I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 221-230

Chapter: 221
Cousin Xue Yuning continued: “I heard that the price of Huo Yun’s concert tickets for the first row has already reached more than 20,000 yuan. Or we will try that kid tomorrow and ask if he can get a few concerts. Meeting tickets.”
“Once you come, let’s see if he has the financial resources, let’s say there are friends, let him make ten and eight sheets, so it costs more than ten or two hundred thousand!” Cousin Xue Yuning pretended to be clever. “Also, even if you have money, you don’t necessarily get so many tickets now, unless he has a very strong relationship…”
“If it can be done, then she must be related.”
Hearing what his wife said, Vanden’s eyes suddenly brightened, thinking that this seemed to be a good idea.
There will be no mountains and dews, and Jiang Hao will not be disturbed. Secondly, Huo Yun’s concert, these people dream of wanting to take a look.
After all, it was a superstar, and they had only watched it twice on TV in the past.
“I think it can!” Van Den smiled mysteriously at his wife and said, “I see, the most important thing is that you want to see a star concert, right?”
Cousin Xue Yuning also smiled triumphantly, and replied: “What’s the matter, if he is really a rich second-generation, wouldn’t it be great? We have a wealthy relative and watched the superstar concert by the way. He is a fake, so let’s tear him down on the spot and get the bottle of wine back, and see how I fix him at that time!”
Van Den nodded and said, “Nah, I will tell them tomorrow morning…”
That night, Jiang Hao first sent Xue Yuning’s mother back to the hospital, and then returned Xue Yuning to the dormitory.
At this time, Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming were asleep in the bedroom.
Jiang Hao didn’t disturb the two of them either. He finished washing and returned to his place.
Jiang Hao originally planned to sleep, but just as he lay down, he saw a message popping up from the class group on WeChat.
“Dear students, tomorrow is the queen Huo Yun holding a concert at our Chujiang Gymnasium. Does anyone want to go?”
This piece of information immediately detonated the class group that had been silent for a long time.
“I rely so fast? I remember not next week? I have been working part-time for the past month just to save money to buy concert tickets!”
“Hey, did you remember it wrong? I decided it was tomorrow a few months ago… Huo Yun’s concert, I want to see it, but I am a queen, and the price of the concert tickets is too expensive. Yes, I heard that the ticket for the corner is more than two thousand.”
“Haha, you guys are late. I bought one half a month ago. The location is not very good, but it still cost more than five thousand. Oh my god, it hurts. I really don’t know how much the first row of tickets cost. !”
“Twenty thousand two! This is still the original ticket price. I heard that the first-row tickets in the hands of some scalpers have already sold for more than 30,000!”
“Damn, so much? I knew I was bankrupt and hoarding two front row tickets. I made tens of thousands of dollars after changing hands…”
The discussion in the class group was so lively.
Jiang Hao also looked around, but only smiled.
To be honest, Jiang Hao never catches a cold with any top superstar, nor does he chase stars, let alone any interest.
Watching the discussion in the class group in full swing, Jiang Hao watched the excitement, then put the phone aside, ready to go to bed.
But soon, Jiang Hao turned over and grabbed the phone, with a touch of excitement on his face.
He opened WeChat and directly sent a message to Xue Yuning: “Did you sleep, Yuning?”
Two minutes later, Xue Yuning’s information came back: “I didn’t sleep, what’s the matter? Are you asleep?”
Jiang Hao made a smirk and replied, “I didn’t sleep, I have something to ask you.”
Xue Yuning replied, “Mysterious…what’s the matter?”
Jiang Hao smiled and quickly replied, “Yuning, do you want to go to Huo Yun’s concert?”
“Think…” Xue Yuning made a pouting expression, and said again, “But I heard that the ticket is hard to grab…”
“If you want to see it, you pack the ticket with me, and I will find you tomorrow morning!” After Jiang Hao sent the message, he quit WeChat, found Ye Yunjie’s number and called.
The phone rang a few times, and Ye Yunjie connected: “Young Master Jiang, is there anything going on at this late hour?”
Jiang Hao responded, “Is Sister Ye still asleep?”
Ye Yunjie smiled: “There is still some work that hasn’t been completed, and I’m working overtime. What’s wrong with Jiang Shao?”
When Jiang Hao heard that they were working overtime, he couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed.
They are working overtime for their own family, but now they are still asking them to get tickets for the concert, which is a bit outrageous.
“Uh…Sister Ye, please do it first, I’ll call you tomorrow.” Jiang Hao said.
Ye Yunjie knew that Jiang Hao had something to do when she heard it, and smiled again, and asked, “Young Master Jiang, just talk about it. I am not very busy here.
“It’s okay, hehe, take a break early and pay attention to your body…”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Ye Yunjie couldn’t help feeling warm, and then smiled and said, “Do you want concert tickets?”

Chapter: 222
Jiang Hao was taken aback when he heard the words, and for a long time he said, “You…how do you know?”
Ye Yunjie giggled and said, “Just guess it. There was nothing wrong with Chu Jiang in the past two days. It was more sensational than Huo Yun’s concert. Many of my friends have already called and asked me to help get tickets. ,Of course I know.”
Jiang Hao nodded silently, “Oh, that’s it, then… are the tickets easy to get Sister Ye?”
Jiang Hao felt a little unsure in his heart. Although he knew that Ye Yunjie could almost reach the sky with his hands and eyes in Chujiang, he didn’t think he could do anything.
“It’s okay, it just so happens that I have two on hand. I’ll let you send them back when I look back. These are the first-row tickets!”
Hearing what Ye Yunjie said, Jiang Hao breathed a sigh of relief, hehe smiled: “Then thank you Sister Ye, thank you so much…”
“Hey, you’re welcome. Okay, if there is nothing else Jiang Shao, I will hang up first, and I will have the tickets sent to you tomorrow morning.
After speaking, Ye Yunjie ended the call.
At this moment, Jiang Hao was extremely happy.
He hurriedly sent a message to Xue Yuning, telling her that the ticket has been settled, so she was relieved.
Xue Yuning was also very happy about this.
She is learning vocal music, and she has been fascinated by the big star Huo Yun for a long time.
And Xue Yuning had long known that Huo Yun was going to hold a concert in Chujiang, but at that time she didn’t even dare to think about it.
