I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 4

For women, Jiang Hao was a little surprised. If he can’t even match the power on the Forbes rankings, how powerful is his family?
“Sorry.” Ye Yunjie suddenly interrupted Jiang Hao’s thoughts, “I’ll go to the bathroom, please wait for a while.”
Jiang Hao nodded thoughtfully, looking at Ye Yunjie’s back, still very curious, his father, And what kind of existence is the Shen family?
While Jiang Hao was thinking, he was suddenly tapped on his shoulder. It was a young man dressed as a waiter, sweating profusely.
“Dude, can you help me deliver this wad of beer to that table? I, I am a little bit impatient… Thank you so much.”
Jiang Hao smiled and nodded, there are three urgency, and this is just a matter of effort.
Jiang Hao took the beer and delivered it directly to a table not far away. After the delivery, he was about to go back, but was stopped again.
“Jiang Hao, didn’t you say that you didn’t come to work? How could you give someone else wine? Haha, don’t tell the lie? Is it fun to panic with me, naive.” The speaker was Liu Siya, at this time He was looking at Jiang Hao proudly.
“I brought it here for someone, and the waiter went to the bathroom.” Jiang Hao said truthfully.
“Just blow it up, haha, I ran into you and didn’t admit it!” Liu Siya said contemptuously, “What’s more, what if you just admit it? You are so poor, and you can come to this high-end bar as a part-time job, I feel more fortunate to be talented. Yes, you don’t have to compare with us. You are what you are, and you deserve to be compared with us. Hurry up and get me a wad of beer. I need three hundred and two German dark beer.”
Jiang Hao replied with helplessness in his heart: “I’ll say it one last time, I’m not the waiter here.”
Jiang Hao turned around and was about to leave, but was suddenly pulled by Liu Siya. The other party became a little angry and yelled, “You are really shameless, I will let you now. Go get me wine, are you going?”
Liu Siya’s tone is full of threats. As a classmate, Jiang Hao certainly knows what this means. If she really provokes her today, she will not be able to figure out how she will target herself in the class when she is back in school.
Doing more is worse than doing less. Jiang Hao sighed heavily, turned to the front desk of the bar, and brought a mention of beer to Liu Siya.
A long way away, Jiang Hao saw the few people, pointing and laughing at him.
Jiang Hao pretended not to see them. When he was in the class, these people were notoriously tricky and quirky. No matter whether they were himself or others, they were unwilling to provoke them, because once they provoke them, they will happen for a while. Can’t get rid of.
So Jiang Hao put down the wine and prepared to leave.
But at this moment, the man with earrings suddenly stopped him: “Wait! Jiang Hao, didn’t you just say that you are not a waiter? Then why did you come to give us wine? Haha, you still It’s really interesting. I’m obviously an inferior person, and I don’t want to admit it. Why, serve us, do you think the price is reduced ?” “Hehe, don’t you have to serve for the price reduction?” Liu Siya said, “Who would let it?” How poor is he? Being so poor, seeing us turned out to be like avoiding, as if we would like to see him, who do you think you are?”
Jiang Hao was a little unhappy, raised his eyebrows and looked at several people, and said:” Let me say it one last time, I’m not a waiter. I’m here to play. Believe it or not, I’m guilty of coaxing you?”
Jiang Hao raised his leg to leave, but before he could take a step, Liu Siya got up suddenly and raised his hand. It was a slap on Jiang Hao, and his mouth was spitting wildly: “Silly idiot, did I give you a face? Who the hell are you talking to?”
The studded boy also got up angrily and pointed at Jiang Hao’s The nose yelled: “Yes, you fucking say it again, try it again, I’m fucking fucking you, the inferior will have to speak like an inferior person, do you want to shake the sky?”
Jiang Hao’s face was hot Yes, if Liu Siya was not a woman, he would have slapped back at this time.
Jiang Hao stared at Liu Siya, but Liu Siya didn’t take it seriously. She sneered, and continued to sarcastically said, “Why not convinced? Haha, you fucking want to pretend to be forced, just like your poor and cocky death. I dare to say that I came here to consume? I am not afraid of being laughed out of my teeth? This is the Kayhuang bar. The old lady drinks this glass of wine for more than a hundred fucking. You are a poor dick, can you drink it?”
“No No, no, it’s not that he can’t afford it, he can’t afford it in his entire life. Hehe…” The earring boy sneered and poured a glass of beer, but he spit in it and handed it to Jiang Hao, “Come on, give you a chance to drink it, finish this glass of wine, you have the rest of my life boasted, that was the German dark beer, a bottle of hundreds of pieces of it, ha ha …… ” boys move immediately to the presence of Several people burst into a roar of laughter. They looked at Jiang Hao sarcastically, their smiles becoming more arrogant and brilliant.
Jiang Hao looked at the few people with gloomy eyes. He didn’t understand what these people could be arrogant. Just because he had a few bad money in his family, he felt that he was superior?
