Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 174

As soon as Li Mei saw Qin Rou’s instant, that old and calm look, suddenly became flustered, “General Qin, I ……”
“Needless to say, about the cooperation of Lin’s, I have already knocked the board, right manager Li, tell you one thing, you said that salesman Zhang Xuan, I have met, you sent him a text message when I sat next to him, what you did, has caused losses to the company, I will sue you in the name of intentional damage to the company’s finances, you just wait to receive a summons from the court. ” Qin Rou only felt a mad surge of fire up.
Li Meiyi’s face became miserable white, “Mr. Qin, listen to my explanation.”
“There is nothing to explain, I will ask my lawyer to contact you!” Qin Rou turned around, twisted her head and walked out towards the house.
Li Meiyi was sitting on the massage bed, looking at the door, how could she not think that Qin Rou would suddenly come over, moreover, she did not think that Qin Rou would contact that kid named Zhang Xuan and get so angry because of this matter.
While Li Meiyi was dazed and confused, she saw Zhang Xuan appear at the door.
Zhang Xuan’s gaze swept a glance at the same stay in the room Zhong Qi, smiled: “Manager Li, I forgot to tell you, I and your General Manager Qin, has been a friend, you deliberately make things difficult for me this time is why, I probably understand, to be honest, your tactics are very low, itself I do not want to make things difficult for you, who let it happen that I and your General Manager Qin met, and you play so full, text messages I save Oh yes, this called Zhong Qi, in Lin’s made a big mistake, the company did not hold her responsible, just fired her, is already benevolent, you help her out to this point, really …… tsk.”
Zhang Xuan shook his head and left with a face of regret.
Li Meiyi looked at the empty doorway, froze for half a day, before coming back to life, turned and yelled at Zhong Qi: “Zhong Qi! What did you do then!”
“I …… I just deliberately made things difficult for him ……,” Zhong Qi said with some fear on her face.
“Deliberately spite ……” Li Meiyi murmured, Zhong Qi also deliberately spite him, himself also deliberately spite him, and now himself and Zhong Qi both, all ended up being expelled, himself will also be sued in court, all because of spite that man.
If someone tells Li Meiyi now, Zhang Xuan is just an ordinary salesman, Li Meiyi certainly do not believe, this time, they are kicked on the iron plate ah!
“Zhong Qi, this time, you are completely and utterly screwed me up! I’ll make this clear to my family, I’m going to have a hard time, you don’t want to have a hard time either!” Li Meiyi glared viciously at Zhong Qi, got up and left with big strides.
Zhong Qi was frightened by Li Meiyi’s words and turned white, if this cousin was really because of what she was doing, then she would be miserable in the future at home.
Qin Rou rushed out of the spa, took a deep breath and tried to suppress the anger in her heart, she understood that her anger was really a little too big, but she just couldn’t control it, not only because of Li Meiyi’s problem, but also because of herself.
Qin Rou has to admit, after hearing the news that Zhang Xuan has been married, her mood has been very bad, so bad that she does not want to care about anything, just want to get drunk, lie in bed and stifle sleep, sleep until all the troubles are forgotten to be good!
Qin Rou is not willing, Zhang Xuan’s figure, in the orphanage, has entered her heart, although the number of contacts is not much, but every thing that Zhang Xuan does, let Qin Rou feel a perfect fit, which is really in the spirit of a common joy.
Someone once said this sentence, in this world, 99% of people, are lonely in old age, even if you have a lover, you have children, you are still lonely, because you can hardly find a, in the interests, hobbies, spiritual level completely compatible with the person, no one can really understand you, you are always alone.
Qin Rou also agrees with this statement, after meeting Zhang Xuan, Qin Rou feels that she is no longer alone, she seems to have found the only one percent, found a person who can completely match herself, she can not control the joy in her heart, can not control herself to think about Zhang Xuan, she fantasized that one day, she and Zhang Xuan more and more intimate, talk to each other, first become good friends, then become lovers, but all this beautiful fantasy, today, completely shattered.
Li Meiyi’s mistake has become Qin Rou’s vent, which is Qin Rou’s misfortune, and Li Meiyi’s misfortune.
And Zhang Xuan, who is the person in question, has no idea about this woman’s inner activities.
In other words, Zhang Xuan cared about women, is too little, the same age stage of women, his heart, only Lin Qinghan, now barely more than a Han gentle, Qin Rou in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, has always been an ordinary friend, he also like this kind woman, but only that kind of like, not love, this point, Zhang Xuan divided very clearly.
Zhang Xuan stood behind Qin Rou and looked at the other party’s breathing pattern, “Why are you so angry? A derelict employee, it should not be so.”
“Nothing.” Qin Rou turned her back to Zhang Xuan and shook her head, she reached out to wipe away the tears that had just flowed from her eyes and turned around, “I just thought of something and was in a bit of a bad mood, about the cooperation project, I have already made a decision, just give your wife a word.”
“Well, good.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head.
“Okay, since we’re done with it, I’ll go back to the company.” Qin Rou looked up and tried not to let her tears flow down, “Do you want me to drive you?”
“No need.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand, “I’ll just go back by myself, let’s contact each other by phone if anything happens.”
“Well, okay.” Qin Rou answered and hurriedly turned her head away, she was afraid that Zhang Xuan would see her embarrassed appearance.
Zhang Xuan saw Qin Rou leave, called the department manager Zhao, said the cooperation has been finalized, is directly with the boss of Hengyuan talk, the department manager Zhao said a good, and did not give Zhang Xuan work, the meaning is obvious, Zhang Xuan can go busy with their own business.
Now in the business department, Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu two people have completely different treatment, after negotiating that big customer, they can say that they are the most relaxed people in the business department, except for a few things, the department manager will not bother about them.
Qiu Yu is okay, as a newcomer, negotiated such a large single, and not proud, but every day independently to find some customers, learn professional knowledge, but also enrolled in the company’s enamel language training, Zhang Xuan is different, every day rarely busy with the company’s business.
These days, Zhang Xuan also watched a lot of teaching videos, he thought about when to give President Ma an appointment to conduct a training, while looking at the number of applicants.
Just think of this, President Ma’s phone call to Zhang Xuan, “Little master ah, do you know Western medicine?”

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