Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 14

Qin Rou organized the language, briefly told Zhang Xuan, about the resort development, and the demolition of the orphanage, and the other party’s company strength is much stronger than Qin Rou’s company, second only to the second largest group in Yinzhou City, Zhou’s, they want to move this orphanage, Qin Rou simply can not keep down.
Qin Rou just finished, look at Zhang Xuan squatting there, hand on the ground drawing something, Qin Rou’s line of sight was blocked by Zhang Xuan’s back, when Qin Rou went around to take a look, the small mouth suddenly opened.
She saw, just in this effort to speak on their own, Zhang Xuan will be orphanage around the topographical map all painted with stones to the concrete ground in front of the large and small streets, including bus routes, while also extended to the city!
A person, even if he has lived in a place for more than a decade, he may not be able to draw the topographical map of the streets, and even the topographical layout of his own neighborhood can not remember.
Qin Rou marveled in her heart, how did he do it!
Zhang Xuan just finished drawing at this time and casually threw the stone in his hand as if he had done something very ordinary, “Miss Qin, you said, your company is in the trade, right?”
“Right.” Qin Rou gently nodded her head.
Zhang Xuan got up and looked at Qin Rou, the distance between him and Qin Rou was only twenty centimeters, at this moment, both of them could feel each other’s breathing sound.
Qin Rou’s little heart was puffing at this time, and her little face couldn’t help but appear a touch of red.
Zhang Xuan grinned and stretched out two fingers, “Now there are two ways that will enable you to solve the problem at hand, one is softer and stops these people from tearing down the orphanage, the other, depends on whether you have the ambition.”
“What?” Qin Rou subconsciously asked.
“Before the official documents to demolish the orphanage are approved, devour the companies of these people! In other words, do this in three days!”
“What!” Qin Rou’s eyes widened.
“The specific plan, I’ll tell you more, look at this topographical map.” Zhang Xuan pointed to what he just drew on the ground and gave Qin Rou, “Now in Yinzhou City, ninety-nine percent of the housing prices are soaring, those people chose this place as the address of the vacation resort, but it is just looking at the direction of the official decision at the end of this year, if there are no accidents, the official will strongly support the development of the new city at the end of this year.”
“Why?” Qin Rou asked with a puzzled face, the official direction of development, has always been extremely hidden, even if the insiders can not be 100% sure until the document comes down.
“Look.” Zhang Xuan’s hand pointing at three places on the topographic map, “the geographical location of Yinzhou City, the northwest by the mountains, the northeast is an industrial park, of which three fields were built only this year, these two directions will not be developed officially, the southwest direction of the index book, Lin’s in February this year to take in hand, all only now, this southeast direction, for the development of land. ”
Qin Rou heard, instantly understood, “then you mean, let me compete with them to grab this development area?”
“No!” Zhang Xuan waved his hand, “I want you, to blow up the mountain!”
Zhang Xuan’s words caused Qin Rou to subconsciously exclaim, “Blow up the mountain!”
“Yes! Last October, Yinzhou City officials had expressed in front of the media the intention to carry out trade traffic in a big way, the southeast as the largest traffic route, was established as a key development object, but if the northwest can open a road, the official will definitely focus on the northwest, as for this southeast direction, will be temporarily abandoned, then the price of these plots of land, will fall to a low.” Zhang Xuan little by little to Qin Rou analysis.
“Why are you so sure?” Qin Rou is full of doubts about the man in front of her, in the other side of the other side when speaking, the strong confidence between the eyebrows, the words of certainty, are like a hundred percent sure, Qin Rou in the business world, never seen someone will be filled with such strong confidence between the eyebrows, even that Lin Group’s president, Lin Qinghan did not!
“It’s not that I’m sure, it’s the policy.” Zhang Xuan used the sole of his shoe to rub off the topographical map he drew on the ground, took out his cell phone and pulled out some news, Qin Rou took a look, these, on Zhang Xuan’s cell phone, are the news of the past several years, and not of Yinzhou City, but of the provinces of China, but on it, all have an important message.
These information, let Qin Rou stare at the eyes.
Yinzhou City in the past ten years, the most important is trade, the official GDP of 13.24%, all from trade, according to the capital, Yanjing, Duhai, Su Province, Shan Province, etc., every meeting news, Yinzhou City’s development direction, and more than once mentioned to open the northwest direction of the trade channel, once you can get the right to open the mountain, will definitely get the official support! When the time comes to face a company that even the price of land has fallen, want to swallow, is not easy?
Qin Rou looked at the man in front of her wearing beach pants white undershirt, her heart, can no longer be described with shock, this man in front of her, is definitely a business genius!
No! No! Genius is not enough to describe it, this is a genius! Ghost genius! His ideas, the length of his vision, beyond his own ten times! The news from the provinces that no one pays attention to is a huge treasure trove!
After the shock, Qin Rou said hello to the dean at the first opportunity, and after speaking to Zhang Xuan, she quickly drove away from the orphanage and headed to the company.
Zhang Xuan told Dean Cui that she didn’t have to worry about the orphanage, then picked up little Yin Yin and happily went to play with the children.
At around 6:00 pm, Zhang Xuan returned to Seaside Water Village, and just outside the villa, Zhang Xuan smelled the fragrance of rice coming from inside the villa.
Zhang Xuan’s mind was filled with doubts, when did General Lin know how to cook?
In the villa.
Lin Qinghan, wearing a light blue home dress, stood at the kitchen door with an expectant face, her small mouth kept chanting, “Is it ready, is it ready, I can hardly wait!”
In the kitchen, a woman of about 25 or 26 years old, 5’6″ tall, with short hair and handsome features was wearing a blue apron and skillfully flipping the frying pan, “It will be ready soon, I said Lin Qinghan, aren’t you the iceberg president, why do you look like a foodie?”
“Damn girl, you just know how to make fun of me!” Lin Qinghan rolled her eyes at the woman in the kitchen, “What iceberg female president, it’s not just those boring people talking nonsense, I’m waiting for you, a 3-star Michelin chef, to cook for me at this time of the year.”
“Seeking [smoke and red dust novel] you still count every year?” The short-haired woman once again flipped the frying pan, “Well, you quickly sit at the table, you will be able to eat soon, look at you, your mouth is watering!”
Lin Qinghan smiled happily and walked towards the dining table, she had just sat down at the table when she heard the living room door ring and Zhang Xuan walked in from the door.

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