After being with Jiang Hao, Xue Yuning still didn’t have the courage to tell Jiang Hao about it.
Although Xue Yuning knew that Jiang Hao was rich, no matter how much Jiang Hao’s money was spent, even if it was a penny, she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.
So this matter has been dragged down.
Originally, Xue Yuning had no hope anymore, but at precisely this time, Jiang Hao called and told himself this, and finally got the tickets easily.
How did this make Xue Yuning unhappy, and he could meet her long-loved idol immediately, and how could Xue Yuning not be excited.
Xue Yuning couldn’t help but secretly laughed in the bed, the voice was very soft and sweet.
But just after she finished laughing, she suddenly heard a scolding from her going to bed.
“If you don’t sleep in the middle of the night, you are so sick to laugh in the bed!”
Xue Yuning’s face flushed immediately when she heard the words, and she softly responded, “Yes…I’m sorry, Pingping, I disturbed you!”
Feng Pingping in the upper bunk didn’t seem to take the apology to heart. He grabbed a pillow on the bedside and threw it down, cursing, “I’m sorry, I’ll be sorry all day long. If I’m sorry, if it’s useful, what can I do with an atomic bomb? You’re a bedroom, I’ve been bloody moldy for eight lifetimes!”
Although the pillow is not heavy, Xue Yuning’s face hurts in the middle, and Xue Yuning let out a “Oh” cry.
At this moment, a girl living next to Xue Yuning hurriedly stood up and accused: “Pingping, what are you doing? Yuning didn’t bother you on purpose. Besides, you didn’t fall asleep at all. People laughed. What happened?”
When Feng Pingping heard the words, she immediately sprang up from the bed and said angrily: “I want you to be nosy, my grandma is in a bad mood today, I don’t want to hear someone laugh, can you manage it? I don’t want to get out!”
Feng Pingping glared at the two people below her eyes, and muttered: “My grandma didn’t grab the concert tickets. It’s already disturbing enough. You laughed, did you deliberately!”
After speaking, Feng Pingping pulled the quilt over her head and lay down.
Xue Yuning and another girl looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly.
The girl asked in a low voice, “Yuning, what did you laugh at just now? What’s the good thing?”
As soon as this matter was mentioned, Xue Yuning suddenly forgot the unhappiness he had just received, and a smile appeared on his face.
“My boyfriend just told me on WeChat that he got two tickets for Huo Yun’s concert, so I was so happy!” Xue Yuning said.
“Huh?” The girl was a little surprised, but more envious, “It’s true, Yu Ning, this is a good thing. You know, I heard that tickets are no longer available through regular channels, scalper There are the most common tickets over there. They are all over 3,000. Your boyfriend is so kind to you, and he paid a high price for the tickets! Hey, my boyfriend who is not promising will not work anymore. He also told me to give it to me. Buying tickets, but now, it is estimated that the money has been bought by him for the game panel…”
The girl said that envy was serious, and Xue Yuning could even see that the yearning in her eyes could not be pretended.
The girl sighed and hurriedly asked: “Yuning, have you asked your boyfriend, where is the ticket he bought for you? Have you got the ticket? Don’t be fooled!”
Xue Yuning smiled and shook her head: “Don’t worry, you can’t lie.”
Xue Yuning looked very confident, and then said, “My boyfriend said, he bought me, it seems to be a front row seat!”
“Tickets for the first row?” The girl was taken aback when she heard the words, her face was shocked and incredulous, “I heard that, in the hands of the scalpers, the tickets for the first row have sold for tens of thousands!”

Chapter: 223
The girl believed Xue Yuning’s words very much, but when she heard what Xue Yuning said about the front row seat, she suddenly hesitated.
After all, there are tens of thousands of seats in the front row and two tickets, which is tens of thousands.
These people are poor students, and their family background is not very good. Where can there be so much money?
They are not like local students from Chujiang in good backgrounds, high-rise buildings, and sports car secretaries.
Those people may spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a ticket, and listen to a few songs by celebrities, it feels no big deal.
But tens of thousands of yuan is a huge sum of money for students who live in other places and the conditions are not too good. That may be the income of the family for the entire year.
And the girl also knew the conditions of Xue Yuning’s house very well. She knew that with Xue Yuning’s conditions, it was absolutely impossible to buy the first row of tickets.
As for Xue Yuning’s boyfriend, although she has never seen him, she has rarely heard Xue Yuning talk about it.
But she thinks about it carefully. Although Xue Yuning looks very good, she is unlikely to find any rich second-generation boyfriends. After all, the few rich and young in Chujiang University, they all know, and no one has heard of Xue Yuning. Who did you follow?
So in the eyes of this girl, either Xue Yuning was cheated by her boyfriend, or her own vanity was at work.
The girl hesitated, squeezed out an awkward smile, and said, “That Yu Ning, I see, you should check this matter again to avoid being deceived…”
Xue Yuning also smiled: “No, he never lied to me…”
Xue Yuning appeared very confident, and then said: “Xiaoqing, let’s not talk to you now, I’m going to wash the clothes.”
After speaking, Xue Yuning picked up some clothes and left the bedroom.
The girl named Xiaoqing looked at Xue Yuning, and her friend shook her head in disbelief.
“Listen to her, ho ho, if she can afford the first-row tickets for Huo Yun’s concert, I will go live and eat shit!”
When Feng Pingping on the upper bunk saw Xue Yuning leaving, she immediately sat up and said angrily at the door where Xue Yuning left.
Xiao Qing was also helpless. Although she could not understand Feng Pingping’s bullying Xue Yuning, her views on the ticket were the same as Feng Pingping’s.
“Oh, okay, Pingping, don’t be angry. I know you are not happy if you didn’t grab the tickets. I didn’t get the tickets either. Let’s calm down. There will be opportunities in the future.” Xiaoqing comforted.
Feng Pingping sighed and said unwillingly: “Where is the opportunity? This time Huo Yun’s national tour, we have the Chu River wave in our province. I missed it. The ghost knows that we have to wait until the year of the monkey.”
Feng Pingping said again: “I am also angry, Xue Yuning what conditions, who doesn’t know what the big guy is doing, what is she showing off, what can she pretend, do you really think of herself as a big person? It’s really interesting, I annoy her Up!”
