I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 241-250

Chapter: 241
Hearing what Wang Jiani said, cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng were both stunned.
They looked at each other, the expressions on their faces could not help but changed slightly.
Fan Deng took a peek at Jiang Hao, seeming to be thinking something in his heart, and then he said to Wang Jiani: “You don’t want to say anything, what are you talking about? Jiang Hao is the top rich second generation in Chujiang, what kind of shit are you talking about? words!”
Obviously Van Den was also a little skeptical, and when he spoke, he deliberately said that Jiang Hao was the second generation of the rich. In fact, he wanted to hear about it. How would Wang Jiani react after hearing this.
Vanden’s goal was soon achieved.
Because he saw that after Wang Jiani heard what she said, her whole body smiled and fell together.
Wang Jiani pointed to Jiang Hao and asked with a smile: “What did you say? You said he is the top rich second generation? Or Chu Jiang’s top rich second generation? Let me ask, are you two natives of Chu Jiang? ”
Fan Deng looked at cousin Xue Yuning, frowned and nodded: “We…were not…”
Wang Jiani smiled bitterly: “That’s right. Please don’t talk about this kind of thing in Chujiang, otherwise you will be laughed at to death, just him? Still Chujiang’s top rich second generation? Hoho, yes Did he tell you?”
This time cousin Xue Yuning nodded hurriedly, because she discovered that she had been murmured since last night, and it seemed that Wang Jiani could give herself a true and credible answer.
“Hey…you even believe this kind of thing. I said that there is a pit in your brain?” Wang Jiani continued with a speechless expression, “Tell you the truth, Chujiang is the real top rich second generation, that’s all. There are a few, there are only a few, but if you want to find out if there is one named Jiang Hao in all Chujiang? You all dare to believe this kind of the lowest-level nonsense of this kind of person, let me say something. ?”
Upon hearing Wang Jiani’s words, cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng were not close, and a little understood.
Yes, they have always suspected Jiang Hao’s identity, so why don’t they ask?
If you really get to the kind of top big person who even Qiao Dong nodded and bowed his head and gave a famous wine, it is estimated that anyone who brought in Chujiang would know it!
Van Den patted his forehead, a little annoyed by his IQ arrears.
And at this time, because the few people here are really arguing, a lot of onlookers have been scattered around here.
At this moment, cousin Fan Deng and Xue Yuning can just hear the voice of those people.
“Puff…what? Chu Jiang’s top rich second generation? Chu Jiang’s top rich second generation, isn’t it just the three young masters known as Chu Jiang’s three young masters? When will there be such an extra one? ”
“Hahaha, isn’t it funny, he’s also a top rich second-generation, I don’t think he looks alike.”
“I’m afraid it’s a pretense that I didn’t install it properly, so I was dismantled on the spot, right? Haha, it’s really embarrassing. If it were me, I might have ran away long ago. How could it be like a okay person? What?”
The discussion of the crowd almost clearly passed into the ears of Fan Deng and cousin Xue Yuning.
Passers-by cannot lie, and these people are laughing at Jiang Hao without exception.
Even some people even laughed at both of them.
Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help it anymore. She looked at Van Den with a flushed face, and said indignantly: “Husband, now you hear that, am I right? This kid…this kid has always been Lie to us!”
Cousin Xue Yuning broke out completely. She suddenly pointed at Jiang Hao and yelled: “It has always been special that he followed us to eat and drink. As a result, people looked at our face and gave us free orders. He But shamelessly said it was all because of him? And the bottle of wine…”
When it comes to the 300,000 bottle of red wine, cousin Xue Yuning’s emotions become even more uncontrollable.
She almost burst into tears of anger.
And Van Deng also felt that he had awakened at this time, and looked at Jiang Hao angrily, and said, “This…Jiang Hao, what do you have to say now?”
Seeing the two people who had just mentioned Jiang Hao, they turned their heads and started firing at Jiang Hao. Wang Jiani was as happy as a flower.
She continued to smile happily and said, “Ho ho, you people, you think you are older and smarter than others. Now you know how ignorant you are? Do you know how ignorant you are now? You can all be fooled by low-level lies, and I really feel sad for you!”
Now cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng seem to be eager to eat Jiang Hao, Wang Jiani naturally wants to add more fuel and jealousy, so that the anger in the two of them will burn more vigorously!
“Asshole, your conscience has been eaten by a dog!” Cousin Xue Yuning suddenly pointed at Jiang Hao, she even thought of Jiang Hao slapped herself yesterday and kicked herself again.
Now her stomach still hurts!
Cousin Xue Yuning seemed to be intolerable, and she was about to rush towards Jiang Hao, ready to pay back yesterday’s revenge!
But at this moment, Xue Yuning, who saw the unfavorable situation, hurriedly stood up, lying between his cousin and Jiang Hao, and stretched out his arms to block his cousin’s path.
“Sister, what are you doing? Don’t listen to her nonsense!” Xue Yuning persuaded, “Would you rather believe what this person said nonsense than Jiang Hao?”
How could cousin Xue Yuning hear these words at this time? Besides, she didn’t want to see Xue Yuning.
The more she hated someone, the more she stood in front of her at this time, pleading for a person she hated more.
How could cousin Xue Yuning hear her?
Suddenly, she slapped her hand up and slapped it directly on Xue Yuning’s face. She cursed in her mouth: “Go away, you are all a virtue. Why are you sophistry? What do you sophistry? Everything is so clear. , Do you still want to lie to us? Do you really treat us as idiots? Get out of me!”
Cousin Xue Yuning’s slap was very heavy. Although Xue Yuning subconsciously reached out to block her, she still stubbornly caught the blow, and she was suddenly painful.
And seeing Xue Yuning being beaten, Wang Jiani was so happy, she jumped her feet with a smile, pointed at cousin Xue Yuning, and said loudly: “Good fight, this kind of scum. You should teach it a lesson!”
Wang Jiani was even more happy in her heart. She said that your dog should bite the dog and fight. It’s best to fight with a broken head, and if you fight with both ends, you deserve to be killed!

Chapter: 242
Wang Jiani had long wanted to see Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning being cleaned up, but the person who cleaned them up today was actually their relatives, which made Wang Jiani feel more refreshed.
When Jiang Hao saw that Xue Yuning had been beaten, he was immediately furious. He rushed to support Xue Yuning and shouted at his cousin, “You lunatic!”
Jiang Hao didn’t say a word, he just raised his hand and slapped it back…
Only this time Jiang Hao just raised his hand. Before the hand fell, he was suddenly caught by a hand.
“What do you want to do? Do you? Who gives you the courage!”
Jiang Hao looked up and saw that it was Van Den who was holding his wrist.
At this time, Van Den was also angry, staring at Jiang Hao fiercely, and said, “You really make me sick. I don’t think you are so hypocritical. Do you know that because of you, I’m so embarrassed? It’s gone. What’s the matter, now I have been exposed to my true colors, and I still want to beat people? You can try it!”
Fan Deng is tall and broad, and when facing Jiang Hao, he has a natural suppressive force.
Not to mention, with Jiang Hao’s small body, Van Den has no problems playing two or three by himself.
