it is estimated that this sister has been stubborn and self-willed since she was a child. Even at this age, her problem has not changed at all. Calling herself, if she can’t run away, let her solve some problems!
But he has reached this stage of the field, it is difficult to protect himself, and how can he have the mind to take care of other people’s affairs.
But Wu Juan didn’t care about that, she said everything about today in a brainstorming manner. Then she glanced at Jiang Hao and said, “That guy said, his name is Jiang Hao, and he also said he wanted to see it, you are from Chujiang University. Vice principal, what can you do to him, brother, how can you just let it go when you say this kind of thing? You must not just let it go…”
Wu Juan was interrupted by Wu Zuoren before she finished her words. .
Wu Zuoren on the other end of the phone seemed a little surprised: “Who are you talking about? Jiang Hao?”
Wu Juan was taken aback when asked, and replied dumbly, “Yes, what’s the matter? Brother, I told you, this person… ”
When he heard Jiang Hao’s name, Wu Zuoren almost jumped up without excitement. He hasn’t had a chance to please Jiang Hao now. Why did his sister go to provoke Jiang Hao at this time?
Wu Zuoren’s tone suddenly became annoyed, and he yelled into the phone: “Okay, don’t say anything, don’t let him leave now, I will be there soon!”
Wu Zuoren hung up the phone and put on a piece of The clothes rushed towards Chujiang University.

Chapter: 114
Putting away the phone, Wu Juan smiled triumphantly, because she felt that her brother was already angry on the phone just now, and it is estimated that Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning will come back later. It will end well.
But she never expected that Wu Zuoren’s anger was precisely because of her!
“Boy, there is a kind of you don’t go, but my brother said. Wait for him to come and see how he cleans you!” Wu Juan smiled and said, “As a student, I don’t know any manners and shame. If you have any fate, you deserve it, it’s your own responsibility!”
Wu Juan was already thinking about what Jiang Hao would end up in a while.
Anyway, she knew very well that Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning would not be better in the end!
Offended yourself, offended your brother, just wait to be played to death!
Jiang Hao heard this. He didn’t change his face and even wanted to laugh.
He naturally knew that even if he gave Wu Zuoren ten more courage, he probably wouldn’t dare to say the words just now.
Besides, he has been dismissed now, what can he do to himself?
Jiang Hao simply smiled at Xue Yuning, and comforted: “Don’t worry. It’s okay.”
Xue Yuning’s heart was warm when he heard Jiang Hao’s words. There was an urge to plunge into Jiang Hao’s arms. After all, this is the key. After all, Jiang Hao was the first to rush out to protect himself.
Xue Yuning knew that Jiang Hao had not given up on herself, but this made her feel even more uncomfortable.
Why don’t you give up? Compared to your future, I’m not worth mentioning. Xue Yuning thought to himself.
Moreover, Xue Yuning also knew that even if Jiang Hao is a rich second-generation, even if his family relationship is strong, Wu Zuoren will eventually be the vice principal.
The so-called strong dragon is difficult to crush the ground snake, it is estimated that even if Jiang Hao wants to help himself, it will not be of any effect to look back.
And what Xue Yuning was worried about was that in the end, it would harm Jiang Hao herself. That was the result that Xue Yuning didn’t want to see.
Even if he was fired, Xue Yuning didn’t want to see Jiang Hao accident.
“You go, this matter has nothing to do with you.” Xue Yuning frowned and said to Jiang Hao.
Hearing the words, Jiang Hao shook his head blankly without making a sound.
Because he knew that Xue Yuning would definitely say this to herself.
And Jiang Hao had already thought about it, no matter what she said, she would never leave.
Don’t say that you are hungry today, Jiang Hao can easily solve it, even if it is a problem that cannot be solved, Jiang Hao has no reason to leave.
Even if he and Xue Yuning really have nothing to do now, even if they are just ordinary friends, Jiang Hao will not leave.
This is not his character.
Of course the most important thing is because. This is Xue Yuning. Although Jiang Hao said to himself that she had nothing to do with him, he still couldn’t let go of it after all.
As soon as he saw Xue Yuning, Jiang Hao had a spontaneous desire for protection, which burst out from his heart.
“Hehe, these two idiots are still affectionate, it’s really disgusting!” Wang Jiani on the side, after seeing Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s meeting, curled her lips and said sourly: “Hehe, I think they are still When can I be so stiff, as soon as Principal Wu comes over, I will see if they can still be like now!” After
Wang Jiani finished speaking, a girl from the music club beside her also hurriedly agreed.
“Yes, as the saying goes, the husband and wife were flying with the forest birds in the disaster. I see these two disgusting things. If the disaster is not in use, they will fly separately. Humph, it’s better to be expelled together with Xue Yuning later. I don’t want to see this person in the club again!”
Wang Jiani nodded: “Hehe, don’t worry, I have offended President Wu and want to stay in Chujiang University without incident. They are dreaming!”
Wang Jiani finished speaking, smiled, and then found a nice one. Location, planning to wait for Wu Zuoren to come.
And in the rehearsal hall at this time. Also noisy.
With the abnormality of Jiang Hao just now, almost everyone wants to see if Wu Zuoren will come soon and Jiang Hao’s attitude will still be so tough.
On the other hand, after Wu Zuoren hung up the phone, he rushed to the school non-stop. His home was not far from Chujiang University, so he could get there in a few minutes by getting in the car.
But even so, he was panicked.
The last thing. He hasn’t settled it yet. After all, he has also been in Chujiang for more than ten years, and he has found the relationship that can be trusted, but in the end, Wu Zuo can really find that Jiang Hao’s background is simply too big.
Because the people he asked for answered one by one, either helpless or helpless.
No one can help.
Originally, Wu Zuoren was very upset, but now his sister has provoke Jiang Hao again. This is not just as simple as adding fuel to the fire, it is really killing himself!
Wu Zuoren couldn’t even think about it when he faced Jiang Hao for a while. What would he do with himself, and what should he say.
The car arrived at Chujiang University soon. Wu Zuoren didn’t stop, but drove the car directly to the entrance of the school’s rehearsal hall. After getting off the car, he couldn’t even arrange his clothes. He rushed into it quickly.
At this time, the rehearsal hall was still noisy, and the corridor outside was still full of people, everyone was talking about something.
Some people were even laughing and talking ridiculously.
But soon, these people closed their mouths, because when these people turned their heads, they were shocked to find that Wu Zuoren was behind them, so scared that cold sweat was about to shed.
Although the corridor was very crowded, these people still gave Wu Zuoren a way.
Wu Zuoren was stern and ignored these people and walked directly into the rehearsal hall.
As soon as Wu Zuoren entered the door, he suddenly heard someone yelling: “Principal Wu is here. Principal Wu is here…”
As soon as this voice came out, almost everyone glanced at Wu Zuoren. .
Then there was a mess of discussions in the rehearsal hall again.
“Haha, this good show has finally reached its climax. It’s interesting. What will you do with these guys in a while?”
“It’s over, what this kid said just now, I guess Teacher Yang’s wife will say it intact. Let Principal Wu listen, I guess Principal Wu will have to explode in a while !” And when Wu Juan saw Wu Zuoren, she immediately smiled brilliantly. She glanced at Jiang Hao contemptuously, and the feeling was nothing short of talking. It depends on how you end up!
“Brother, you are here!” Wu Juan smiled and walked towards Wu Zuoren.
And Yang Ran was also worried at this time, but there was no other way, so he had to hang his head and follow.
He was very worried, and he didn’t even dare to imagine what the eldest brother would do with him.
You know, Yang Ran can have today, but it is all because of Wu Zuoren’s support, so he is not only a strict wife, but also looks inferior in front of Wu Zuoren.
Moreover, Wu Zuoren did not have to clean up himself before. Yang Ran knew very well that just this time the incident was so big, he estimated that there would be no good end.
Seeing Wu Zuoren, Xue Yuning also clenched his fists subconsciously, feeling as if he was waiting to be shot, feeling anxious.
She took a peek at Jiang Hao, only to find that Jiang Hao didn’t seem to agree with Wu Zuoren, which instead made Xue Yuning a cold sweat for him.
It seems today. I really want to hurt Jiang Hao!