At this moment, Xiaoqing suddenly cleaned up in silence, and whispered: “Hush…she’s back.”
As soon as Xiaoqing’s voice fell, Xue Yuning walked into the bedroom. She came back to get the laundry detergent.
Xue Yuning got it and was about to return to the laundry room, but was suddenly stopped by Feng Pingping.
“Xue Yuning, wait a minute!”
Xue Yuning stopped when he heard the words, looked back at the other person, and said blankly, “What’s the matter, Pingping?”
A sinister smile appeared on the corner of Feng Pingping’s mouth, and said in a calm tone, “Why, I heard that your boyfriend helped you get the tickets for Huo Yun’s concert? Really fake.”
Xue Yuning didn’t know why, so she nodded slightly and said, “Really? What’s wrong, Pingping.”
Feng Pingping smiled ho ho, and continued: “Nothing. Since your boyfriend is so good, how about you let him get some tickets for us? Ho ho, everyone is good sisters playing together, since you You can do it, I think you can’t do something so simple, can you?”
Xue Yuning was taken aback when she heard the words, and she was a little embarrassed: “This…I don’t know too much. It was done by my boyfriend. I don’t know if it can be done.
Feng Pingping’s face suddenly sank when she heard the words, and she said displeased: “Besides, if you can’t get it, you can’t get it. What are you pretending to be with me? Are you really stupid? Your boyfriend helped you get the front row. Tickets, you brag and don’t pick an excuse for the past, you say such outrageous things, you really treat us as fools!”
Feng Pingping said at the beginning that it was fake that Xue Yuning helped to get the tickets. She wanted to take the opportunity to humiliate Xue Yuning.
To be honest, Feng Pingping is usually jealous of Xue Yuning, she is nothing more than a prettier and a better figure than herself.
But her family is poor and clinking. My mother is still half-dead in the hospital. Why is she in her heart, as if she feels superior!
It seems to be a little angry, but Feng Pingping continued: “What about the tickets that your boyfriend bought you? The ghost knows what kind of dog your boyfriend is and what kind of rubbish it is. It’s not a brain damage!”

Chapter: 224
If Feng Pingping just humiliated herself, then Xue Yuning would probably endure it.
But when she scolded along with Jiang Hao, Xue Yuning suddenly became uncomfortable.
Jiang Hao has already taken heart and soul to herself, and she will never allow others to insult Jiang Hao.
Xue Yuning raised her head and looked at Feng Pingping, and said, “Pingping, you can scold me, but please don’t scold Jiang Hao, and I didn’t lie. Jiang Hao really bought me the first-row tickets!”
Xue Yuning was very angry, and continued, filled with righteous indignation, “Please don’t throw all the anger in your heart on me just because you can’t buy the tickets yourself.”
Normally Feng Pingping would not wait to see herself in every possible way, but Xue Yuning had to bear it.
But today she took the courage and responded bravely.
In Xue Yuning’s view, she was defending Jiang Hao’s dignity.
But Feng Pingping didn’t take Xue Yuning’s words seriously at all. Instead, she crawled out of the bed and walked in front of Xue Yuning, staring directly at Xue Yuning.
“What’s the matter, what’s wrong with you? You brag and don’t allow others to pierce it? I tell you, you think I will feel sorry for you, don’t talk nonsense, believe it or not, I smoke you!”
Usually in the dormitory, Feng Pingping has a pretentious black boss posture, relying on her posture, generally no one dares to provoke her.
Today Xue Yuning fell on her hand, and she held back her anger again, it was strange to let Xue Yuning go.
Seeing that the other party seemed to be about to do something, Xiao Qing rushed over to complete the field: “Pingping, it’s okay, Yu Ning didn’t mean it, don’t get into your heart, I’ll talk about her later, go to bed …”
Feng Pingping pushed Xiaoqing away, and said with a sneer: “And, who do you think you are, let me go, I’ve been so uncomfortable with her a long time ago, so what can I do if I clean up her today!”
Hearing this, Xiaoqing was desperate. She had a good relationship with Xue Yuning. Of course, she didn’t want to see Xue Yuning being bullied.
Xiaoqing sighed, and suddenly stood in front of Xue Yuning, and said loudly: “Feng Pingping, I warn you not to bully, to bear with you for a long time, don’t go too far, today we have something to say, but if you dare for no reason The bullying Yu Ning, be careful of the complaint that I go to the instructor and the school leader!”
Xiaoqing curled his lips and sneered: “I’m afraid you haven’t forgotten it. I remembered a big mistake before. If this is…”
Feng Pingping, who was still very arrogant when Xiao Qing said, immediately softened.
Of course, she knows better than anyone else. She used to work with the school leaders, but there were too many criminal cases. If she was sued again, she might really be expelled…
Feng Pingping gritted her teeth and was helpless, but still couldn’t swallow that breath in her heart.
She took a step back and pointed at Xue Yu Ning and said, “Okay, well, well, then let’s just talk about it today!”
Feng Pingping continued, “I’m just a idiot. Didn’t I say that I got two tickets for the first row of the concert? If her mother can get it out today, I’m sure I won’t put any fart, but if she can’t get it out today To prove it, don’t blame me!”
Feng Pingping sneered, and continued: “If I take care of her, you can take care of her, then if I can bury her in the dormitory of Chujiang University, you can’t take care of it? I didn’t break the law or the rules?”
Xiaoqing gritted her teeth fiercely when she heard the words, her heart was extremely cruel.
She knew that Xue Yuning couldn’t get the tickets at all, so she could only let Feng Pingping go out and bury her when she turned around.
For people like Feng Pingping, she can’t say anything. It is estimated that in order to vent her anger, some and none will be said.
If so, Xue Yuning would really have no face to stay at Chujiang University.
As the saying goes, good things do not go out, but scandals spread thousands of miles.
Even if there are things you haven’t done at all, some people have promoted them to you.
Many people who don’t know the truth naturally feel that you must have done those things.
But the most annoying thing is that even if Feng Pingping did this, Xiao Qing could do nothing.
As people said, she didn’t break the law in the first place, and she didn’t break the rules in the second. At most things were exposed, she just lost some face.
But if those things really spread out, how many people can explain it clearly?
Xiaoqing couldn’t help but glance at Xue Yuning, squeezed sweat in her palms, and asked in a low voice, “Yuning, look at this…”
At this time, Xue Yuning could see it through. Feng Pingping dared to say these things if she couldn’t get the tickets.
