Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 188

“How much do I think?” Milan listened to Zhang Xuan’s words and hated to hammer a fist on Zhang Xuan.
Is this something that I think about more?
“Does your wound have any other feeling right now?” Zhang Xuan looked at Milan and asked.
Milan shook his head and said, “No, except for the itch.”
“Stretch down your left hand with force and try to see if it hurts.” Zhang Xuan gave Milan a gesture.
Milan followed Zhang Xuan’s posture and felt it, “It doesn’t hurt.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Then it’s almost okay, I was taking soluble thread for you to sew, no need to remove the stitches, you can be discharged, I’ll go to do the formalities for you, you pack up your things.”
“Uh ……” Milan looked at Zhang Xuan with some surprise, “This is the end of the look?”
“Or what?” Zhang Xuan asked with a strange look, “How do you think I’m going to look at it?”
“I ……” Milan opened his mouth and his face changed, “All right, you hurry up and do the formalities!”
“Haha!” Zhang Xuan laughed twice, he has not seen Milan defeated, teasing her, it is quite interesting.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.
Sitting in the car, Milan looked at the scenery on both sides of the road and lamented, “Hey, there really can’t be anything sick, ah, the thing I wanted to see most when I was hospitalized was these things that I usually don’t care about.”
Zhang Xuan haha laughed twice, “Okay, these days you just drink soup, also greedy, what do you want to eat?”
“That must be greedy, braised pork, ribs, spicy fish, not less!” Milan a boozy look, can not wait to drink two more cups.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand, “Go buy food, when Qing Han comes back we eat a big meal.”
When he returned home, Zhang Xuan unexpectedly saw Jiang Jing standing in the courtyard, which made him a little strange, usually Jiang Jing would be close to protect Lin Qinghan.
Jiang Jing saw Zhang Xuan come back and said, “Mr. Zhang, Mr. Lin asked me to come back and said to give you a hand.”
Give a hand?
Zhang Xuan looked at the things placed in the car, shook his head, since his last week by Ning Yin, Lin Qinghan is more and more concerned about himself, just pack some things brought back from the hospital, but also deliberately let Jiang Jing back.
When Zhang Xuan was ready to talk to Jiang Jing, a cold awning suddenly appeared.
Zhang Xuan’s face changed and he pounced on Milan beside him, crushing him underneath, the fullness was extraordinarily obvious, but Zhang Xuan couldn’t pay attention to this at this time, he lightly shouted: “Jiang Jing!”
Jiang Jing in the moment Zhang Xuan pounced on Milan, then hid behind the car, in the place where the three just stood, is inserted a shiny dagger.
Jiang Jing looked around for a moment and said in a deep voice: “On the left.” Her entire body was like a cheetah, bowed up and ready to launch.
When Jiang Jing was ready to leap out, Zhang Xuan’s voice reached her ears, “You protect Milan.”
Immediately after, Jiang Jing saw Zhang Xuan get up from the ground and scampered out with great speed. Looking at Zhang Xuan’s action, Jiang Jing’s eyes stared, usually, she had seen Zhang Xuan standing in the courtyard, punching at that big tree, but Jiang Jing only thought that Zhang Xuan was in ordinary fitness.
But now, Jiang Jing didn’t think so anymore.
Just by looking at it, Jiang Jing was sure that Zhang Xuan’s speed, is simply incomparable to his own, too fast!
A cold aura attacked again, Zhang Xuan slightly a side, his right hand stretched out two fingers, the next second, that cold aura was pinched in his hand, again a bright dagger, on the handle of the dagger, a flower was carved.
“The person of the prickly rose?” Zhang Xuan frowned, and his momentum did not decrease.
When the person hiding in the shadows saw that Zhang Xuan had caught the dagger he had thrown so easily and was forcing himself towards him at a strange speed, he was shocked and was about to retreat.
“Where do you want to go?” Zhang Xuan’s voice sounded behind the other party, at the same time, Zhang Xuan also saw the attacker.
This is a very ordinary-looking woman, wearing jeans, white shirt, tied a ponytail, belonging to the type of lost in the crowd can no longer be found, unobtrusive.
But Zhang Xuan understands that it is precisely this most inconspicuous person that is most suitable as a killer.
The ponytailed woman saw Zhang Xuan, no nonsense, each hand pulled out a dagger, towards Zhang Xuan body stab.
In the face of the opponent’s attack, Zhang Xuan simply waved his arm twice and knocked all the daggers out of his hands.
The ponytail woman was shocked, just a simple exchange of hands, she understood that the man in front of her, is not able to deal with himself.
Zhang Xuan looked at the ponytail woman and murmured, “The people of Dark Night failed, do you people of Stinging Rose have confidence?”
The ponytailed woman listened to Zhang Xuan’s words and was appalled, “What are you!”
“You don’t need to know.” Zhang Xuan struck out lightning-like and slashed a hand knife at the woman’s neck.
The ponytailed woman’s eyes went black and she plunged straight toward the ground.
At this moment, Jiang Jing ran over with a still somewhat panicked Milan, “Mr. Zhang, she ……”
“Tie it up first.” Zhang Xuan frowned, “Where is Qing Han?”
“General Lin!” Jiang Jing’s face changed violently for a while, turning his head and running towards his VW Jetta.
Zhang Xuan got into the car one step ahead of Jiang Jing, “You stay here to protect Milan, I’ll go find someone.”
After leaving such a sentence, Zhang Xuan drove the Mercedes GT, let out a roar, and drove out of the courtyard.
In the car, Zhang Xuan stepped on the gas pedal to the bottom, driving fast on the road, he took out his cell phone, find out Lin Qinghan’s phone, dial it, but no one answered, which made Zhang Xuan’s heart sink to the bottom.
This made Zhang Xuan’s heart sink to the bottom. The Stinging Rose, also belonging to the underground world organization, is good at assassination.
Zhang Xuan kept dialing Lin Qinghan’s phone, the speed of the vehicle did not drop at all, the Mercedes GT turned into a red beast, galloping on the road.
The sound of drinking and cursing kept coming from the road.
With a beautiful drift, the Mercedes GT stopped in front of Lin’s group, and as soon as he got out of the car, Zhang Xuan sped up towards the topmost floor at the fastest speed.
During the period, Zhang Xuan observed that the Lin’s building was calm, and there was no disturbance.
But the more calm, the more anxious Zhang Xuan heart.
Zhang Xuan even too late to take the elevator, from the stairs all the way up, ran to the top floor president’s office, a push open the office door, but found no one in the office, in Lin please Han’s desk, there is a whole stack of unprocessed documents.
This scene made Zhang Xuan extraordinarily anxious.
Zhang Xuan ran out of the office and found his secretary Li Na, “Where is General Manager Lin?”
“Mr. Lin? Just in the office, just now she asked me to take the documents in.”
Zhang Xuan’s heart shouted “Oh no, turn your head and rush downstairs.
Li Na looked at Zhang Xuan who was in a blaze of glory.

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