“Brother!” Wu Juan walked to Wu Zuoren and pointed at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning. “You have to call me the shots today, that little bitch, she seduce Yang Ran, and I want her to apologize. This little bastard jumped. I came out and said this was his girlfriend and wanted to protect him. What do you think this is a group of things? How to say, this is your student too, but you have to explain it to me!”
Wu Juan said as he said. As if she had been wronged so much, she cried.
When Yang Ran on the side saw this, he hurried up and explained, “Brother, don’t listen to Juaner’s nonsense, nothing. We are just an ordinary teacher-student relationship. She misunderstood. Really…Brother.”
Yang Ran looked at Wu Zuoren hopefully. He naturally didn’t expect Wu Zuoren to give him justice. As long as he didn’t wrong him with Wu Juan, that was enough.
Hearing this, Wu Zuoren looked at his sister, turned his head and looked at Jiang Hao, with a complicated expression.
But Jiang Hao smiled, looked at Wu Zuoren, and said, “Principal Wu, let’s meet again. Ha ha, it’s not a coincidence that this turned out to be your sister. Why, do you believe her? How do you want to deal with me? ”
Jiang Hao’s tone is full of perfection, he just wants to question Wu Zuoren like this to see what he can say.
Although Jiang Hao’s tone was very plain, Wu Zuoren shed cold sweat after he finished speaking, and hurriedly said: “I think this…There must be a misunderstanding in it. How can I deal with you? Don’t worry, this matter. I will definitely give you an explanation, please rest assured…” When
Wu Zuoren said this, almost everyone present was shocked!
Everyone looked at Wu Zuoren with a look of disbelief, some could not believe it, just those words were spoken by Wu Zuoren. Is this still the master Wu Zuoren Wu?
Because Wu Zuoren’s tone of speaking to Jiang Hao was somewhat respectful, and it was more like an apology.
“What’s the situation?” Someone murmured in surprise, and then the whole rehearsal hall started talking again.
“Brother, you…what are you talking about?” Wu Juan heard the words, she couldn’t believe her ears, and asked with a look of surprise, “The little vixen seduced Yang Ran, and I caught it. How did you treat this? What the bastard said? What’s the matter with you? You are the principal…”
Wu Juan didn’t finish her words, Wu Zuoren gave her a sharp look and whispered, “Shut up, you,” What nonsense are you talking about? Talk nonsense again, be careful I clean you up!”

Chapter: 115
Wu Zuoren’s words once again shocked his jaw!
Everyone looked at Wu Zuoren with dumbfounded expressions. Isn’t this unrestrained attitude like Principal Wu should always have?
Originally wanted to see how Wu Zuoren would fix Jiang Hao’s Wang Jiani when he appeared on the stage, but she was silly at this time.
“What’s the situation? What does Principal Wu mean? Shouldn’t he directly expel this fool and Xue Yuning? How…”
Wang Jiani felt that Wu Zuoren’s words were beyond the scope of her own cognition, and she looked confused.
The others present were even more overwhelmed by Wu Zuoren’s words, and they started talking in shock.
But the most surprised is Wu Juan, who even rubbed her ears. Looked at Wu Zuoren in surprise.
“Brother, what are you talking about? Are you packing me?” Wu Juan looked at Wu Zuoren in disbelief, and asked angrily, “What do you mean? I asked you to deal with this little vixen and that bastard. Damn it, you said you want to clean up me? Are you crazy?”
Wu Zuoren looked anxious when he heard this.
In fact, since he first entered the door and said the first sentence, he has been winking at Wu Juan, but Wu Juan ignored his suit at all and still had that smelly and hard posture!
Wu Zuoren was about to collapse, he was so obvious. Why doesn’t Wu Juan understand?
He was also a little angry, because as long as he is a person with an online IQ, seeing the look in his eyes and the words he is saying, he will immediately understand something, how can he dare to say that kind of thing!
“Okay. Shut me up!” Wu Zuoren scolded, pointing at Wu Juan, “I think you are crazy, what is this place? What are you doing here? What are you doing here? Get me home for your housework. Go, don’t be embarrassed here!”
Wu Zuoren then glared at Yang Ran and shouted angrily:” Yang Ran, are you deaf? Hurry up and drag your wife out! ”
Hearing Wu Zuoren’s words, Wu Juan was completely dumbfounded, and she did not respond for a long time.
And Yang Ran seemed to understand something, hurrying as if dragging his wife out.
Yang Ran actually felt that something was wrong when Wu Zuoren, who was quite big, spoke to Jiang Hao’s attitude. Besides, Wu Zuoren kept winking at his wife, he finally realized what Wu Zuoren meant.
After Wu Zuoren finished speaking, he ignored Wu Juan, and hurried to Jiang Hao, with a smile on his face: “This…I’m sorry, this is my sister. I blame my lax discipline. Don’t mind…”
Wu Zuoren laughed and was interrupted by Jiang Hao before he finished speaking.
“Don’t mind?” Jiang Hao sneered, “How is it possible? Since this is your sister, I’ll make it clear today, Teacher Yang, please let go of your wife!”
Jiang Hao sternly looked at him. Wu Juan, who looked unwilling, said: “I want to go now? Let’s make things clear first!”
Wu Zuoren looked stiff when he heard this, knowing that Jiang Hao was going to pursue it to the end, and he wanted to fudge. It seems not so easy anymore.
In fact, Jiang Hao had already seen Wu Zuoren’s little tricks clearly. He wanted to take away his sister as soon as he walked in. What was this for? Want to just let this matter go?
What about Wu Juan’s accusation of Xue Yuning just now? Is it just that?
If the other party is accusing himself, Jiang Hao may forget it, but this is slandering Xue Yuning, he will definitely not just forget it, this matter must be explained clearly!
Otherwise, Xue Yuning didn’t know when to carry this “fox spirit” hat.
But because Wu Zuoren didn’t make the decision for herself, but instead accused herself, Wu Juan, who was extremely angry about this, immediately exploded when she heard Jiang Hao’s words!
She pushed Yang Ran away, walked directly towards Jiang Hao aggressively, and roared:” Explain clearly? Haha, can I explain to you a fart? Who do you think you are? Dog things, shameless, you don’t want to forget it, I don’t want to just forget it! ”
Wu Juan squeezed her waist with her hands, as if she was a bitch cursing on the street, she said to Jiang Hao: “I said this little vixen, are you dissatisfied? Okay, let’s just walk around today. I’ll just look at you. , How big the waves can be in the end!”
Wu Juan looked at Jiang Hao proudly, turned her head and questioned Wu Zuoren: “Brother, you are really okay, people are riding on your sister’s neck and shit. , You still don’t say a word? He knows the little wanderer, what are you afraid of her doing? I tell you, today you must give me an explanation, let this little vixen and this little wanderer apologize to me. Kneel me down… …”
Wu Juan’s words made Wu Zuoren’s nose irritated. When is this, she really can’t tell the situation at all, she can still say such things!
This is also my fault, I have spoiled her!
But in the past, she will get used to her, and it is absolutely impossible today!
Wu Zuoren knows very well that if he indulges Wu Juan again, he will eventually be dragged down by her!
His anger rose, and when he raised his hand hard, he slapped it over.
“Oh…” Wu Juan let out a scream, and was actually pulled to the ground. A trace of blood leaked from the corner of her mouth, showing that Wu Zuoren’s attack was fierce enough.
“You fucking shut up!” Wu Zuoren pointed at Wu Juan, yelling, “Are you a brain-dead? Something that shit doesn’t understand, still barking like a mad dog here, talk nonsense, what will you do for a while? I don’t know what I
‘m dead!” Wu Juan was also stunned by this slap, and she was stunned for a long time on the ground before she could react.
But she came back to her senses, and didn’t even consider what Wu Zuoren said just now. Instead, she was furious. He jumped up, pointed at Wu Zuoren and yelled: “Okay Wu Zuoren, you hit me? Do you dare to hit me? What did you say before my dad’s bed? For these two dogs, you dare to hit me, you Said. Do you have a leg with this little vixen? You…”
After speaking, Wu Juan directly reached out and scratched Wu Zuoren’s face.
Wu Zuoren was really fed up, and punched him furiously. With a “bang”, Wu Juan responded to the end again.
“It’s fucking crazy!” Wu Zuoren pointed at Yang Ran and shouted angrily, “Hurry up and drag your wife out of me, it’s so fucking shameful!”
Yang Ran heard the words and hurried to pull his wife. Dragging outside like desperately.