That being the case, let Jiang Hao send the tickets to himself.
In the first place, this can prove that he has not lied and it can also block Feng Pingping’s mouth.
Secondly, let Feng Pingping see if her boyfriend is the so-called garbage in her mouth!
Thinking of this, Xue Yuning raised her head, looked at Feng Pingping, and said calmly: “Okay, didn’t you let me prove it to you? Then I will let Jiang Hao send me the tickets, but…”
Xue Yuning paused, gritted his teeth and said, “I have a request!”

Chapter: 225
Feng Pingping was a little unhappy. At this time, Xue Yuning even dared to negotiate terms with herself.
But she believed that Xue Yuning couldn’t get the tickets.
Finally, Feng Pingping smiled disdainfully, and said calmly: “Okay, what are the conditions? Let’s talk about it!”
Xue Yuning glanced at Xiaoqing and said, “Xiaoqing, I hope you can give me a testimony. I don’t want anyone to cheat by then!”
Xiaoqing was taken aback when she heard the words, and she could hear that Xue Yuning was really moving.
But this silly girl, where did she come from? Is it possible that she really has the first-row tickets for Huo Yun’s concert?
But at this point, Xue Yuning himself said so, and Xiaoqing naturally had nothing to say.
She nodded, took out her phone, and said, “Good Yu Ning, I will record everything between you in a moment. Who will deny me when I see it!”
Feng Pingping seemed to be a little impatient for a long time, and snorted, “Okay, I want to see who denies it for a while! What is the request, let’s talk quickly!”
Xue Yuning said: “My request is very simple, that is, if I can get a ticket later, you must apologize to me and also to my boyfriend!”
Feng Pingping sneered when she heard the words, without taking it seriously, and said, “That’s it? Hoho, it’s ridiculous, yes, yes, I promise you. But…I also have a request, do you agree or not?”
Feng Pingping felt that she was bound to win, so she smiled and said, “That is, if you can’t get the ticket, you will kneel down and say three times that I am wrong!”
The more the words came to the end, the more arrogant Feng Pingping’s tone became, and it felt like she was planning to put Xue Yuning to death.
Xue Yuning didn’t feel anything, and said calmly: “Yes, it’s a deal!”
Hearing Xue Yuning’s words, Xiaoqing on the side jumped in a hurry and whispered, “Oh, Yu Ning, aren’t you stupid? How can you promise her? You…”
Hearing that Xiaoqing was going to be more nosy, Feng Pingping stopped doing it immediately, her face immediately became gloomy, and pointed to Xue Yuning and said: “Okay, stop talking nonsense, I will bother you people. Doing things is boring, hurry up. I want to see what kind of tickets you can come up with. Huh, don’t you even know what the tickets look like?”
After speaking, Feng Pingping giggled into a ball.
Xue Yuning was not convinced, and quickly took out the phone and called Jiang Hao directly.
On the other side, Jiang Hao was already going to sleep, and the phone rang again.
Jiang Hao was a little surprised when he saw Xue Yuning, but he picked it up without any hesitation.
“Hey Yuning, what’s wrong?”
Xue Yuning could not help but feel a little embarrassed when he heard Jiang Hao’s tone of voice, “I’m sorry Jiang Hao, you… are you asleep?”
“No, how can I go to bed so early, what’s the matter with Yuning?”
Xue Yuning was a little embarrassed, and he hesitated for a while before speaking, “That… can I ask you for a favor? I…”
Jiang Hao sat up, thinking that something had happened, and suddenly became nervous: “What’s the matter?”
“No, nothing too much, don’t be nervous!” Xue Yuning heard Jiang Hao’s nervousness and quickly explained, “I just want to ask, can you…can you give me the concert tickets first? ?”
Jiang Hao was surprised for a while: “Why? What’s the matter?”
Xue Yuning hurriedly said: “No…it’s okay, I…just want to see.”
Jiang Hao glanced at the time, it was already past nine o’clock in the evening.
He thought for a while, and he agreed in one fell swoop: “Well, wait a minute, I’ll let Sister Ye send someone to deliver it, and I’ll deliver it to you later.”
Jiang Hao originally wanted to end the call, but suddenly he thought of something, and hurriedly said, “Oh, by the way, Yu Ning, aren’t your cousin and brother-in-law also in Chujiang? How about that? I turn around and ask sister Ye. See if you can get a few more tickets. Let’s go and check it out. After all, Morita is here, and I learned about this afterwards. It will definitely not affect you or the aunt.”
Although Xue Yuning’s cousin and Fan Deng had the same attitude towards them today, in Jiang Hao’s view, they were Xue Yuning’s relatives after all.
It doesn’t matter if you feel wronged, but if these people have a little conscience, they can talk more about Xue Yuning in front of many relatives, and they will not waste their efforts.
Xue Yuning hesitated a little when she heard the words, but she did not expect this.
But now that she thought about it, she felt that Jiang Hao was right.
Maybe it would cost a little more money, but at least they didn’t lose their affection, and they would have no reason to blame themselves when they turned back.
“That’s okay, you can ask Sister Ye, if there are extras, please give them a few by the way.”
Jiang Hao responded and ended the call.
After finishing the call, Jiang Hao had some doubts why Xue Yuning wanted to see the tickets in the middle of the night, but he still called Ye Yunjie.
“Hey, Sister Ye, are you still working?”
Ye Yunjie said, “Now, is Shao Jiang still asleep?”
Jiang Hao gave a hesitant hmm and continued, “That… Sister Ye, can I trouble you with something?”
Jiang Hao paused and continued: “Actually, there are two things. The first thing is that I want to ask for two more tickets. Do you think you have any extra?”
Ye Yunjie smiled and said, “Oh, just this matter, how much do you want Jiang Hao? I will tell the organizer later, I have as many as I want. Then Jiang Shao, what’s the second thing?”
Jiang Hao smiled awkwardly: “That is, sister Ye, can you send me the tickets right now?”
Ye Yunjie glanced at her watch in surprise, “It’s nine o’clock, it’s at night, why do you want tickets, Shao Jiang?”
