Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 121

Zhang Xuan’s words made the people in the multi-function hall look at Zhao Kuang, and some people who were familiar with Zhao Kuang had regret in their eyes.
Such a good opportunity, Zhao Kuang wasted in vain.
Zhao Kuang’s face changed several times, and his voice was somewhat low as he spoke, “This little master, you and I just have some misunderstanding, isn’t it a little too petty for you to do that?”
“That’s right, I have offended you, why should I implicate my master.” Liu Ran also opened his mouth, hurried to remedy, for whether he can learn something in Zhang Xuan this, he does not care, he is now concerned, is the master will be angry with himself because of this matter, really, if so, the rest of his life’s future can be lost ah.
“Petty? I don’t think so.” Zhang Xuan gave a laugh and pointed his finger behind him, “Everyone, please look at the screen, this is the video I just, recorded with my phone.”
The big screen behind Zhang Xuan let, was a scene of Liu Ran outside the multi-purpose hall, screaming.
“I’m telling you, the patient is sick, and it’s us doctors who are treating him! I can treat whatever I want, it’s not your turn to beep here!”
Liu Ran’s gaze was arrogant and his words were harsh.
Such words made the physicians who were sitting in the hall at this moment, all stare in awe, that phrase I can treat whatever I want, making people wonder if they had heard wrong.
“Scum! Simply scum!”
“Zhao Kuang, you have at least been practicing medicine for decades, and your character is notable in the industry, why did you teach such a disciple? Patients put their lives in our hands, we have to be responsible for them, this can be treated as you wish, is this a doctor’s words? Is it a person’s word!”
“This kind of person is not worthy of practicing medicine!”
Throughout the hall, there were voices of reproach, and some of the old physicians, who were even more exuberant.
“That Dr. Zhao, this matter, not I Zhang Xuan against anyone, before we practice medicine, will keep in mind the five words of the doctor’s parents, we have an old saying in China, the son does not teach, the father’s fault, teaching is not strict, the teacher’s lazy, your disciple can say such words, and you have a direct relationship, now, please go out.”
Zhang Xuan took the microphone in his hand and made a gesture of invitation.
Zhao Kuang’s face was gloomy and shivering as he looked at Liu Ran.
“Master, I ……” Liu Ran’s face was pale.
“Bastard!” Zhao Kuang heavily waved his arm, a slap fiercely hit Liu Ran’s face, this sound was crisp and loud, “I, Zhao Kuang, do not have a disciple like you, from today onwards, you and I break off the relationship between master and disciple!”
Zhao Kuang finished this slap, did not care about Liu Ran, he turned around, rushed to the stage where Zhang Xuan stood and bowed, “Little master, you are right, my sinful disciple, can say such words, indeed directly related to me, I think I am a good doctor, but not a good teacher, today’s incident, I have been taught!
Zhao Kuang finished speaking, twisted around and walked towards the outside of the multi-purpose hall.
Liu Ran’s face showed panic, shouted teacher, and hurriedly followed out.
Those who had been following Liu Ran, who had been so aggressive, didn’t dare to say anything now, and followed Liu Ran out of the multi-function hall in a shy manner. As for those students who had just mocked Zhang Xuan with Liu Ran, they also had no face to stay here and left the multi-function hall.
Outside the multi-function hall, Liu Ran stood here as if he were a wooden chicken, he knew that today’s incident, so that the rest of his life, no longer have the possibility of practicing medicine, today so many seniors in the medical field are here, although China is big, but there is no place, can still accept themselves.
“Pretending to be bad, nonsense even if it is, but also put us all in harm’s way.” A student came out and looked at Liu Ran with a face full of displeasure.
“That’s right, and claim what to know the divine doctor, people stand in front of you you do not know, what the hell!”
“I bah!”
Liu Ran’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley, and his whole person was knocked into the abyss of ten thousand feet.
In the multi-function hall, Zhang Xuan’s lecture continued, after he performed so many fabulous acupuncture techniques, everyone treated him with more respect.
At this moment, age is not so important, and academics are the first priority.
Xu Wan a few people sitting on the seat, looking at the stage Zhang Xuan, heart excited.
“Xu Wan, brother-in-law he is really too handsome, if he is not yet married, I must chase him.” Zhang Jie said excitedly as her two small hands were tightly gathered together.
Sun Lan blinked her long eyelashes, “I also want to chase.”
“You dead ninny!” Zhang Jie reached out and pinched the soft flesh of Sun Lan’s waist, “You are trying to be a love rival with me.”
“That’s right, how about it, hahaha.”
Zhang Xuan originally scheduled the lecture for one morning, but the physicians who arrived were too enthusiastic, and after the lecture dispersed, they asked Zhang Xuan for advice one by one, and it was only after four o’clock in the afternoon that Zhang Xuan finally had some time to spare.
The next time the training institute teaches, they will definitely ask Zhang Xuan for advice.
Zhang Xuan wiped the sweat from his forehead, he did not feel like a teacher at all, like a little girl being bullied one by one.
Zhang Xuan was just idle for a few minutes when he was pestered by Xu Wan and Zhang Cheng again.
“Hello brother-in-law!” Once he saw Zhang Xuan, Zhang Cheng stood up straight, just like a new recruit encountering his instructor.
“Doctor God, give us a chance to show our performance?” Zhang Jie said jokingly.
“Hmph.” Zhang Xuan clasped his hands to his chest, looked Zhang Jie up and down, and said in a frivolous tone, “Little girl, how do you plan to behave? This divine Doctor’s requirements are very high.”
“Is that so?” Zhang Jie twisted her waist, stretched out her arms and wrapped them around Zhang Xuan’s neck like a water snake, “How about letting you pick? Hmm?”
Zhang Jie exhaled like an orchid, with a ghostly fragrance, this youth among the charmed feeling, extra exciting.
Zhang Xuan hehe smiled, an embarrassed face, “Uh …… we better do something else, such as running together, playing ping pong or something.”
“Cut.” Zhang Jie skimmed, pushed Zhang Xuan away, turned around with a smug look at Zhang Cheng and others, “See, I said it, brother-in-law is a wife control.”
The original still a bit abashed Zhang Xuan, once heard this, immediately jumped up, “Who said I am a strict wife, my status at home, but you can not imagine!”
“Come on brother-in-law!” Xu Wan covered her mouth and laughed lightly, “If you are not a strict wife, dare to go singing with us at night?”
“Go, go, what dare not!” Zhang Xuan patted his chest.
At eight o’clock in the evening, the sky is getting dark, Zhang Xuan hiccups, and Xu Wan a few people wandering in the university near the wine street.

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