He had already seen that Jiang Hao seemed unusual, because in the past, Wu Zuoren had almost never been like this.
He was so crazy, it must be because of Jiang Hao’s identity, it must be so… and if it is so, Yang Ran panicked.
Jiang Hao’s status is extraordinary, his wife offended Jiang Hao, then can Jiang Hao let him go?
Thinking of this, Yang Ran couldn’t help but shook his whole body, and when he pulled Wu Juan, his strength was much stronger subconsciously.
But Wu Juan is still so obsessed. Also want to dispute, Yang then drag and drop live directly resentment gave her a slap in the face, mouth curse: “Enough, you fucking stupid is not something all the time, you do not see ah??”
This But Yang Ran hit Wu Juan for the first time, and Wu Juan who directly hit Wu Juan was taken aback, and she couldn’t believe it.
Yang Ran also took the opportunity to drag Wu Juan out.
But at this moment, he heard Jiang Hao yell: “Wait a minute, did I say let you go?”
Yang Ran couldn’t help but stop his hand when he heard the words, silently raised his head to look at Jiang Hao, and then heard Jiang Hao said: “I said, today things are not clear, no one can leave, but she said just now, Xue Yuning is a vixen, she has to explain this thing clearly? And I also tell you that today The matter, if you haven’t explained it clearly, no one will want to leave!”
Jiang Hao said loudly, and after speaking, Wu Zuoren’s cold sweat fell.
He hurried to laugh with him: “Hey. Today, today is a misunderstanding, you see…can you forget it? She’s a shrew, she just said casually, can’t believe what she said nonsense…”
Wu Zuoren didn’t finish. Jiang Hao gave him a hard look. His eyes were full of anger, and he asked: “President Wu, hehe, sorry, I’ll call you Mr. Wu, if I say your wife, seduce others outside. Will you let others just pass it easily? Do you think Perfunctorily, this matter is over, but have you thought about others? After you thought about this matter, how would other people want to see Xue Yuning in Chujiang University? So, this matter can’t be just like that Forget it. I just want to see if Xue Yuning was wronged, or your evidence is conclusive. If she is really wronged by you, then you must apologize to her!”
Jiang Hao glanced at Wu Juan and said angrily:” Otherwise, this matter is endless!”
Jiang Hao emphasized his tone when he said the last two words. Yang Ran and Wu Juan were okay, and Wu Zuoren was shocked!
Never finished? He has been cleaned up by Jiang Hao now, and if he is being held accountable again, isn’t he completely dead?
At this time, Wu Zuoren looked at his sister Wu Juan again, and he had the thought to kill her!
“Bring me here!” Wu Zuoren yelled at Wu Juan and reprimanded, “Now tell me honestly, what evidence do you have, you will slander others? If you don’t speak honestly, see if I don’t smoke you. ! ”
Wu Juan would also want to get angry, but Yang then quickly whispered loudly in her ear, listening to Wu Juan, suddenly the boss eyes wide, astonished to see the Jiang Hao, seems to have suddenly realized suddenly that share arrogant The arrogance disappeared without a trace.
Although she was still a little reluctant to just bow her head like this, her attitude was much wilted.
“I… that Yang Ran, gave her the guitar my dad left me, and then she smashed it, and then I asked Yang Ran, Yang Ran faltered…” Wu Juan said.
“and then?” Wu Zuoren frowned.
“Then…then it’s gone? I…I took him to school…”

Chapter: 116
“Then it’s gone?” Wu Zuoren asked with a look of surprise, “Just because a broken piano was smashed, you framed that someone had a leg with Yang Ran? Are you sick? ”
Wu Zuoren is so angry that his nose is crooked. He has nothing to say to his sister.
“You…you…you, you, let me tell you what you want!” Wu Zuoren pointed to Wu Juan’s nose, cursing all over his face.
He couldn’t believe it, just because of a guitar, his sister was so wicked.
And even if you doubt it, look for evidence anyway? Not only did she not think about the possibility of the matter, but she came directly to the school.
In fact, Wu Zuoren thought that his sister had really caught the evidence. But she came out to make a fuss about anything else, and she almost lost her face.
And most importantly, I didn’t know how to explain to Jiang Hao, but now it’s like this again, I’m really going to die this time!
Wu Zuoren became more and more angry with this sister who had not succeeded or failed. He waved his hand and slapped it again, and slapped it again.
This scene stunned everyone present.
In fact, until now, these people have not recollected what happened to the usually majestic Wu Zuoren Wu. Why are you so good at ordinary times when facing Jiang Hao today?
Especially Wang Jiani, she was so surprised that she couldn’t speak, staring at a few people blankly, and a little unwilling. After all, she originally thought. Jiang Hao was dead this time, but what happened in the end?
“President Wu, so to speak, your sister’s accusation against Xue Yuning is nothing but nothing, right?” Jiang Hao suddenly said to Wu Zuoren.
Wu Zuoren scratched his head and nodded hesitantly: “This… It seems that this matter is really a misunderstanding…”
Jiang Hao sneered: “Misunderstanding? Really? How do I think about this, it’s a complete framing? A thought popped up in your heart, and you would blame others indiscriminately. I’m afraid President Wu is not You know, just now, your sister asked Xue Yuning to take off her clothes and knelt her head. Is this also a misunderstanding?”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Wu Zuoren became stiff and turned his face stiff to look at Wu Juan. His face is very ugly.
He only discovered today that he really wanted to look at this sister with admiration. How could this be something a normal person could do? Isn’t this crazy?
Let people take off their clothes in public? Kneel down and kowtow to apologize? The most important thing is that you are framing others out of thin air, so you want to humiliate them!
“Is your brain broken?” Wu Zuoren said angrily, “I really convinced you and let people kneel down? I think you can kneel down for me!”
After speaking, Wu Zuoren ignored so many students and himself. She kicked her behind Wu Juan’s leg and kicked her to the ground.
“You know how absurd you are now? Hurry up and apologize to me, otherwise you will be at your own risk!” Wu Zuoren roared.
In Wu Zuoren’s opinion, it is estimated that his sister is kneeling. There is nothing to save, Jiang Hao is really angry.
And Yang Ran on the side, regardless of recklessly pressing his wife to the ground, his nervous face was full of sweat, and said: “Hurry up and apologize, hurry up!”
Wu Juan seemed to have calmed down a bit at this time, consciousness. When he arrived, he looked at his brother in fear, a little unconvinced, but didn’t dare to say anything.
But before Wu Juan’s apology was spoken, she went in and heard Jiang Hao say: “Forget it, President Wu, let’s not come to these useless ones. I just want your sister to say it in person today. She accused Xue Yuning today. , Is it true based on facts, or is she subjectively conjecturing! Other words, as for apology, ha ha, I feel that you are not worthy to apologize to her at all!”
Wu Juan nodded in embarrassment: “Yes…I…I was so mad at the time that I said those words. Why do I have any evidence? It’s all… I said casually.”
Jiang Haowen Yan, turned his head to look at everyone present, and suddenly said loudly: “Everyone has heard it, this matter has been explained clearly, so I hope that in the future in Chujiang University. I will never hear rumors about Xue Yuning again. Speaking.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao glanced at Xue Yuning affectionately, took her hand, and was about to walk out of the rehearsal hall.
But at this moment, Xue Yuning suddenly withdrew his hand.
Jiang Hao was taken aback: “What’s the matter?”
Xue Yuning leaned over, seeming to be struggling with something, and then said lightly: “Today…thank you.”
Jiang Hao smiled slightly and said, “What are you polite to me? Ah, I…”
“Jiang Hao!” Xue Yuning didn’t wait for Jiang Hao to finish speaking, so she interrupted him and said, “I have a boyfriend now, so… so for today, I really appreciate you. , But I hope you still don’t come to me in the future.”
After speaking, Xue Yuning bowed slightly to Jiang Hao, turned and ran away.
Seeing this, Jiang Hao was stunned.
The entire rehearsal hall was stunned.
“Yes…has a boyfriend? Didn’t this guy just say that he is her boyfriend? What’s the situation?”
“Fuck, the plot is reversed too quickly, right? After talking for so long, he is not a man. Girlfriend relationship? It’s because they just left? Even if that’s the case, I can’t say at this time? How can this boy be a man?”