Jiang Hao’s arm was caught to death, no matter how hard he struggled, it was useless.
Jiang Hao became even more angry, and he said loudly: “You let me go, you people are simply idiots, don’t you believe it if she says a word or two? Don’t you think that you will be laughed at?”
Jiang Hao let out a cold snort, and suddenly exhausted all his energy, and violently withdrew his arm from Van Deng’s hand.
Then Jiang Hao hurried to support Xue Yuning, and asked worriedly, “Yuning, are you okay?”
Xue Yuning shook his head slightly, but kept covering his face with the other hand.
Her cousin slapped her face so hard, saying that it was impossible not to hurt her.
But she had no choice but to feel angry in her heart.
And she knew that in the eyes of her narrow-minded cousin, she slapped herself, and page was only the beginning.
Soon, when she saw that cousin Xue Yuning, who had the advantage on her side, had blown up her hair again, she pointed to Jiang Hao and said to her husband: “Husband, we know who is a fool anyway. Don’t be afraid, give it today. I cleaned him up, but don’t forget, he slapped me yesterday and kicked me again!”
Cousin Xue Yuning appeared filled with indignation, and then said: “Also, since this is the case today, let’s just start everything and say it well. The red wine given to us at the Haoyue Hotel yesterday must be returned today! ”
Cousin Xue Yuning seemed to have something flashing in her mind, she immediately became nervous, and pointed to Jiang Hao and asked: “Damn, you won’t open the bottle of wine? I warn you, if you dare to open it. Bottle of wine, my mother, I’m fighting with you, you are so poor, do you know how much the bottle of wine is, 300,000 yuan, that wine is very expensive than your rubbish, if you dare to hit his idea, if If you dare to damage the bottle of wine, just wait to pay my old lady’s 300,000 yuan!”
When cousin Xue Yuning was speaking, she gritted her teeth with hatred. She was really afraid that Jiang Hao would be curious, so she took the wine apart.
This red wine was worth 300,000 yuan before it was opened, but if it was opened, the price would definitely drop instantly. At that time, I lost, but I don’t know how much money!
Cousin Xue Yuning was very anxious. Seeing that Jiang Hao hadn’t answered her question, she quickly asked: “What am I going to ask you? Where is my old lady’s wine? Did you take it apart? Give it to me quickly. come out!”
Jiang Hao stared at each other fiercely. Cousin Xue Yuning’s horrible, double-faced character made his teeth itch with hatred.
In fact, Jiang Hao returned to the bedroom yesterday and put the bottle of wine directly in the closet of his bedroom at Chujiang University.
But cousin Xue Yuning’s attitude towards herself was really bad, and this guy was so stupid that he chose to listen to others and acted on Xue Yuning. He was really angry.
Jiang Hao suddenly raised his head and said indifferently, “Is that bottle of wine? Sorry, I have already opened it. I drank a glass and it was difficult to drink. I dumped the rest. What can you do with me?”
Jiang Hao just wanted to provoke the opponent and see what he can do with himself!
Jiang Hao really didn’t know if he even returned the red wine to you. What did Xue Yuning’s cousin think?
You hit my woman, and now you still want to be good with me, who do you really think you are? Dream it!
As soon as Jiang Hao said this, cousin Xue Yuning’s whole body was boiling.
She let out a scream from her throat, and said loudly, “You…what did you say? You drank it? You dumped the rest?”
Cousin Xue Yuning was dumbfounded, and her heart said that these two are crazy?
Three hundred thousand one bottle of red wine, I haven’t even covered the heat yet, so I was ruined by Jiang Hao.
Cousin Xue Yuning felt like being bitten by 10,000 ants.
She stared at Jiang Hao fiercely, and yelled angrily: “Why did you pour my wine? Do you know how valuable it is? You are such a prodigal!”
Jiang Hao sneered and looked at each other, with a look of indifferent expression, and said, “I just fell. I am the prodigal son. What can you do about me? Didn’t you say that I was exempted yesterday because of your relationship? You are right. Oh, but what can you do to me? Ho Ho…”
Jiang Hao is deliberately angering each other, don’t you believe me? Then I simply followed your words and made you even more angry.
But no matter how angry, what can you do to me?
This just made Jiang Hao see more clearly the true faces of cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng.
“You…he…” Cousin Xue Yuning trembled and said to Van Deng, “husband, did you hear that? This…he admits this bastard, he admits it, no, I will definitely not let it go today. Look at the one who passed him, I will definitely make him look good today…”
While talking, cousin Xue Yuning urged Fan Deng to go up and fight Jiang Hao desperately.
But compared to Xue Yuning’s cousin, Van Den still retains a trace of reason.
Even though he can’t wait to kill Jiang Hao directly to relieve his anger.
But after all, here in broad daylight, and there is a patrol car on the side, don’t say what to Jiang Hao, even if he hit Jiang Hao a few times, then he will probably stay in the detention center this afternoon.
However, Van Den didn’t want to just let it go. He thought about it and said to his wife: “This kind of person, even if we beat him, it’s dirty hands, or let’s do this…”
While talking, Van Den attached to his wife’s ear and muttered softly.

Chapter: 243
Hearing Van Den finished speaking, cousin Xue Yuning seemed to be more satisfied with what he said, and then nodded.
“What you said makes sense, even this idiot can’t afford our bottle of red wine, so we can only do this!”
Cousin Xue Yuning squinted and looked at Jiang Hao insidiously. She also smiled insidiously, and whispered in a low voice, “Asshole, since you dare to do things so unrelentingly, don’t blame me for being rude!”
Then she said loudly to Jiang Hao: “Fool, you continue to be embarrassed here, grandma won’t play with you anymore, but you can rest assured, this matter today will definitely not be so good, you dare to fall I bought my old mother’s wine, don’t blame me for turning my face on the wine!”
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning turned and left.
Van Den also looked at Jiang Hao with a contemptuous smile, and said in a low tone: “Boy, don’t you think you are very smart. What you did today, we will definitely repay you ten times a hundred times!”
Jiang Hao didn’t panic when he heard what the other party said.
This is Chujiang, his own territory.
Does the other party really think he can make a big wave? He kept saying that he wanted to retaliate against himself, ho ho, do you really think of yourself as a wrist?
And compared to those two dispensables, Jiang Hao was more concerned about Xue Yuning at this time.
Her cousin’s slap just now was not light, and now Xue Yuning can clearly see a clear slap print on her face.
“Does it still hurt?” Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning distressedly, then glanced at the direction where cousin Xue Yuning was leaving, gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t worry, Yu Ning, I will definitely make them pay!”
“I can see that they have certainly bullied you in the past, but now you can rest assured that with me, I will pay them back sooner or later, even with interest!”
Xue Yuning was moved by Jiang Hao’s words, but she shook her head again, and said helplessly, “Forget it Jiang Hao, they… after all, they are my relatives. Let’s forget about this matter today. We will not Just contact them, let’s stay away from people like this…but you…”
Xue Yuning said guiltily, “I’m sorry, because of me today, you have suffered such a great grievance. Hey, I blame me. You shouldn’t have let you follow me to pick them up, otherwise all this won’t happen ,Blame me……”
“What are you talking about, Yu Ning, how can you blame you for this!” Jiang Hao hurriedly comforted, “This is all because of them. You can’t take the wrong things done by others to yourself, right?
