I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 12

“Beep…Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off…”
Turn off? Jiang Hao was stunned in an instant, how could it shut down?
“Haha…It’s funny, it’s so funny, it’s so funny…” The crowd burst into a roar of laughter again, so people looked at Jiang Hao almost as if they were watching a joke.
You publicly say that you are a rich second-generation, and you can confirm it by calling, but what is the result? Shut down!
“Haha, Jiang Hao, do you think you are so interesting?” Liu Siya smiled sarcastically, “Are you deliberate? Now that the call cannot be made, there is no way to verify that what you said is true or false, you think I can take this step down? It’s really smart.”
“It’s too damn naive!” Liu Siya gave Jiang Hao a fierce look and continued, “Do you think someone would believe you in this way? Funny, yours IQ can go to play with kindergarten children.”
Looking at the malicious smiles, Jiang Hao felt incomprehensible in his heart. He hurriedly played it again, but turned it off.
“What the hell did you do?” Jiang Hao gritted his teeth, feeling irritable, and hit it many times, but in the end it turned off. Jiang Hao was about to collapse. The ridicule was like a needle Feeling uncomfortable piercing his own heart, Jiang Hao smashed the phone to pieces and shouted at the crowd: “I didn’t lie, I really am…”
“Heh, what are you?” Liu Siya sneered, “You It’s just trash that you should never laugh at, what else can you say?”
After speaking, Liu Siya took Gao Jun’s arm and walked away.
Seeing this situation, Gao Jun, who was still nervous just now, also let out a long sigh of relief.
Just now he really thought that Jiang Hao made a phone call, and what unexpected ending would happen in the end, but now it seems that everything is his own worry, all this is just a coincidence, Jiang Hao is just acting.
Gao Jun’s mouth again showed a calm smile, glanced at Jiang Hao lightly, and took Liu Siya into the car.
The Audi car roared away, and those who watched the excitement on the scene gradually disappeared.
Now Jiang Hao just wants to explain and has no chance.
It’s ridiculous indeed, now I really become a laughing stock.
Jiang Hao sat on the ground extremely lonely, his mind was messy, he actually hated his identity a bit, if he was the same, although he would be looked down upon by others, he had never been mocked like he is today.
“Jiang Hao…” Zhang Jie extended a hand to Jiang Hao. At this time, only Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming were left. “I…I don’t know how to comfort you, but…Hey, I know you are annoying, don’t think about it. Too much, let’s go, have a drink, and get rid of all your sorrows!”
Jiang Hao was in a low mood, thinking about finding a way to let go, simply nodded stupidly, got up and followed Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming to stop a taxi. left.
Along the way, Jiang Hao obviously hadn’t recovered from the shame just now, and he looked out the window silently, looking extremely lonely.
In this regard, Zhang Jie could only sigh helplessly, and did not say much.
In fact, Zhang Jie also felt that what Jiang Hao had just done was too fake, how could he be so unlucky.
And he is one of the people who know Jiang Hao best. From the first day everyone knew him, he knew that Jiang Hao’s hometown was in a town near Chujiang. He was a single parent, and his tuition was all the hard work of his mother. Earned by working hard.
But today Jiang Hao actually said that he is a rich second generation…
Although Zhang Jie didn’t know what Jiang Hao was for to say these words, he still secretly made up his mind. Anyway, this is his brother, regardless of Jiang Hao. In any case, I will stand on his side.
Half an hour later, the capital.
Ye Yunjie hurriedly turned on her mobile phone as soon as she got off the plane.
Due to a temporary situation in the capital, she hurriedly left Chu Jiang. She left in a hurry, and she didn’t even have time to inform Jiang Hao.
So when she got off the plane, Ye Yunjie turned on the first thing, but when she just turned it on, she was shocked when she saw eight missed calls from Jiang Hao.
“What’s the matter? You made so many calls in half an hour?” Ye Yunjie was anxious, and quickly called Jiang Hao back, ready to ask what happened.
Shut down!
Ye Yunjie’s heart suddenly hung up. At that moment, she felt as if her heart had been squeezed. An ominous premonition grew stronger. Maybe she had just left Chujiang on her front foot. Did something happen to this young master when he was young?