“Hehe, I see, it’s probably the kid who has shaved his head. They are. But they didn’t like him. Hey, it’s ridiculous. Isn’t this too shameful?”
And more people. It cast a joke at Jiang Hao.
Yes, I have done so much, said so much, and even said “this is my girlfriend”, but in the end, they said that I already have a boyfriend, so they sent myself?
Jiang Hao was stunned for a long time, and then he couldn’t help showing a bitter smile on his face, which was extremely bitter.
And in the midst of the roar of discussions, suddenly a particularly presumptuous laughter attracted everyone’s attention.
“Haha, I really laughed at me. I didn’t hear it wrong, right? People already have a boyfriend? Haha…hey. It’s really interesting. I thought it was a lover of flowers, but it turned out to be a licking dog. It’s really funny! ”
The one who laughed is Wang Jiani, and at this time she was so excited that she had won a big prize.
Although Wang Jiani was also curious at this time, why Wu Zuoren had such an attitude toward Jiang Hao just now, but what does it have to do with herself? Apart from making Wang Jiani hate Jiang Hao even more, it did nothing else!
Originally, Wang Jiani thought that her well-designed game could harm Xue Yuning anyway. But in the end things backfired. Not only Xue Yuning ran away, but Jiang Hao jumped out halfway.
So when Xue Yuning said those words to Jiang Hao, Wang Jiani felt that at least she was not a disastrous defeat today, because Jiang Hao was better than herself. More embarrassed.
Many people present couldn’t help covering their mouths and laughing when they heard Wang Jiani’s words.
“Okay, okay, what are you all laughing at? What’s so ridiculous!” Seeing this, Wu Zuoren hurriedly stood up, stared at everyone with a solemn expression on his face, and scolded, “Now everyone is giving me the fuck , I feel very happy, don’t you? Believe it or not, I will punish you all?”
Wu Zuoren is still showing the majesty of the past at this time. Although he knows that he has been expelled now, the disciplinary notice is still spread in small circles. Most people in Chujiang University still don’t know this.
So this “vice principal”
Wang Jiani also followed the crowd, but when she walked in front of Jiang Hao, she deliberately slowed down. Looking at Jiang Hao with a sneer, she whispered sarcastically: “Hehe, some people, no matter when they are alive, they will always be a joke. Haha, today is so funny.”
Wang Jiani whited Jiang Hao and walked away. , While deliberately learning Xue Yuning’s tone and expression: “I already have a boyfriend, lick the dog, and stay away from me in the future. I think you are disgusting…” Wang Jiani left, Jiang Hao looked at her back and gritted his teeth. .
Jiang Hao wanted to go up and talk with Wang Jiani about something, but when he thought about it, what else could he be theorized?
It is the fact that people laugh at me, and I am really embarrassed in public. Do you still want to stop others’ mouths?
Jiang Hao knew very well that other than making others laugh at himself more, it would not bring anything else.
I am indeed embarrassed, but this only stimulates Jiang Hao’s self-esteem even more!
Sooner or later, if you recover this lost face, you will be the best counterattack to those who mock yourself!
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling a little bit more indignant. He even felt like he suddenly realized that, why did he let Xue Yuning go so easily in the first place? Don’t you really love her? Then we should stick to it?
Besides, Xue Yuning just said that she has a boyfriend. At least she is not married yet, right?
In any case, I still have a chance.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling a little more impulsive, and then hurried out of the rehearsal hall.
“Jiang…” Wu Zuoren was about to call Jiang Hao, but found that Jiang Hao had run out, and finally he could only sigh silently, but he was still worried.
He still didn’t know whether Jiang Hao would remember today’s affairs on her own head. She was still thinking, taking advantage of the opportunity, she would plead with Jiang Hao.
Although the matter has ended, Wu Zuoren has not given up the last hope.

Chapter: 117
As soon as Xue Yuning ran out of the rehearsal hall, tears could not be restrained and flowed down his eyes.
Xue Yuning knew how much his own words would hit Jiang Hao.
With so many people, Jiang Hao’s most important thing is not his own face?
But today, I almost made Jiang Hao embarrassed. It is estimated that this matter will spread throughout Chujiang University in a short time.
At that time, Jiang Hao was the most embarrassed time.
Although Xue Yuning knew that he was doing this to Jiang Hao, it was a pitfall. Although she herself would be extremely sad, but she felt that as long as she treated Jiang Hao this way, he would definitely be angry and even hate herself. If that way, she would never come to her again.
This may temporarily make Jiang Hao unacceptable, or even extremely uncomfortable, but for him, it is a good thing after all, because he will gradually forget himself.
And this matter. It is estimated that Jiang Hao’s family background will soon subside, so after all, it won’t have much impact on Jiang Hao.
And in that case, she herself was relieved, Jiang Hao’s life. Will climb on the right track.
If Jiang Hao hated herself for this, then hate it. Xue Yuning felt that it didn’t matter. As long as Jiang Hao had a good ending, Xue Yuning felt that it didn’t matter what he gave.
Thinking of this, Xue Yuning wiped away her tears and walked outside the school.
Xue Yuning went directly to the hospital, while her mother was still in the hospital. Xue Yuning usually delivered lunch by herself.
In fact, after returning from Haidu City, Xue Yuning had already retired the high-end ward reserved by Jiang Hao and let her mother live in the general ward.
The money she withdrew was also placed in her bank card at this time. She wanted to find a chance to return it to Jiang Hao, but she was worried that Jiang Hao would not accept it. So Xue Yuning was thinking about when she met Ye Yunjie. , Gave the money to her, and let her find an opportunity to pass it to Jiang Hao.
Now that they had ended this way, Xue Yuning really didn’t want to owe Jiang Hao any more, although she knew that there were some things she couldn’t repay Jiang Hao…
Xue Yuning arrived at the hospital and just walked into the ward. Frozen, because she found that there was still a person sitting beside her mother’s bed.
He was a boy, and he was very tall. He is very handsome, and the clothes of the whole person are also very fashionable, which is very good at first glance.
“You are…” Xue Yuning looked at the man in surprise, and suddenly a touch of joy appeared on his face, and shouted, “Wang Yu? Why are you here?”
The boy named Wang Yu was giving Xue Yuning a hand. Mother peeled the orange, and when she saw Xue Yuning, she hurriedly smiled and got up to say hello.
“Yuning, you are here, haha, you still remember me, I really didn’t expect it!”
Xue Yuning smiled, hurriedly stepped forward, and stretched out his hand: “Haha, how could I forget you? Best friend, it’s just… I remember that later your parents took you to Guangdong Province? Why are you here?”
Wang Yu laughed haha: “Yes, when I was in the fifth grade, my parents did They took me to Guangdong. They went to do business, but after I graduated from high school, I stopped going to school and kept doing business with my family. No, our company is going to start a new business in Chujiang’s hometown, my parents Just send me back!” After
Wang Yu finished speaking, Xue Yuning’s mother hurriedly laughed and praised: “Yuning, you don’t know how promising Wang Yu is now, when we were chatting just now. Having said that, this time their family came back to invest, but they have to invest a few million. Think about it, how big their family’s business is…”
Xue Yuning also showed a surprised expression when she heard this: “Really Huh? Then Wang Yu really congratulates you, hehe, I can’t think of the slugs back then, now they are all big bosses!”
Wang Yu scratched his head and smiled after hearing this.” Hi, after all, you were a kid at that time. Why, I heard that you are now in college? Your grades have been good since you were a child, but now it is definitely not bad, right? I heard from my aunt, you are now making money? ”
Xue Yuning smiled bitterly: “Hey, don’t listen to my mother, I’ll just go out to sing and earn some living expenses…”
“How much can I do?” Wang Yu suddenly asked, “How can I get five or six hundred every day?”
Xue Yuning Her face was reddened: “No…not so much, just a few dozen yuan, anyway, it’s enough for my mom and I’s daily meal…” In the face of this former friend and the current boss, Xue Yuning was a little cautious, after all. The career is so big now. Xue Yuning was afraid that the other party would laugh at him.
“That’s it?” Wang Yu was a little surprised, subconsciously let out a sneer, but then quickly put away his smile.
But even so, Xue Yuning still noticed, and his face deepened.
After all, the other party laughed at herself, Xue Yuning felt a little embarrassed. I feel that my friend seems to have changed a bit.