Of course, Jiang Hao can’t directly say that Xue Yuning asked for it, so he just made up a reason and said, “Oh, that’s right, I’m thinking, tomorrow I’ll take the ticket and take someone there, and I’ll go to you to get it if I save it. Is it possible that there will be a traffic jam along the way…”
Ye Yunjie also believed this reason.
She nodded: “Well, I’ll have someone send the tickets to Jiang Shao in a while, four, right? If it’s not enough, Jiang Shao, you are calling me.”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao breathed a sigh of relief, and then repeatedly thanked: “Enough is enough, thank you very much, Sister Ye…”

Chapter: 226
“You are polite, Shao Jiang.” After speaking, Ye Yunjie ended the call.
Jiang Hao was very happy. He knew that there was nothing Ye Yunjie couldn’t do.
Originally, Jiang Haodu was already lying down, but he quickly put on his clothes again, left the dormitory, and walked directly to the entrance of the school.
Jiang Hao waited at the door for less than ten minutes when a black off-road vehicle slowly stopped in front of him.
A black-clothed youth quickly got out of the car, walked to Jiang Hao, and said politely: “Hello, Jiang Shao, I’m sorry to keep you waiting, this is your ticket…”
After speaking, the youth respectfully handed in several concert tickets.
Jiang Hao smiled and took the ticket, and said several times of thanks. The young man was also humble and left.
Jiang Hao looked at the ticket in his hand and quickly called Xue Yuning…
At this time, Xue Yuning’s bedroom was very angry and nervous for a while.
Xue Yuning sat on her bed, a little anxious, and occasionally glanced at her phone.
Feng Pingping, who was sitting on the bed opposite Xue Yuning, seemed much calmer.
She glanced at Xue Yuning, and when she saw the nervousness in her expression, she knew she had won.
She couldn’t help but sneered, yin and yang murmured strangely: “Hoho, pretending to be like that, and calling someone to send the ticket. I will go out today and stay up all night. I will look at yours. What boyfriend, will he not be able to deliver it all night!”
As soon as Feng Pingping’s voice fell, Xue Yuning was originally trying to argue, but the phone rang suddenly.
Seeing that it was Jiang Hao who was calling, Xue Yuning was immediately ecstatic.
“Hey Jiang Hao, where are you?” Xue Yuning was very excited, and in order to prove himself, he turned on the phone to amplify in front of Feng Pingping.
On the phone, Jiang Hao had a frustrated tone and said, “Yuning, I’m sorry, I…”
When Xue Yuning heard Jiang Hao say I’m sorry, she couldn’t help but chuckle, and immediately thought that something might have happened. This was the last thing she wanted to see.
“What… What’s wrong with Jiang Hao?” Xue Yuning asked.
“Hey…” Jiang Hao sighed for a long time, “Tickets… I couldn’t get it!”
As soon as Jiang Hao said this, Xue Yuning seemed to be struck by a thunderbolt from the blue sky, and immediately stood there blankly.
“You…what did you say?” Xue Yuning couldn’t believe her ears.
“I said that the ticket could not be obtained, something happened to Sister Ye, so…”
This is amplifying, Jiang Hao’s words, everyone in Xue Yuning’s bedroom heard clearly.
Xue Yuning’s face suddenly flushed, and he looked at Feng Pingping with an ugly expression.
But at this time Feng Pingping was proud of her face. Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, she burst into arrogant laughter instantly.
“Hahahaha… I really laughed at me!” Feng Pingping laughed loudly, “What is this? Pretending to be impossible. Did you pretend to be a mess? It’s too embarrassing, right? You also pretended to turn on the amplification. Can your boyfriend get tickets? Blow you, now it’s good, I see what you say!”
Xue Yuning was completely dumbfounded, she didn’t even know how she had hung up her phone, anyway, the whole person was stunned for a while.
When Feng Pingping saw this, she immediately became interested, pointed directly at Xue Yuning’s nose, and cursed: “Xue Yuning, is there anything else you can say this time? And you, Xu Qingqing, just now we both bet you, but you are all Record it, don’t try to deny it, Xue Yuning, kneel down for me!”
Hearing this, Xue Yuning just reacted, her face was extremely ugly, she did not expect that what she had clearly thought that the victory would be reversed would happen!
Hasn’t Ye Yunjie already promised Jiang Hao? How can those things be like this? Xue Yuning couldn’t figure it out anyway.
“What are you doing in a daze, hurry up, kneel down!” Feng Pingping suddenly became unreasonable, and went forward to tear Xue Yuning.
Seeing this, Xu Qingqing hurriedly stepped forward to stop him, and said dissatisfied: “Hey, what are you going to do? Even if you make a bet, Yu Ning will do it by herself. Why do you force her to kneel for you?
At this time, it seems to be too late to say anything. When the rules were originally set, everyone agreed. Now that you lose, of course you must fulfill your promise.
Xue Yuning’s heart was raging, he glanced hard at Feng Pingping, and his legs were a little numb.
Feng Pingping hurriedly urged proudly, “Kneel to me, this is what you said. If you don’t kneel today, how can you wait for me to fix you! Hurry up!”
Feng Pingping became more and more severe, and that attitude seemed to be like Xue Yuning’s own slave. If she had a whip in her hand at this time, she might draw towards Xue Yuning without hesitation.
When Xue Yuning heard the words, she was cruel and gritted her teeth again. When she was about to plop and kneel down, her cell phone suddenly rang again.
This time, Xue Yuning didn’t have the slightest excitement. She glanced at the number and it turned out to be Jiang Hao.
“Hey Yu Ning, why did you hang up the phone?” Jiang Hao frowned and asked, “I haven’t finished speaking yet!”

Chapter: 227
Xue Yuning’s tone was extremely depressed, and replied: “Um…I…”
Xue Yuning choked more and more, very uncomfortable.
Hearing Xue Yuning’s voice, Jiang Hao on the other end of the phone immediately became nervous again, and asked hurriedly: “Yuning, what’s the matter with you? Tell me what’s wrong? Don’t scare me…”
At this time Xu Qingqing was beside Xue Yuning, and she could naturally hear the conversation between Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao.
Hearing that Jiang Hao was even embarrassed to ask Xue Yuning what’s wrong, she felt a little frustrated.
