Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 144

Lin’s Group, Business Department.
Sister Hong and the others were standing outside the waiting room, looking at Qiu Yu, who was signing orders, through the glass window of the waiting room with an envious face.
Half a million commission! This is the money they can only earn a few years, how many people have never saved so much money in their lives, so a young girl who has just come to internship to earn hands, it is false to say that not eye-catching.
But eye-catching and what, can only watch people sign contracts there.
Zhang Xuan with a cup of tea, sitting peacefully at his desk, wearing headphones, watching Chinese medicine teaching videos, learning some teaching methods.
At this time, Lin Qinghan appeared aggressively in front of the business department office door, she saw Zhang Xuan sitting there watching the video at a glance, because it was facing the office door, Lin Qinghan did not see what Zhang Xuan was watching, see Zhang Xuan wearing headphones, interested, Lin Qinghan walked to Zhang Xuan’s desk, reached out and knocked on the desktop.
“Hmm?” Only then did Zhang Xuan notice Lin Qinghan, he took off his headphones and asked with a strange face, “Mr. Lin, what is this?”
Lin Qinghan took a deep breath and spoke, “Zhang Xuan, come out for a moment.”
“Oh, okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, paused the video, got up and followed Lin Qinghan with a puzzled face.
Only when out of the office did Zhang Xuan notice that Milan, Ri Ke, and that Emperor Charlie, were all standing outside the office.
Luo Ling, who was wearing a gray uniform, was looking at himself with a cold smile on her face.
“General Lin, what’s going on here?” Zhang Xuan asked strangely as he looked at the situation.
Lin Qinghan looked at Luo Ling and said, “Manager Luo, repeat what you just said, again.”
“Okay.” Luo Ling smiled confidently, then clapped her hands twice as hard as she could, drawing the attention of the people who were standing in front of the waiting room.
As soon as Sister Hong and the others saw that General Manager Lin had arrived, they came towards this from the door of the waiting room.
“Everyone, please listen to me.” Luo Ling’s voice was loud, “Now in our company, there is such a pest!”
When she said the word pest, Luo Ling deliberately put her eyes on Zhang Xuan, “Someone, who deliberately sabotaged the company’s cooperative relationship, directed a good show, found some unknown people, and jointly cheated the company’s property.”
“Cheat the company’s property? Manager Luo, who is this person?” As soon as Sister Hong heard this, she immediately showed a look of righteous indignation.
The rest of the people also spoke up, showing their loyalty to the company in front of Lin Pleasehan.
Zhang Xuan’s heart was happy, hehe, this person is talking about himself?
“That person, far from the sky, near at hand!” Luo Ling reached out and pointed directly at Zhang Xuan’s face.
“You mean …… me?” Zhang Xuan looked at Luo Ling with a strange expression, “Where is your evidence?”
“Evidence?” Luo Ling laughed disdainfully twice and said loudly, “The evidence, naturally, is in the waiting room, and now General Manager Lin is also here, Zhang Xuan, I ask you, the partner you found within three days, and only let a newcomer negotiate and signed an A-grade contract, this person, in the end, what is his identity!”
“A-grade contract?” Lin Qinghan frowned, at first, this A-grade contract, is she personally drafted, and put in the business department, also promised half a million commission.
However, Lin Qinghan was clear that this A-grade contract, absolutely no one could sign it.
Now, listening to Luo Ling said, Zhang Xuan found the customer, only let a newcomer negotiate, the A-class contract signed, Lin Qinghan also feel wrong, but to say that Zhang Xuan joint outsiders, together with fraud Lin’s group’s property, Lin Qinghan is absolutely not believe.
Zhang Xuan grinned, “Manager Luo, don’t you think that the customer I found and signed a big order is a liar?”
“Is it a liar, you have a lot clearer in your mind than I do!” Luo Ling hands clasped chest, “the people inside, in the end, what identity, I think, only need a little investigation, you can find out clearly! When the time comes, whether you are fraudulent or not, it will be clear at a glance.”
Sister Hong and the others, just now, were still jealous of Qiu Yu in their hearts, but now, hearing these words of Luo Ling, they actually had a feeling of great relief, and even had some hope in their hearts that what Luo Ling said was true, that there was no such commission of 500,000, and that Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu, were just looking for a fraudster, so that their hearts could balance a little.
“Investigate his identity?” Zhang Xuan looked at Emperor Charlie who was standing with Milan and the girls, then nodded, “Sure, how do you want to investigate.”
“From here!” Luo Ling took out two photos from her uniform pocket, on that photo, it was a photo of Zhang Xuan and Ou Ren walking out from that office with a simple door sign and located at the corner, on the photo, it was impossible to see the front faces of Zhang Xuan and Ou Ren, but based on the back, it was still possible to tell that the owner of the photo, was none other than Zhang Xuan.
These two photos, is Luo Ling specially find someone to get the business building high-definition surveillance screenshots.
Luo Ling held the photos in her hands and raised them, and said in a loud voice: “Everyone, please look, this is the enamel country partner that Zhang Xuan found, from a skinny company, to get someone to sign a contract of hundreds of millions of dollars with our Lin’s.”
“A purse company?”
“It seems really ah, this is not the next business building, that are only some small companies, assets of more than ten million are very few.”
“Indeed, look at this door sign on the three words written office, obviously not what big company.”
“From here to find people, which have the ability to sign any big contract ah?”
Sister Hong and others, one by one, said, already determined in their hearts, Zhang Xuan this time, must have found the skin company, for fraud.
Lin Qinghan’s face changed and asked, “Zhang Xuan, is this the person you found from here?”
“Yes.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head, “Is there any problem?”
“Mr. Lin, I think it’s time to investigate the true identity of this so-called enamel country client.” Luo Ling revealed a cold smile, “Whether it is a skin company or not, whether it is a fraud, just ask a few key questions and it will be clear.”
As soon as Luo Ling’s words fell, the door of the waiting room was opened from inside, Qiu Yu walked out with an excited face holding the contract she had just signed, and as soon as she looked up, she saw the president of the company standing here with someone, Qiu Yu hastily put away the smile on her face, lowered her head, and weakly asked, “Hello, Mr. Lin.”
“Hmm.” Lin Qinghan nodded, “Has the contract been signed?”
“Signed.” Qiu Yu’s somewhat weak character made her answer in a small voice.
“Let me see.”
Lin Qinghan reached out and took the contract from Qiu Yu’s hand, her eyes scanned carefully over the contract, every number, every clause, all of them were clearly read, when finished reading the contract, Lin Qinghan also didn’t find any problems with this contract.
Finally, Lin Qinghan locked her eyes on the company’s signature of the partner and spoke softly, “Enamel Country Jialong Group?”
“Jialong Group!” Prince Charlie, who was standing behind Lin Qinghan, let out a startled cry.

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