Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 20

When the old man heard the name, his body trembled with excitement, “Little brother, you know that old friend of mine!”
“Not to say I know him, he studied under me for three days.”
“I know who you are!” The old man stared at Zhang Xuan with dead eyes, “Although my old friend did not give me details, but he once said that he studied for three days under the world’s medical field, known as the living King of Hell’s divine doctor, and was proud of it! I never thought that I would have the honor of meeting the legendary Living King of Hell today!”
“The first time I met him, it’s not a privilege.” Zhang Xuan looked self-effacing, but his words were filled with powerful confidence and pride, “It would only be considered a privilege if you could meet me for the second time.”
“I understand!” The old man nodded, “The living king of hell rules people, does not recognize money, does not recognize things, only recognizes fate, if you can meet again, you will step in to save me?”
“Probably, hahaha.” Zhang Xuan patted the old man’s shoulder again, leaving the old man a back, “You and I met this time, it is considered fate, but whether we can meet again next time, that is another story.”
Zhang Xuan’s voice was getting smaller and smaller in the old man’s ears, the old man stared at Zhang Xuan’s back until Zhang Xuan completely disappeared, he sighed, he did not doubt Zhang Xuan’s words, his old friend had told him that there were only a few people in the world who could see the stubborn disease in his body with the naked eye alone.
“I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect, the Living King of Hell, to be so young!” The old man sighed, think about that young man just now, and then think about those descendants of his family, only Qing Han a daughter body, can be on the stage, the rest of those, only know to eat, drink and play, thinking about their property.
“Grandpa! You are really here!” A crisp female voice rang out behind the old man.
“Dad, why did you come here!” Lin Jianyu walked behind the old man with a reproachful face.
“Came out to see the scenery.” The old man turned around and looked at his son and granddaughter who had rushed in, his face showed relief, “Qing Han ah, your husband named Zhang Xuan, when will you bring it to grandpa to see?”
“There’s a chance.” Lin Qinghan stroked the broken hair in front of her net forehead and coped.
Bringing Zhang Xuan to see grandpa? At least wait until Zhang Xuan has some success, even if he has some skills and aspirations, but right now he is just a puddle of mud that can’t hold up the wall.
Lin Qinghan took Lin Zhengnan back to the Lin family compound, see Lin Zhengnan, Lin Qinghan’s aunts have cousins, cousins, faces are covered with seriousness and restraint, the status of the old man in the family, that is absolutely one word, do not look at their current travel luxury cars, Lin Zhengnan if a little unhappy, immediately let them from the rich stage down to ordinary people.
“Grandpa, where are you going, but we are in a hurry!” Lin Qinghan’s cousin, as soon as he saw Lin Zhengnan, immediately pounced on him, this is the son of Lin Qinghan’s great aunt, and is also the eldest grandson of the Lin family’s generation with the foreign surname, named Wang Wei.
Seeing that Wang Wei couldn’t wait to go forward to show his goodwill, Lin Qinghan’s other cousin, also not willing to be weak, pounced on him, “Grandpa, next time you want to go somewhere, just give your grandson a call, grandson accompany you to go, you also convenient.”
“Grandson?” Lin Qinghan’s great aunt heard this and let out a puzzled cry, looking at her nephew in disbelief.
“Dad, Chuan’er he just changed his surname, from now on his surname will no longer be Song, he will take your surname Lin, he is your own grandson!” Lin Qinghan’s second aunt rushed Lin Zhengnan with an excited face.
“With my surname?” Lin Zhengnan gave a surprise, then a touch of relief appeared on his face, stroking the head of Lin Chuan, who had just changed his name, “Good! Good!”
A smirk of triumph appeared in Lin Chuan’s eyes, while Wang Wei glared at Lin Chuan with a secret hatred, his face a little ugly.
Wang Wei’s mother unabashedly showed her sarcasm and said in a gloomy manner, “Some people, really think about those useless things all day long.”
Faced with her eldest sister’s mockery, Lin Chuan’s mother didn’t say a word, but the smugness on her face proved that she had the upper hand on this occasion.
Lin Qinghan looked at his two cousins, his heart was already filled with chilliness, this is the Lin family! In the eyes of outsiders, the gentry! In reality, it is a group of people who are fighting for the family fortune!
After Lin Qinghan took over the Lin Group, her two cousins hung out in the company, idle all day long, not to mention that there are often complaints from female employees that these two would be in the company to their hands and feet, if not Lin Jianyu stop, Lin Qinghan has long wanted to fire these two people.
Now seeing Wang Wei and Lin Chuan in this manner, Lin Qinghan only felt sick inside.
On the contrary, Lin Qinghan’s youngest aunt’s daughter, her cousin Xu Wan, had been standing there, not as eager to behave as her two cousins.
“Okay, everyone sit down, I called you all here today because I have something to say.” Lin Zhengnan waved his hand at the juniors in the room.
Hearing Lin Zhengnan say that there was something to announce, the expressions of the people in the house became a lot more tense, especially Wang Wei and Lin Chuan, both of them knew that today, Lin Zhengnan would most likely have to announce the distribution of his inheritance.
Zhang Xuan left from the park and ran around the orphanage again, looked at the children, and after telling Dean Cui not to worry about the orphanage, went straight home.
Just outside the villa compound, before entering the courtyard, Zhang Xuan could hear the sound of arguing coming from inside the house, the sound was loud, and it was all sounds that were unfamiliar to Zhang Xuan.
Jiang Jing was standing in the garden, and after seeing Zhang Xuan, Jiang Jing smiled at Zhang Xuan with a helpless face.
“What’s going on?” Zhang Xuan asked as he pushed open the courtyard door.
Jiang Jing replied, “General Lin’s family affairs.”
“Family matter?” Zhang Xuan looked at the house with a puzzled face, and through the huge floor-to-ceiling window, Zhang Xuan saw three middle-aged women standing inside the house in addition to Lin Qinghan and Lin Jianyu, as well as two men and one woman of the same age as himself.
Zhang Xuan pushed open the door of the house and walked in. At the moment he opened the door, the eyes of several people inside the house were focused on him in unison.
Zhang Xuan could tell that in the eyes of the two men who looked the same age as himself, they were filled with disdain, and as soon as he entered, they swept themselves from head to toe with their eyes, while the three middle-aged women, their eyes were filled with ridicule.
“I say, this talk about family matters, how come an outsider came in? Do you know the rules?” Lin Qinghan’s eldest aunt said in a dissatisfied tone.
“Eldest sister, Xiao Zhang is also our family, how can he be an outsider.” Lin Jianyu laughed and took his elder sister’s words, while walking towards Zhang Xuan, patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder and said, “Come, Xiao Zhang, let me introduce you, this is Qing Han’s elder aunt, this is the second aunt, this is the younger aunt, Wang Wei and Lin Chuan are your cousins, this is cousin Xu Wan.”
Lin Jianyu introduced the people in the house to Zhang Xuan once, Zhang Xuan also called one by one, but except for Xu Wan to Zhang Xuan back to the sound of brother-in-law, the rest of the people did not even care about Zhang Xuan.

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