Xu Qingqing snatched the phone in Xue Yuning’s hand and said loudly to Jiang Hao, “Are you a man? He said he would buy tickets for Yu Ning, but what about the tickets? Do you know that Yu Ning is because he believes too much? You care too much about your face, and you have lost your bet with others. Not only do you lose your face now, you have to kneel down!”
When Jiang Hao heard Xu Qingqing’s words, he was taken aback.
what’s the problem? Why does Xue Yuning lose face and still kneel to others now? What happened to this?
He hurriedly said, “Well, please return the phone to Yu Ning. I have something to tell her.”
“What else are you talking about!” Xu Qingqing said without slamming, “You stinky men, all of you who only know rhetoric, none of them are good!”
After speaking, Xu Qingqing angrily stuffed the phone to Xue Yuning.
“Hey, Yu Ning…” Jiang Hao’s shout came from the mobile phone in his hand, and Xue Yuning quickly put it to his ear.
“Jiang Hao, I’m okay, don’t listen to Xiaoqing’s nonsense. I…” Xue Yuning choked up and couldn’t speak.
When Jiang Hao heard Xue Yuning’s voice, he was very anxious, and said quickly: “Don’t cry, Yu Ning Yuning, I told you, I just made fun of you just now, I have got the tickets, and now it’s downstairs in your bedroom. I didn’t expect this to happen, don’t worry, there will be nothing with me!”
At this moment, Jiang Hao could hardly wait to puff himself up.
He just wanted to tease Xue Yuning at the time, but he didn’t expect that things would end up in this way.
But Xue Yuning was already discouraged and was about to give up.
But Jiang Hao’s words suddenly gave her hope again.
“Jiang Hao, what you said is true? Don’t lie to me!” Xue Yuning asked seriously.
“Don’t worry, how could I lie to you, Yu Ning, look down from the window…”
Upon hearing this, Xue Yuning hurried to the window, looked down, and saw Jiang Hao poking downstairs, waving a few tickets in his hand, and seeing himself with a smirk.
At this moment, Xue Yuning was crying with joy, her tears burst out instantly, and then she turned her head and rushed downstairs…
“Hey, why are you going, Yu Ning?” Xu Qingqing suddenly shouted.
Feng Pingping, who was on the side, was even more astonished, but she quickly reacted, with quick eyesight and quick hands, she grabbed Xue Yuning.
“What do you want? Run away? If you lose, you want to run. Believe it or not, you won’t be able to lift your head in Chujiang University!” Feng Pingping clung to Xue Yuning, threatening viciously.
Xue Yuning’s arm was violently scratched and it hurt.
She looked at Feng Pingping angrily and complained: “What are you doing! You let me go, I’m not running, I’m going down to get the tickets!”
Feng Pingping heard the words and couldn’t help but laugh out loudly: “Ho ho, it’s really interesting. It didn’t happen just now, why is there suddenly now? You are a person like you who never draft a lie. Why should I believe you? , What if you run away?”
Xue Yuning looked speechless, and replied: “I can run to a monk, can I run to a temple? I have everything here, where do I go? And you don’t want to run the bill? To make me lose, even go downstairs Don’t let me take the tickets?”
Feng Pingping was speechless at the words of Xue Yuning.
She looked at Xue Yuning a little embarrassed, trying to get angry, but found that she could do nothing, because what others said made sense!
Feng Pingping reluctantly escorted Xue Yuning away, and finally did not forget to threaten him viciously: “I warn you, if you dare to run, then don’t blame me for being polite!”
Xue Yuning ignored the opponent, broke free of the opponent’s hand, and ran downstairs quickly.
“Yuning, what’s the matter!” Seeing Xue Yuning go downstairs, Jiang Hao rushed over, and looked at Xue Yuning with a hundredfold concern, for fear that she would be injured.
Xue Yuning smiled slightly: “It’s okay, I’m really okay, don’t listen to Xiaoqing talking nonsense on the phone, don’t worry.”
Xue Yuning immediately looked at the ticket in Jiang Hao’s hand: “You really got it! Humph, then you lied to me just now, making me so embarrassed…”
Jiang Hao noticed that Xue Yuning was really okay, and he was talking and laughing at the moment, so he let go.
“Hey, I just wanted to tease you. I didn’t expect you to take it seriously. With sister Ye, what are these tickets?” Jiang Hao said with a smile.
Xue Yuning also nodded: “Well, I’ll be fine. It’s so late, so you can go back to sleep, the ticket… let me put it here first, and we will go to the concert tomorrow.”

Chapter: 228
Jiang Hao nodded when he heard the words, and said, “Okay, you can go up, I’ll call you later.”
Xue Yuning smiled, took the ticket and went upstairs, Jiang Hao quickly returned to the bedroom.
Xue Yuning sighed, thinking about waiting for a while to take out the tickets by herself, to see what Feng Pingping had to say.
In fact, Xue Yuning didn’t want to make everyone’s relationship so stalemate. After all, they all lived in the same dormitory. Seeing you when you looked up and looked down, it was really a red face, and there was really no way to meet again in the future.
But today Feng Pingping was really too much. Not only did she humiliate herself so much for no reason, she also insulted Jiang Hao from the ground, which she couldn’t stand anyway.
Xue Yuning looked at the four concert tickets in his hand, and thought that if he was willing to give up today, he would give Feng Pingping a lesson.
Xue Yuning’s bedroom.
When Xue Yuning ran downstairs, Feng Pingping and Xu Qingqing also hurried to the window to take a look.
Although they share the same dormitory with Xue Yuning, Xue Yuning usually conceals her private affairs very well, so they only heard that Xue Yuning had a boyfriend, but they didn’t even know who this person was and what he looked like.
So taking this opportunity, the two wanted to see what kind of boyfriend Xue Yuning had found.
It’s just that Feng Pingping and Xu Qingqing looked down, and their expressions instantly froze.
“Well, why is this him?” Xu Qingqing called out a bit surprised.
Even Feng Pingping was stunned for a long time before recollecting it. But she was smiling like a flower, and her face was full of mockery.
“Hahaha, I found out, Xue Yuning is so interesting, I thought she found what kind of boyfriend, after a long time, it turned out to be him?” Feng Pingping smiled from ear to ear, and continued, ” Whoops, who really is looking for someone? A brain-dead looking for a poor man, haha, a perfect match…”
Jiang Hao was very famous at Chujiang University before. Of course, he was poorly known.
