Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 21

Zhang Xuan didn’t care about this and walked over to Lin Qinghan and sat down.
The sound of the argument that was just intense, because of Zhang Xuan’s sudden arrival, made the living room fall into an eerie quiet.
Lin Qinghan sat on the sofa, brought a cup of hot tea and drank it slowly.
The remaining few people, you look at me, I look at you, and after about a minute, Lin Qinghan’s eldest aunt takes the lead and speaks.
“Some people, really think of themselves as the master of this family? Do not understand what status they are the same, see us here, do not know to pour tea?”
“That’s right.” Lin Qinghan’s great aunt’s son Wang Wei also spoke up, “Something that does not distinguish between respect and inferiority, can’t see themselves clearly? It seems that some people are not doing a very good job with their family education.”
“Why are you still standing there, don’t you know to make tea?” Lin Qinghan’s second aunt opened her mouth and rushed at Zhang Xuan with a scornful face.
“On what grounds?” Lin Qinghan slowly put down the tea cup, voice unhappy, “Zhang Xuan is my husband, is the master of this home, you are guests, why should you tell him what to do?”
Zhang Xuan sat on the sofa, as if he did not hear the sarcasm of Lin Qinghan’s relatives, a face of blandness.
Looking at Zhang Xuan sitting there unmoved, Lin Qinghan’s relatives were greatly offended, and anger emerged from the eyes of both cousins.
The first cousin Wang Wei directly roared out, “This is the time to talk about family matters, get lost!”
He was in a bad mood today, he had been manipulated by his cousin and had lost a lot of things in the distribution of his inheritance, he was holding a lot of fire and had no place to send it, and this son-in-law came to his door!
“A pariah, I don’t know how many lifetimes of fortune he has cultivated to climb this big tree of our Lin family!” Lin Qinghan’s eldest aunt also had a stomach full of anger and sent it at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan frowned slightly, then the corners of his mouth hung a faint smile, if these people in front of him, were not Lin Qinghan’s relatives, he guaranteed that these people were already dead, now no matter what, he could tolerate for the sake of Lin Qinghan, as long as it was related to Lin Qinghan, he could give in.
“Heh, the Lin family? You guys consider yourselves as the Lin family at this time?” Lin Qinghan revealed a mocking smile, “Wang Wei, Lin Chuan, you two hang out in the company with idle jobs, what do you do every day thinking I don’t know? You think I don’t know what you do every day? You treat public money as your own, and you have embezzled tens of millions of dollars alone, right? Do you know how much damage you have caused to the company? Now you keep saying that you are a member of the Lin family? How come I haven’t seen you do anything for the Lin family!”
Lin Qinghan reached out and pointed at his two cousins, counting their evil deeds.
“Shut up!” Lin Qinghan’s eldest aunt let out a shrill voice, interrupting Lin Qinghan’s words and yelling, “Since you are talking about the Lin family, then I will talk to you properly, go to your dead mother’s grave and ask if you have any Lin family bloodline or not! Ah!”
Lin Qinghan’s great aunt’s words caused the expression on Lin Pleasehan’s face to suddenly freeze, thus becoming dumbfounded, “What did you say?”
“Huh, what did I say?” Lin Qinghan’s great aunt sneered, “Then ask your cowardly father what he did when that real mother of yours stole a hanyou!”
“Eldest sister!” Lin Jianyu, who hadn’t spoken, finally spoke up, “That’s enough! This matter has nothing to do with the child!”
“Dad, what is going on?” Lin Qinghan turned his gaze towards Lin Jianyu.
The rest of the people were all looking at Lin Qinghan with a lively expression.
Lin Jianyu looked at his daughter in silence, his eyes filled with guilt.
A smile appeared on Wang Wei’s face as he spoke, “Claiming to be a member of the Lin family, claiming that you give to the Lin family, but you don’t know that you are a wild child, without a trace of the Lin family’s bloodline in you, and you are still here ……”
Before Wang Wei could finish his words, he was interrupted by a crisp sound, and on the side of Wang Wei’s face, a red shoe print was imprinted.
This crisp sound made everyone put their attention, from Lin Qinghan father and daughter, to Wang Wei.
Zhang Xuan slowly walked to Wang Wei, looked down at his right hand, rubbed his thumb in the palm of his hand, and said softly, “Apologize, or I guarantee that you will not be able to leave this door today.”
At this moment, Zhang Xuan is standing on the floor with his left foot bare, and the flip-flops on his foot, which fell alone at Wang Wei’s feet, told everyone where the shoe print on Wang Wei’s face, came from.
Wang Wei reached out and covered his side of the face, he could clearly feel the hot pain coming from his side of the face, his eyes looked at Zhang Xuan with incredulity, his voice was trembling, “Hit me! You cheap bastard, how dare you hit me!”
“Pah! Pa!”
In response to Wang Wei, there were two crisp slaps.
“Apologize, and next time, replace it with three slaps, and so on until you are killed.” Zhang Xuan’s tone was light, as if he was talking about an insignificant matter, but in his tone, he made people feel a firmness that what he said, he would definitely do.
Zhang Xuan’s action made everyone in the room, including Lin Qinghan, froze, no one expected that Zhang Xuan would suddenly make a move, even if he had just chided him, calling him a bitch and asking him to pour tea, he was still smiling, who would have thought that suddenly he would flip out.
Lin Chuan just wanted to say something, Zhang Xuan’s sudden outburst, so he was almost to the mouth words swallowed back, face hanging a look at the show to stand aside, afraid of the world is not chaos.
Cousin Xu Wan looked at Zhang Xuan twice.
Wang Wei’s mother, with her eyes wide open, lunged at Zhang Xuan and was pushed away by Zhang Xuan, who fell to the side and screamed before he could get up, “Lin Jianyu, this is the good son-in-law you found! Ah! If you don’t give me an explanation today, I’m not finished with you!”
“What do you want to explain?” Before Lin Jianyu could speak, Lin Qinghan was the first to speak, her gaze was like a torch, staring at her great aunt, “It was your son, who spoke out of turn first, do you want us to stand here and be humiliated by him?”
Wang Wei’s mother climbed up from the ground, shaking with anger, “Call the police! We want to call the police!” She reached out and pointed at Zhang Xuan, her chest kept heaving and gasping for air.
Facing the threat of her great aunt, Lin Qinghan smiled indifferently, “If you want to call the police, be my guest, but let me first say that this is my house, written with my name Lin Qinghan, you are spilling your guts with me here, even if you hire more lawyers, the lawsuit will not win me, if you want to call the police, you can dial the number now.”
“You …… you ……” Lin Qinghan great aunt trembling hands, said half a day of you, but also can not say the following, finally a finger Lin Jianyu, “Lin Jianyu. Look at your good daughter! In her eyes, there is still no me as an elder!”
“All right, take it over!” Lin Jianyu grunted in an unpleasant tone.

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