Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 104

“Who is it?” The fat man asked with a face full of impatience, a pair of small squinting eyes locked on the body of Qiu Yu, looking up and down, that look to be more lewd and more lewd.
Qiu Yu was fat look at the heart of the hair, feet unconsciously backward.
“Girl, you go out first, I talk with this fat man.” Zhang Xuan turned to Qiu Yu and said.
“Okay.” Qiu Yu nodded in response as if relieved, pushed open the door and ran out.
The fat man looked at Zhang Xuan with an unhappy face, “boy, we are not recruiting, but if that girl just came well, I can still consider it.”
“Less nonsense, contact Ou Ren, let him come to Yinzhou with his team in three days, and Lin’s to talk about a project.” Zhang Xuan casually flung out a black card, on the card, printed with a ghost face mask, fangs, just looking at it, let people feel the gloomy cold.
Once the fat man saw the card, his obese body subconsciously trembled, and the displeasure on his face immediately turned into respect, “My Lord, you are ……”
“You do not need to know, recently Silver State listening to all sensitive information, I do not want to be exposed, will not contact Ou Ren directly, three days later, I will come here to find him.” Zhang Xuan finished, no longer look at the fat man more than a glance, twisted around and walked out.
The fatty bent down and bowed, and only when Zhang Xuan completely left the mouth, did he dare to lift himself up, picking up the card with both hands, his arms were trembling.
In the world, almost every city, there will be an office, the office has only one person in charge, their task, is to receive, but whenever someone comes looking with this card in hand, they have to meet all the requirements of the other party with the highest courtesy, which includes assassination, firearms ……
Qiu Yu outside the office waiting for Zhang Xuan, see themselves out less than a minute after Zhang Xuan also came out.
“Let’s go, talk about it, the partner has been found.” Zhang Xuan patted Qiu Yu’s head and led her towards the elevator.
“Talked about?” Qiu Yu was full of doubts, coming to such a place and finding a partner? A multinational group of enamel countries?
Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu had just entered the elevator when a figure walked up from the stairway, it was a moustached man, the moustached man walked up to the door of the office Zhang Xuan had just gone to and looked inside.
“What are you looking at? What are you doing?” The fat man in the office pushed open the glass door at once and glared at the moustached man.
The moustached man smiled, “I just want to ask, are you hiring?”
“No, get lost!” The fat man waved his hand in displeasure.
The moustached man smiled, nodded and turned to leave, at the same time, he took out his cell phone and dialed a number out, “Manager Luo, figured it out, that kid should have found a skin company, trying to fish for pearls.”
Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu went out of the business building.
Zhang Xuan was just about to tell Qiu Yu, let the girl go home to adjust two days, and then come back to work in two days, when he heard a voice ringing in front of him.
“Isn’t this Qiu Yu? What, running business? Hey, this big sun, how hard it is, how pathetic.”
Zhang Xuan followed the voice to look, the person who spoke, is a beautiful young woman, this woman is a little taller than Qiu Yu, net height is almost close to one meter seven, hot body, standard model figure, with a long hair.
“Your friend?” Zhang Xuan asked Qiu Yu.
Qiu Yu smiled bitterly, “Brother Zhang, this is my classmate, but also our company just came to the receptionist.”
“Oh.” Zhang Xuan nodded, in the spirit of his own business, to be friendly to employees, he greeted the other party, “Hello beautiful, I am also Lin’s, we will meet often in the future ah.”
“Cut.” The pretty woman gave Zhang Xuan a disdainful look and spat lightly out of her mouth, “Dead salesman.”
After the woman finished speaking, she took a catwalk, twisted her slender waist and walked towards the side.
“Brother Zhang, excuse me.” Qiu Yu pulled Zhang Xuan’s sleeve and spat out her little tongue at Zhang Xuan, “She’s this person, just like that ……”
Zhang Xuan looked, just this woman, got into the passenger seat of a BMW, he shook off his head, did not take it to heart, so many years, travel north and south, have seen a lot of people, than this woman also snobbish have seen a lot.
Zhang Xuan originally went back to the company to eat lunch, the results of this tossed half a day, a look at the table, it is almost 2:00 pm.
Asked Qiu Yu, the girl did not eat at noon, the two simply found a restaurant, a meal, Zhang Xuan told Qiu Yu, let her two days do not go to the company, before the new single talk down, Qiu Yu go is also bullied, might as well run the business excuse to rest at home for two days.
After separating from Qiu Yu, Zhang Xuan did not idle, he went to several places, arranged some things, until 6 p.m., Zhang Xuan was all busy.
Silver City Airport.
Milan, wearing a long skirt and a pair of sunglasses, stood at the boarding gate, the breeze blew the long skirt fluttering, hair dancing, attracting a lot of attention.
A beautiful figure appeared at the departure gate.
“Ri Ke.” Milan took off her sunglasses and a smile appeared on her pretty face as she looked at the arriving person, none other than her bestie plus colleague in the enamel country.
Li Ke was wearing a set of beige fashion, different from the common design style in China, a “T” type waist corset top, with a pair of seven-point pants, soft material, highlighting the temperament, this woman has a pair of sapphire blue eyes, slender eyebrows, high nose, sharp jaw, making her look like a noble Persian cat.
Her slightly raised eyebrows are open and unrestrained, her long and dense eyelashes are curved upward in a perfect arc, falling a faint shadow, and her tender pink lips are extremely thin and slightly pursed, like a delicate flower that makes people want to kiss it.
Lai Ke’s appearance, also attracts many people’s attention, this is a standard mixed-race beauty, long yellow hair soft, like a waterfall sprinkled behind the shoulders, the tips of the hair slightly hooked a volume, so that people can not help but want to caress this soft.
The two beauties with distinctly different styles stood together, as if they had become the brightest scenery in front of the terminal.
Milan hugged Rico, “Why are you here all of a sudden?”
“Teacher is recently in further training, by the way, he gave me a long vacation.” The first time I came back to China, I didn’t go back for many years, so I came back for a visit.
“He ah?” The first thing that Milan wanted was to break Zhang Xuan, but after seeing what Zhang Xuan had done for Lin Qinghan, Milan was a little shaken, did he really need to break him down? If he was really single-mindedly good to Qinghan, then what about before?
“What’s wrong?” Ri Ke noticed that something was wrong with Milan’s expression and asked.
“Nothing.” Milan shook his head and took Li Ke’s hand, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to meet Qinghan first, I think you two must have a lot of common topics.”

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