Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 3

Looked at the time, it was now seven o’clock in the afternoon, Zhang Xuan tiptoed out of the villa, closed the door carefully, stepped on a pair of flip-flops, rode the worn out bicycle, out of the villa compound.
While riding his bike, Zhang Xuan took out his cell phone and made a phone call.
“Boss, aren’t you doing your housewife, why do you want to call me?” A male voice rang out on the other end of the phone, it was the youth who came to the villa this afternoon to look for Zhang Xuan.
“Find out for me if someone has messed with my wife today!” Zhang Xuan’s voice carried an undisguised anger.
“Okay boss, don’t hang up the phone, I’ll have someone check it out for you now ah ……”
Zhang Xuan could hear the handsome young man’s speech over the phone and the crackling sound of the keyboard ringing out.
Less than thirty seconds, the handsome young man spoke again, “Boss, found out, the Lin Group and the Zhou Group to work together to develop a piece of land, the results of the Lin Group to make a part of the investment, the Zhou suddenly unilaterally terminated the cooperation, the general manager of the Zhou Group asked, let sister-in-law she went to the Zhou building alone tonight for one night, so perhaps to consider the continuation of cooperation proceed.”
Zhang Xuan’s hand veins instantly burst out, the words show an undisguised anger, “hit my wife idea? He wants to die! Within ten seconds, send me the location and photo of the Zhou, that’s it!”
Just after Zhang Xuan hung up the phone, the location information was sent over, the general manager of the Zhou Group, was now in the Zhou’s Mansion.
Zhou’s building, located in the south of downtown Yinzhou, there are eleven floors, the top floor of the president’s office, thirty-year-old general manager Zhou Xu is wearing a shirt, sitting on a wide boss chair, drinking the best dragon well, he looked at the computer screen in front of him, the above is showing a picture of Lin Qinghan.
Looking at the impeccably beautiful woman in the photo, Zhou Xu’s eyes flashed a dark smile and said to himself, “Playing with me? I’d like to see how capable you are Lin Qinghan, whether you continue to keep your part of the reserve, or let the one billion you invested go down the drain!”
Zhou Xu deliberately shaded Lin Qinghan on the land, and clearly explained to Lin Qinghan that if he wanted to continue the development of the land, he would come and sleep with me, Zhou Xu, for one night!
Zhou Xu tasted the dragon well and looked at the time, he thought that in three hours at most, the perfect woman would appear in front of him and be at his mercy.
Oh, yes, I heard that she is also married, but seems to have found a loser as a husband, when you finish playing with her, and then go to talk to her loser husband, see that kind of loser, dare not to put a fart to himself!
“Bang” sound!
Just when Zhou Xu was immersed in his wonderful fantasy, his office door was kicked open from the outside.
The sound startled Zhou Xu, who saw a young man wearing a white tank top and beach pants appear in front of him.
Zhou Xu did not even think about it and cursed out, “What are you, get out of here!”
“The man who wants you dead!” Zhang Xuan rushed up in one step, before Zhou Xu could react, Zhang Xuan’s hand had grabbed Zhou Xu’s short hair, and smashed against the solid wood desk in front of him, emitting a “bang, bang, bang” sound of impact.
Zhou Xu did not even have a chance to react, he felt a sharp pain like tearing his forehead, the pain made him faint, a warmth left along the forehead, stained his eyes, that is his blood.
Zhang Xuan picked up Zhou Xu’s short hair and casually flung it to the side, Zhou Xu, who weighs more than 180 pounds, was so easily thrown aside from the boss’s chair by Zhang Xuan.
Zhou Xu reached out and touched his forehead, the blood on his hand made him mad, from his birth until now, no one has ever dared to do this to himself!
Zhou Xu stared at Zhang Xuan with a sinister gaze and gritted his teeth, “Kid, do you want to die?”
“Heh!” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly as he raised his fist and aimed it at the solid wood desk in front of him, smashing it fiercely.
Zhou Xu’s eyelids jumped, and he clearly saw that the solid wood desk, which was ten centimeters thick, was punched through by this man in front of him!
This full of power of a fist, let Zhou Xu swallowed hard, such a fist to hit his body, what would be the consequences? Thinking of this, Zhou Xu was a little scared, “Who are you! I asked myself never to provoke you!”
Zhang Xuan held out two fingers to Zhou Xu, “Who I am is not important, now you are given two choices, first, put away those disgusting tactics you used against the Lin Group, second, I will kill you now, choose!”
Zhou Xu, who was originally full of fear of the power that Zhang Xuan had shown, after hearing these words, the touch of fear in his heart, was gone, hehe, so it was someone that Lin had found.
Zhou Xu looked at ease and straightened his loose shirt collar, got up from the ground, drew a tissue and wiped the blood from his forehead, and said to Zhang Xuan: “What if I say no? You want to kill me, then come on, I’ll see if the money Lin gave you is worth your life, you think you can kill me and you’ll be safe?”
Zhou Xu did not care about Zhang Xuan’s threat.
Zhang Xuan also showed an expression of dawning realization because of Zhou Xu’s words, “Oh yes, you really reminded me, killing to pay for life, then how about this, I’ll give you a different condition, either end the tricks you’re pulling on Lin’s, or I destroy this so-called Zhou’s group of yours, you have one minute to choose, if you don’t choose within one minute, I’ll default you to the second one, the clock starts. ”
“Heh!” Zhou Xu could not help but snort out a laugh, measuring Zhang Xuan in a white tank top beach pants, “Kid, you are living in a dream? Destroyed my Zhou, with you? You think, this world, is to rely on the fist to speak? You can fight, I a phone call, will also let you not see the sun tomorrow!”
“Shhh!” Zhang Xuan gave Zhou Xu a no-sound gesture, he was dialing the phone, said to the phone, “Well …… fifty seconds later, I’m going to destroy this Zhou’s group if I don’t contact you, there are many ways, you choose yourself.”
“Grass! Pretend!” Zhou Xu heavily kicked his boss chair, although he thought that the youth now behaved like a clown, but the other party’s appearance and tone of voice that did not put Zhou in his eyes, but still made him very dissatisfied.
“Kid, although I don’t know what you are, but I also give you two choices, first, hurry up and kowtow to me three times and get out of my office, second, I’ll get you killed now, and definitely will not pay for your life, your choice.” Zhou Xu’s eyes showed a fierce aura and stared at Zhang Xuan, “I give you, thirty seconds!”
“Thirty.” A countdown rang out, from Zhang Xuan.

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