Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 11

Lin Qinghan also looked at Zhang Xuan with a small face that was somewhat surprised, but the surprise on this face flickered away and changed to a soft look, and her voice was soft as she said, “Do you want to order for me?”
“Mm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, holding the menu in one hand, gently flipping through the single page with the other hand, and he did not say anything.
Zheng Chu looked at Zhang Xuan’s appearance, even more angry, and said out loud: “Don’t pretend if you can’t read, and don’t waste everyone’s time.”
“Zheng Chu, pay attention to what you say, what’s wrong with us looking at the menu?” Lin Qinghan although do not know what Zhang Xuan is doing, but at least now, she and Zhang Xuan are on the same front, can not let Zhang Xuan be humiliated by others.
“Qing Han, this is an enamel restaurant, this yakuza he can understand enamel language?” Zheng Chu said disdainfully.
Before Zheng Chu’s words fell, Zhang Xuan’s voice rang out, and while pointing his finger at the menu, he said to the Enamel waiter in standard Chinese, “This, this, and this.”
Although the waiter couldn’t understand what Zhang Xuan said, Zhang Xuan’s movements still enabled him to understand, nodded his head and turned around to prepare the meal.
Zheng Chu thought Zhang Xuan could say something, but when he saw Zhang Xuan’s action, he immediately laughed out loud, “Inferior people are inferior people, don’t you know that enamel cuisine is very important to the sense of ceremony? I’ll see how you eat it when you point your finger! Don’t be like a monkey when you order a table of soup and don’t know how to eat it!”
Zhang Xuan cut, rolled his eyes, “Who said I can’t order, I just ordered the fatty liver.”
“Fatty liver? He said fatty liver? Hahaha!” Zhang Xuan’s words made Zheng Chu as if he heard a big joke, slapping the table with his hand, laughing with tears coming out, “I said turtle, don’t pretend if you haven’t eaten enamel meal, it’s called foie gras, understand?”
“Zheng Chu, we can call it whatever we want, what does it have to do with you?” Lin Qinghan spoke up at this point, although she also knew that Zhang Xuan’s name for foie gras was wrong, but no matter what, he was relieved for himself to do so.
Zheng Chu glanced at his mouth, “Qing Han ah Qing Han, even if you recruit a door-to-door husband, you should also recruit something decent, right? Look, what is this thing?”
Wang Congfeng’s face showed smugness, “Some people, always think that a little on TV, a little in the book, they are also the top people, but do not know, deflated is deflated!”
Lin Jianyu said to play a roundabout: “young people, how you want to call it how you want to call it, they say those Internet terms, what drunk, fallen, we do not understand it, ha ha, do not count more, do not count more.”
“Uncle Lin, this is not a network term, but a person’s cultural heritage, do not even know foie gras, I really do not understand, he has the face to come in this enamel restaurant, let those enamel waiters hear, may be how to laugh at us!” Zheng Chu clasped his hands to his chest and looked at Zhang Xuan with a face full of disgust.
Zhang Xuan sat there with an indifferent face and waited for the waiter to serve the food.
Not long after, several exquisite foie gras were served by the waiter and placed in front of Zheng Chu’s family, while in front of Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, there was nothing.
“Yo, our foie gras is all up, where are some people’s fatty dried? Why hasn’t it come up yet?” Zheng Chu picked up his knife and fork, moving elegantly to cut off a small piece of foie gras and put it into his mouth, with a look of enjoyment on his face, “Enamel foie gras, world famous, fatty but not greasy, it’s really an absolute beauty to enjoy, this enamel restaurant is quite authentic, almost identical to what I ate in enamel back then.”
Lin Qinghan looked at Zheng Chu’s look, his face was not good, on the spot, he was going to call the waiter to come and reorder some himself, but before he could open his mouth, he was seen by Zhang Xuan.
“It’s okay, I’ll order it for you.”
“What did you order.” Lin Qinghan asked Zhang Xuan in a whisper, with anxiety in his voice, “You don’t even know about foie gras, you just ordered it blindly!”
Although Lin Qinghan’s tone was anxious, but there was no blame on her face, because she knew clearly that even if she went to order it herself, she probably couldn’t order anything fancy.
When Lin Qinghan was incomparably anxious and intended to call out to the waiter, three plates of exquisite meals were placed in front of her, among which, there was a foie gras, a baguette, and a zao apricot.
“Fruit? Baguette? I say, people like you, what a disgrace to us!” Zheng Chu put down the knife and fork in her hand and stared at Zhang Xuan with an angry face, “Do you know that if this were in the enamel country, people like you who don’t respect the rituals of food would have been thrown out of the restaurant long ago! Even if you don’t know about enamel meals, don’t you have any common sense? Fruit is only ordered at the end of the meal!”
“Oh, is that so?” Zheng Chu’s words just fell, the table rang Zhang Xuan’s voice, his voice with a kind of light laugh, laughter is full of sarcasm, “just someone told the waiter to ask for goose liver, in fact, in the enamel word Foiegras, there is no meaning of goose, just many people will default to goose liver, but in fact, in enamel country ninety-five percent, with duck liver, because the consumption of duck meat The consumption of duck meat is greater than that of goose. As an appetizer, it is recommended to match the Zao apricot abricot, and then put the fatty liver on a baguette to eat, so that the words will not feel greasy, as for some people, just did not want some acidic fruit, eat up the taste will be much worse.”
Zhang Xuan finished a paragraph, Lin Qinghan eyes are full of doubts, there is this statement? He did not make it up, right?
“Really laughing, enamel stick with foie gras, never heard of it, trouble you nonsense before also understand the common sense, OK?” Zheng Chu’s face is contemptuous, “I can understand that people like you do not understand this, but you do not pretend to understand, OK?”
When Zhang Xuan heard Zheng Chu’s words, he laughed and nudged his mouth towards their neighboring table.
Just at their neighboring table, there happened to be a table of enameled countrymen sitting there, and people were enjoying the fatty liver with baguette and zojic apricot in the way Zhang Xuan just said, such a scene was like a loud slap on Zheng Chu’s face.
“As one of the three major culinary kingdoms in the world, the Enamel Kingdom is good at eating also fine at eating, of course the romantic beauty of the Enamel meal is not only reflected in the exquisite ingredients, but also from the ritual brought by the Enamel meal etiquette, the ritual of the Enamel meal is not the fruit after the meal as some people say, but more focused on the matching of ingredients, well Ching Han, the meal is up and ready to enjoy. ”
Zhang Xuan said while cutting the baguette open, put a fruit on top and handed it to Lin Qinghan.
At this moment, Lin Qinghan’s big, soulful eyes were filled with a strange look, he really understands!
Zheng Chu and Wang Congfeng sitting on the side, the face to be as ugly as possible, just now, Zheng Chu mouth still said what some people can not understand do not pretend, but now the facts tell him, pretend to be, in the end, who is! This moment they, as if there are pins and needles under the ass, feel a second can not sit.

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