Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 115

“Mr. Zhang?” Li Jiang repeated these three words with a dubious face, he asked himself, he had always acted carefully and had not offended anyone, this Mr. Zhang, where is the big shot.
“The Mr. Zhang he said, should be me.” Zhang Xuan stood up from the small pony, “This information, also from me, Li Jiang, what do you think, is it complete enough? In eleven years, the amount you embezzled, a total of sixteen million, this money, enough to put you through the bottom of the jail.”
“You bullshit! I didn’t embezzle!” Li Jiang shouted and hurriedly explained, “Supervisor Zheng, you have to believe me, it’s not true.”
“Impossible, my husband would never embezzle, it’s definitely this poor bastard who deliberately framed my husband!” Zhao Xi also vocalized from the side.
“Husband?” Supervisor Zheng gave Li Jiang a strange look, “Li Jiang, as far as I know, your wife, it’s not her, right?”
“We ……” Li Jiang fawned a little, not knowing how to explain, he turned his head and glared at Zhao Xi fiercely, cursing a fool in his heart.
Zhao Xi also realized that he said the wrong thing, but things have come to this point, she simply heart cross, spoke: “Old Li is indeed not my husband, but I love him, this is between us, what I am saying now, is that someone deliberately framed old Li!”
“Framing Li Jiang?” Supervisor Zheng smiled, “You mean, Mr. Zhang deliberately framed Li Jiang? What about the motive?”
“Of course it’s jealousy! People like him, jealous of our money, jealous of our ……”
“Joke!” Supervisor Zheng let out a stern shout, interrupting Zhao Xi, “Mr. Zhang is enthusiastic about the charity industry for so many years, the donation alone, reached hundreds of millions of magnesium yuan, he will be jealous of you? Will deliberately set up Li Jiang? Now the evidence is clear, Li Jiang, what you have to say, leave it to the court, go talk to the judge!”
Supervisor Zheng’s words, like a thunderclap, suddenly exploded, making Li Jiang and Zhao Xi both unable to return to their senses.
Donating hundreds of millions of magnesium dollars? This young man in front of you, dressed in ordinary clothes, donated hundreds of millions of magnesium yuan?
Zhao Xi opened her mouth wide, unable to speak.
The police car outside the villa courtyard, down two police officers dressed in police uniforms, without saying a word, directly took out handcuffs, handcuffed Li Jiang.
Li Jiang’s face is pale, he is engaged in this line of work, understand the donation of several hundred million magnesium yuan is a concept, that is a word, can affect the association around the people ah, himself this time, is completely planted.
The funny thing is, just tell people that this is the world of the rich, and give people what to say, donating money to people are not talking, you cynic which qualification.
In the end, they are a clown!
Li Jiang looked at his wrists this reflected sunlight handcuffs, hot weather, all over the body cold, the rest of his life, so gone ……
Zhao Xi watched Li Jiang was taken away, but could not say a word, their own mouth a poor man, but donated hundreds of millions of magnesium yuan!
In the two officers escorting Li Jiang to the police car, Zhang Xuan suddenly spoke, pointing to Tiger and others: “two officers, these people, you also take away, just they threatened me, to smash the spring vine orphanage, I think you also need to take back a good investigation, and this woman, she knew that Li Jiang’s money embezzlement, but still enjoy the peace of mind, also She should be considered an accomplice and be sentenced together, right?”
The two officers looked at each other, nodded and took out their walkie-talkies and called out.
A few more police officers came down from the police car and guarded the entrance to the villa compound, preventing Tiger and the others from leaving, and Zhao Xi’s hands were handcuffed.
Zhao Xi was so scared that tears came out on the spot, kept crying and begging for mercy to Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan ignored, his gaze, placed on Supervisor Zheng.
“I need an explanation.”
“Mr. Zhang, this time it is our management inconsiderate, the senior management has already held an emergency meeting because of this matter, will give you a satisfactory answer in the shortest possible time.” Supervisor Zheng compensated with a smile, afraid of angering Zhang Xuan.
“Not to give me a satisfactory answer, but to the people who need help, a satisfactory answer, this period of time, I will arrange for people to inspect all the orphanages of the country, large and small, if I encounter any more corruption, I think the end, is your association does not want to see, when the agreement was signed, I donated the money, will all be put into the public welfare, otherwise , ten times the compensation, you guys think about it, whether you can afford to pay or not, oh yes, to remind you, I donated not just a few hundred million, but billions.”
“Understood, understood!” Supervisor Zheng nodded his head repeatedly, his back was already wet with sweat.
Zhang Xuan coldly glared at Supervisor Zheng, what he did today was not only to punish Li Jiang, but also to give the association a wake-up call, so that the association would take the initiative to exclude Li Jiang type of assholes.
Qin Rou had heard her teacher mention Zhang Xuan’s gratuitous donation, but did not expect the amount to be so large, billions of magnesium yuan! At the same time, she also did not expect Zhang Xuan’s influence in the association was so great.
Leaving the town of Swan Lake, Qin Rou couldn’t help her curiosity, “Zhang Xuan, why are you in the charity business? Some people are for name, some for profit, some are to buy peace of mind, and some believe in Buddha, believe in this area, you? You are not for name, not for profit, and I do not think you are a believer in Buddhism.”
“I?” Zhang Xuan smiled, “I just had too much suffering as a child, I hope less people like me, if the conditions were a little better, my mother would not have left me so early.”
“You ……” Qin Rou looked at the man beside her, although he said the words lightly, but in the story behind these words, it should be desperate.
“Okay, let’s go, go buy some fruit for the children, promise them something must be done, otherwise it will let the children down.” Zhang Xuan bared his teeth and smiled.
Qin Rou looked at Zhang Xuan’s smile, at this moment, he was like a big boy next door.
Run the orphanage to play with the children, Zhang Xuan rushed 6 p.m., leaving the orphanage, politely refused Qin Rou’s request to send himself back, walking alone on the road.
At the entrance of an unoccupied alley, a black shadow appeared behind Zhang Xuan.
“My Lord.” The black shadow knelt down directly on one knee, “You were looking for me.”
“Those who went in today, kill all of them, no one needs to be left behind.” Zhang Xuan said in a flat tone, “Also, the person who wanted to kill my wife, have you inquired?”
“All the people in Yanjing surnamed Su are being investigated one by one, there will be an answer soon.”
“As soon as possible, as soon as there are results, immediately tell me, sharp edge of the people, what movement during this period of time?”
“They monitor the city’s communications and have had Stabbing Peak deliberately exposed, the sharp edges have gathered a total of three squads of people who have arrived in Silver State one after another and entered our line of sight.”
“Good, stand down.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand.
The black shadow behind him, flickered away.

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