Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 15

Lin Qinghan, who originally had a happy face, vanished without a trace the moment she saw Zhang Xuan.
Oh no, I forgot to tell him not to come back tonight! Oops, what about this! In that case, what I said to this girl, will not soon be demolished!
Lin Qinghan got up from the dining table with an ugly face and walked towards Zhang Xuan.
Seeing Lin Qinghan’s bad face, Zhang Xuan asked with concern, “General Lin, are you uncomfortable?”
“No!” Lin Qinghan whispered to Zhang Xuan in a serious tone, then the two jade jades naturally mixed on Zhang Xuan’s arm, “Also, don’t call me General Lin, I told that nee-san that you are an artist who met with me at a painting exhibition, remember?”
When Zhang Xuan heard that, he couldn’t help but laugh.
“What are you laughing at.” Lin Qinghan’s small hand twisted the soft flesh on the inside of Zhang Xuan’s big arm, and her big beautiful eyes showed a heavy warning, “No laughing! And no revealing to me, or you’ll be dead!”
“OK, OK!” Zhang Xuan hastily confessed, gesturing, “Don’t worry, Qinghan, I will never show my face!”
Lin Qinghan heard Zhang Xuan say so, the face only look better, at the same time also showed a touch of softness on his face, try not to let his best friend see it.
Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan’s lovely appearance, his heart could not help but sigh, as long as a woman, all have a vanity ah, who does not want their husband is a prince charming, Lin is no exception.
Just after finishing this, the short-haired woman in the kitchen came out with a plate of exquisite pastries.
“Yah! This is Zhang Xuan, right?” The woman put the pastries on the table and walked towards Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan, who was acting playful a second ago, changed his expression at this moment, straightened his back and took the initiative to extend his hand, “Hello, I’m Zhang Xuan, and with all due respect, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen besides my wife.”
Zhang Xuan’s words, full of Western gentlemanly manners, he only took one look at the short-haired woman and concluded that the other party was definitely a seafarer.
Sure enough, the short-haired woman was amused by Zhang Xuan’s words and reached out to shake Zhang Xuan’s hand lightly, “Mr. Zhang, you’re really interesting, my name is Milan, Qing Han’s bestie.”
“I’ve often heard Qinghan mention you.” Zhang Xuan just grabbed the front of the second joint of Milan’s four fingers.
“Mr. Zhang, Qinghan said that you are in the arts and are well versed in the cultures of various countries, and indeed you are, your western etiquette is more standard than those aristocrats I have seen.” Milan gave a heartfelt praise, “Have a seat, the food will be ready soon.”
After Milan finished speaking, she turned around and brought up a fragrant breeze, walking towards the kitchen.
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan sat at the table, looking at the confusion in the woman’s eyes, Zhang Xuan took the initiative to explain, “I did training in this area when I used to work as a waiter in an enamel country restaurant.”
A course of gourmet food was presented to the table by Milan, just oysters, Zhang Xuan saw more than twenty kinds.
“Oyster door, it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed it.” Zhang Xuan sighed in his heart.
Lin Qinghan sat beside Zhang Xuan, that sneakily swallowed saliva when Zhang Xuan was not paying attention, it was very cute.
In addition to oysters, Milan then served up dishes, there is also beef, whole duck, that is beautifully shaped, let people look at the appetite.
“Mr. Zhang, from what Qinghan said, you know a lot about the culture of enamel dining.” After placing the plate of whole duck on the table, Milan sat opposite Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan looked at the table of food, compared to what Milan did, that Di Shengte enamel restaurant was too low, and the dining culture was more high-end, Zhang Xuan was just working as a waiter, how could he be exposed to this, she was just about to open her mouth to relieve Zhang Xuan, saying that Zhang Xuan was only slightly involved, but Zhang Xuan’s voice was the first to ring out.
“Enamel country oyster door, the victory is rich in variety, look at these oysters in front of you, should be Miss Milan specially brought over fresh goods, after cooking out, can make people feel the rhythm of the front and middle, endless aftertaste, the aftertaste is fierce, but is not suitable for the first course, think Miss Milan is examining me when she brought this plate of oyster door up.”
Zhang Xuan smiled lightly, and looked at the plate of beef, “Tartar beef, the general practice, with salt, pepper and sauce mixed, occasionally add some eggs and mix well, but look at Miss Milan’s practice, this, should be added three to four quail eggs, quail eggs here, should be prepared to match that oyster door in taste, as for this oil-sealed duck, I think it should I think it’s right that Qing Han loves to eat it, otherwise, with this kind of combination, there shouldn’t be oil-sealed duck.”
As soon as Zhang Xuan’s words fell, the sound of Milan’s applause rang out.
“Pop, pop, pop!”
“Mr. Zhang, I have to admit that your understanding of Enamel Country cuisine is really as profound as what Qing Han said.”
“Miss Milan has praised you, I’ve only dabbled a little.” Zhou Ran smiled faintly, he acted, like a gentleman.
Lin Qinghan looked at the appearance of the man beside her, that every action was full of etiquette, every word was impeccable, making her doubt, was this still the spineless man she knew? If he put on a suit and appeared in a high-class place, everyone would probably think that he was an aristocrat from the West!
Lin Qinghan’s thought just emerged, she felt her small hand under the table was surrounded by a warmth, looked at Zhang Xuan, the latter was squinting at Lin Qinghan, the meaning seems to say, how, I behaved okay, right?
Lin Qinghan lightly hummed, took his hand out of Zhang Xuan’s hand and grabbed the duck sealed in oil on the table.
Zhang Xuan, on the other hand, took a piece of beef, slightly dipped it in some mustard sauce, put it in his mouth and waited for three seconds to pass before starting to chew.
This is the most standard way to eat, and also the best way to maintain the taste. Before Zhang Xuan made such a move, Milan deliberately paid attention to Zhang Xuan first.
The first thing you need to do is to get to know the woman you’re talking to, and when you’re happy, Milan asks Zhang Xuan, “Mr. Zhang, I heard from Qinghan that you two met at a painting exhibition?”
Lin Qinghan’s heart jumped, she didn’t expect Milan would even ask these questions, Zhang Xuan happened to be a waiter in an enamel restaurant, he knew something about enamel meals and western etiquette, but what did he know about painting exhibitions!
“Milan, are you checking our Zhang Xuan’s account?” Lin Qinghan muttered under his breath.
“Yes, it is to check the account ah, I always have to know, your family Zhang Xuan used what method to cheat our iceberg female president into the hands.” Milan’s eyes were filled with curiosity as he looked at Zhang Xuan.
Lin Qinghan stretched out her greasy little hand and pulled Zhang Xuan’s arm, giving Zhang Xuan a wink from an angle that Milan couldn’t see, saying with her mouth, “Zhang Xuan, ignore her.”
“I say Miss President, you’re not fooling me for fun, are you?” Milan put on an expression like I’m not good at tricking.
“Of course not!” Lin Qinghan’s small face was a little anxious, “We both, we both are in ……”

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