Perhaps in the past, this was indeed their capital to mock themselves, but now Jiang Hao only feels that these people are too naive and hopeless.
Suddenly, a voice interrupted the unbridled laughter of several people: “Hello, your wine is sobered up, may I open it?”
The laughter of several people stopped abruptly, looking for the reputation, they saw one by one at this time. The middle-aged man in a suit is standing aside, looking at a few people with a smile.
This person is obviously not the waiter, but the manager of the bar, and on his tray, there is a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses.
This book is understandable, everyone didn’t take it seriously, but the earring guy, the moment he saw the red wine, his eyes condensed.
“This… is this Romani Conti?” The earring boy widened his eyes and looked surprised. “This wine is more than sixty thousand damn bottles, who…who ordered it?”
This boy runs his home. The wine business naturally knows that this wine is expensive and high-end.
“Ah? So expensive?” Liu Siya was surprised when he heard the boy’s words, and exclaimed, “Really?” The boy nodded, “Nonsense, our house is a winery, I don’t know. , But this… is this what you ordered?”
Liu Siya hurriedly shook her head, then looked at the few people who came with her, shaking their heads a bit.
Seeing this, the boy with earrings couldn’t help but feel a little lost in his eyes. He thought that Liu Siya ordered the wine. Although he also thought it was unlikely, he still had so little hope in his heart.
After all, he has never drunk such an expensive wine since he was a child. He thought to himself: If he can have a drink, he will probably have it in his circle in the future.
But he can only think about it, and finally shook his head helplessly, and smiled bitterly at the manager: “I’m sorry, you sent it wrong, this wine was not our order.” The few people looked at each other, thinking that the manager should leave. They also happened to see where it was sacred and ordered such a bottle of wine.
But the manager sneered when he heard the words: “I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you just now.”
Several people blushed again when they heard the words, and looked around. The earring boy said: “This is our neighborhood.” How many people, if you didn’t ask us, could you still ask Jiang Hao?
Hehe, how could that poor guy be able to order that kind of wine.
Thinking of this, the earring boy couldn’t help but sneered and looked at Jiang Hao. He couldn’t help but sarcastically said: “Hey, quickly give way to others and stand stupidly. You think they are saying that you ordered the wine.” The earring boy just fell off. , I saw that the manager glanced at himself coldly and said calmly: “Yes, this wine is ordered by this gentleman, why, do you have an opinion?”
Jiang Hao was also stunned when he heard the words, and then he remembered that Ye Yunjie just now I ordered the wine, but it has never come up, but I don’t want it to be such an expensive wine.
Then the middle-aged manager bowed slightly to Jiang Hao, and said respectfully: “Sir, your wine is awake.”
A word from the middle-aged manager suddenly seemed as if a blockbuster exploded in the hearts of several people. Whether it was the studded boy or Liu Siya, at the moment after listening to the other party’s speech, the whole expression was shocked and appeared. Some were deformed, it seemed more like being hammered in my heart, and I couldn’t calm down for a long time.
“Wh…what?” It took a long time for the man with earrings to digest the consternation, seemingly dumbfounded, and with a bit of unwilling jealousy, to the manager, “Dude, you are sure he ordered it. This kid is just a poor dick, how could he order this Romani Conti? You must have admitted the wrong person, such a good wine, don’t let this stupid ruin!”
Liu Siyu, who had recovered, also hurry up a little bit. Head, added: “Yes, I know this person, he can’t afford to eat poor food, do you think he can afford this tens of thousands of bottles of red wine? It must be a mistake, I This is a kindness to persuade you.”
Several other people nodded in agreement.
In their cognitive framework, it is impossible to accept it anyway. People like Jiang Hao actually ordered tens of thousands of pieces of red wine, unless the sun came out from the west.
These people seemed to be afraid of something terrible from happening, and tried their best to deny it.
But the more these people were like this, the more obvious the jealous smile on the manager’s face.
“I don’t need you to remind me of this kind of thing.” The manager’s face was a little dark, and he continued, “It’s you, is it too low to look at others?” The manager looked at Jiang Hao respectfully, smiled bitterly in his heart, and said about you. Ordinary people, it’s just ridiculous and can’t be more ridiculous, do you know who you are facing? Dare to mock him so much?
He handed the wine to Jiang Hao and bowed slightly before daring to leave: “Please use it slowly.” All this made Liu Siya and the others stunned. They all seemed to have eaten cockroaches raw, their faces were extremely ugly. In addition to shock, there is more jealousy in his heart.
The boy with earrings clenched his fists tightly. He was from such a good family and had never drunk such expensive wine. Why can he order it with a poor dick?
Liu Siya blushed even more, and the manicure she had just done was almost cut into the flesh. Although she and Jiang Hao did not have any hatred, at this time she hated Jiang Hao incomparably and gritted her teeth with hatred.

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