Jiang Hao smiled at Xue Yuning and said, “Okay, okay, don’t think about so many unhappy things. It’s better for them to go. The concert will begin soon. Let’s go in. The tickets will soon be lost. It’s here.”
Xue Yuning nodded when she heard the words, as if she was about to say something, but suddenly heard Wang Jiani laughed beside them.
“Haha, are you still acting? People are gone, what kind of drama are you playing? For whom? Me? Ho Ho, do you really think that with your poor acting skills, I will believe it?”
After Wang Jiani had finished speaking, she smiled contemptuously at Jiang Hao, and then walked towards the gate of the gymnasium.
At this time, there was less than an hour left before the concert began, and many people had already started checking in.
Wang Jiani quickly disappeared into the crowd at the door.
Jiang Hao sighed, he was still angry when he recalled the scenes that had happened just now.
But what he was even more curious about was how could Xue Yuning’s ticket disappear?
Jiang Hao hurriedly asked, “By the way, Yu Ning, where did you put your tickets yesterday? Also, why did you ask me to give you tickets so late yesterday?”
In fact, Jiang Hao was very curious about this matter yesterday. After all, Xue Yuning’s behavior was too abnormal. The concert will start tomorrow, and it has been said that the tickets will be delivered the next morning. Why is Xue Yuning so unable to wait?
And the most important thing is how did the tickets pass and then they were lost?
Jiang Hao certainly wouldn’t doubt Xue Yuning, but he still felt that there must be something in it.
Xue Yuning couldn’t help but hesitate when hearing Jiang Hao’s words.
“I…I put things in my bag yesterday, but…but…”
“Then you didn’t insist on letting me send the tickets last night?” Jiang Hao frowned and asked.
“I…” Xue Yuning hesitated, she didn’t want to say something, she didn’t want Jiang Hao to know that she was often bullied in the dormitory, so Jiang Hao would definitely worry about herself even more.
“What the hell is going on?” Jiang Hao hurriedly asked. He had already heard a little question from Xue Yuning’s eloquent words.
Originally, all the signs of Xue Yuning were abnormal yesterday, but now that he is not answering his questions directly, something must have happened.
“Are you being bullied again?” Jiang Hao asked suddenly, “What happened? Yu Ning, why did you hide it from me? I know you don’t want to tell me that I am worried about you. This way I will only worry about you more!”
Upon hearing this, Xue Yuning raised his head and looked at Jiang Hao affectionately, with a complicated expression on his face.
She felt that what Jiang Hao said seemed reasonable. She didn’t say anything like this, just let Jiang Hao think and suspicion, and he would only worry more.
Rather than that, it’s better to be straightforward.
Xue Yuning sighed and said, “Okay Jiang Hao, I will tell you everything, but…but I ask you not to get excited after listening…”
Xue Yuning quickly told Jiang Hao about what happened yesterday, and finally sighed: “As a result…I found out that the ticket was lost.”
When Xue Yuning said about the things that happened yesterday, of course, she avoided the importance and said lightly. She was afraid that Jiang Hao would be angry and do something impulsive.
But even so, when Jiang Hao heard that Xue Yuning was being bullied like this in the dormitory, he clenched his fists angrily and hammered himself severely.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Jiang Hao said angrily, “That Feng Pingping is simply too much. If she dares to do this to you, I will definitely not spare her!”
Xue Yuning frowned and said worriedly: “Oh, forget it, that Feng Pingping has something to do with people outside the school. You shouldn’t be impulsive. If I turn around, I don’t want to provoke her. I know you are not afraid, but the gun is easy to hide. Secret arrows are hard to guard, and we can’t be wary of that kind of people everywhere, right?”
Xue Yuning was really worried about this. Although Jiang Hao has a strong background, but as the saying goes, it is difficult for a strong dragon to crush a snake. In case these people stumble behind, Jiang Hao must be the one who suffers!

Chapter: 244
Jiang Hao sighed, he also had to admit. What Xue Yuning said is reasonable.
And even if the other party didn’t act on him, it was enough for them to find Xue Yuning’s troubles from time to time.
“I heard what you said, the Xu Qingqing in your dormitory is pretty good, or let’s invite someone to have a meal someday,” Jiang Hao suggested.
Xue Yuning finally laughed and said, “Yeah, yeah, Xiaoqing is very good, and you know, her family conditions are not very good, but she is very motivated. I will discuss time with her next day. Let’s have a good time. Ask her to have a good meal, Xiaoqing usually has a tight life, we should take her to relieve her hunger.”
Jiang Hao nodded: “Yes, people usually help you so much, but we have to thank them very much.”
While Jiang Hao was talking, he suddenly saw Xue Yuning’s expression stiff, staring at the direction of the stadium entrance.
“What’s wrong with Yu Ning?” Jiang Hao asked suddenly, puzzled.
Jiang Hao also hurriedly followed Xue Yuning’s gaze and looked not far away, and saw that Xue Yuning seemed to be watching someone, a girl about twenty years old.
“What’s wrong, who is she?” Jiang Hao asked immediately.
At this time the girl was squeezing into the crowd, as if preparing to enter the stadium.
Xue Yuning recovered and hurriedly returned to Jiang Hao and said, “Jiang Hao, have you seen that girl? She is Feng Pingping.”
Jiang Hao nodded when he heard the words, and looked at the other party from a distance, as if he was thinking something in his heart.
But Jiang Hao soon discovered something was wrong, because even if Xue Yuning saw each other, even if the two of them had hatred, she didn’t need to have that expression, right?
It seems that Xue Yuning was surprised to see Feng Pingping here, but also very curious.
“What’s the matter with Yu Ning?” Jiang Hao couldn’t help but be a little suspicious, and asked, “Does she have any problems?”
Xue Yuning nodded slightly, frowned and said, “I remember clearly that Feng Pingping said yesterday that she didn’t grab the ticket. It is because of this that she would be furious at me, but what did she do here today? ?”
And Xue Yuning knew very well that, seeing Feng Pingping’s posture and the smug smile on her face, he was obviously planning to enter the arena.
Soon, Xue Yuning’s eyes widened suddenly, as if thinking of something, he hurriedly looked at Jiang Hao.
At almost the same time, Jiang Hao seemed to have thought of something, and looked at Xue Yuning.
The two said the words almost in unison: “Surely, she stolen the tickets?”
It seems that various signs have shown that Feng Pingping is very suspicious.
After all, she had said before that she didn’t grab the tickets, but she appeared here again today, which obviously shows the problem.
And the most important thing is that Xue Yuning found out that the ticket was lost after arguing with Feng Pingping.
In the morning Xue Yuning saw that the zipper of the handbag was pulled, but the tickets were gone, and Feng Pingping was the only one who knew where Xue Yuning put the tickets.
Thinking of this, Xue Yuning seemed to be sure that Feng Pingping had stolen the tickets.
And the more he knew about this, the more angry Xue Yuning became.
