Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 22

“Yes! Good! Lin Jianyu, you’re very good, uniting two outsiders to bully your own sister, right? We’ll see!” Wang Wei’s mother dragged Wang Wei over, “Let’s go!”
Wang Wei followed behind his own mother, gave Zhang Xuan a resentful glance, and prepared to walk towards the door.
“Did I let you go?” Zhang Xuan grabbed Wang Wei’s collar with his backhand.
“Don’t you get ahead of yourself!” Wang Wei turned around and pointed his hand at Zhang Xuan, just before he opened his mouth.
Then he heard a “Pop! Pop! Pop!” Three crunching sounds.
Just as Zhang Xuan said, a full three slaps, hit Wang Wei’s face, so fast that Wang Wei did not even have a chance to react, the last slap, but also to knock Wang Wei to the ground, the corner of the mouth out of blood.
“Apologize.” Zhang Xuan still had those two words.
Zhang Xuan walked towards Wang Wei, who was lying on the ground and was crawling up, in this instant, Wang Wei only felt that the air around him had become much colder, the hot weather, he got goosebumps.
“I!” Wang Wei climbed up, just want to put some vicious words, but then saw Zhang Xuan’s raised arm, and the muscles on the arm, immediately swallowed the vicious words into his stomach, “Yes, sorry, I should not say that about you.”
Wang Wei, who cares what face, what courage, what arrogance, under these slaps of Zhang Xuan, was completely destroyed!
“Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!” Four crisp sounds rang out in succession, Wang Wei, who had just gotten up, was again smacked to the ground, and two blood-covered back teeth were spat out by him, which was enough to prove how heavy Zhang Xuan’s slaps were.
Zhang Xuan still thumbed the palm of his hand and said in a light tone, “Not apologize to me, but to my wife.”
Wang Wei was on the ground, rushing to Lin Qinghan to beg for mercy, “Yes, I’m sorry!”
“Don’t be cheap-mouthed, say one more unkind word to my wife and I will beat you to death, really.” Zhang Xuan gave Wang Wei a deep look.
At this moment, Wang Wei felt like he was being watched by a fierce beast, just for a moment, cold sweat wet his back, he was really scared.
“Okay, you guys continue chatting.” Zhang Xuan clapped his hands and sat down again on the sofa, “But just to clarify, it’s okay to insult me, dare to say a word about my wife, I’ll beat him to death, that’s all.”
After saying that, Zhang Xuan for Lin Qinghan will pour the tea, carefully handed to Lin Qinghan, Han Han gently said, “careful hot, drink slowly.”
Lin Qinghan looked at the tea cup handed to her by Zhang Xuan, her gaze gradually moved up and saw Zhang Xuan’s face, the rough pores proved that the man in front of him had not done any good maintenance, the wind and frost had left traces on his face.
For more than ten seconds, Lin Qinghan took the cup of tea and said softly to Zhang Xuan, “Thank you.”
This is the first time she said the word thank you to Zhang Xuan, from the heart.
A smile hung on Zhang Xuan’s face, “You said I am the master of this family, so isn’t protecting you what I should do?”
Lin Jianyu, who was standing at the side, looked at Zhang Xuan with approval in his eyes, and then spoke, “Qing Han, you and Zhang Xuan have a good rest, there are some things that I will explain to you some other time!”
After Lin Jianyu finished speaking, he didn’t care about the others and turned around and walked towards the outside of the house.
“Let’s go too.” Lin Qinghan’s youngest aunt, taking her daughter with her, also left.
Xu Wan secretly gave a thumbs up to Zhang Xuan, held her mother’s arm, and walked towards the outside of the house.
“Go!” Lin Qinghan’s youngest aunt pulled her son, fearing that Zhang Xuan would do something out of the ordinary again, and left with quick steps.
“You guys wait, one day sooner or later, I will make you guys look good!” Wang Wei’s mother pulled her son out of the door, fiercely dug a glance at Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, that look, hate to eat the two alive like.
Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes, did not care about Wang Wei’s mother’s threat, he showed a smile to the woman beside him, “Mr. Lin, take it easy, the body is your own, you drink some water, I first wipe the floor.”
“Today ……” Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan, with a look of desire to say something on her small face.
“Mr. Lin, what is it that you want to say.”
“Don’t mop the floor, accompany me to a place.” Lin Qinghan sighed, as if she had made some decision, in the midst of her sigh, there were a few points of helplessness and also a few points of letting go.
Zhang Xuan was disturbed by Lin Qinghan’s expression full of differences, and then nodded, “Okay.”
There is always a shortage of thunderstorms in summer, one second the sun shines brightly, the next the rain pours down.
Zhang Xuan accompanied Lin Qinghan, who was dressed in black formal wear, to walk in the middle of the Castle Peak Mausoleum.
The heavy rain fell, Zhang Xuan for Lin Qinghan held up a black umbrella, watching bean-sized water droplets in front of the eyes incessantly smashed down, the road on both sides of the fog, dense stone monuments in the fog hidden.
“General Lin, you said to come here, I change clothes ah.” Zhang Xuan laughed bitterly, looking at his own tawny pink beach pants, and all this is out of place, he seems to be the alien in this world in general.
“It’s okay.” Lin Qinghan carelessly shook his head, “you are originally a borderline, there is no need to deliberately change.”
Lin Qinghan, holding a bunch of lilies in her hand, stood in front of a tombstone, which was inlaid with a slightly yellowed photo on a white background.
“Mom, I’ve come to see you.” Lin Qinghan bowed gently to the tombstone and placed the flowers in her hand in front of it, her big beautiful eyes filled with longing.
This was the first time Zhang Xuan had heard about Lin Qinghan’s mother since he came to the Lin family.
Zhang Xuan also bowed, “Mom, we’ve come to see you.”
This cry of Zhang Xuan’s mother provoked a reproachful look from Lin Qinghan, but he didn’t say anything.
“Zhang Xuan, you know, since I graduated from college and took over Lin’s, my relationship with those aunts of mine is like an enemy.” Lin Qinghan sat in front of the monument, her small face helplessly leaning on the tombstone, as if this, was her harbor.
Zhang Xuan squatted beside her, holding the umbrella for her, quietly being a listener.
Lin Qinghan did not care about the water stains on the ground, let his pants were wet with water, “Lin is the leading enterprise in Yinzhou City, seemingly scenic, but in fact, the crisis is four, not only those outside the eyes of the people, even the Lin family, also want to dominate the Lin, from the day I took over the Lin, I have become the public enemy of the Lin family.”
Lin Qinghan’s eyes showed fatigue when she said this.
“I know, many people are privately called me what iceberg female president, but who likes to have a face every day, I’m just afraid, I smile more, no one is afraid of me, no one to serve me, so many pairs of eyes on me, now I, as long as you do one thing wrong, will be pushed down the abyss, trembling, like walking on thin ice, you know, today, grandfather, showed us his The will, he still has up to three months, those people can not wait, they are trying to find ways to take the benefits from grandpa, want to kick me out of the president’s seat!”

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