You know, Wang Yu in the past has never been like this. Although he just smiled subconsciously, Xue Yuning can also feel it. It seems that his friend has indeed changed a little.
This made Xue Yuning even more inferior, and she lowered her head, not daring to say anything more.
Wang Yu seemed to realize his gaffe just now, and hurriedly smiled: “Uh…I’m sorry just now, I didn’t mean to Yu Ning.”
But soon, Wang Yu grinned. To Xue Yu Ning: “But Yu Ning, you earn too little. To put it bluntly, it is not enough to buy some delicious food for your aunt, so let’s come to my new company for work in the future. You just need to help me. I send and receive some documents, and I don’t have much work at ordinary times. I just need to work as a secretary. In addition…maybe I have to go out to socialize with me at ordinary times, but I can pay you more. How about 5,000 yuan a month!”
Xue Yuning Hear the words. I couldn’t help but feel a little moved. I just send and receive some files. I can easily do it with a computer by myself, and the most important thing is that Wang Yu actually paid himself five thousand yuan.
You know, even those fresh graduates who leave the university, the first job is estimated to be as high as five thousand yuan.
It’s just that Xue Yuning still has concerns about me wanting to marry you. After all, she knows very well that this job is actually because Wang Yu is pitying herself and has a strong element of charity.
She didn’t want to owe others anything, so she hesitated.
“I…but I usually have classes, and…”
“Hey, and what? Yu Ning, don’t have any psychological burden on you, don’t feel that I am helping you, but I am also helping myself , After all, some of the documents I usually contact are confidential. If it’s someone else, I’m not at all relieved. The relationship between the two of us is mainly to rest assured of you!”
Xue Yuning couldn’t help feeling warm when he heard Wang Yu say this. , But also put down a bit of psychological burden.
“Yes, Yu Ning. Since Wang Yu said so, if you still hold back and don’t agree, you will be shameless. We can’t do that.” Xue Yuning’s mother also hurriedly interjected.
Xue Yu stared at her mother. In fact, she was very yearning for the five thousand yuan a month.
After all, she and her mother are now in such a difficult situation. If they can earn another 5,000 yuan per month, then their mother and daughter’s situation will naturally be much stronger than they are now.
Xue Yuning seemed to have made up his mind and smiled at Wang Yu: “Okay, let’s just say so, I will follow Mr. Wang in the future!”
Wang Yu grinned. Handed Xue Yuning a business card: “Well, if you are free these two days, just go to the address above to find me!”
After speaking, Wang Yu got up and thought of Xue Yuning’s mother with a slight smile: “I’ll pay it back later. If something happens, then I will leave Auntie first, and I will come to see you later.”
Xue Yuning’s mother nodded quickly. Planning to get out of bed to send Wang Yu off, but was declined.
After Wang Yu left, Xue Yuning’s mother looked at her daughter and asked tentatively:” Yu Ning, look… how is Wang Yu? ”
Xue Yuning was stunned when he heard the words, “What? Mom, what do you mean?”
Xue Yuning’s mother smiled bitterly and sighed: “Daughter, mother understands that you still don’t give up on Jiang Hao, but you are not. I also said that after all, he is not the same as you, and you want to make him happy, but you have to think about yourself? Mom thinks Wang Yu is good, and you have known each other since childhood. You can take advantage of this opportunity, Good…”
“Oh, mother!” Xue Yuning somehow, when she heard her mother talk about Jiang Hao, she suddenly felt flustered for no reason, and quickly interrupted her mother, “Don’t talk about mom, my business, myself. I’ll take care of it!”
After speaking, Xue Yuning quickly walked out of the ward holding the thermos.
Xue Yuning’s mother looked at her daughter’s back and couldn’t help sighing. Of course she could tell that Xue Yuning was still not willing to give up Jiang Hao, but she knew that she had to leave Jiang Hao.
On the other side, Jiang Hao ran out of the rehearsal hall, only to find that Xue Yuning had long been gone.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated. He still had a lot to say to Xue Yuning.
He wanted to tell Xue Yuning that he wanted to start anew with her, and let it all pass.
Jiang Hao sighed and planned to go directly to Xue Yuning, but he felt that he was going there, which seemed a bit abrupt.
Jiang Hao scratched his head and suddenly remembered, isn’t Xue Yuning’s piano broken? Then simply buy a guitar for her, and tell her everything you want to say by the way.
Jiang Hao thought about it, and suddenly thought, when he went to buy a music stand before, didn’t he see a good guitar in that piano store?
Jiang Hao knew that Xue Yuning had an almost crazy feeling for music. He thought to himself, if he took that guitar and gave it to her, maybe she would be very happy!
As Jiang Hao thought, he ran out of the school, took a taxi, and went straight to Yuedu Music Store…

Chapter: 118
At Yuedu Music Company, Zhuang Qian was lazily leaning on the counter to play with her mobile phone, a bit boring.
Today, she was at work again. She had made an appointment with her best friend. Today, she was going shopping, but she didn’t want to. Another colleague was in a hurry, so she entrusted herself to work for a day.
Usually, I always ask others for things. Now that they have spoken, Zhuang Qian is naturally embarrassed to refuse, but she is very depressed.
However, her work is considered leisurely, after all, Yuedu Music is in Chujiang. It belongs to a high-end musical instrument firm, and the things that it usually manages are high-end goods, so unlike other piano shops, it is always crowded.
Basically, there are only three or five customers visiting here every day, and as long as a deal is negotiated, it is tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands.
Zhuang Qian yawned and glanced at the time. She was planning to order lunch when she suddenly opened the door of the piano store.
Still that sentence, or not open. Opening is a big order, and ordinary people seldom dare to step on the threshold here. After all, they come in and find that they are embarrassed, which is a shameful thing.
So when the door opened, Zhuang Qian hurried up with a smile: “Hello. Welcome…”
Zhuang Qian was half-speaking, and she was stunned, because she was surprised to find that the person entering the door is not only nothing. VIPs are still the enemies of their own early morning.
“What are you doing?” Zhuang Qian said with a stern face, looking at Jiang Hao, suspiciously, “Hehe, buy a music stand again? Forget it, hurry up and go to another place to fool you, I won’t sell it to you today Yes!”
Zhuang Qian’s attitude is very blunt, there is no friendly element, and even if Jiang Hao can be turned away, then Zhuang Qian is the happiest.
It’s just that there is monitoring in this store, and Zhuang Qian doesn’t want her boss to see that she has such an attitude towards customers.
Jiang Hao didn’t think so. He knew that this woman would treat himself this way when he came, so he said flatly: “I’m here to buy a piano. If you don’t want to lose a major customer, please give me a favor! ”
Zhuang Qian smiled disdainfully when he heard the words, and said sarcastically: “Yo-yo-yo, listen, how interesting is it, also a big customer? Do you really think of yourself as a big person?”
At this point, Zhuang Qian immediately remembered. When Liu Siya was hosting a banquet at home, Jiang Hao insisted that he knew Meng Jiuye and was finally beaten in the face.
At that time, this guy said that he was a big man. Could it be that the slap in the face didn’t hurt too much? Do the trick again this time?
Zhuang Qian looked at Jiang Hao coldly, and sarcastically said: “Oh, yes, the last time Meng Jiuye’s subordinate hit you, is it all right now? I guess it’s all right, otherwise you won’t come out and pretend it!”
After speaking, Zhuang Qian snickered as she covered her mouth, looking very proud.
Jiang Hao felt a little displeased at her attitude, but he didn’t show any displeased expression.
After all, Jiang Hao had suffered too much from this kind of ridicule and insult in the past, but now he doesn’t care so much. On the contrary, Jiang Hao also wants to open it. Since these people laugh at themselves for being poor, then prove it to them.
“What about me, you don’t need to worry about it. I’ll say it one last time. I’m here to buy a piano today. If you don’t want to lose a major customer, then you can just chuckle!” Jiang Hao looked at the other party.
Jiang Hao certainly knows that Yuedu Music Store is already the best piano store in Chujiang. If you want to buy a really good piano, you can only buy it here.
So since making up his mind to come here, Jiang Hao has no plans to change to another piano store.
And Jiang Hao also thought about it clearly, as long as he met this Zhuang Qian, he would probably make things difficult for him. But as she is willing to make things difficult, she can do it with her.
