Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 198

Zhang Xuan’s heart was anxious, the strength of this fire door, was specially strengthened, the thickness of the steel plate reached at least five centimeters, even with a sniper gun could not easily penetrate, the door lock was deformed and very firmly stuck together.
If Zhang Xuan was given time, he was confident that he could break open the door, but now, there was not that much time for him.
Zhang Xuan looked to the side and with little hesitation, he rushed out of the fire escape and headed inside the 17th floor where the fire was burning.
Outside Lin’s building, firefighters were anxiously thinking of a solution, as they brought in fire hose after fire hose and started lengthening it, trying to drag it to the top floor.
Some people also rushed into the building and started to increase the water pressure and use the fire hoses inside the building to put out the fire.
But right now, putting out the fire was secondary to the most important thing, someone was still trapped on the top floor and there was no way to save them!
“What to do! What to do!” Nantian took off the fire shield, standing downstairs, looking at the fire burning on the top floor, shouted.
“South team, you take it easy, take it easy!” Xiao Chen tugged Nantian’s arm, “the fire is too big, completely uncontrolled, the fire door can not open, so long, Lin girl may have come out, there is no need to risk again ah!”
“Can not get out? How can not get out!” Nantian yelled, but there was no hope on his face, he understood Xiao Chen’s words, even if Lin Qinghan is still alive, but how long can she last, the fire, not at all a short time can be extinguished, how long can she last, a minute? Or two minutes?
Nantian’s face was ashen, the fireproof hood in his hand fell to the ground and rolled down towards the side, this moment he felt so powerless.
“Look! Who is that! Oh my God, what is he doing!”
The young man with the binoculars in the crowd of onlookers suddenly exclaimed.
“There’s a man! There’s a man climbing upstairs! He’s crazy and doesn’t want to die!”
“My God, is he sending to his death!”
People saw that on the outside of the building between the seventeenth and eighteenth floors, there was a human figure, climbing upward in the midst of the blazing fire.
That high, just one carelessness, will definitely end up with a pulverized body!
The wind howled, and black smoke swept around Zhang Xuan’s body, obscuring his vision while causing a great impact on his movement.
Zhang Xuan squinted his eyes, trying to see as clearly as possible in front of him, he forced himself to endure the pain caused by the flames, holding his breath and climbing upwards little by little.
On the outside of this building, there are very few places where he can lend a hand, every movement he makes, he is fighting for his life, if he is not careful, he will fall into the land of doom.
The people standing downstairs were sweating for Zhang Xuan.
“Look! He’s going up! Eighteenth floor! He’s gone up to the eighteenth floor!”
The youth with the binoculars let out a cry of surprise, and every movement Zhang Xuan made made his heart skip a beat.
Zhang Xuan found a gap that had burst and dug in.
The place where he was was Lin Qinghan’s office, which had completely turned into a sea of fire at the moment.
“Qinghan! Where are you!” Zhang Xuan yelled, inhaling a lot of thick smoke and letting out a series of coughs.
But no one replied to him.
He forced himself to endure the burning pain on his body, and he could feel that the sweat hairs on his body had been burnt, and a foul smell came from him.
Zhang Xuan searched around, and when he was sure that Lin Qinghan was not in the office, he ran out quickly, calling out in the hallway where the fire was burning.
Lin Qinghan hid in the bathroom, she now has no strength in her body, her hands soaked shirt also became dry, she felt that she could not breathe.
“Is this …… going to die ……”
Lin Qinghan beautiful eyes among, full of lingering, she is not willing to go away like this, they just found a person you can rely on, they bullied him for so long, they have never held him properly, yesterday’s matter, they have not given him an apology, still want to eat the breakfast he made, still want to drink Rococo with him, go around the world to see.
Lin Qinghan felt that the things in front of his eyes, began to become blurred, eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, will soon be closed, almost can not hold on.
The hand holding the clothes slowly loosened, the shirt in his hand fell to the ground, Lin Qinghan’s body was red, even if hiding in the bathroom, she was burned by the heat, the original beautiful face, now all wretched.
In front of Lin Qinghan’s eyes, Zhang Xuan’s figure appeared in a blur.
Lin Qinghan hands powerlessly raised, waved out of thin air, softly murmured: “You go away, I am now like this …… not good looking …… you …… Don’t you look at ……”
“Qinghan! Qing Han!”
Zhang Xuan yelled in the hallway, he has searched the entire floor, but did not see Lin Qinghan’s figure, the anxiety in his heart, so Zhang Xuan felt like he was about to go crazy.
Suddenly, a scorched black cell phone, attracted Zhang Xuan’s attention, he immediately saw that this is Lin Qinghan’s cell phone.
Zhang Xuan’s eyes searched along the path in front of him, and he saw the bathroom door.
Without thinking, Zhang Xuan kicked open the door in front of him, sparks flew around and landed on his body, scorching his skin with flakes of red.
The moment he rushed into the bathroom, Zhang Xuan saw the woman lying on the floor, her hair was charred, her body was red, and only one piece of intimate clothing was on her body.
Zhang Xuan at the first time, took off his shirt, soaked wet in the faucet, wrapped in Lin Qinghan, while picking up Lin Qinghan fell aside shirt, also soaked in water, covered in Lin please Han mouth and nose, he picked up Lin Qinghan, ignoring the surrounding flames, rushed out.
The flames wrapped around Zhang Xuan’s whole body and burned him without dead ends. Zhang Xuan held the woman in his arms for dear life and did not let her suffer a bit of damage.
“Qinghan, Qinghan!”
Zhang Xuan’s mouth kept calling out, he couldn’t let Lin Please Han just pass out.
The window on the 18th floor, Zhang Xuan looked down, the dense crowd, as small as an ant colony.
Dense black smoke drifted in front of the eyes.
At the window, Zhang Xuan stood for a full five seconds, then, a leap down.
The people downstairs, seeing this action of Zhang Xuan, all together sucked in a breath of cold air, some timid women, emitting ear-piercing screams, covering their eyes, not daring to look.
Zhang Xuan held Lin Qinghan with one hand and reached forward with the other. When he landed on the 17th floor, he waved his hand and grabbed the edge of the window.
A huge downward force came, and at this moment, Zhang Xuan felt his arms were about to be torn apart!
Jumping from one floor, picking up another floor, this scene will often see on the movie, if you look at the world, not many people can do it.
The good thing is that Zhang Xuan arm strength is amazing, he managed to grasp the edge of the window, leap, jumped into the window, under the burning fire, protecting the woman in his arms, rushed out from the fire escape.

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