If Jiang Hao had an accident, he would have died in front of Shen Haoting, and he would probably not calm down his master’s anger.
Ye Yunjie called again several times. Jiang Hao’s phone was still turned off. Ye Yunjie took a breath, and even before leaving the airport, she hurriedly booked a ticket to return to Chujiang, and then got through. a number, an answer, she is eager to command said: “! immediately launched an emergency plan, I command you with the fastest time, I find little river, right now !! immediately !!!” phone a Frozen, after learning that the matter was urgent, he quickly ordered deployment, but Ye Yunjie paused, and then continued: “I always feel that something has happened. You have to know that if something happens to Jiang Shao, Mr. Shen will definitely not I’ll let us go.”
“Yes, yes… I know…” The voice of the person on the other end of the phone trembled slightly, looking extremely nervous.
Ye Yunjie was also very nervous at this time. She was full of images of Jiang Hao’s accident. After she hung up the phone, all the forces belonging to the Shen family in Chujiang City began to move.
It’s just that Jiang Hao still doesn’t know at this time that he just dropped a mobile phone and caused such an uproar.
Soon, the car stopped in front of a hot pot restaurant. The three of them got out of the car. Zhang Jie took the lead and led them up to the second floor. He smiled and said, “Jiang Hao, don’t mind. How about drunk Fang Xiu!”
Ji Xueming also patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder: “Yes, Brother Jie is right, Brother Hao, as long as you want to drive, no matter how upset you are, things have already happened. Let’s just fight. With a sigh of relief, I don’t believe that we are poor now and can still be poor for a lifetime? In the future, I will show them to Liu Siya, who can have the last laugh.”
Jiang Hao nodded silently. He looked at his two good brothers and couldn’t help being somewhat Moved, because almost no matter when, the two of them have always been on their side.
“Yes, no fucking thinking about it!” Jiang Hao sighed heavily, finally showing a smile on his face, “Anyway, one day I will let everyone know that what I said is true or false.”
Jiang Hao After speaking, Ji Xueming and Zhang Jie looked at each other silently, and each sighed.
On the second floor, the three of them ordered a table of dishes and two bottles of Erguotou.
Drinking vigorously, Ji Xueming, who was sitting across from Jiang Hao suddenly condensed his eyes, exclaimed, “Brother Jie, Brother Hao, look over there!”
Zhang Jie and Jiang Hao were a little puzzled. They followed Ji Xueming’s sight and saw At a table not far from them, sitting two extremely beautiful girls, one of them painted light makeup, long hair fluttering, and a light silk long skirt, sitting there, it was a landscape by itself.
“Damn! Art Department Hua Qin Yun?” Zhang Jie almost exclaimed, “And Wang Jiani, how coincidence they are also eating here?”
“It’s really a coincidence.” Ji Xueming saw the beautiful woman and smiled perfectly . Not from ear to ear, especially Qin Yun, a goddess admired by thousands of people, even more uncontrollable, and drooling.
In fact, Qin Yun is not the most beautiful kind in terms of looks, but people seem to be born with a kind of elegance from the bones. Every gesture of gesture reveals the elegant temperament of a nobleman, which is simply so impressive. Then, I don’t want to look away.
The other girl, wearing a capable ponytail, a denim jacket, and heavy makeup, looked very coquettish, just in stark contrast to the elegant and noble style of Qin Yun.
Although the beauty is eye-catching, Jiang Hao really has no interest in admiring at this time, turning his head and taking a sip of wine.
But at this moment, Ji Xueming called out again and pushed Jiang Hao directly: “Look, Brother Hao, they seem to be in trouble!”

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This novel – I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad is very enjoyable to read! It’s story is interesting and very entertaining. I like the way the writer twist the story beyond what the reader expects… It is a wonderfully written story of a very poor young man (growing up poor and without a father, mocked, despised, scorned and always oppressed and humiliated especially among his classmates), who unexpectedly discovered himself to be the son of a truly super rich dad!

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