Jiang Hao had heard Qin Yun say that Qin Yun knew the boss here. If Zhuang Qian dared to be too presumptuous, Jiang Hao would just ask Qin Yun to buy it from the boss.
Jiang Hao hear the words, Zhuang Qian seem nonchalant, sneered, Jiang Hao let go: “Well, I’ll see you this big customer, I can spend a few cents in here!”
In fact, Zhuang Qian playing mind Jiang Hao didn’t pay attention to it.
Since the last time Liu Siya’s dinner was happening, Zhuang Qian had already noticed that Jiang Hao was just two hundred and five. She was not good enough, and she liked to brag!
It is estimated that Jiang Hao is bragging about something in front of whom he came to his store to pretend to be.
Pretend, if my mother doesn’t let you face down today, my mother and your last name! Zhuang Qian thought in her heart.
“What do you want to buy?” Zhuang Qian asked lazily.
“Guitar!” Jiang Hao said as he walked towards the stringed instrument area of ​​the piano store.
After hearing this, Zhuang Qian couldn’t help smirking in her heart, and quickly took Jiang Hao to a bunch of expensive classical guitars, and pointed to a guitar with a few strings of Latin engraved on the corners.
She smiled and said: “Look at this, a Spanish guitar. The sound quality is very good, and it is strong and durable. The key is not expensive, only fifty thousand seven!”
When she said fifty thousand, Zhuang Qian deliberately smirked. Look at Jiang Hao playfully. Waiting to see what surprised expression he showed.
However, Jiang Hao’s performance was very calm, he just frowned and looked at the guitar, but shook his head unexpectedly.
“No, this guitar feels just average.” Jiang Hao said.
“General?” Zhuang Qian stopped doing it immediately after hearing this, feeling a little angrily, and said, “Why are you embarrassed to say that? This is a serious imported guitar, which is a top high-end brand abroad. , But you say so?”
Zhuang Qian felt that Jiang Hao was a little ridiculous, and then sneered: “Hehe. Isn’t that an excuse for not being able to afford it? Don’t tell me, are you not a big customer? You just can’t afford it for a mere fifty thousand? What kind of piano do you come here to buy? It’s not ashamed!”
In Zhuang Qian’s view, Jiang Hao just refused to import it. This guitar is already regarded as a high-end luxury product. It is estimated that he can’t afford it in the end. I had to make that excuse.
Maybe Jiang Hao himself thinks this is a good rhetoric, but Zhuang Qian thinks that Jiang Hao is directing and acting a joke, and he is playing a clown!
Ha ha. Pretend, I see when you can pretend!
A sinister glance flashed in Zhuang Qian’s eyes, and she said: “Okay, don’t you say that this guitar is ordinary? Then I will introduce you some unusual ones!”
After speaking, Zhuang Qian took Jiang Hao directly. Exhibition area on the other side.
This side is obviously much more spacious than the place just now, and there are many guitars, not like those ordinary guitars, hanging on the wall, but each guitar has its own personalized showcase, and in the showcase, There is also an introduction to the guitar.
Jiang Hao remembers this, the last time I saw that Yamaha LL18 guitar was here.
At this time, Zhuang Qian’s sinister smile pointed to a guitar and said with a sneer: “You can look at this guitar. It is made by the Italian Beto company, and it is hand-made and signed by celebrities!”
Jiang Hao looked at that. I finally feel a little satisfied with the guitar, because the guitar looks very beautiful and generous.
The brownish-yellow wood color is very deep, and has a somewhat quaint feeling, which makes people look at it, and it feels solid.
Jiang Hao nodded and asked, “How much is this guitar?”
“Not expensive!” Zhuang Qian said, “It’s only one hundred and twenty thousand five!”
After speaking, Zhuang Qian picked up the guitar. Pass it to Jiang Hao’s hand.
Jiang Hao looked around and nodded in satisfaction.
Although he didn’t know anything about musical instruments, when he heard the price of one hundred and twenty-five thousand, he naturally knew this kind of thing. It must be worth what you pay for. Even if the price is too high, it will not be too outrageous. Otherwise, it is estimated that the industry and commerce would have seized them long ago.
Jiang Hao chose this guitar intentionally, but in the end he hesitated a bit and thought about it. Asked Zhuang Qian, “Are there any others?”
Zhuang Qian glanced at him contemptuously when he heard Jiang Hao’s words, and said with disdain: “Hehe, what’s the matter, I regret it again? Just fifty-seven, you are not that. I said that I don’t think it’s good enough, so I’ll show you this. Is it possible that this is not what you think?”
Zhuang Qian then sank, and pointed at Jiang Hao and said: “Huh, I just said you are ridiculous. , Actually, you don’t have to act with me here. I don’t know about you yet? You can install it with me as soon as you enter the door. You can afford a fart expensive guitar. You claim to be a big customer and you don’t even go back to take pictures. The mirror is really ridiculous!”
After speaking, Zhuang Qian stepped forward, ready to push Jiang Hao out, and said in a stern tone: “Get out of here, you are not welcome!”
Zhuang Qian felt that Jiang Hao was also pretending It’s almost time to get out!
It’s just that she pushed Jiang Hao with both hands, but Jiang Hao forcefully pushed aside.
“Why, do you still want to stay away? Believe it or not, I call the police!” Zhuang Qian said loudly with an angry expression.
Jiang Hao’s tone was flat, and he sneered: “Why are you driving out? I said, I am a customer. If you dare to coax me, believe it or not, I will throw in you?”
Jiang Hao said he wanted to complain, and immediately took Zhuang Qian His arrogance was suppressed a lot, and the latter twitched his cheeks and resisted the thought that he had just been overly excited, but then he heard Jiang Hao say: “I know, don’t you just think I can’t afford this guitar? , OK, I’ll just buy it for you, and wrap this piano for me! Besides, I remember, didn’t you have a Yamaha guitar in the past? Please find it for me and I want to take it away together !”
Bought it? And that’s not counting, this guy actually wants to buy that Yamaha LL81?
You know, that guitar is a limited edition, only a few hundred worldwide. My boss bought it from outside with a lot of support.
The most important thing is that the guitar is priced at 170,000 yuan, can Jiang Hao afford it?

Chapter: 119 false, it must be false!
It is estimated that this guy is trying to speak quickly. Zhuang Qian thought.
How could Jiang Hao be rich? Last time I came here to buy a music stand, it was Qin Yun that bought it in the end.
Moreover, he is a classmate of his cousin Liu Siya, and Liu Siya naturally knows that Jiang Hao is not alive anymore, so she told herself Jiang Hao’s details.
This guy’s family is in one of the most remote towns in the counties under the jurisdiction of Chujiang, and he doesn’t have a father yet, so he can maintain his life by looking at his mother alone and doing odd jobs for others.
And when I saw Jiang Hao last time, this guy was still wearing a tattered suit.
You say that this kind of person can afford a guitar worth more than 100,000 yuan, or nearly 200,000 yuan. The reason is that she didn’t believe in killing Zhuang Qian!
So since it is fake, Jiang Hao is obviously pretending!
Thinking of this, Zhuang Qian sneered and suddenly had an idea in her heart.
She wondered if Jiang Hao didn’t say, should he pack this Italian guitar and that Yamaha all? Then just wrap it up for him.
Then he asked him for money. Jiang Hao would definitely not be able to get the money in the end. Then he would be able to ask him a question, and he was still morally right at that time.
After all, you said you want to buy it, and you can’t afford it now. How can I say to him then and humiliate him, doesn’t Jiang Hao have to bear it?
Think about these. Zhuang Qian should think this is very cool.
Of course, if Jiang Hao dared to say anything else, Zhuang Qian would just hang up the phone with her boss.
His own boss is also a big man in Chujiang. If he knew about this, he would be furious, and no one would be able to save Jiang Hao at that time!
“What are you doing? Didn’t you hear me?” Jiang Hao said suddenly. Interrupted Zhuang Qian’s thoughts.
Zhuang Qian was a little impatient, and Jiang Hao blanked her eyes, and finally asked: “Are you sure? But I tell you, this is the last chance for you!”
Jiang Hao was also a little impatient, and replied: “What can I say, let You install it, then install it!”
Zhuang Qian pouted and hurriedly installed the two expensive guitars, then looked at Jiang Hao lightly: “Why, is it cash or credit card?”
Jiang Hao did not say a word, silently took out the bank card and handed it to Zhuang Qian.
