Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 99

Zhang Xuan turned his head to look and found a familiar figure standing behind him.
“Huh? You, aren’t you the receptionist?”
Standing behind Zhang Xuan was none other than the young beauty at the front desk that Zhang Xuan met the day he became the deputy security chief.
Qiu Yu’s face looked very tender, wearing a professional suit, looking extra cute, two big watery eyes as if they could talk, her height of one meter six and a half just reached Zhang Xuan’s chest.
Qiu Yu saw Zhang Xuan asked himself, smiled a little and explained, “I ah, I was arranged by the school to intern, yesterday afternoon divided into the business department to come.”
Qiu Yu face with a smile, she did not give Zhang Xuan said is that she was not normally transferred to the business department, but was squeezed down.
For a girl, between the company receptionist and the business clerk, obviously the position of company receptionist was better, with a fixed salary and easy work, more suitable for a girl.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan also did not think much about it, he did not know much about the cats and dogs between the positions in this company, in his opinion now, doing anything is quite easy.
Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu, as the two newcomers in the department, just happened to travel in pairs.
When out of the company, Qiu Yu saw these colleagues are driving away in groups, a trace of loss flashed in his eyes, this feeling of not integrating into the group, it is very difficult.
Zhang Xuan did not have this feeling, greeted Qiu Yu, took a car, and went to the Xin Kai Hotel.
The Xin Kai Hotel is very famous in Yinzhou City, generally speaking, only high-end banquets will be chosen in this place.
Qiu Yu is obviously the first time to come to such a hotel, when entering the door, the action is extremely unnatural.
Zhang Xuan, on the other hand, dragged like two fifty eight thousand, as soon as he entered the hotel door, he took a piece of the hotel’s free supply of pastries and put them in his mouth and ate them.
Sister Hong just came out of the elevator and saw Zhang Xuan eating a big mouthful of pastry there.
“What are you doing! What took you so long to arrive, go move the wine!”
“Oh, you guys are going too fast, we didn’t keep up.” Zhang Xuan’s mouth was stuffed full and his words were muttered.
“Okay, cut the crap and get to work.” Sister Hong impatiently waved her hand at Zhang Xuan, “That, Qiu Yu, right, you come, I have something to explain to you.”
“Oh.” Qiu Yu nodded weakly, spat her tongue at Zhang Xuan, and followed Sister Hong’s side in a good manner.
At the other end, there were also people greeting Zhang Xuan to move the wine and set up the box.
This newly established business department, a total of sixteen people, of which only Zhang Xuan a man, the rest are women, and most of the looks and figures are good, a few middle-aged women, but also experienced old people.
In this business department, everyone is full of energy, everyone knows that Lin’s will not treat their employees poorly, if this business department can do up, their treatment will also go up.
This banquet, booked a very large box, the box alone has a hundred square feet, the top of the box hanging a very large crystal lamp, emitting a beautiful light, crystal chandelier, a huge round table, can sit twenty-five people, the glass plate on the round table is slowly turning, the table full of exquisite cold dishes, let people just look full of appetite, eight bottles of Maotai Prince priced at one thousand five have been opened, placed on the table, Chinese cigarettes have also been opened, waiting for guests to enjoy.
Nine beautiful sales girls, all wearing delicate makeup, sitting separately on the table.
Zhang Xuan saw that Qiu Yu also drew an eyeliner, this little girl already has a pair of big eyes, this eyeliner a drawing, looks even more lovely, look around, the whole box, she is the most eye-catching.
Qiu Yu found Zhang Xuan is looking at himself, some embarrassed lowered his head, small face shy red.
“How is it all ready?” A female voice rang out from outside the box.
I saw a beautiful woman wearing a purple dress, stepping on a pair of silver and white high heels, walking in from the door of the box.
“Manager Luo, it’s all ready.” Sister Hong replied.
“Okay.” Luo Ling nodded and ruffled the long hair that had fallen in front of her body, “Mr. Rose and the others will arrive in ten minutes at most, so you guys check again properly and change any inconsiderate manners immediately, hmm? Who are you?”
Luo Ling’s gaze, placed on Zhang Xuan at the door.
“Manager Luo, he is Zhang Xuan.” Sister Hong replied impatiently.
“Zhang Xuan?” As soon as she heard the name, Luo Ling frowned and said sarcastically, “What an honor for me to meet your real self today.”
Zhang Xuan likewise frowned, not understanding why this business manager had such a big problem with himself.
Luo Ling was just about to open her mouth to say something else when she heard an anxious voice ring out.
“Manager, Mr. Rose and the others have arrived!”
Luo Ling didn’t have the heart to pay attention to Zhang Xuan, turned around, a smile on her face, and ran outside the box to greet them.
The people inside the box, also all got up, gaze at the door of the box.
Six old hairy men dressed in suits, aged over thirty years old, accompanied by Luo Ling, appeared at the door of the box, when these people appeared, some women’s eyes in the box were a little shiny, it is said that handsome men come out of enamel countries, and now these six old hairy men appeared, can definitely be called handsome men, each of them, have a height of one meter eight, with distinctive and handsome features.
“Everyone welcome Mr. Ross, and his team.”
Luo Ling led the applause.
All at once, the applause rang out.
“Okay.” Luo Ling pressed her hands down, the applause stopped, and she introduced Mr. Ross and his team to the crowd in the box, and also introduced the people in the box to Ross, in a mouthful of enamel.
Ross, with a beard and looking very tasty, greeted the people in the box in a broken Chinese language.
The sales girls sitting at the table took the initiative to pour wine for Ross’s team, and the whole reception unfolded in a pleasant environment.
In the business department, only Luo Ling could speak enamel, but the rest of them couldn’t understand it at all, but the Chinese language level of Ross and the others was not bad, although the accent was broken, it was not difficult to express the basic meaning.
Zhang Xuan sat on the seat, probably understood, this Ross, is the president of the Asia-Pacific region of the enamel country Ekfa company, mainly doing some import and export trade.
Zhang Xuan recalled, he had not heard much of this Ekfa company, probably a company that has only made its debut in the last two years.
After three rounds of wine, these Frenchmen’s hands and feet also gradually casual up, from time to time towards the sales girls sitting around the body, these girls are obviously also very experienced, do not move to avoid the hands of these Frenchmen.
During the banquet, everyone found someone to talk to, and Luo Ling and Rose exchanged familiar words in enamel.

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