Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 102

It was early morning of another day.
On the way to work, Lin Qinghan told Zhang Xuan that he didn’t need to go to the company in the morning, he would go directly to the Chinese Medicine Center to deal with teaching matters, there were many things that he had to arrange personally to do.
For Lin Qinghan’s order, Zhang Xuan naturally unconditionally to carry out.
The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.
Zhang Xuan returned to the company, just ready to go to eat a lunch, was found by Secretary Li.
“Mr. Lin wants you to go to her office.”
Zhang Xuan came to the top floor of Lin’s building and knocked on the door of the president’s office.
“Enter.” Lin Qinghan’s voice rang out from the office.
Zhang Xuan pushed open the office door, and the moment the door opened, Zhang Xuan felt that something was not right.
“President Lin, you’re looking for me?” Zhang Xuan asked.
Lin Qinghan was holding a report in her hand and looked at Zhang Xuan, in her gaze was an unconcealed anger, “I heard that you did a big thing, yesterday?”
“Big deal?” Zhang Xuan revealed doubts.
“Emotional, beating up customers, watching web videos during work, all done by you?” Lin Qinghan slammed the report in his hand towards his desk.
For work, Lin Qinghan had always maintained a highly serious attitude.
Zhang Xuan frowned, and immediately understood what was going on, that Luo Ling, probably came to sue the evil one first.
“General Lin, yesterday’s matter, I think I need to explain to you.”
“That’s not necessary, your thoughts, I can understand, I talked to that little girl named Qiu Yu this morning, yesterday the other party’s approach is indeed a bit too aggressive, if it were me, I would also be angry, but beating people, is not a bit too much? Do you know how much damage your impulsiveness has caused to the company? Do you know that little girl well?”
“I ……” Zhang Xuan was just about to speak, but felt that something was wrong, now Lin Qinghan was angry, as if it had little to do with his beating, more, because he helped Qiu Yu out?
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the face of Lin Qinghan, trying to see what’s going on.
Lin Qinghan was so stared at by Zhang Xuan, face some unnatural, she slammed the desktop, “Zhang Xuan, I asked you a question!”
“General Lin, are you jealous?” Zhang Xuan asked with a somewhat strange look on his face.
“Jealous? Are you crazy? What am I jealous of?” Lin Qinghan revealed an amused look, “I’m asking you now, do you know, how much damage has been caused to the company!”
“I don’t know.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I don’t think it caused a loss to the company.”
Lin Qinghan’s eyes widened, “You don’t think it caused damage to the company? Zhang Xuan, I really don’t understand how you said that, the cooperation with Ekfa was the first step in the group’s transformation, and it was also a leapfrog step, and it was ruined by you, and you said that you don’t think it caused losses to the company?”
“It’s just an enamel country company, I’ll just find another one, like this kind of lowly people, we shouldn’t cooperate with them.” Zhang Xuan said indifferently.
He knew quite a few enamel country companies, no matter if they were from a multinational group background or a royal family background, they could easily be found.
“Heh.” Lin Qinghan snorted, “Zhang Xuan, you don’t have to give me big words here, you did take the hospital project for the company and brought great profits to the company, but one size does not fit all, don’t think that just because you negotiated a big order, you can ignore the rest of the projects!”
“I don’t, you give me time, I’ll go find another partner.”
“Fine, how much time do you need?” Lin Qinghan leaned back in his chair, “January? Half a year? Or a year?”
Zhang Xuan held out three fingers, “Three days, in three days, I will find a new company to work with.”
“Okay, I’ll give you three days, after three days, you better be able to deliver what you said, otherwise, you must give me a reasonable explanation!” Lin Qinghan nodded, and then waved his hand at Zhang Xuan, “Go out! Go back to your department, and as for how to explain to your manager, that’s your own problem!”
“OK,” Zhang Xuan gestured at Lin Qinghan, pulled open the office door, and retreated out.
Before the office door was closed, it was pushed open again by Zhang Xuan.
“By the way Mr. Lin.”
“What is it?” Lin Qinghan showed an impatient look.
Zhang Xuan had a playful smile on his face, “I was just uncomfortable with those people yesterday, there’s nothing with that girl Qiu Yu, don’t be jealous, hehehe.”
Lin Qinghan took a deep breath, forced down the anger in his heart, “How about you and others, has nothing to do with me, I think the most important thing for you now, is to go to your partner, three days later, you must not only give me an explanation, but also give your team an explanation, so many people’s efforts, because of you alone, can not be put to waste! ”
“Don’t worry, don’t worry.” Zhang Xuan laughed heatedly and closed the office door.
Lin Qinghan sat in her office, looking at the closed door, in fact, she was not much angry about Zhang Xuan’s beating yesterday, even after listening to Qiu Yu’s explanation, she felt a burst of happiness in her heart and wanted to clap for Zhang Xuan, but herself, why was she so angry? Because this time the project might be yellow? That’s not so much.
Could it be that it was really because she was jealous?
Lin Qinghan shook her head hard and threw the thoughts in her head away.
No! Impossible! How could I possibly be jealous of this person.
When Zhang Xuan returned to the business department, he found that everyone looked at him in a strange and complicated way, there was blame and sympathy in it.
What Zhang Xuan did yesterday was indeed out of everyone’s expectation, beating up customers, which is too amazing.
Of course, some people understand Zhang Xuan’s approach, and even feel angry, after all, they have also encountered that rude customers, know that feeling.
There were others, however, who were full of blame for Zhang Xuan.
In a corner of the office, Sister Hong, with three sales girls, was shattered there.
“Bah, what a thing, after two days of work, he stirred up such a big basket! We’ve worked so hard for so long, and he’s ruined it all by himself!”
“Yes, and the one called Qiu Yu, no awareness at all, accompany customers to dinner, ambiguous a little how, and will not lose a piece of skin, look at her yesterday, and shouting for help and what to do, really disgusting.”
“Hey, who let people innocent it, will pretend it, you also pretend one to ah.”
“I puke it! Look innocent, behind the scenes may have more than a slut, you see that strength, Chu Chu pitiful, usually estimated not less to play in the mirror.”
“Yes, hahaha.”
At this time Qiu Yu is sitting on the side, there is no one around her, although the Hong sister a few people suppressed the voice, but they said the words still reached the ears of Qiu Yu, the girl’s eyes red, holding back not to let themselves cry out.

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