Zhuang Qian was about to insert the card when she suddenly saw Jiang Hao’s gaze and looked aside.
She followed Jiang Hao’s gaze, and saw Jiang Hao staring at a delicate wooden guitar behind the counter.
“Oh, what do you look at, why, I thought you could afford it?” Zhuang Qian pouted and continued, “That’s an antique, but our boss took it back from Europe with all the hard work, and looked ugly. It’s very precious!”
In Zhuang Qian’s view, even if Jiang Hao could afford these two guitars, he could not do anything about that guitar, because when her boss came back, it took a lot of money. More than 1.3 million!
In other words, the parts of the guitar are more expensive than the two that Jiang Hao wants!
Jiang Hao heard what Zhuang Qian said. I can’t help but nodded. It turns out that this is really a treasure. No wonder I feel a little different when I first see it!
Jiang Hao glanced at Zhuang Qian with a sneer, and said at the beginning: “Forget it, these two guitars, I don’t want it!” When
Jiang Hao said this, Zhuang Qian almost didn’t jump up and pointed at Jiang Hao angrily. , Will swear.
“What what? You don’t want it? What do you mean you? What do you think of us here? If you don’t want it, you don’t want it? Who do you think you are?” Zhuang Qian yelled at Jiang Hao angrily, very angry.
However, Jiang Hao didn’t seem too nervous about this, he couldn’t help but smiled, pointed at the antique guitar, and said, “I don’t want these two, I want that one!”
Money doesn’t matter, Jiang Hao just wants good things. After all, this is for Xue Yuning. Naturally, he needs to be unique, and he needs to show his sincerity!
It’s just that once Jiang Hao finished speaking, Zhuang Qian was stunned for a while, and she didn’t realize what Jiang Hao meant.
“You…what did you say?” “Don’t you understand me?” Jiang Hao sneered, “I said I don’t want these two, I want that one!”
Zhuang Qian understood this time, but her face appeared It was very unnatural, frowning and thinking for a while, before he completely sterned.
“I warn you, today you’d better not talk nonsense to me!” Zhuang Qian looked at Jiang Hao with a serious face, “I have no time to wrestle with you here. Go now. If you can’t afford a piano, give it to me as soon as possible. Fuck off, don’t think I don’t know what else you are thinking about!”
At this time, Zhuang Qian has been completely wiped out of patience, and she is disgusted with Jiang Hao. She thinks Jiang Hao is playing with herself!
First, I asked for those two guitars. I thought he was going to check out, but I was waiting to laugh at him. This guy turned his head and ran to the most expensive property in his store to make ideas!
Don’t think about it, he must be playing with himself!
Since Zhuang Qian had already figured it out, she made up her mind and would never let him succeed again!
But this time it was Jiang Hao’s turn to be surprised!
I just want to buy a guitar, why is it so hard!
He sighed and said to Zhuang Qian: “I found that you are also ridiculous. If you want me to buy the piano early, I will pay for it. Your capricious attitude really makes me feel bad. !”
“How much is it, I will transfer it to you now!” Jiang Hao said, “One million? Or ten million?”
Listening to Jiang Hao’s tone, and she was determined that she really wanted to buy the guitar, Zhuang Qian was a little confused for a while.
“Are you sure what you are saying is true? Do you want to buy that guitar?” Zhuang Qian was frowned. Questioned Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao nodded: “Do you think I am lying? And since I entered the door, I have been telling you that you have a big client today!”
Zhuang Qian heard the words and turned his suspicion, her eyes rolled. . Said: “Actually, you can sell it to you, but let me be honest. This piano is very expensive, more than one million yuan, otherwise it will not be locked in the bulletproof glass. Moreover, if you want to sell this piano, it needs Let our boss come here in person!”
Zhuang Qian hesitated and continued: “I understand what I mean. You’d better think about it before you talk about it, because our boss has a bad temper. If he comes, you will If you say you don’t buy it, then I can guarantee that you won’t have a good end then!”
In fact, Zhuang Qian couldn’t help but hope Jiang Hao would be cleaned up, but she made it clear now. It’s nothing more than being afraid that something will happen to Jiang Hao when that happens, and he will be responsible.
“Then please hurry up and call!” Jiang Hao urged a little impatiently, “Just say, I’m waiting for him here.”
Zhuang Qian looked funny at Jiang Hao’s uneasy appearance. Xin said what the hell was going on with this guy, and today suddenly wanted to die.
If you want to die, then it will fulfill you!
“Okay! Wait, I can warn you, wait a while for my boss to come, don’t say you have no money, if you dare to believe it, you can fool me. See how I fix it!” Zhuang Qian said.
Jiang Hao ignored her, just found a place to do it, swiping the phone boredly.
He came to buy a guitar today, and he really doesn’t want to argue with someone like Zhuang Qian who is not online.
Zhuang Qian blanked Jiang Hao’s eyes and turned to call.
The phone rang for a long time before the other end was connected, Zhuang Qian hurriedly smiled and said, “Hey Mr. Huang, hello, I am Zhuang Qian, I really disturb you…”
“Is there anything? Just say something, I’m dealing with it. thing!”
Zhuang Qian hurriedly said: “Yes, yes, I have something to do with you. That’s it, do you remember the antique guitar you photographed from Europe? Now someone wants to buy it.”
The male voice on the other end heard this, disdain He smiled and said: “Then tell the person that the guitar is not sold, um…no, it is not not not sold, you tell him, as long as the price of more than three million, I will Sell ​​it! ”
This guitar is indeed the boss who bought it from abroad for a million, so he values ​​and cherishes the guitar even more.
But although I value this guitar. The boss didn’t give up the idea of ​​making a fortune. If he could double the sales, he would have made a fortune!
The boss on the other end of the phone smiled, Zhuang Qian hurriedly laughed, and turned to Jiang Hao and said, “Hey, do you really want to buy a piano? Our boss said. If you really want to buy a piano, then three Millions, one penny less will not sell!”
“Three million? Didn’t I say that when I came back, it cost more than 1 million? How come the price has doubled after a while?” Jiang Hao was a little surprised, and Xin said that these people were simply taking advantage of the fire.
“Hehe. Why, can’t afford it? Can’t afford what you put on!” Zhuang Qian sneered, “Wasting time, then you don’t buy it, are you? I drink and tell my boss!”
Zhuang Qian was about to speak, but Was stopped by Jiang Hao.
Only three million, Jiang Hao is not so poor yet!
He categorically said: “Tell your boss. Come on now, I will transfer the money to him!”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Zhuang Qian couldn’t help being stunned, because Jiang Hao promised, it was too fast, she almost didn’t think about it!
This is three million, and two of them know in their hearts that their boss has blacked him by more than one million.
But that’s it, he didn’t even hesitate, Jiu agreed?
Zhuang Qian couldn’t help feeling that it was a bit untrue, and she even suspected Jiang Hao was planning something.
“What are you rubbing against? Tell him quickly!” Jiang Hao urged.
Zhuang Qian looked at Jiang Hao, a little worried, but still said to the phone: “Mr. Huang, he…”
“Hehe, he refused, right?” The phone end smiled and said with some pride, “It’s all in me As expected!”
Zhuang Qian quickly interrupted him when she heard the words. When she spoke, her tone of voice was a little unassuming, and she said, “No… he agreed.”

Chapter: 120
“Accepted?” Mr. Huang was surprised when he heard the words, and he pondered for a long time before continuing to ask, “Really?”
Zhuang Qian frowned, “Really, he was there.” Next to me, would you like Mr. Huang…you come here in person?” Mr.
Huang on the other end of the phone scratched his head: “Okay, it seems that he is really a good-natured master, then you can ask him to wait. I’m going now.”
Zhuang Qian responded, and then hung up the phone.
Zhuang Qian breathed a sigh of relief, then glanced at Jiang Hao, her eyes full of smiles.
Now my boss is here. What should Jiang Hao do if I look at it for a while?
The boss was really alarmed all the way back. If he turned back and said he didn’t buy it, or couldn’t afford it, then he might be angry with his boss.
The anger of his own boss is not something that Jiang Hao can bear.
Zhuang Qian smiled meaningfully, and said to Jiang Hao: “Okay, my boss said, he will come right away, you can wait for it.”
She looked at Jiang Hao unkindly, and said with a smile “By the way, I just want to ask, can you afford it? Ha ha. Three million, do you have one?”
