Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 159

A total of seven Honda Accords were driven to the outskirts of the city.
The people all got out of the cars and concealed them.
“I say, you guys are a little too poor in this fellowship place, right?” Zhang Xuan glanced at his mouth, looking at the abandoned factory in front of him, “If I were to say what else to gather, let’s all disperse, wait until tomorrow I invite you to the Xin Kai Hotel, set up a large table, how about it?”
“Little brother, our police fellowship, and you imagine the fellowship may be a little different, not drinking and singing, so well, you may feel the place shabby point, but the victory is spacious enough ah.” Jin Xin laughed, waved his hand, and began to give instructions.
Before coming, they have already laid out the battle plan in the meeting, including the topographical map of this abandoned factory, they have also long been clearly mapped out, now there is no need to say anything more, one by one in good order.
Now the time is eight forty, according to the normal process to go, in an hour after the summit of the assassins will come here, a trumped up deal, followed by a conflict with the sharp edge, a show of force, knocking the major powers.
But now, the process has become abnormal.
Zhang Xuan curiously asked Jin Xin, “Not drinking and singing, what kind of fellowship is that, say what is your police fellowship all about?”
“Of course it’s more than fists and kicks.” Jin Xin raised his fist, “Little brother, wait no matter what, you stay to the side and watch.”
“Than kung fu ah?” Zhang Xuan brightened up, “I also know kung fu, wait can let me on the field?”
“Let you play? Kid, you want to die, right?” Tan Yuping snorted, “Don’t be so confident that you know kung fu, it’s a shame to say it out loud.”
“I really know kung fu.” Zhang Xuan raised his fist, but his appearance in this suit really makes it hard for people to believe that he knows kung fu matter.
“Come on, don’t give me crap here!” Tan Yuping suddenly bellowed and stared at Zhang Xuan, “Do you think I have a good temper? Or I don’t dare to beat you? I’m warning you, if you dare to say one more word of nonsense, don’t blame me for being rude to you, and also, stay away from Gentle in the future, a goods like you is not worthy of her!”
Tan Yuping lit a cigarette for himself and exhaled the smoke slowly onto Zhang Xuan’s face.
With contempt in his eyes, Tan Yuping looked at Zhang Xuan as if he was looking at an ant.
“Yuping, come this way.” A man shouted, calling Tan Yuping away.
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, shook his head, and loosened the fist he had just clenched.
The arrogant Tan Yuping did not know that if he had just walked away a second later, he would definitely have his limbs scrapped.
After everyone started to get busy, Han tender finally had a chance to talk to Zhang Xuan alone.
Han tender pulled Zhang Xuan to a corner and asked in a low voice the doubts in his heart, “Why did you come?”
“Came to save you, you people, just want to make a move on the prickly peak?” Zhang Xuan swept a glance at the people ambushed inside the factory, with disdain in his eyes.
“You know all about it?” Han gentle eyes wide, the news of making a move on the prickly peak, even she only learned about it during the meeting today, how did Zhang Xuan learn about it.
“Guess all can guess, the blade so many people to come, the purpose is not the prickly peak it, I let the prickly peak to reveal some traces, the blade people today not to do it is strange, this how you are also involved?” Zhang Xuan asked, puzzled.
“I can’t help it, my master signed up for me, he still wants me to take the sharp edge test this year.” Han tenderly sighed, she now, one identity is a gangster, the other identity is the vice captain of criminal investigation, contradictory can not be more contradictory.
“Who is that Tan Yuping?” Zhang Xuan looked at the end of the factory.
“The people of the sharp edge, only arrived in Yinzhou City the day before yesterday, these two days have been pestering me, can not shake off.” Han tender hands clasped in front of his chest, grunted at Zhang Xuan, “Why do you ask this, what does it have to do with you? And really take you as my boyfriend?”
“Am I not your boyfriend myself?”
Han tenderness will head a twist, “Really? You have a wife, still looking for a girlfriend?”
“This ……” Zhang Xuan laughed dryly two, “we two things to say slowly later, anyway, this Tan Yuping, you are not allowed to contact with him again.”
Han tender a push in Zhang Xuan chest, “surnamed Zhang, you are also too wide control, right? I and who contact, that is my own business, you really want to control me, go to the divorce, as long as your surname Zhang divorce, you say what is what, your words, I mother stripped this body police uniform, every day at home to you laundry and cooking!
Zhang Xuan fawning smile, did not speak.
The atmosphere was somewhat silent for a while, and after a few minutes, Han gentle took the lead in speaking.
“You just said to save me what do you mean, it is difficult not to, prickly peak today will be a killing spree?” Han tender frowned, last time in the night bar, the prickly peak killed those people, are not good things, almost each of them carry a human life, usually do a lot of cheap things, in that case, the prickly peak down the killers, Han tender also did not feel much.
But today is different, today came, is a group of law enforcement officers, if the prickly peak on these law enforcement officers, Han gentle can not accept at all.
“Stabbing Peak will not appear today.” Zhang Xuan swept a glance at the factory, pulled Han gentle arm, towards a hidden corner, “there is another group of forces will appear, then the sharp edge will definitely fight with that group of forces, you stay here, it is easy to get hurt.”
“Another group of forces?” Han gentle eyes with doubts.
“Mm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “Last time I met the Four Pole Sect, you should know some news about ancient martial arts, when you pass the sharp edge test, you will also come into contact with some dark underground forces, these things, are closely related, you contact early, there is no harm.”
“Dark underground forces? Are they all similar to the people who practice ancient martial arts like the Four Extremes Sect?” Han gentle eyes burst out with a strong interest.
Zhang Xuan thought for a moment and shook his head, “Not really, except that there will be some ancient martial arts sects that send talents to the underground forces, and some of them are very powerful.”
“You tell me about it.” Han’s gentle eyes glowed as she looked at Zhang Xuan, as if she had discovered some new continent.
“In fact, this kind of underground forces, is the default existence of many countries, they may be on your side, just you do not know it, such as black ray, that black hong around, there are a few practicing ancient martial arts, so then, black ray is barely considered a kind of underground forces, when black ray from all aspects and then make a big point, he can be among the underground forces, but only the most low-level kind.”
“Black Thunder is also only the lowest level? That’s the leading association in Ning Province!”
“I mean, black thunder from all aspects and then make a little bigger, in order to be among the lowest level, the current black thunder, can only barely be considered a kind of underground power.”
“What about the senior ones?” Han gentle asked impatiently.
“Well …… sharp edge is considered advanced, right.”

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