After all, Feng Pingping did such a thing, it was simply disgusting.
Yesterday, she obviously wanted to bet with herself, but after losing, not only did she refuse to admit it, she also humiliated herself in every possible way, and finally stole the ticket…
And it was all because she stole the tickets that also caused Jiang Hao to suffer so much humiliation today.
If it’s just embarrassment to herself, Xue Yuning might just forget it because everyone was in the bedroom.
But today Jiang Hao suffered so much humiliation and was so misunderstood, Xue Yuning couldn’t swallow this breath anyway.
“No, I want to ask if she stole the ticket!” Xue Yuning walked towards Feng Pingping angrily.
Upon seeing this, Jiang Hao hurriedly followed.
Feng Pingping at this time was proud of the spring breeze.
Just before she came here, she had secretly sold three of the four tickets, for which she made a total of more than 70,000 yuan.
Feng Pingping grew up so much and didn’t make so much money at one time. Naturally, she couldn’t be happier, and she burst into laughter.
Moreover, she herself has kept a ticket with the best position, and she can watch a concert in comfort later, which is even more happier.
Feng Pingping was so refreshed in her heart that she couldn’t help thinking in her heart: Ho ho, Xue Yuning, that idiot, maybe you should have found the ticket lost now? Ho ho, what can you do if you find out, even if you guess that I stole the tickets, what can you do to me?
Ho Ho, you are a fool like you, and you deserve to see Huo Yun’s concert. The tickets are also useless for you. It’s better for my aunt, and it can create a little value for me…
Feng Pingping was thinking, suddenly she was patted on the back.
Feng Pingping turned her head subconsciously and saw Xue Yuning looking at herself fiercely.
Although Feng Pingping is not afraid of Xue Yuning, she still has a guilty conscience after all, and she can’t help subconsciously shaking all over…
“You… why are you here?” Feng Pingping asked in surprise.
Feng Pingping obviously did not expect that she would meet Xue Yuning here. She felt that Xue Yuning found that the ticket was lost. Shouldn’t it be the school and the bedroom to search? How could it be here?
Xue Yuning sneered when he heard this, and asked jokingly, “Why, did you feel surprised to see me here? Feng Pingping, shouldn’t I be surprised when I saw you here? May I ask you here? What are you doing?”
When Xue Yuning asked, Feng Pingping was at a loss for words, and she didn’t know what to say.
She hesitated, “I…what’s wrong with me here? You take care of me! I…what can I do here…”
Xue Yuning looked indifferent, and continued to ask: “Yeah, what are you doing here? Of course you are listening to a concert, am I right?”
Feng Pingping heard Xue Yuning’s tone and knew that this matter seemed to have been known to her, her face flushed, and she became angry and said, “You care about me, who are you!”
Xue Yuning looked at the other party, ignored the other party’s verbal abuse, and continued to ask: “I don’t want to control you. Now that I met you, I just ask to understand. Didn’t you say that you didn’t grab the tickets yesterday? Why are you here?”
“I…” Feng Pingping didn’t know how to deal with it for a while, and said in a panic, “I just came to join in the fun, can you manage it? You can manage it quite broadly, is this your house? Give me aside, don’t bother I!”
Xue Yuning sneered when she heard the words, pointing to the concert ticket that Feng Pingping held in her palm, and said, “Oh? Are you sure you didn’t come to the concert? Hoho, if I guess right, what you have in your hand is First row tickets, right?”

Chapter: 245
Feng Pingping’s cold sweat started as soon as Xue Yuning said this.
She stared at Xue Yuning fiercely, holding the ticket in the hand, clenching tighter.
“You care about me, I don’t watch the concert. What kind of tickets are you holding? Can you manage it?” Feng Pingping said unreasonably, “What do you think? I warn you Xue Yuning, don’t think about it. What’s wrong with me watching the concert, does it have anything to do with you?”
Feng Pingping had completely understood what Xue Yuning meant at this moment, and she couldn’t help feeling a little flustered in her heart.
After all, this ticket was stolen. She was really afraid of what Xue Yuning said, so she wanted to send her as soon as possible.
Xue Yuning actually chased here, Feng Pingping really felt like she was going to collapse.
Xue Yuning knew that Feng Pingping was a little panicked, so she hurriedly approached and said: “I don’t care what you are here for, whether you are watching the concert or what you are doing, but I think what I am here for, Pingping, you should be very clear in your heart? ”
“I… what do I know? I don’t know, what do you mean, don’t mess around with me here, be careful I’m not polite to you!” Feng Pingping finally pointed directly at Xue Yuning and began to threaten.
But Xue Yuning was very indifferent and replied, “I’m stubborn? That seems better than some people’s petty thieves? You are not polite to me? Hoho, don’t you want to know, I’m not welcome, what will you do?”
As soon as Xue Yuning said these words, Feng Pingping’s panic reached its climax, and she became ashamed and angered.
Her attitude towards Xue Yuning, Jane reached the edge of the outbreak, and yelled: “Xue Yuning, what do you say is a thief? Are you framing, who stole your things? He threatened me. , I see how far you can threaten me!”
Seeing Feng Pingping still looks like a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water, Xue Yuning was also heartbroken and determined to investigate the matter to the end today.
Originally, she thought everyone was in the same room anyway, and in front of so many people, how could she give Feng Pingping some face.
Originally, Xue Yuning had thought about it, and she just gave Feng Pingping a chance. If she restrained herself a little, confessed to herself, and returned the tickets to herself, then Xue Yuning would really let Feng Pingping go.
But now it seems that Xue Yuning is still too naive.
She didn’t take her seriously at all, and she also had an indifferent expression about how you could treat me.
Xue Yuning was very angry, and grabbed Feng Pingping who wanted to squeeze into the crowd, and said, “Okay, since you said you didn’t steal it, then show me the ticket? Let me see, what is the ticket? Not in the front row?”
After all, last night, Xue Yuning remembered the seat number of his ticket.
Of course Feng Pingping also understood that if he showed Xue Yuning the ticket, then he would not confess.
She pushed Xue Yuning away, and her attitude suddenly became bad: “Show it to you? Why do you show it? What are you? I won’t show it to you, what can you do to me?”
Xue Yuning looked at the other party and said with a serious face: “Don’t show it to me, that means you presupposed that this was something you stole?”
At this moment, Jiang Hao also walked over. He had just heard the conversation between the two, and naturally felt very upset in his heart.
You obviously stole things from others, got stolen by others, and are still poor?
“I advise you to take out the tickets, otherwise we are really welcome!” Jiang Hao said, “Do you really think that we didn’t know that you took the tickets? If things go wrong for a while, you may regret it later. Up!”
At this time, Jiang Hao also came out, and Feng Pingping became even more emboldened.
After all, the other party is two people, and I will suffer.
And now they are absolutely sure that the tickets were stolen by themselves, even if it is sophistry, it is useless.
Feng Pingping shook her head, simply confessed, leaned in front of Jiang Hao, gritted her teeth and said, “Then I tell you, I stole the tickets, what can you do to me? Ho ho, a couple, the ghost knows you Where did you get the ticket? Maybe you stole it too. If you want to die today, my old lady will play with you, but you can rest assured that your fate will be worse than mine!”
