Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 100

Zhang Xuan sat aside, did not say a word, when the crowd raised a glass, he also accompanied a couple of sips, more time, listening to the exchange between Luo Ling and Ross, the two speak very fast, generally familiar with the enamel language people want to understand what the two said will take some effort, but for Zhang Xuan, there is no problem at all.
Zhang Xuan listened, and his brow gradually wrinkled, because what Luo Ling and Ross exchanged between them was not how to make a better cooperation between the two companies, but how to get more money from Lin’s hand!
Zhang Xuan took out his cell phone and secretly took a picture of Ross and Luo Ling and sent it to Bai Chi, asking Bai Chi to check the identity of these two people.
After only fifteen minutes or so, the detailed information about Ross and Luo Ling came back to Zhang Xuan’s phone.
Zhang Xuan smiled coldly as he looked at the information on his phone.
This so-called enamel country Ekfa company, in fact, is only a shell company, this what Ross Asia Pacific President identity, is also made up, Luo Ling to cover.
The two of them have a lot of ambiguous relationship. When Luo Ling was in Enamel, she broke up with her boyfriend because of this Ross.
Luo Ling and Ross had a good conversation, and from time to time, they even made a show of raising a glass together to wish a happy cooperation.
“Come on, I’ll toast to all the beauties again.” Ross took the initiative to raise his glass and said in broken Chinese, “Just wish us, a good cooperation!”
“Good!” Luo Ling led the applause, and there was a burst of applause.
Everyone lifted their glasses.
In the eyes of both Ross and Luo Ling, a sense of triumph was revealed.
Although Zhang Xuan knew that these two people were fishy, but did not immediately break it down, if this Lin’s was his Zhang Xuan, then no need to think, these two people, can not see the sun tomorrow, but now, Zhang Xuan can not use his own way to deal with this matter.
As Lin’s newly established business department, need a stable development, if Zhang Xuan did not say anything, directly ruined this, Lin Qinghan there will also feel headache, more will break the hearts of these businessmen, after all, these businessmen do not know the fishy, they will be all the thoughts on the top of the negotiation into cooperation.
Zhang Xuan lost a smile and picked up a glass of wine.
The wine went down one cup at a time, and the atmosphere became more and more active, these old hairy man’s hands and feet more daring, and even directly embraced the sales girls beside him, but also these girls have early experience, replaced by rookies who are new to the workplace, has long been taken advantage of I do not know how much.
“Come, I’ll open a few more bottles of wine for everyone, have fun and drink today.”
Luo Ling got up, took the initiative to pick up two bottles of wine and stood aside to open them.
When Luo Ling opened the wine, her hand was placed in front of the bottle for a long time, and this one action made Zhang Xuan’s eyes chill.
Although Luo Ling’s action has been very careful, but Zhang Xuan still see clearly, she will be a packet of medicine, poured into the wine bottle!
The enamel handsome sitting next to Qiu Yu took the initiative to take the bottle of wine in Luo Ling’s hand and poured a glass for Qiu Yu, “Beauty, let’s drink one alone, in the future, we can still meet often.”
At the same time, one of his hands was also placed on Qiu Yu’s shoulder.
Qiu Yu’s face was flushed, and after accepting the glass of wine, she unnaturally twisted her shoulder, but failed to twist away the other party’s hand on her shoulder.
Such a scene, let the first time into the workplace Qiu Yu extra nervous, speech are some stammering, “I …… I drink first.”
“Don’t be, beautiful.” The enamel country handsome man a hand, blocking Qiu Yu’s glass, “you Chinese have a kind of drinking method, called cross-cup wine, I have never seen, why don’t you teach me how to drink good.”
“No way, no way.” Qiu Yu waved his hand repeatedly, but in the process of waving his hand, the other party grabbed the catkin, Qiu Yu jerked hard, and as a result, he could not pull it out at all.
That enamel country handsome guy sniffed Qiu Yu’s hairline hard and showed a look of enjoyment, “Beauty, has anyone ever said that you are charming?”
Qiu Yu’s cute little face had helplessness written all over it, she threw a look of help to Luo Ling, but Luo Ling continued to chat with Rose as if she didn’t see it.
The handsome enameled man pulled Qiu Yu’s little hand with force, and the hand that was originally placed on Qiu Yu’s shoulder also wrapped its arms towards Qiu Yu.
The whole person was about to fall into the hands of the handsome man, when a muscular arm suddenly reached out and backhanded him, pulling him out of the hands of the handsome man.
“Dude, what’s the point of drinking with a woman, let’s both drink.”
Zhang Xuan patted Qiu Yu’s shoulder, signaling her to get out of the way.
Qiu Yu, who did not understand Zhang Xuan’s meaning, cast a grateful glance at Zhang Xuan and got up to give Zhang Xuan a seat.
Zhang Xuan sat down where Qiu Yu was sitting and looked at the handsome enamel man beside him with a smile on his face.
This enamel handsome man’s face showed a trace of dissatisfaction, but did not say anything.
“Zhang Xuan, do you know the rules, sit back for me!” Luo Ling, who had been talking with Rose, made a chiding sound.
“Manager, I accompany the guests to drink, come on, come on, cross-cup of wine or something, I’m the best at it.” Zhang Xuan took the initiative to pick up the glass of wine, only he took, is not adulterated wine, that cup adulterated with drugs, left for the other party.
“No, no, no, I’m kidding.” The handsome man from the enamel country waved his hand with a disgusted look, “I can’t drink anymore, you Chinese people’s wine, it’s just too powerful.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan showed a face of regret, “Brother, when you want to drink shout me.”
Zhang Xuan put down his wine glass and returned to his seat.
With Zhang Xuan’s interruption, these enamel people’s behavior gradually restrained a lot, those sales girls also cast a kind smile to Zhang Xuan, what just happened is a situation, they all have a spectrum in their hearts.
Zhang Xuan sat there, continued to eat a large mouthful of food on the table, there is a drink can not drink, are looking for an excuse to go outside the box to slow down a little.
Just when Zhang Xuan was thinking about how to deal with this Luo Ling, the screams coming from outside the box made Zhang Xuan’s face change violently.
“Help! Please …… please don’t do this!”
Zhang Xuan heard clearly, the owner of this scream, is none other than Qiu Yu.
Not only Zhang Xuan, that is, everyone sitting in the box, the face changed at this time.
Zhang Xuan did not hesitate and got up on the spot to pull open the door of the compartment.
The handsome man from the enamel country, who had just forced Qiu Yu to drink, was pressing Qiu Yu against the wall of the corridor, and Qiu Yu’s hands were held by the other party in a death grip, resisting desperately against the other party’s lightness.
When he saw that the handsome man’s mouth was about to kiss Qiu Yu’s face, Zhang Xuan casually lifted a chair and walked over with great strides, raised the chair and waved it down.

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