So Feng Pingping and Xu Qingqing knew Jiang Hao as a person a long time ago.
Originally, Jiang Hao was the object of mockery in their eyes, but they never thought that this guy turned into Xue Yuning’s boyfriend!
“Xue Yuning’s little face is not bad after all. Why do you like such a short, frustrated, poor woman who has no money?” Feng Pingping smiled, “I really don’t understand what she thinks, the point is This stupid guy actually trusts him. This guy is famous at Chujiang University. He bought her the first-row tickets for Huo Yun’s concert? Is there a hole in Xue Yuning’s head!”
Not only Feng Pingping, even Xu Qingqing at this time was surprised and surprised.
Indeed, she did not understand why Xue Yuning fell in love with Jiang Hao?
This guy doesn’t want anything, and his appearance conditions are not at all advantageous.
Compared to Xue Yuning, although her family conditions are not good, at least Xue Yuning has a look and figure. With Xue Yuning’s advantage, as long as she is dressed well, her popularity will never be inferior to the most famous ones in Chujiang University. School flowers.
And Xu Qingqing could also tell that Xue Yuning seemed to believe in Jiang Hao.
It’s not to blame Feng Pingping for saying that kind of words. Obviously, with Jiang Hao’s financial ability, to say what first-row concert tickets he can buy for Xue Yuning is tantamount to a dream.
But what left Xu Qingqing speechless the most was that Xue Yuning believed Jiang Hao so deeply.
Xu Qingqing was also very helpless, and now that she can only take one step at a time and wish Xue Yuning good luck.
Feng Pingping looked at Xu Qingqing, who was extremely frustrated, and sneered: “Xiaoqing, I don’t think you have anything to say this time? Xue Yuning must not be able to give out the tickets. Then you have to fulfill your promise. , Oh, it’s time to cash it out!”
Xu Qingqing lowered her head, feeling very unhappy in her heart.
She was about to speak when she heard footsteps coming from outside the bedroom door, and then Xue Yuning walked in.
“Yeah, you’re back!” Feng Pingping sneered, “Yes, Xue Yuning, I didn’t expect that the boyfriend you were looking for was still a big man, hahahaha…”
Xue Yuning knew what Feng Pingping’s words meant when she heard her, and her face instantly became cold.
No matter what, Feng Pingping continued, “Hey? Tell me, did you find it with your eyes closed? Otherwise, there are thousands of boys in Chujiang University, why did you choose him? Isn’t this kid special in any way? Amazing?”
After Feng Pingping finished speaking, she burst into laughter again. In her opinion, she had more reasons to laugh at Xue Yuning this time.
She was already poor, but now she found a boyfriend who was even poorer than herself. Xue Yuning thought it would be hard not to get angry in the girls’ bedroom.
Xue Yuning was very angry, and immediately said displeased: “Thank you, please pay attention when you speak. I choose Jiang Hao because I like him, and don’t be too happy too early. Please don’t think that you are as high as you are today. I look down on Jiang Hao, maybe tomorrow, you can’t afford it!”

Chapter: 229
“Puff……” Feng Pingping sneered for a while, then sneered and shook his head, “Yes, I wish you and your wishful prince, and you will become so rich as soon as possible……”
Feng Pingping glanced at Xue Yuning and asked, “Hurry up, let me see, your poor, dying boyfriend is using something to deceive you!”
Naturally, Feng Pingping didn’t believe it. She had gone so far as to not even get an ordinary ticket. With Jiang Hao’s strength, what kind of front row ticket could he get?
After Feng Pingping finished speaking, she stretched out her hand in front of Xue Yuning.
Xue Yuning did not panic, and was about to pass the tickets…
But at this moment, Xu Qingqing suddenly stretched out his hand and stopped Xue Yuning.
Xu Qingqing frowned and looked at Xue Yuning and shook her head again and again: “Yuning, or… or forget it, I think you should apologize to Pingping, anyway, everyone is good sisters, no…”
Xu Qingqing hadn’t finished speaking, but was interrupted by Xue Yuning.
“Forget it? Why forget it!” Xue Yuning said with a serious face, “Xiaoqing, I don’t want to be like that for today, but I got the tickets. Why do I have to forget it? Since Pingping doesn’t believe it, then Just show her, I see what else she can say!”
In Xu Qingqing’s view, Xue Yuning’s remarks were nothing more than anger, and this kind of anger had no effect, and the final result could only be that she was even more disconcerted.
“Hey, why don’t you listen to persuasion! Okay, no matter what you are, do whatever you want!” Xu Qingqing said angrily.
Xue Yuning glanced at Xu Qingqing. Of course she understood that her good friend didn’t believe Jiang Hao at all.
Don’t believe it, don’t believe it, after all, you will soon believe it!
Without saying a word, Xue Yuning directly took the four concert tickets on Feng Pingping’s hand.
“I hope you don’t break your promise!” Xue Yuning said.
Feng Pingping didn’t care at all at first, but after she carefully looked at the tickets in her hand, she was instantly dumbfounded!
“This…this is fake!” Feng Pingping said with a look of disbelief.
She repeatedly looked at the ticket in her hand several times, but she had to admit that the ticket did not seem to be fake.
Xue Yuning even said on the side: “Tickets have independent code. You can check it. After checking, you will know if it is true or not.”
Of course Feng Pingping has to check it out. After all, this is a major matter of her dignity. If she doesn’t figure it out, what if she is deceived by Xue Yuning.
Feng Pingping took out her phone and scanned the QR code on the ticket…
This time, Feng Pingping was completely desperate, her face was pale, she rubbed her eyes and scratched her head again.
“This… how is this true?” Feng Pingping said in surprise.
Xue Yuning smiled upon hearing the words, “Is it true? You have verified it yourself. Is there anything else you can say?”
Xu Qingqing on the side thought that Xue Yuning would be dead this time.
But when she heard Feng Pingping’s words, she was also shocked, and hurriedly came over, and then she saw Feng Pingping’s dead fish face.
“This…Is this ticket real?” Xu Qingqing didn’t know whether she was asking Xue Yuning or Feng Pingping, anyway, she was also surprised and felt that all this was a little unbelievable.
“Xiaoqing, this ticket is of course true. I have told you that Jiang Hao will not deceive me!” Xue Yuning smiled slightly.