After Feng Pingping finished speaking, she looked at Jiang Hao triumphantly: “Damn, I admitted that I stole it today. What can you do to me? Can you prove that I stole it? Ho ho, don’t forget. Yes, there is no identity registration when you buy this ticket. Go and see people now and say, this ticket was bought by you. What can I do to prove it? Who can believe you?”
Feng Pingping pinpointed some loopholes in the ticket purchase, thinking that even if he admits it, Jiang Hao can’t help himself.
Thinking of this, Feng Pingping, who was still a little flustered, was relieved in an instant.
Because she found that she didn’t need to be afraid at all, that was two insignificant poor forces, and she was afraid of what big waves they would bring out?
After speaking, Feng Pingping glanced contemptuously at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and turned around to walk into the stadium.
But at this moment, Xue Yuning suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbed Feng Pingping again, and pulled her firmly.
“What are you doing?” Feng Pingping turned her head and cursed at Xue Yuning, and roared, “Hurry up and let me go, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite!”
“Don’t do anything, you admit it yourself, then hand over the tickets!” Xue Yuning said angrily, “Today you have to make it clear that you have stolen something, why are you so arrogant?
Feng Pingping let go of Xue Yuning’s hand, and said unceremoniously: “What can I say to you, I am arrogant, what can you do to me? Get out of here!”
Feng Pingping then kicked Xue Yuning with one kick, without any mercy.
“Ah…” Xue Yuning was staggered. Although Jiang Hao saw that the other party was about to make a move in the first moment, he was already going to stop him, but he didn’t have time.
Finally, Xue Yuning fell into Jiang Hao’s arms.
Jiang Hao was furious, and he was about to rush towards the opponent, slamming his fist and hitting him.
Jiang Hao doesn’t care if the other party is a woman or not. She dares to touch Xue Yuning, then she has to know the consequences.
It’s just that Jiang Hao’s fist had just passed, before it had time to hit Feng Pingping, he was firmly grasped by a big hand.
The hand was big and stronger, and when the other party tried a little harder, Jiang Hao felt as if his wrist was pinched by iron pliers.
Jiang Hao hurriedly looked around, and saw that a young man with a tall horse appeared next to Feng Pingping at this time.
This young man was sturdy, dressed in black security clothing, his face was solemn, his eyes staring at Jiang Hao.
“What do you want to do?” the security guard scolded coldly.

Chapter: 246
“What are you doing?” Jiang Hao faced the security guard, neither humble nor overbearing, “She beat my girlfriend and I paid it back. It seems to have nothing to do with you, right?”
The security guard glanced at Jiang Hao with disdain, and sneered: “I’ll take care of you. If there is a problem, let me go to another place to solve it. Here, just be honest with me, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite!”
The security guard opened Jiang Hao’s hand and pointed at him, “If you come to see the audience at the concert, then give me peace of mind to go in and watch the concert. If not, get out of here!”
The security guard finished speaking, stared at Jiang Hao, and turned to leave.
But at this moment, Feng Pingping grabbed the security guard and put on a grieving expression, saying, “You…you can’t go. These two people are not the audience who came to the concert. They are here to make trouble, so hurry up and get rid of them!”
The duty of the security guard is to maintain public order at the concert. He naturally became alert when he heard that someone was making trouble.
The security guard looked back at Jiang Hao and asked, “Are you here to make trouble? I think you have enough life, right?”
After speaking, the sleeves of the security uniforms were rolled up, and he walked in front of Jiang Hao with his lips curled. He continued to question, “What am I asking you, are you making trouble?”
Before Jiang Hao could answer, Feng Pingping on the side hurriedly interjected: “Yes, yes, they can’t afford the tickets because they are poor, so they decided to come here to make trouble. I want you to let them in. Look at me, but I have a ticket, how could I talk nonsense to them…”
Feng Pingping said this with red lips and white teeth. The security guard also believed a little bit. He turned his head and asked Jiang Hao, “What he said is true? What are you talking about!”
The security guard had a very unfriendly attitude. Jiang Hao didn’t bother to pay attention to him, so he said casually, “You don’t deserve to know this. Go away.
From Jiang Hao’s point of view, the organizer of this concert seems to be too utterly unsuccessful. Ye Yunjie spent money, did she find this kind of person to do the work?
Feng Pingping blamed herself indiscriminately, but did he question herself first? And the attitude is so bad.
“What are you talking about?” When the security guard heard Jiang Hao’s words, he was furious and pushed Jiang Hao fiercely. He scolded, “You really have enough life, right? Dare to talk to me like this, believe it or not, I will smoke you! ”
“You can give me a try!” Jiang Hao raised his head and glanced at him coldly, “I promise you will regret it forever!”
Jiang Hao’s murderous expression was on the verge of anger.
But the security guard sneered, still pointing at Jiang Hao, and said, “How do you scare anyone? People who like to pretend to be forced. I have seen too many people. Please ask, how old are you?”
“I…” Jiang Hao was reluctant to quarrel with this indifferent security guard, and said directly, “I am too lazy to talk nonsense to you, go away, we are also spectators, we will enter the venue soon!”
After Jiang Hao had finished speaking, he led Xue Yuning to walk aside, but as soon as the two moved their steps, they were stopped by the security guard.
“Stop for me, where do you want to go? What kind of shit viewers, do you have tickets? The little beauty just said that you two don’t have tickets. You want to sneak in, so you don’t want to make trouble, just give me Five hundred meters away from this stadium, it is best not to let me see you again, otherwise you will suffer!”
The other party was really good at it, so he restricted the freedom of himself and Xue Yuning. He even believed Feng Pingping’s words and framed the two of them as little thieves who wanted to sneak in!
The most annoying thing is to let them get out of here five hundred meters!
Hey, this is the Chujiang Gymnasium. This is a public place. Don’t say if you are here to see the concert, even if it is just two ordinary citizens passing by, you know that the security guard has no reason or right to expel himself, right?
“Why!” Jiang Hao stubbornly stared at the security guard, “What right do you have to let me leave!”
The security guards didn’t care so much. He dared to talk back when he heard Jiang Hao.
But he was stopped before his fist fell.
“What are you doing, noisy!”
Upon hearing this, the security guard immediately became more obedient, looked behind him, and immediately lowered his eyebrows and said, “Captain, you are here…”
The visitor is 1.7 meters tall and very fat. He glanced at the security guard and looked at Jiang Hao sternly, and said, “What’s the situation? What are you doing, you, so many people, don’t you maintain order on the scene?”
Upon hearing this, the security guard lowered his head and pointed to Jiang Hao, and explained, “Captain, it is not my fault that they are all. They are making trouble and want to sneak in. Am I planning to deal with them? You are here… …”
The security captain nodded, set his gaze on Jiang Hao’s head again, and continued to ask the security guard, “Did you figure it out? Don’t be the audience.”
The security captain still has some worries. If the people in front of him are really spectators, then it will be more than worthwhile to get complaints later.
The security guard nodded his head: “I figured it out, they are not spectators, don’t you believe that I have witnesses here!”