Jiang Hao raised his head and looked at the other party, his face was a little gloomy, and he replied, “This You don’t need to worry about it, you just need to be ready to pack the piano for me in a moment!” Listening to Jiang Hao’s tone to himself. Zhuang Qian gave him a fierce look, and walked to the side angrily. After thinking for a while, a smile suddenly appeared at the corner of her mouth, then she took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to her cousin Liu Siya.
“Is Siya here?” After a while, Liu Siya returned a message: “Yes, what’s wrong, cousin?”
Zhuang Qian smiled again, and hurriedly took a photo of Jiang Hao secretly and sent it to Liu Siya.
“Who do you think this is? Haha…”
After a while, Liu Siya sent a surprised expression, and then sent a string of text: “Cousin, where are you? Why are you with him?” As soon as he saw the cousin sent it, it turned out It was Jiang Hao’s photo. Liu Siya obviously couldn’t accept it, and was surprised.
Zhuang Qian hurriedly replied: “Hey, of course it’s in the piano shop where I work. Guess what this guy is doing here? You can’t think of it!”
Liu Siya hesitated for a while before returning a message: “He went to your place.” Why? Is it possible to buy a piano? Don’t tease my sister, you are the most expensive piano store in Chujiang. This fool goes to you and can buy a fart!”
Zhuang Qian smiled when she saw the text, and hurriedly He replied: “Hehe, you guessed it, he is here to buy the piano, and guess what, this guy not only buys the piano, but also the most expensive one in our place!”
“What did you say?” This time, Liu Siya sent a voice directly, and said in surprise. “Sister, I remember that you have the most expensive piano. Isn’t it a piano of more than 700,000 yuan? Why, this idiot still wants to buy that? What a joke, even if you sell him, you can’t afford that piano! ”
Zhuang Qian heard Liu Siya’s voice, covered her mouth and smiled and walked to a secluded corner aside, and whispered a voice: “Come on, the more than 700,000 piano is already in the past. I always took a guitar from Europe for more than one million dollars. This guy is going to buy that guitar!”
“Ah? Really? Sister, don’t listen to that stupid nonsense. Our classmates have been a few years old, but I haven’t Understand him? He buys a fart. This idiot may be holding back some bad fart, so don’t let him pit it!” Liu Siya said in a voice.
“It’s okay, don’t worry, our boss will come over to trade in person. If this idiot dares to lie to us, Mr. Huang, then he is dead!” Zhuang Qian continued with a smirk. And you know, our manager Huang made more than one million shots of the piano, and casually said three million, this guy actually agreed, haha, let’s not say whether he has so much money, just this kind of sand sculpture, really Killing me! ”
Liu Siya also smiled and replied: “Hi. Anyway, you should be careful when the time comes. If this stupidity is cleaned up in a while, you must send me a few videos. I will pass it on. In our class group, take good care of this idiot…”
“Yeah, well, I know my cousin, don’t worry, I hate this guy too much, he’s not very good, and I’m so poor that I can pretend to be forced, and wait for my boss to come. I’ll see what else he has to say!”
Zhuang Qian was planning to say something, but suddenly saw the piano store’s door being pushed open, she hurriedly said: “Cousin, my boss seems to be here, let’s turn around Say ha!” After sending her voice, Zhuang Qian hurriedly walked to the door.
Sure enough, it was Huang Yaosheng, the owner of the music store, who entered the door, a middle-aged man who was not tall and had a big belly.
He wore an eye with a thick bottom of the bottle. Not only was he not gentle and gentle, but he felt a bit fierce.
Zhuang Qian had also heard that her boss was also the number one figure in Chujiang in his early years, and later Jinpen washed his hands. Just opened this piano shop.
And over the years, his business has flourished.
Zhuang Qian greeted him respectfully, with a smile on her face: “Mr. Huang, you are here.”
Huang Yaosheng nodded, walked around the shop, and asked, ”
Where is the person?” This…” Zhuang Qian quickly pointed to the side. Turning to see, the whole person was instantly dumbfounded, “This…he, he was here just now!”
Zhuang Qian couldn’t help feeling a little panicked, because he found that Jiang Hao, who was still poking there just now, was no longer a shadow.
Seeing this, the first thought that came to Zhuang Qian’s mind was that Jiang Hao ran away!
She must have ran away, and Liu Siya was right. This guy must not be holding a good fart. It is estimated that he bought the piano is fake, fooling himself. It is true to cheat the boss.
As soon as the boss came, he secretly ran away, and the boss would definitely think he was lying to him and anger him!
Thinking of this, Zhuang Qian’s whole body was about to explode, her face was full of anger, and she cursed in a low voice: “He, he… actually ran away, this dog, dare to play with me!”
Zhuang Qian was full of anger. His face was flushed, and Huang Yaosheng’s face turned gloomy for an instant. Staring at Zhuang Qian, he scolded: “What the hell do you mean? I asked the person you want to buy a piano? Didn’t you say that someone wants to buy the filmed guitar? Now you tell me that someone ran away? Why are you playing me? Isn’t it?”
Huang Yaosheng was immediately annoyed, pointing to Zhuang Qian and swearing.
Zhuang Qian was also angry, and at this time she was more worried!
Now things turned out to be a deception to the boss, then she will definitely not end well!
“I…I’ll go out and get him back, Mr. Huang, how could I deceive you? Wait, I’ll go find him…”
After speaking, Zhuang Qian turned and ran out.
But she just ran two steps. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a piano beating from inside the store.
Zhuang Qian and Huang Yaosheng looked at each other when they heard the words, and hurriedly followed the sound and walked to the innermost area of ​​the store, where the piano is displayed.
When the two arrived there, they saw that Jiang Hao was looking at a primitive grand piano with curiosity at this time, and slowly pressing his fingers on the keys, as if he was still serious.
Seeing Jiang Hao, Zhuang Qian couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief, and then the anger surged up again and hurriedly walked towards Jiang Hao.
She grabbed Jiang Hao’s right hand to touch the piano, and said angrily: “What are you doing here? Are you sick?”
Jiang Hao looked up at the other party, a little displeased: “Aren’t you a piano store? What did you say I came here to do, of course, is to watch the musical instrument. Is it possible that I came to eat?”
“You…” Zhuang Qian was a little upset, but the other party’s irrefutable, she was so fierce. ” Then I just spoke outside, didn’t you hear? Can’t you say a word? Do you know, I thought you were gone. It made me scolded by the boss! ”
Zhuang Qian obviously blamed Jiang Hao for the crime she was scolded just now.
Only when Jiang Hao heard the words, he smiled contemptuously, and replied: “What are you talking about? The logic of your speech is really strange. I am a guest here, and I will come. I can go and leave. I can’t be with you. Say it? And what does it have to do with me when you are scolded? Don’t say you were scolded, but what to do with me if you die?”
“You…” Zhuang Qian was speechless. He stared at Jiang Hao with disgust, but couldn’t argue with it. Because what they said is indeed the case.
I wanted to take the opportunity to humiliate Jiang Hao, but Jiang Hao’s words made Zhuang Qian speechless.
Jiang Hao smiled disdainfully, turned his head and pushed Zhuang Qian away, and gently touched the piano again.
“You… stop me, do you know how much this piano is? Don’t touch it, can you pay for it if you break it!” Zhuang Qian turned to Jiang Hao angrily.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling a little ridiculous. He planned to spend three million to buy a guitar and didn’t say anything. A broken piano was really broken by himself. What can be done?
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but replied: “Hehe, how much is it? Isn’t it also three million? It doesn’t matter, then I bought it together, let alone broke it, I just smashed the piano, and got it with you. What’s the relationship?” Jiang Hao didn’t put Zhuang Qian in his eyes at all. When he said these words, he didn’t even look at Zhuang Qian!
After hearing this, Zhuang Qian gritted her teeth angrily, but she had nothing to say. She could only do it secretly in her heart, and muttered: “Damn, just pretend to be forceful. I see when you can pretend to be and buy it together I guess you can’t even afford a guitar, huh, my boss is here, and I’ll see how you end up! If you dare to play something else, you just die!” After muttering in her heart, Zhuang Qian said: “Okay, I have no time to talk nonsense with you, I just tell you, our manager Huang is here, just over there, telling you to go over!”

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