This time Xu Qingqing was finally relieved.
Originally, she was still worried about whether Xue Yuning would be in danger this time, after all, Feng Pingping was almost punishing her and soon afterwards, Xue Yuning was in danger of escape.
But now, Xue Yuning seems to have gone from danger to danger.
“That’s good, that’s good!” Xu Qingqing looked at Xue Yuning and smiled, then questioned Feng Pingping slightly proudly.
“Pingping, you have verified the authenticity of the ticket now, you should give Yu Ning an explanation!”
Xu Qingqing had already seen Feng Pingping a little uncomfortable. This time, she also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to fix Feng Pingping. She would dare not be arrogant again in the future.
Feng Pingping was called into a violent turn, and she was slightly taken aback: “What…what’s the saying?”
However, Feng Pingping quickly reacted, and his face flushed.
Although she looks rude and unreasonable, she has a face after all.
When she thought of the things she had agreed with Xue Yuning triumphantly before, she felt her heart churn.
“Damn, I was fooled by Xue Yuning, damn it, I didn’t expect it to look honest, and there are so many ghost ideas in my heart!”
Feng Pingping scolded Xue Yuning in her heart, but she couldn’t change anything. After all, they had already taken out the real tickets. What else can you do.
Feng Pingping was a little unwilling, and her anger became even more intense.
At this moment, Xue Yuning also spoke.
“Pingping, now please give me an apology to Jiang Hao!” Xue Yuning said, “My request is not excessive. I am not like you. Let me kneel for you. I only need you to say sorry, because You humiliated me first, so I ask you to apologize, it’s fair!”

Chapter: 230
Xue Yuning’s words completely ignited Feng Pingping.
She was very angry, slammed Xue Yuning violently, and yelled: “Fair shit, what are you, why should I apologize to you? Who are you? You, shameless, dare to talk to me. fair!”
Feng Pingping’s actions really surprised Xue Yuning and Xu Qingqing.
They never expected that Feng Pingping would jump over the wall in a hurry and refused to admit it.
And also what kind of tyrannical attitude you can take me.
Xue Yu looked at the other party with shame and excitedly pointed at the other party: “Feng Pingping, I never thought you were such a person. Don’t you have a trace of conscience? Why don’t you admit it? Jiang Hao just teased me When I said that I didn’t bring the ticket, was it you? You were about to press my head on the ground, and now it’s yourself, but you don’t admit it? Have you got your conscience eaten by dogs!”
This is the first time Xue Yuning fought against others, because she felt unfair, and it seemed that after being with Jiang Hao, she gradually understood what is unfair!
But Feng Pingping is determined not to admit it, and it doesn’t matter what you say.
She was obviously even more angry when she heard Xue Yuning’s words, and quickly walked to Xue Yuning’s, and she couldn’t help but slap her hands up.
Xue Yuning suddenly felt hot on his face, hot as if being poured over a pot of hot water.
“You must be careful when you speak, bitch. If you dare to speak to me like that, I will kill you!” Feng Pingping threatened Xue Yuning with her fingertips.
In Feng Pingping’s view, no matter what I do or do! Those are all your own business, and you Xue Yuning has no right to control or talk about it.
I said you can scold you, but if you dare to retort, or scold me, then you are looking for death!
At this moment, Xue Yuning finally couldn’t help it anymore, tears streaming down.
Xu Qingqing on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, she rushed over, pushed Feng Pingping away, and said loudly, “The surname is Feng, why are you hitting someone? Is Yu Ning wrong? Obviously it’s yourself. If you lose, you not only refuse to admit it, but also beat people? What are you going to do? Are you a bully?”
Feng Pingping smiled disapprovingly upon hearing this, and said in a low voice, “You are right, I am a bully. I just didn’t admit it if I lost. I even beat people. What can you do to me?”
Feng Pingping sneered, did not put Xu Qingqing and Xue Yuning in his eyes at all, and continued: “Xu Qingqing, don’t be too nosy, or be careful that I will tidy up with you! Hmph, what happened to me? No matter how much you nosy, I still smoke her!”
While talking, Feng Pingping walked up to Xue Yuning, raised her hand abruptly, and started to pull it down again.
“Stop it!” Xu Qingqing yelled suddenly, and stopped Feng Pingping’s palm, and said, “I tell you, if you feel better today with Yu Ning’s finger, I will call the instructor immediately. , I believe that as long as you arrive tomorrow morning, the school leaders will definitely call you to the office, and it will be up to you to do!”
Feng Pingping was very angry when he came to scare herself with this trick again, and even wished to slap Xu Qingqing.
This woman is so hateful that she threatens herself with this thing every time.
However, Feng Pingping must also admit that Xu Qingqing really grasped her lifeline, and this threat was right in her arms.
Feng Pingping’s raised hand trembled a few times because of anger, and finally put it down in an anguish.
Feng Pingping was about to die of anger, staring at Xu Qingqing fiercely, and said angrily: “Okay, okay, Xu Qingqing, you will wait for me, today I will bear it, but you will remember it for me, waiting for you to use this thing to threaten When I was, you must be dead!”
After speaking, Feng Pingping turned to go to bed.
But Xu Qingqing called her proudly: “Hold on, come down for me!”
Feng Pingping was taken aback for a moment: “What else do you want to do?”
Xu Qingqing smiled and said, “Don’t do anything, you still have something forgotten to do? Now please apologize to Xue Yuning and immediately, otherwise, you will be at your own risk!”
Feng Pingping is about to explode!
Xu Qingqing dare to threaten herself like this, is she a human?
“I warn you, don’t be too much!” Feng Pingping said through gritted teeth.
Xu Qingqing raised her head and replied, “You are the one who is too much. Why, is there anything else you want to say? If you don’t have one, then please apologize obediently!”
Feng Pingping took a few breaths and stood there for a while, seeming to hesitate.
But soon, she went to bed angrily, with an expression of stubbornness, and said viciously at Xue Yuning and Xu Qingqing below: “Fuck you, let me apologize to her? Please do your brains? Be you Go to my daydream, my old lady is going to sleep, you have a kind of complaint right now to the instructor, I am going to fight it out! But you, who is surnamed Xu, will remember for me, what will happen to me today? Why am I playing with you!”
After speaking, Feng Pingping pulled the quilt over and covered her head, looking like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.

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