Then the security pointed at Feng Pingping who was aside.
The security captain looked at Feng Pingping and asked, “Really?”
Feng Pingping hurriedly said, “Really, of course it is true. These two people are famously poor at Chujiang University. How could they come over to listen to the concert? They were also famous before, just want to blame Go in, if you can’t get in now, you start to splash!”
The security captain frowned upon hearing this, looked at Jiang Hao with a solemn expression, and questioned: “What else can you say now? If you are really not spectators, but like they said, you want to get in. Yes, then I ask you to leave. If you can’t get in, you will be punished!”
The security captain was obviously quite polite. Compared to the security guard who was about to hit someone, he didn’t know how many times stronger.
Jiang Hao shook his head, still insisting: “I just said that we are spectators, and I can tell you responsibly that the tickets she has stolen from us, we were not spoiling at all, just asking Get back your own things.”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, the security captain couldn’t help shook his head. In fact, he had no interest in who was right or who was wrong. All he cared about was that there were no mistakes within the scope of his duties.
Therefore, Jiang Hao just smiled indifferently, and asked, “Ho ho, do you have evidence? You said you are an audience, do you have tickets?”
“I…” Jiang Hao was speechless for a while, and then replied for a long time, “My ticket is still not delivered on the way, I…”
“Ho ho, why are you talking logically? I just accused someone of stealing your ticket. Why do you say that the ticket is on the road now? Which statement is true?”

Chapter: 247
“What I said is not the same thing!” Jiang Hao quickly explained, “My previous ticket was indeed stolen by her, and then I asked to send me the ticket…”
Before Jiang Hao finished speaking, he saw the security captain sneer and waved his hand to interrupt his speech.
“Oh, okay, okay, don’t say any more, I understand now.” The security captain smiled and shook his head, and said, “I’m not a three-year-old kid. I have my judgment and can see this. What the hell is going on, I advise you not to engage in unnecessary arguments here anymore, and let’s go. I think you are a student, so you won’t be embarrassed!”
After speaking, the security captain looked at the security guard again and reprimanded: “And you, just talk about things, who allowed you to beat people? If there are such things in the future, I will drive you! If something goes wrong with you, the company will follow you to eat melons!”
Then he glanced at the security guard, waved his hand and said, “Okay, let them leave as soon as possible. If something is delayed, neither of you nor I can eat!”
After speaking, the security captain turned to look at Jiang Hao, and said with a heartfelt smile: “Young people, to be honest, I have seen a lot of you like you, and I understand that they are all young people, with vanity. But after all, it’s a man, and a man has to stand upright, don’t think about something crooked, it’s useless.”
Obviously the security captain didn’t believe Jiang Hao’s words. The only thing Jiang Hao said was that the tickets were stolen, and he immediately sent him the tickets. This thing was outrageous.
who do you think You Are? Does your house print tickets? If you tell a lie more reasonably, someone may believe you, but if you want to tell a lie so outrageous, it will only become a laughing stock.
It’s just that the security captain did not say these things. He has a natural sense of superiority to Jiang Hao. He thinks that he has thoroughly seen Jiang Hao and other young people, so any of their actions appear ignorant in his own eyes. And ridiculous.
In his opinion, it would be enough to drive away people like Jiang Hao, and then waste his saliva with him, it would only make him gain an inch.
Besides, he is not worthy!
Jiang Hao could see that the security captain hadn’t paid attention to himself at all, and he didn’t even bother to take care of himself.
This attitude of the other party made Jiang Hao a little unhappy. In his opinion, this person was too self-righteous.
Hurrying the other party to leave, Jiang Hao hurriedly replied: “You think you have seen me through? Do you think you really see through? Do you know me? Do you know my origin and background? You just think of yourself A pair of eyes are just judging me, but I can only say to you, sorry, you have seen the wrong person.”
Jiang Hao said, “I am not the kind of person you see, and I will never be. As for who I am, I will let you know sooner or later!”
The security captain smiled contemptuously, wrinkles in the corner of his eyes.
In his opinion, all this is nothing more than Jiang Hao’s struggle.
What use are you saying? Do you really think you might see me again?
The security captain looked at Jiang Hao, then turned and left with a sneer, “Okay, then I’m waiting for you!”
The security captain left, and the security guard also hurriedly pushed Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning aside: “Hey, hey, don’t you understand people? I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for our captain to speak today, I promise not to release it. Thank you!”
Jiang Hao didn’t make senseless struggles this time, and took a few steps back.
And the security guard also muttered something in his mouth after Jiang Hao retreated some distance, and turned to the door to maintain order.
Not far away, Feng Pingping opened her eyes and smiled at this moment, she couldn’t do it proudly.
She also shook the tickets in her hand specially, then swaggered towards the ticket gate at the entrance of the stadium.
Feng Pingping’s victorious gesture is really disgusting.
Xue Yuning bit her lip angrily at this time, wishing to go up and discuss with her.
But Jiang Hao stopped.
“Forget it, it’s useless for this kind of person to reason with her.” Xue Yuning said, “This kind of person will either let her go or teach her directly.”
“But let’s just forget it?” Xue Yuning said unwillingly, “Too annoying, she stole our tickets, but in the end she still framed us, I can’t swallow it a bit.”
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning angrily, a little amused.
It was the first time Jiang Hao saw Xue Yuning’s appearance, and he still felt a little cute.
He couldn’t help but patted Xue Yuning on the shoulder, and said, “What are you anxious for? I’m not anxious if I didn’t look at it? Don’t worry, Yu Ning, I won’t just leave things like that for today. I will give you a fair deal. .”
After Jiang Hao finished speaking, he looked in the direction of the parking lot not far away, and then closed his gaze back.
At this time, a brand-new black off-road vehicle just drove into the parking lot. Before the car stopped, a young man in a black suit quickly jumped off the co-pilot.
The young man looked around, suddenly set his gaze on Jiang Hao, and then rushed towards him like an arrow from the string.
“Shao Jiang…” The young man rushed to Jiang Hao, panting, “I’m really sorry, the traffic jam on the road just now was too serious, I’m late.”
Jiang Hao looked up when he heard the words, and was shocked to find that he seemed to have seen this young man. He was one of Ye Yunjie’s subordinates. He once saw him following Ye Yunjie.
“What about the tickets?” Jiang Hao asked.
The young man nodded and quickly took out two tickets from his arms and handed them to Jiang Hao’s hand.
Jiang Hao was taken aback when he saw this: “This… why does this ticket seem to be a little different?”
Jiang Hao looked at the tickets and felt a little curious, because the tickets were very different from the tickets he had seen before.
The tickets sent by Xue Yuning before were all white cardboard, and the paper also wanted to be softer.
But this time the ticket sent by the young man is somewhat different. The whole is a big card with a strong feel, and the design of the ticket looks very high-end.
The most important thing is the periphery of the ticket. A golden lining is also designed, which looks very beautiful.
Seeing Jiang Hao’s doubts, the young man hurriedly smiled and said, “This is Jiang Shao. Before I came, Miss Ye had already communicated with the organizer and asked them to design a special VIP area for you. The location is the best, and the viewing angle is also the best. Naturally, this ticket is also specially made.”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help being a little surprised, saying that Ye Yunjie was indeed thoughtful.
Jiang Hao looked at the Phnom Penh ticket, smiled and said, “Then I can just take this and go in, right?”

Chapter: 248
“Of course.” The young man said respectfully, “You are the sponsor of this concert, and you deserve to be treated with high standards. Sister Ye also said that she was negligent before and didn’t expect this, so when I just came here , Communicated with the organizer urgently, and the other party was flattered when he learned that you were going to come in person, so he hurriedly set about it.” The young man glanced at the time and looked far away, and continued: “Shao Jiang, please Wait a moment, the person in charge of their organizer will personally come to greet you.”
Jiang Hao nodded silently when he heard what the young man said. It seems that all the unfairness he experienced before will be obtained in the next time. Compensated.
Sure enough, after a short period of time, after the black-clothed young man called and urged, a tall and tall middle-aged man in a hidden blue suit walked out of the stadium.
He looked around, he immediately found this side, and hurried over all the way.
“Mr. Lin is really sorry, I just had something wrong, it may have been delayed…” The middle-aged man walked up to the front and hurriedly followed the black-clothed youth to apologize with a low eyebrow.
This middle-aged man is the general manager of the concert organizer, and his name is Gao Shun.
Although the other party is the general person in charge of the undertaker, and the black-clothed youth here is just an assistant to Ye Yunjie’s men, the other party’s attitude is still respectful.
Then Gao Shun glanced at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning beside the black-clothed youth, and immediately bowed respectfully, and said with a smile on his face, “You are Shao Jiang.”
“Yeah.” Jiang Hao answered casually. In fact, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but feel a little ridiculous at this time.
The person in front of him is the person in charge of the organizer of the entire event. He must be respectful to himself, but the security guard and the security captain are so arrogant and bad!
“Oh, hello, Shao Jiang, hello, I have long heard that you are young and promising, and your name is even more brilliant. I saw you today. I found that Shao Jiang is even more handsome and suave than the rumors…”
Immediately afterwards, Gao Shun looked at Xue Yuning beside Jiang Hao, and his eyes suddenly lit up.
He just said Jiang Hao’s remarks, it was completely flattering, but I have to admit that Jiang Hao’s girlfriend is really good, and she is definitely a top beauty.
Gao Shun hurriedly said: “Oh, look at Shao Jiang’s eyes, this must be your girlfriend, you think your girlfriend is even more beautiful, beautiful and beautiful, you two are just a perfect match. ……”
Jiang Hao tried his best to listen to Gao Shun’s words.
Can you be a little bit higher for your flattering skills?
Real flattering is comfortable, but Gao Shun’s flattering made Jiang Hao feel a little embarrassed.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but glanced at the time, and hurriedly interrupted Gao Shun’s words: “It’s alright, alright, manager Gao, we all know our conditions, please ask, can we go in now?”
Gao Shun was beaten He was a little embarrassed, and hurriedly smiled awkwardly, waved his hand and pointed to the entrance of the stadium: “Of course, Jiang Shao, please, we have reserved the best place for you…”
Jiang Hao nodded. He took the Phnom Penh tickets in his hand and walked towards the entrance of the stadium.
As soon as Jiang Hao left, Gao Shun hurriedly approached the black-clothed youth and asked in a low voice: “Mr. Lin, why… why don’t we, Jiang Shao, like this?” The black-clothed youth smiled. “The next time you take the photo, please be more or less practical. Hehe, your flattering words make me speechless.”
The young man in black looked at his watch and patted Gao Shun’s shoulder: “Okay, I’m going back to my life with Sister Ye. The traffic jam has delayed my time. I may not know how Sister Ye will blame me for a while. I’ll leave it to you, Shao Jiang. Remember to treat me well if something goes wrong. , Then don’t think about any cooperation projects that Sister Ye will give you next time!”
Gao Shun heard the words and immediately nodded and bowed: “Understood, I understand Mr. Lin, please rest assured Miss Ye, Shao Jiang is here, I will treat you well, there will be no difference, you can rest assured.”
“That’s good.” Hei Yi Qingnian nodded, glanced at Jiang Hao, who had already reached the entrance, and turned and left.
Gao Shun hurriedly yelled: “Please say hello to Miss Ye on my behalf!”
After speaking, Gao Shun’s expression of excitement appeared, and he rubbed his hands and looked very excited.
In the past, he had always wanted to go to Ye Yunjie’s relationship, but he didn’t have a chance for a long time.
After waiting for so many years, there is finally such an opportunity as Huo Yun’s concert, how could he miss it.
And what surprised him most was that Jiang Hao, the big benefactor behind him, actually came to watch the concert in person. This was really a particularly unexpected surprise.
Although Gao Shun didn’t know the true identity of Jiang Hao, he also heard the rumors of people around Ye Yunjie that Jiang Hao had an extraordinary background, and might even have a higher identity than ordinary overseas Shen family children.
If he had taken care of Jiang Hao, wouldn’t he have the possibility of reaching the sky in one step in the future?
Gao Shun was thinking about it, and suddenly heard a quarrel from the entrance not far away.

Chapter: 249
Gao Shun looked for reputation, and his whole body was about to be scared.
Because he found that it was not someone else who was arguing, it was Jiang Hao.
And what made Gao Shun feel most horrified was the person who was arguing with Jiang Hao, who was a group of his own security guards.
“This…this is so special that it keeps me from living!” Gao Shun’s teeth trembled, as if a disaster was imminent, he hurriedly thought about the entrance and rushed over.
At this time, at the ticket gate at the entrance of the stadium, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning encountered the security guard again. At this time, it was the three of them who quarreled.
“I said, don’t be so unreasonable here, get out of here quickly, be careful I’m being rude to you!” The security guard pointed Jiang Hao murderously with his fingers.
Jiang Hao seemed very calm at this time, because he already had a bottom in his heart and knew that the security guard wouldn’t be able to jump for long.
It’s just that Jiang Hao was a little upset that he just didn’t have the ticket and he didn’t let him in. Now that he took out the ticket, the security guard still didn’t let him in, even the ticket check.
“I’m not in the mood to quarrel with you!” Jiang Hao said indifferently, “I just want to go to the concert, please check the tickets for me and get out of the way!”
The security guard heard this and couldn’t help sneering: ” Check the tickets? Why do you check the ticket? Why do you go in? Just rely on this?” The security guard pointed to the ticket in Jiang Hao’s hand and laughed.
“What’s the reason?” Jiang Hao asked calmly, “I didn’t have a ticket just now and you didn’t let me in. I can understand it, but now I have a ticket, why don’t you let me in?”
Jiang Hao subconsciously turned his head back. Taking a look at Gao Shun’s direction, the development guy is already rushing here.
Jiang Hao smiled and said, “I advise you to explain things clearly to me today, otherwise you may suffer a bit!”
Jiang Hao’s words were completely ignored by the security guard, and even sneered with disdain: “Intimidate me? Who do you think you are? He said that you are not allowed to enter if you have tickets, so I just ask, you Do you have so much eyes? Take a good look at what kind of shit ticket you are. Open your dog eyes and take a good look at what the ticket looks like. Look at yours again!”
The security guard felt Jiang Hao at all. It was here to make trouble, so the attitude was extremely bad.
Jiang Hao looked at the ticket in his hand and naturally knew that the ticket was different from others.
And the security guard doesn’t seem to know why the tickets are different. Maybe it’s the ticket. The security doesn’t know yet.
As soon as the security guard spoke out, the surrounding group of people holding tickets ready to enter the venue also looked at the Phnom Penh ticket in Jiang Hao’s hand, and some of them laughed directly.
“Puff…what kind of shit tickets, haha, the cost is not a bit like a bit, is this the person who checks the ticket as a fool?”
“Haha, laughed at me, if I were the security guard, I would be anxious, you such a thing took over, why did not you approach ah, really interesting …… ”
” this man is sick, right? does not go quickly hide aside, others delayed approach, really sick of this person …… ”
around on Jiang Hao’s crusade was full, and some even shouted to let Jiang Hao go away.
The security guard saw that everyone was excited, and smiled proudly. He pulled the ticket in Jiang Hao’s hand and tore it in half.
“Hey, did you hear? Did you hear what everyone said? Get out of here, it’s really an eye-catcher here!” The security guard pushed Jiang Hao away with disdain, cursing and trying to push him out.
But at this moment, a voice came.
“What’s the matter? It’s messed up!” At this time, the security captain appeared again, walked over quickly, looking impatient, “I tell you, I think Mr. Gao has just come out. I don’t know where I’m going. If you let President Gao see such a scene, don’t think about it!”
The security guard heard the words and hurriedly pulled over the captain, pointed at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning and said, “Look, captain, It’s the two of them, I don’t blame me, they are so lingering…” The security guard immediately took his responsibilities completely and pushed all his brains onto Jiang Hao’s head.
But from the beginning to the end, Jiang Hao’s attitude was very good. He didn’t even have a quarrel. He just kept asking the other party to scan the QR code of the ticket in his hand.
And as long as the other party flashes the ticket lightly, it will be clear at a glance whether it is true or not.
But the other party not only refused his own request, but even said rudely.
It’s just that these things are submerged in the security’s side words.
When the security captain saw Jiang Hao, his face instantly darkened, not unhappy, but very unhappy.
“What the hell is going on with you, you, didn’t I tell you to leave? Do you have to let me kick you out? A big man, are you still shameless?” The security captain pointed out Jiang Hao counted down.
Jiang Hao was still very indifferent, did not fight back, just pointed to the two tickets torn to pieces by the security, and said: “I have tickets, I want to enter!”

Chapter: 250
Jiang Hao looked at the security captain, and continued calmly, “Didn’t you ask me for the ticket? I brought it here, but I only asked him to scan the ticket. Why was it rejected?”
Jiang Hao pointed to the security guard. The torn ticket said: “And it was torn by him, is this your work attitude?”
Jiang Hao’s attitude really made the security captain angry, because Jiang Hao didn’t jump and quarrel with them. Otherwise, he would send someone to blast Jiang Hao out now.
On the contrary, it was Jiang Hao’s attitude. If he sent someone to blast him out, he would definitely not have the support of public opinion.
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, the security hurriedly showed the shredded tickets to the security captain, and sneered: “Captain, look at it for yourself, what kind of shit ticket is this? You said this is the thing, how can I check the ticket for him? This Wang Ba Lao is here to smash the scene, you see, I will not beat him out…”
After speaking, the security had to do something, but the security captain stopped him.
To be honest, he didn’t know the ticket either, because the ticket was actually temporarily printed, and it was actually for a cutscene, because it was originally agreed between the two parties that Jiang Hao was invited by Gao Shun to enter.
The security captain smiled when seeing the ticket: “That’s it? You play with me?”
Jiang Hao expressionlessly: “I didn’t play with you, and I want to tell you that this ticket is real. If you don’t believe me, you can scan it and try it! ”
Jiang Hao has always insisted on letting the other party sweep the tickets. By then, the truth will definitely become clear. At that time, see what people like them have to say.
The security captain couldn’t help sighing. In his opinion, this Jiang Hao is a lunatic, because as long as you are a normal person, you are the cost, and at least you have to get exactly the same tickets.
But your tickets are nondescript. Are you testing whether the ticket inspectors are mentally retarded?
It seemed that it was to make Jiang Hao give up, and for a while when he let his subordinates coax Jiang Hao away, the security captain smiled and said, “Okay, don’t you let me check the ticket? Today? I’ll just scan it. If the ticket scan is successful, I’ll let you in, but if the result is not scanned, don’t blame me for being polite!” The security captain sneered and reached out to sweep the ticket from the ticket inspector. The code machine smiled and scanned the tickets.
At this time, although the ticket was torn in half by the security guard, the bar code on it was still intact. The security captain scanned the bar code and plugged the scanner to the ticket inspector.
“Do you have anything else to say this time?” Before the result of the scanner came out, the security captain sneered and questioned Jiang Hao.
In his opinion, the dispute has ended, and the screen of the scanner must be red, indicating that this thing is fake, and there is no suspense at all.
To his surprise, the code scanner suddenly made a beep, and the screen appeared full of green, and it passed.
When Jiang Hao saw the result, he immediately smiled: “Are you sure?”
The security captain naturally heard the voice, and then hurriedly looked at the scanner, and was surprised.
“This… how is this possible?” The security captain was confused and at a loss.
“Team… Captain, is the scanner broken?” The security guard didn’t believe it, pointing to the scanner and said.
“Impossible, if it breaks, it is not working. Now that it is scanned, it can only mean…” The ticket inspector on the side hurriedly said, “It means the ticket is real!” The inspector said , Everyone present was shocked!
“Really? This turned out to be a real ticket? But how is it different from ours?”
“What the hell is going on? This ticket… But I found out that his ticket is pretty pretty, isn’t it? Special tickets?”
The crowd was noisy and noisy, everyone was talking about the ticket.
But no one could say one reason, all of them looked dumbfounded, and the more they argued, the more confused they became.
At this time, the most surprised was the security guard and the security captain.
The two looked at each other, obviously not knowing what to do at all.
“Team… Captain…” the security guard frowned and asked with a flushed face.
The captain also scratched his head, not knowing what to do.
“Now you have verified that the ticket is real, can I go in?” Jiang Hao smiled and asked.
Now there is really no reason not to let people in.
After all, the tickets have been checked, although they are also at a loss.
“This… where did you get your tickets?” The security captain thought for a moment, and said to Jiang Hao, “Your face is not right at all. Where did you get it?”
Jiang Hao sneered and replied: “I said that the ticket was stolen, do you believe it? Haha…you can go in without the stolen ticket?” The security captain’s face suddenly became extremely ugly when he heard this. He knew very well that Jiang Hao’s words were clearly right. Mock yourself.
After all, Jiang Hao just said that Feng Pingping’s ticket was stolen, but she still went in.

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I tihink the writer is really much stupid than his/her main character, incompetent and really stupid.. Sad to say..

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